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When Linda, Kelly, Michele, Elaine, Elizabeth and I started this blog we hoped some of you would come with us.  We had no idea all of you would!

I am humbled!

Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine that people would visit this site over 100,000 times, ever, much less in less than 3 months!

We are doing the best that we know how.  Many times we have been unsure.  We email and Skype over problems and ideas for hours and sometimes days.  We are not always correct.  There is a lot more we want to do.  But today I take a breath and give my Board Sisters a GOLD STAR!

Thanks Flight Crew for making this happen!  For all your amazing words.  For your trust in us and each other to be comfortable enough, HERE, to say what you really feel.  To spread the word and share the love of Il Volo.

~ Marie

44 thoughts on “IF ONLY IN MY DREAMS”

  1. What would we do without Flight Crew and THE BOARD? I can not thank you enough for the time, talent, and energy you ladies expend everyday on behalf of Il Volo and we their followers/fans. As I tour the Internet of Il Volo sites some observations: 1. There are others who have “borrowed” our formats; 2. We are passionate and loyal; 3. The level of class her is astounding.

    Thank you again for letting us “Share the Love” and also share information. I will leave some words for others.

    May you individually and collectively continue to be Blessed as you are Blessings to others.

    Lisa Joy

  2. thank you Flight Crew for all your hard work to make this site a beautiful and loving site dedicated to our Angels Gianluca. Piero and Ignazio and I want to let them know that all on this site love them and care deeply about them, and we suffer with them and celebrate with them. we follow your every move, even to the “restroom” in the middle of the night, and the most important: we support you in prayer every day, so we know that God is looking after you even when the days are hard. we pray for easier days to come when you will be able to relax and enjoy your families a little more. we love you boys/ we are with you all the way
    God bless you Flight Crew

  3. Thank you, Marie. I love the star! Awesome to know that our love has spread to 64 countries. I love our guys, my Board sisters, and the Crew. What a beautiful world!

  4. The star is for the incredible people that visit our site and comment on their love of Il Volo. All you need to be here is to love “Our Boys”. Thank-you everyone for being here!!!!!

  5. Ditto, ditto, sitto, Marie, Deanne, Lijoy, Michele, Linda Snyder, & Elaine. I would have just repeated all you have just said, glad to be part of the members & to have Il Volo in my life music wise & personally. By personally I mean at least they know of the blog

  6. Thanks to you all! I became an Il Voloer about the time you started this. Without a lot of what I learned and have seen on your site has made a tremendous impact on what I am seeing in twitter…mostly. Those Latin American fans sometimes confuse me to no end. Keep up the good work !!!

  7. Hats off to the board sisters! I want to let you know we appreciate your efforts a lot more than “a leetle bit.” Where else can we come out of the closet and admire those dimples, that sweet smile, those red glasses as much as we feel inclined to? Here we can all indulge! So three cheers for the sisters who make it possible!

  8. Congratulations to US!! We Il Volovers are a force to be reckoned with! Thanks to you “founding ladies” of this site. I’m so happy when I visit here. Love is a powerful force.

  9. A heartfelt THANK YOU to the wonderful women who have designed this special place for us to come and love and admire such loving young souls. I look forward to coming here every day to see what the latest news is about our boys. They have changed my life and so many others. They have given me the opportunity to meet such wonderful people who share the common goal of loving and spreading the word of IL VOLO. I believe we are all so blessed to have IL VOLO and each other in our lives. Thank you for making this all possible!! Great board members with awesome talent!

  10. I think everything I would say has all been said above, and in a much better way than I ever could. I am so very thankful that I, a grandma, have a place where I can express my love for a group of Italian young men who have taken my breath away with their glorious voices. Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca when you sing my heart soars and a feeling of peace comes over me!! And Piero, your red glasses and magnificent voice have a very special place in my heart..

    Flight Crew Board, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me a place where I can share this love with all of the many Flight Crew members!

    1. I certainly agree with every word! A million thanks to everyone on this blog, and especially to our wonderful Board members for keeping us informed and spreading the Love all over the world! Isn’t it wonderful?
      I don’t know what we’d do without it!

  11. Thank you flight crew for all your hard work and for giving us this place to share our love for these three angelic boys who has changed all our lives and give us joy everyday.

    1. Marie, I am happy I met you in September. You are warm hearted and so humorous (I just love a person with a sence of humor, not every person has one), I’ve only “met” Linda, Michele, Kelly, Elaine and Elizabeth via their posts. I really enjoy the flight crew board. It is a place to truly share our love for the “guys” the whole reason for the board’s existence. Keep up the good work! I love the stories, the poems, the opinons, and the shared laughs.here.

      1. I have been following these beautiful, sweet, charming and so very talented boys for four three years now and finally just last week found this blog where I can freely express my love and concern for them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you for working so hard and being their for them and all the Ilvolovers throughout the world.
        We are so grateful.

  12. Thank you for this site! I am just learning how to use it, but the camaraderie is amazing!!!!

  13. Thank you Flight Crew! For your brilliant idea for the site in the first place and for giving us all a place to feel welcome, to share thoughtS and feelings, and to meet and make new friends.

  14. Thankyou, thank you Flight Crew and the board . What a great place to come to and be able to express our feelings for our boys and not feel weird. I love this site. Thanks again for all the time and effort you all put into this site. Marie, you are the best! Of course, I must thank our wonderful boys whom I (we) adore.

  15. Thank you Ladies of the Flight Crew Board for all your hard work and technological expertise. I have followed you from the beginning, when we were all fed up with the direction the other fan site was going. Y’all have developed a very user friendly site where I believe everyone feels welcomed. Marie, thanks for your extra special poetic touch. You all must have some over-active creative genes to be able to come up with the ideas to keep this site alive & dynamic. I love it and all of you who manage this site and all of you who come here to share the love of IL VOLO.

  16. I applaud you for helping to pug the gap that the web site leaves empty. You give some order to the day’s events. This is a really great site. I think the format that Facebook requires actually hinders those sites to a certain degree. This format works so well. Job well done.

  17. Perhaps my connection will cooperate on the 3rd time….
    I was just saying that these stats are beyond anything I ever imagined on the night we were getting this blog up and running. Like Marie said, we thought it was our little group, and we just knew we needed a new home. 🙂 It’s such a privilege to be part of this. My board sisters know I love them, and I love all of you guys, too. 🙂 All of us being here and sharing the love makes our site what it is. 🙂 Thank you!

  18. I also thank you for this site, and for accepting me, allowing my heartfelt feelings about these boys to join others, in a concert of love and adoration. They well deserve it. You do a great job!

  19. Kittykam if youlook on the All things Il Volo there is a small picture there with Ignazio squatting & talking to the man who wanted them to sing “Smile” click on that picture & it is very touching, Ignazio is so precious & caring.

  20. Congratulations and well done, members of the board. My day is not complete without a visit to this site. I feel like I’m among friends on this site because of our shared love for these 3 very talented singers.
    Thank you.

  21. Deanne are you referring about Michael Jackson that is the only comment I was able to find of yours. I think Michael Jackson was in a different category because I THINK but am not sure he was looking after his own career & bookings & called the shots. He told people what he wanted done & they did it his way. Granted he was taking drugs & pills so as far as I can see what happened to him was his own doing.
    I think our boys aren’t in that category because they each have a good head on their shoulders plus they have their parents with them who will bring them up short. Michael Jackson was his own person & didn’t have a strong relationship with his family where our boys do. I personally think management listened to Live Nation sell them on promoting the Il Volo boys & they have gone beyond pushing them without
    managements knowledge of what they were going to do. If that is the case then I hope that their management get another promoter & do not let Live Nation be their promoters again.
    I hope Deanne I have answered your question.

  22. I don’t know the connection between Live Nation and Il Volo Management. I wouldn’t presume to guess. That is something not in our realm of knowledge here. Maybe The guys and their families are the ones who set the schedule. We really don’t know. What we do know is that 64 countries plus love our boys as we do. And that at least 100,000 times people have looked to this site for answers. I think it’s ok to say we don’t know! I bought my ticket through Live Nation and had the best time of my life. That’s all I know for sure!

    1. I know I’ve been vocal about the break-neck pace, but I’m choosing to believe that it’s been a learning experience for them, and that they will make changes the next time around. Maybe it was something that looked good on paper, but is proving harder to actually do. That happens sometimes.
      I just know that I’m thankful they came to Chicago, and I got to be there. I’m thankful that many of our readers got to attend concerts and share their pictures and stories with us. And I’m thankful that everyone is here, loving the guys and wanting their very best in all things. That is something to smile about and celebrate. 😄

  23. I am “shy” about posting on Facebook. I feel “at home” with the Flight Crew – I check it out several times each day. You light up my life. “88” is my age and lucky number.

      1. Why not then? I shall pop in now and again 😉 Basically I love all music genres from classic & opera to Blues, jazz and rock as long as is good, Having seen “the kids” at the very beginning in the TV program and then watching their lives changed at such young age I had a special eye & was happy for them of course. On the other hand I must say that I recently shared the same worries as some of you, anyway all seems to be ok now. Hurray! Viva la musica

      1. I should say – a lot of us have Italian heritage, my grandparents came right off the boat as they say at Ellis Island! mlla, do you mean you live in Italia now?

  24. Marie I am only surmizing, in my opinion Live Nation is after the money because the guys are popular. It doesn’t matter who you buy your ticket from the guys will give you a fantastic concert anyway. Maybe they did set the schedule themselves so hopefully they realize that too many concerts back to back is not good for their health & voices. Hopefully bookings for them will be better next year.

    1. replying to MFazzara (no reply box under yr message)- yes I do, I figured a number of you were of Italian origin :))
      Here we all have a friend or a distant relative in the States. The world is not so big in the end.
      Sorry that saw yr massage only now, sort of skipping through pages, not quite figuring out why, may be the time lapse
      Take care u all, and continue to support the boys and their dreams.

  25. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Il Volo Flight Crew for this wonderful site where we can get information that no other site can provide and where we can gush about our glorious boys to our hearts content !!!! So happy I found you last week. I now check -in every day . You are the best !!!!!

  26. Thank you all for the wonderful “Board hugs”! Those will keep us going for a while!!! We have The Flight Crew and The Boys and a soap box. I’m livin’ the dream!

  27. I can’t thank the Board members enough for a beautiful job they have done in everything. It’s so nice to share the love of Our Boys with so many new friends every day. They light up our lives.

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