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Tomorrow 11/16/12 is Il Volo’s last concert in South America. The concert will be  Figali Convention Center in Panama City, Panama.

Figali Convention Center is an indoor sports arena, in Fort Amador, Panama City, Panama. The capacity of the arena is 10,275.

Built in 2003, as the main venue for the Miss Universe 2003 Pageant, which took place in Panama that year. Since then, it has been used mainly for many concerts and sports events, such as boxing and ice skating. It has a high-class structure and architecture, making it one of the best, if not the best, Convention Centers in Central America. In June 14 2012, American popstar Jennifer Lopez kicked off her first world tour, Dance Again World Tour, at the convention center.

panama city

Few cities in Latin America can match the diversity and cosmopolitanism of PANAMA CITY: polyglot and postmodern before its time, its atmosphere is surprisingly more similar to the mighty trading cities of Asia than to anywhere else in the region. The city has always thrived on commerce; its unique position on the world’s trade routes and the economic opportunity this presents has attracted immigrants and businesses from all over the globe. With nearly a third of the country’s population living in the urbanized corridor between Panama City and Colón, the capital’s metropolitan melting pot is a study in contrasts. East and West, ancient and modern, wealth and poverty: they all have a place in Panama City.

Panama City’s layout, too, encompasses some startling incongruities. On a small peninsula at the southwest end of the Bay of Panama stands the old city centre of San Felipe, a breezy jumble of ruins and restored colonial buildings; 4km or so to the northeast rise the shimmering skyscrapers of El Cangrejo, the modern banking and commercial district. West of San Felipe, the former US Canal Zone town of Balboa retains a distinctly North American character, while eastward from El Cangrejo, amid sprawling suburban slums, stand the ruins of Panamá Viejo, the first European city on the Pacific coast of the Americas. Isles of tranquillity far from the frenetic squalor of the city include Isla Taboga, the “Island of Flowers” some 20km off the coast; the islets of the Amador Causeway alongside the Pacific entrance to the canal; and the Parque Nacional Metropolitano, an island of tropical rainforest within the capital. Panama City is also a good base for day-trips to the canal and the Caribbean coast as far as Portobelo.

Twitters, Tweets and Keeks:

Gianluca tweets “Thanks Brazil!! what a wonderful experience! we’ll come back soon!! XOXO”  Yesterday “Time flies” and “In Panama”

Piero, this one tweet from Piero says it all, very poignant. He also sends a picture of him and his dad at the airport.

“The person back to me is my Dad! I’m at The airport and I just said bye to my Dad after 3 months that we are together on tour! I can’t explain for I’m feeling right now ;( i miss you already dad but I’m happy cause he’s going back at home t…o see my Mom and Sister and whole my family! He has been and he is the most important person for me and he protects me like nobody else. I’ll see my family in 1 month!!! I love you Dad with all my heart!!! “
Ignazio, “Going to Panama…last show of tour!!!”

Check out Team Il Volo for 2 excellent interviews: “Il  Volo, a story of a dream come true” This is a 10 minute video of interviews that took place in Italy with all three “Guys” and their families, the interview is from “Le Lena”, The Boys tweet that it’s an important Italian TV show! The interviews are in Italian, but it gives you a good look at them at home with their families and friends. The other interview is “Il Volo, meet 3 young tenors that are successful world wide” ( we’ll let the tenors thing go for now)

Look at All Things Il Volo for good photos and videos. see the new “Fan Story” from Ruth Rapp!

Mundial had 1 picture among others of the Guys enjoying an evening out in Panama.

The tour will end tomorrow and Il Volo will return to The USA for the LA Tree Lighting Ceremony on 11/17. They, I’m sure, will have more appearances , whether TV or signings, in the next few weeks. Piero says they’ll be home in a month! This tour has been very successful and very long! We are glad they can see the light at the end of the tunnel and be home soon with their families and friends!! We will greatly miss them, but they deserve the rest and comfort of home.8f7bb29ccf7411e2bcd822000aa80037_7

Love and Luck In Panama Il Volo, we’ll see you soon!!


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  1. It is probably time for a summary article on this site. I have had a lot of input from some of you already. That is wonderful. It is coming soon.
    This three month period has been too short and too long – both. But our guys were each a hero all the way.

    1. Myron… Can’t wait for your summary and analysis of the tours! I’ll be anxious to see what they’ll be doing here in the U.S. before they go home for the Holidays. Have you heard of any more scheduled events besides the ones already posted?
      Helen B.

  2. May the boys have a safe flight back to their homes in Italy. They deserve a good rest after this very long tour. Looking forward to 2015 when we will see them again. Love, Nonna Maureen

  3. Will they tour in 2014? Glad they will be getting their way overdue rest and lots of good homecooked meals from their mama’s. Love them so much.

  4. Linda…Love your article on Panama City and environs… It’s like a very interesting history and geography lesson rolled into one! Thank you for taking the time to do all that great research and to keep us informed all along about all the cities The Boys have toured.
    Oh, boy!!! I’m going to miss them so much when they leave us to go home in a month! I just hope they tweet a lot and keep us posted on what they’re doing. Can’t help being a little selfish in wanting them near… But I DO understand that they really need to get home to loving families, friends, and familiar environments, of course. But it’s like saying goodbye to my grand kids!!!
    Helen B.

    1. Thank you Helen, I enjoy doing it. I will miss them very much too. I hope they go home to rest and have fun! I also hope they’ll be back here before too long!

  5. Penina: Do you have Rogers cable & do you know what number channel the Christmas Lighting in Los angeles is on at 7.30 on Sunday?
    I have Bell cable & internet & if you ever change don’t get Bell. Bell cable doesn’t seem to have the Christmas Tree lighting in Los Angeles listed on Sunday. If I could get the number of the channel I may be able to get it in internet. If you could give me a little help I wold appreciate it. On internet I can’t seem to find it listed there either. Thanks.

    1. Hi Loretta–I wasn’t ignoring you, just wasn’t on the computer earlier. I do have Rogers, but I think the tree lighting is on a local LA station as opposed to a national station. Several of the shows they did out of LA were on local TV and I didn’t get them. ONLY WHEN IT IS PICKED UP BY THE NATIONAL STATION can we get it. In the meantime I went to the Buffalo PBS station before and found out that Buon Natale will be showing from Buffalo on Sunday December 8 at 11 PM, Tuesday Dec 10 at 8 PM and Monday December 16 at 9:30. They did not list anything in November.
      The Carol Burnett tribute is on November 24 at 9:00, and the Striesand concert is on November 29 at 9:00PM and again on December 1 at 3:30 in the afternoon.
      Those of us in Toronto and the GTA can get these shows at the above times.

  6. Even though I will miss the boys terriblly, I’m hoping they find time for more Sinatra from Guanluca , And for Ignazio. A little “Sway” from Dino,
    or”Canto Alla Vita”, with his moves,of course. How about Piero? How about “mi mancherai”. Whenever I hear a song I like, I picture our guys singing it, and doing it their way. Also, think it would be great to have Piero play piano for one of the others ; or drums. FIRST comes rest, of
    course! No hurry. Next tour maybe?
    Also looking forward at some point to IL VOLO’s original music!

    ONE More Month = Your own bed, Homecooked meals,soccer,partying’ & oh yes,lot of sleep!!!!

    WILL BE!!


  7. Marie, wondered if you ever received my e-mail regarding my challenge suggestion? This would have been my second e-mail, sent directly to you or linda. If it seems not to your liking, thats OK, just let me know. Sent 2nd on Oct 24th. Thanks.

  8. Looking forward to your summary article, Myron, when the timing is right!

    Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio, have a meraviglioso final concert! You have blessed us with so much joy and beauty!

    Amore e abbracci,
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  9. Loretta–I forgot to add I am hoping someone will post videos from the tree lighting and we will be able to watch it that way.

    1. mlla, thanks for the “last night” heads up from Aidan Zammit. Again, enlightening and appreciated.

      So sweet to see Barbara Vitali’s RT.

  10. Thanks mlla
    Thanks Penina, last year I saw the Tree Lighting on m Bell station CBS 282 chanel. Now this year I am going to get hold of Bell & complain why they don’t haveit this year. When I did this before about a PBS station when I first got Bell they gave me lame excuse CRTC wouldn’t sanction them to have it. Its supposed be on CBS according to internet & I typed in Christmas Tree Lighting at Grove Los Angeles Sunday November 17 2013 & I got quite a bit of information & was looking for a station of internet something I could watch it on but no luck so I was going to do the same thing & maybe tomorrow night they will show the singers singing. I am only interested in out guys & whatever they are doing after their performance in the show.
    I’m sure Mundial will have them on singing on the show. Well good luck to both of us & thanks for your response. I wasn’t on the computer all day either I had to go downtown to pick up shoes & other groceries. Weather said snow on Tuesday so cross your fingers itnis only a dusting. I think this it too early for sniow.
    Good luck tomorrow hope you do see it & have a great night. Good show on TV at 10 called Ghost Ship. Clive Cussler the author is writing a story about it. It is a true story. He’s a fantastic author

    1. Hey Loretta–We just put snow tires on our car so it is sort of a guarantee it won’t snow! It better NOT snow–I hate boots.

  11. Hi L, it sounds like this is last night for him with the boys, the others I do not know, at least this is what I could make out of it. And I have reasons to believe that A.Z. is touring in USA with his former group starting Nov30th. Totally different kind music though.
    Ciao, ciao

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