Hey Crew,

Well, tomorrow is the last of the concerts. Looks like
Our Guys will still have another month of travel before
actually heading home. I wrote this for them when they do.Alina_Miami_2013.65


Boys will be boys the saying goes,
But you are men before your time.

Never going to teen parties.
Never sleeping in a bed that’s your own.
Never eating home cooked meals.
Never time for Soccer play with pals.

Always watching your words.
Always careful with your actions.
Always smiling at strangers.
Always practicing.
Always on stage.

It’s been fun. We know you’re all tired.
We know you love what you do.
but now, it’s time to go home, young men,
to your friends, your own beds and to your mom’s.

Never doubt the Flight Crew will be waiting for your return.
Never question we will sing your praises while you’re home.
Never believe you have yet reached your peak of glory.
Never forget the faces that smile at you.

Always know we support you.
Always remember that you are our gift and we yours.
Always think of us thinking of you.
Always sing!


78 thoughts on “GOING HOME”

  1. Each time Marie I say, “Oh this is her best one yet!” We really need to get this in the hands of The Boys & Barbara. Even if we have to get obnoxious and post it everywhere. (Just kidding,I think) You have so captured everything. Thank you!

  2. Now Marie I really like this one. I so want them to go home to be with their families & get the rest they so richly deserve & relax their voices. I am so worried about their voices & their health. This tour has been so grueling for them. I hope they see this poem & know we all love them deeply. In my opinion this should be emailed to Barbara to give to them with our love.

  3. Marie.. a beautiful testimoney to our boys…to express how deeply we all love and care about them. I’m happy to that they will finally get to rest and spendtime with loved ones.

  4. Dear Marie, I agree with every reply. You captured what each of us feels for the ‘boys’ so perfectly. Time for home and family to be themselves for sure. I hope somehow Barbara and the boys would be able to read your wonderful poem…so well said. Harriett…Gramma fan

  5. Marie! I just love when you write your poems. this one is specially special and you make me want to cry because you are putting into words for us all what we want to say to the boys. you are such a special gift to us, thank you Marie and God bless you

  6. Marie I thought your other poems were great, this one surpasses any type of tribute I’ve ever read for anyone. You capture all of our thoughts, love, and wishes for these talented young men. Hopefully they will report on their lives back home and what they are going to dazzle us with next year. Can’t wait to see next year’s tour schedule!

  7. Donnymay I hope their tour next year is a lot easier than this last one where they have days between concerts to rest & relax their voices. I could hear a big difference in Ignazio’s voice when he was trying t reach the high notes & some concerts he didn’t even try. Hard learning lesson.

  8. Marie, As usual this was wonderful and it seems that you have had a lot of nice comments already so far. Keep it up.

  9. I agree Loretta, I was at the Detroit concert and they had been on the road with back to back concerts/travel. Then that night they flew to Houston instead of M&G, then back to Detroit to head out to Pa. They were great, but the gags were just missing and the songs were not as warm and passionate. The songs were errorless, but no energy.

  10. Yes I so agree. I want them to go home and rest. I want them to spend Christmas in the arms of their family. I want them to just be their own selves and enjoy their break from performing and traveling all over. Just the very idea of being able to sleep in your own bed again is intoxicating to those who have to travel so much. I also pray that management takes a long hard look at performance schedules and do whats best for our young men and not over tax them as they did this year.

  11. Sweet Marie….I’m going to have to get on this site earlier when you post a poem, because so many fabulous comments have been made that I am hard pressed to find new words to tell you how much I LOVE this poem! It’s taking a place of honor right above my computer, along with some of my other “Marie Favorites”. “Nobody does it better!”, as Carly Simon said.
    I, too, will be glad for The Boys to go home to the warmth and love of their adoring families, who will take good care of them and see to it that they have a wonderful Christmas Holiday. They richly deserve some quality time off, when they can relax and be carefree young men!
    It’s just amazing, isn’t it?…. How much we all LOVE OUR BOYS and want the very BEST for them!
    Helen B.

  12. I picked up on Mundial a lovely message that Gianluca sent. it was in Spanish, so I have tried to translate it because it really is so heartwarming, I take it for me! here goes:
    Close your eyes. just do that! now imagine this, we are you and I. you are my girlfriend. don’t cry! I don’t want you to begin crying!.
    I know that you exist. I know that you want me a lot. I know the bad things people say because I like you. I feel it. I am not able to be with you at this moment, but you have to know that I will do it. I close my eyes and I imagine you here with me. I want that you imagine me the same way: you love me. I love you. promise me that you love me also.
    nothing is more important.
    you know that I am not your idol, I am yours and you are mine. I do not want that you have a boyfriend because your boyfriend is me. only close your eyes! smile! I am here. I want you. I am not able to respond to all your messages because I do not have much time, but I see them and I smile. so keep sending them.
    well you know this is going on my bathroom mirror!!!

  13. Everything that I could possibly say, Marie, and a whole lot more, has already been said above. Just know that your poems say just what all of us feel for Piero,Ignazio, and Gianluca. Our very deep love for them, and how, to us, they feel like family.

  14. a thought!!! don’t you think this site could start making some real noise to management to tone down their schedules next year, we don’t want them to burn out the boys for the sake of “money” this cannot continue, is it that when you sign a contract with a record company you sign your soul over to them??

    1. I also don’t think the problem lies with their management. The sad part of all this is they will be home for such a short time–then they are off to tour Asia! Our boys need a longer break than a mere month–if it is that long.
      By the way Marie–that poem was from the heart of all of us. We know they need to be home, to rest, to recharge their batteries, and as one of their mothers said, to take out the garbage!

  15. Ah Deanne, I can tell you’re up-set. Me too. We only want them safe and healthy. I wish we could make changes, but that is so out of our realm. We have no idea about contract contents. Once again we have to take a deep breath, let out a large sigh and trust that Our Guy’s, Their Parents, AND management will do what is best! Your concern is understandable.

  16. I hate to play devil’s advocate, but here goes…

    I ask that everyone step back and think about what you are asking. There are those that say they should add more time between concerts. But in doing so, that would extend the time they are away from their home and families, wouldn’t it? If they had the same schedule they had this year and added more time in between, then the time away would be about 6 months. So in this case, Il Volo and their families lose.

    On the other hand, if they lighten the schedule and don’t play as many concerts as they did this year, then the fans lose out. Ignazio in one of his interviews talks about the preference is to play to the public because that is where they get their strength. Remember when the tour schedule first came out how upset a lot of folks were because they weren’t playing in their areas? To lessen the load, then Il Volo and we the fans lose out.

    As Marie said, we have to put our trust in Our Guys, their parents, and their management that they know what they are doing. I don’t believe it is a money thing, because to say that Live Nation, the record label, or management is only interested in the money is to say Our Guys are in it for the money, too. and I know we know better than that. I would like to believe that Our Guys have a lot of input and they have trust in their management as to their well being. We can only try and do the same.

    The good news is that they will be home soon and have that time that everyone is so wanting them to have to relax and enjoy their time off. It was a phenomenal tour and one in which they will remember (and us, too) for a lifetime.

    1. They can’t keep up this pace forever. One way to change it, and the fans wouldn’t like it so much, would be to play North America one year–with more concerts in more cities, and the next year to go to south America.
      That way they could still have a shorter tour with greater exposure and more rest in between, and still get home for the same amount of time.

      1. This will probably happen one day – but not while they are trying to increase their fan base.

  17. LeeLee my concern was that it is Live Nation that was pushing them for the money end of it & the boys thought they could handle the schedule. I thought management had given Live Nation the job of getting concerts for the boys not management. I could totally be way off base but that is how I was looking at it. It is Live Nation that is pushing for more concerts so Live Nation could make more money on the boys. I don’t think for one minute that the guys are doing concerts strickly for the money they are too involved with their audience & they completely enjoy engaging with the audience & singing. Anyone correct if I am wrong in thinking like that.

  18. Deanne I loved that translation. Pretty fantastic how he explained it. To think that all the fans no matter what age are thinking that we are their girl friends etc. So guys I will keep sending you my love & thinking of you & praying for you & smiling every time I listen to your singing which I do already. & asking God to bless you & keep you safe. And if I ever send you a message maybe someday you will read it.

  19. Marie….your poem is so wonderful! You know how to put all of our thoughts and emotions into such beautiful poems. Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio…thank you and your families for sharing yourselves with the world. You live a lifestyle none of the rest of us do. You chose this life as it is your passion to sing to the world. The world is a better place because of YOU and YOUR FAMILIES. I can’t thank you enough. Safe travels.

    1. Marie-Your poem is so heartfelt and beautiful. It left me feeling very emotional on many levels. I’m sad that we will not be following them day after day on their tour.I loved being a part of each and every one of the concerts thanks to you and the whole Crew ,Mundial, etc, I am ecstatic that I could see them onstage in Orlando which has left me with a bad case of PCSD to this day !!! On the other hand, I am so very happy that ,our precious boys will be soon going home where they can exhale and will be taken care by their beautiful,loving families. They worked very hard making all of us happy so they deserve a little down time right now. ( but not too much -I miss them already !!!)

  20. Marie, your poem was wonderful as usual. You seem to know exactly what we are all feeling. You have an amazing way with words. I hope also our boys can go home and get some well deserved rest and spend time with family and friends. In saying that however I miss them being with us and I am so ready to see them again!

  21. Love to you, Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio, as you perhaps start counting the days until you will relax with your families. Marie and others here have expressed our feelings for you so beautifully. (Thank you all!)

    Thank you, Ragazzi, for accepting the joys and challenges of touring and for bringing your magnificent music and hearts to us, your enthusiastically waiting fans.

    Thanks to you and your management for reassessing the strengths and challenges of this year’s touring and for refining next year’s schedule to maximize your well-being, as well as your careers and your treasured connections with your fans. We support you in making decisions which enhance the livability of your experience and which support your careers and your glorious voices to be happy and healthy for many many decades!

    You are love. You are loved.
    We are love. We are loved.
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. Marie, loved your poem. I am happy for the guys that they are finally ending the tour and will go home to their families. One more to go though, and promotional appearances too before going home. We will miss them SO much but they sacrificed their private lives and free time and gave their all to the fans, now we, as fans, have to make the sacrifice to let them be off the radar for awhile, but not for too long!! Please!

      1. Thanks, Ann. Me, too!

        And if they’re not reading, maybe they’re still feeling our love and support, like ripples echoing out from a pebble dropped into a crystal clear lake.

        Ahhh… and maybe we feel those ripples bouncing back to us. Perhaps that’s part of the secret of the glowing love and warmth in our hearts when we think of Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio!

        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  22. Thank you all for your kind responses to this poem and, indeed, all of my poetry. Many of you have said things like, “this is how I feel. This is what I would say”. In fact, it is what you say! I listen. I just repeat, in my own way, what you have already lavished on those wonderful, sweet Angels. I supposed it was the Boys who were my muses, my inspiration, but actually, it’s all of you – my crew.

  23. I’ve just been looking at Our Guys latest tweets. Piero, with that orange thingy around his neck, looks soooo tired! And Gianluca says he is having trouble sleeping. All three must be on the edge of exhaustion. I hope and pray they have some down time soon.

  24. I second all you said Jeanine!
    just my personal thoughts: I feel contracts are usually for 5 years, so their 5th year would be next year, and the studio would try to get the most out of their “teens ” image. then they would be established and whether there would be a new contract with the same studio or another,they would then be in a position to have a greater say in their contract. I do believe that they make very little money now, the studio and the promoters make all, but then they also have had to put out the money and take the risks. so here’s hoping that things will change in the not too distant future, for the better.
    All the fans all over the world want to see them all the time, but fans have to realize that that is impossible and play their Cd’s and DVD’s and understand that they are human too and can’t be everywhere all the time.
    I would still like to hear from a professional if all this singing and little sleep is Ok for their type of voices and that they are not damaging them

    1. Deanne, thanks for the second!

      To clarify, Humberto Gatica, their producer / sound engineer / mixer, in an interview (episode #55 of Pensado’s Place) specifically said that IL VOLO was signed (back when they were around 15 years old) for a 5 ALBUM deal. The way Interscope is stretching it out (multiple releases of what they “call” the same album), I believe the label counts it as
      1- IL VOLO
      2 – We Are Love
      3 – Buon Natale
      Kind of ridiculous.
      I would include
      IL VOLO Takes Flight
      Mas Que Amor
      but I’m sure they don’t.
      That’s probably one reason why they have different editions of the same album title. This is Interscope / Geffen Records (not Gatica).

      Hope that clarifies. It’s albums, not years.

      It will be fun to see what they choose when they’re “free agents”.
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  25. This is Joan Brenin with a new sign in name and I have been trying to post my thoughts since last night. So Marie, as I was saying, your poem is so very heartfelt, caring and beautiful as are all your poems. I have very mixed emotions right now. I am sad because the tour is over. I loved following the concerts, day to day ,thanks to you and the rest of the Flight Crew. I was ecstatic that I was able to experience Our Spectacular Boys on stage in Orlando and to date I am still suffering from PCSD !!!! These are some of my selfish emotions because I know it is time for our precious boys to go home. Home to their beautiful and loving families where they can exhale and be taken care of so they can continue to enchant us with their gorgeous smiles and magnificent voices. They deserve and more importantly need this time off. (but not for too long !!!) I miss them already and will love them forever !!!

    So, currently I see about 1-2 movies a year. Today I decide I need an uplift, and last minute, I go see About Time in the theater. (As I’m sure you can guess, I fall for uplifting, sweet, inspirational movies, which I found this one to be.)

    There’s a wedding in the movie, and – are you ready for this? – the groom wants them to play “IL MONDO” by Jimmy Fontana (originator, who just passed on this year) in place of the wedding march. When this happened, thankfully no sounds came out of my mouth, but without a thought, my arms went involuntarily straight up into the air in the “touchdown” signal ! Woo hoo!

    What fun!
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. Woo hoo is right! Saw the movie and that was the best part. That song is very popular in Europe and English people love Italian music; that’s why he wanted that song for the wedding.

  27. thanks for that information Jeanine, very interesting! I think we have at least another year with the same studio and Live Nation promoters(don’t know if they can do Australia) by then Piero will be 21, Ignazio will be 20 and Gianluca 19.

    1. Recently on the way to looking up something else on the Internet, I stumbled across an article that states all male Italians are required to do a mandatory one year service in the military between 18 and 30. Has anyone else heard about this? I couldn’t find a date on the article, so I don’t know if it was a current requirement or an older requirement that is no longer enforced. Please don’t misunderstand, I am not trying to be obnoxious, but I wasn’t aware that Italy had a military.
      Commenting on Live Nation: I’m sure that if Live Nation can’t do the promo itself they would have connections to have a local promoter to handle it for a fee.
      Know it’s only November, but Gianluca’s birthday is just over 3 months away any thoughts on what we might do for him? Even more so for Piero’s 21st in June. It’s difficult to know how other cultures handle milestone birthdays, or even if 21 is a mile stone. Any thoughts?

    2. Deanne, all I know about is the record company. I have no idea if that has any impact on the promoter / venue scheduler (Live Nation). Myron, do you know?

      ~ Jeanine D.

  28. Donna, I asked the question and got “Declaring the end of an era, Italy has scrapped conscription to make way for a more professional army. this was posted on 24th October 2000

    1. Hurray! I couldn’t see how we could let them go for an entire year! Bad enough them being gone on tour to other countries. Just selfish I guess, want to keep them close to us.
      Getting a little weepy reading all the good byes from both fans and the boys. Piero’s roses about did me in!

    2. Thanks be to God! I had to suppress a shudder at the very thought of our darling Italians going into military service.

  29. Hi, Here are some thoughts running through my head. While reading translations of interviews during their S. American tour, I read that Gianlucca said he would like to live in Los Angeles. In another interview he was quoted as saying he would like to be in movies. Also, I read somewhere on the internet that he has come out with his own perfume. (I’d like to know if that’s true and where it is available.) So I sort of fear that he may be thinking of going out on his own. Also, I read that Piero would like to be an opera singer even though it takes years of study. And that video that Ignazio showed during the Radio City Music Hall concert: the thought occurred to me that he is fearful of a breakup, too. Maybe I’m imagining things, but I sure hope they don’t split up. Anyway, I don’t know how to communicate directly with them, but if they somehow tsee this, here’s a quotation from Aristotle: “The sum of the whole is greater than its parts.” Ciao. Lori

    1. Hi Lori,
      Gianluca has said many times that he wants to be with the group forever. He does also like to act and you can see he is very good and he loves it. They are so young, we hope they never break up but maybe when they are much older. I don’t think they know what they want right now. They are working so hard.The Three Tenors with Pavoritti were very successful and we didn’t want them to part and I don’t think they did. We could never get enough of their singing together. Maybe this will be an example for Our Boy – sum of the whole. Gian can still act occasionally if he wants and Piero can do his solos. They can all do their solos.

    2. Hi Lori
      Yes Gian said he would like to live in LA – but that was in response to a question about the different cities they had been in. ‘Which city would you like best, etc.’ I saw the comment about the movies too, but given the other one liners he has been tweeting, I think it was a case of wandering thoughts. And, they had been touring for nearly 3 months and it doesn’t appear that movie stars to that. It may only have been an issue of frustration. I didn’t catch any thing about Piero wanting to be an opera star. In fact all 3 were very empathic that it was not an option because of the time it took. About 2 months ago I did see an interview where Nazio indicated he was studying to be an opera singer, ‘job security’ per se.
      That tribute has all of us going. I really think that it is difficult for Nazio to open up as Gian does and especially as Piero does. You notice the heartfelt praises he sings of his father and how much he loves him. (He is the only man I have ever seen who so openly puts his heart right out there. Scary with the different fan pools out there) Neither Gian or Nazio even mentioned their fathers had gone back as well . In another interview Nazio was asked if there were anything he would want different and his response was to not be so public. He went on to say that he wanted to keep his more of his life private. With all the interviews, fans, twitter, etc. the guys leave quite a bit of themselves out there for all to see. Also Nazio wants to have more time to write music and songs. Apparently he and Gian have collaborated on a couple of them and they want them incorporated into the tour. The joint comment was that “maybe next year” when we get a greater say in what we sing.
      As for the Spanish translation, if you are using Google or Bing you have to translate the translation in order to make sense of it. They are so bad that I am taking Spanish lessons so I don’t have to use them One tip I picked up was that generally adjectives go behind the nouns. Google and Bing translate straight up word for word. So if it is a day beautiful in
      Spanish, the translation comes out in that order as well. To be correct the beautiful would go in front of day and you would have beautiful day. Also the translator does not identify identity…whether male or female. This is why all pronoun references are he, even if the speaker was a woman. Very confusing!
      I’ll shut up now, the Lion’s are losing so I am going back to my girl cave!

    3. Hi Lori, in answer to your comments above, they all or individually have mentioned that they would like to live in LA, Miami, and/or New York. Gianluca did say he would like to be an actor on a couple of occasions. Piero and Ignazio both mentioned that they would be operatic singers if they weren’t doing what they are doing now as being an opera singer opens more doors (or something to that effect). With regard to Gianluca and perfume, his quote was that he is using a new cologne by Versace, not made by Gianluca. There was much discussion on this blog about Ignazio’s video in Radio City. It was concluded that he was just showing his appreciation and love for Piero and Gianluca and that their journey took them to their dream of performing on the Radio City stage. There is no indication of them breaking up so no need to worry there. Hope this answers your questions and keep sharing the love.

      1. Thanks for clarifying, LeeLee. I will add that Ignazio is thinking about living in Bologna, Italy when he’s not on tour or working in studio.

        I happily support everything they can do to make their lives livable and enjoyable while working and when on vacation.

        I think such choices make it easier, not harder, to continue to live their dream of being “always IL VOLO”, as they have said.

        Thinking of our guys, back in the States!
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

      2. Hi Leelee, Thanks for your reply as well as the other replies. It’s very reassuring. I think I was probably reading into quotes that were maybe taken out of context or lost in translation..I got so depressed thinking that maybe they were thinking of breaking up and pursuing other avenues. I love all three of them, their voices, their sparkling personalities, etc. If they would ever break up, I would still be a fan and buy each one of their separate albums and go to each one’s concerts, but I still feel that “the sum of the whole is greater than its parts”, Aristole. They are absolutely magical together, and I hope they never break up.
        Ciao. Lori P.S. I think that Il Volo or Gianluca should come out with their own fragrances. I would buy it!

      3. Our Boys are magical together and I would buy all their cd’s if and when they each make a cd of their own. They will always be special.

    4. Somehow I have always gotten the impression that they wish to remain IL VOLO for a long long time. Young as they are, they are well aware that they have something magical, something special ( or as we might say, blessed) as three voices, one soul. So as young men I think its perfectly natural that they think of other things to do beyond IL VOLO. Someday when they are older they will be more capable of taking greater control of their tour schedules and time off and I expect they will be quite emphatic about what they do or do not want to do at that point. I think that solo projects will only enhance performance and enlarge fan base. Our job is to support them as any flight crew does !
      Ciao, Connie/Piratesorka

  30. It’s been 2 hours, and I’m just now finding where I think i’m suppossed to be! Of course , I could be wrong! Why all the changes?
    I believe, the time will come when the boys will have more say in the particulars of their careers, and what their preferences might be. Right now, they are not in that mindset of knowing what they think they might want to do, or how to go about doing it; smart on their part, that they just keep on,keeping on, and enjoy. That’s why they have the people around them that they do! Those people have been around the block many times, and after so many successes, they know when to hold em, and when to not. Listen and learn guys, and in the mean time, strive to always go forward. Might not be easy, but it will all work out! You Are terrific, and
    you are loved, more every day! Gianluca, Piero, Ignazio , more and more EVERY DAY! Remember the recipe for God’s Success posted here some time back, well you know HE’S brought it together. (Thats You) Now HE.S been giving out samples around the world; and what has happened? The recipe is a smash hit. Everyone wants more, and more, and more! His plan to enlighten the youth to, the beauty of good music, and at the same time , bring back some joy to those
    whose hearts have been bruised or broken, is quite an undertaking; but he has chosen you! YOU three, long before you were even a thought. Think about that when the girls are screaming. and the adults are in tears, and the children reach up for kisses. You are doing exactly what, in my opinion, you were born to do, and you do it well! Don’t worry! You will know ,You will always know.

    While we are sleeping,our angels have conversations with or souls


      1. ANN, thank you so much for your kind response. I, too, hope and pray that the boys are able to read all of these comments that express concern for their well being, or our concern for their future, or what they wear, or how they want to look. All of those things are brought about because of our adoration for them. They are so young, and have had whirlwind success, and are basking in that excitement, and joy. And they deserve to be. However, when it comes to thoughts of their future plans, that is something that should be thought about, and planned very carefully. That is what their team is there for, and thank God it is so. That doesn’t mean that what they think they might wish to persue in the future as an addition to what they are already providing , couldn’t possibly come to fruition if worked in carefully. My thought is, ALL IN GOOD TIME. If it is indeed part of His plan for them, it will work out when its right. Of course, a little grandmotherly advice, outside the box, could be worth reading. You never know!!

  31. Marie or Linda, Posted these 2 days ago, and can’t see any more comments. Can’t get past this point. What am I doing wrong? Help, anybody!

    1. KittyKam, go back to the Home Page, click on BLOG on the left, You can scroll down and see all the features you want. To comment on any feature, click on the “comma” on the upper right hand corner of each feature and it will bring you to the comments.

  32. Linda, have done everything that everyone has offered, ( all the same ) but I’m still at the same place.My 1st post was on Nov 18 @ 4:22 am. Anncruise responded @ 9:36am.I replyed @ 5:45 pm Nov 18th still. My asking for help today was Nov 20th @ 6:47pm. You answered @ 7:16pm. Thank you by the way! In backing up to the last comma I found was on Nov 14th #73.

    I just find it a little strange, but possible, that there is no activity between, Nov 18th @ 5:45 and your response to me @ 7:pm Nov @ 20th. If everything seems okay to you, I’m sorry for being a true newbie. Just trying to understand. None from anyone,about anything? We are always talking about our boys!!

    1. Actually, Kitty, you’re right about that time span between comments on this particular blog.

      Have you clicked to follow the blog (now on the right)? That will result in your receiving a new email every time there is a new blog, such as Myron’s “End Of Tour Reflections – Il Volo – 2013 – By Myron Heaton” which was posted in the last little while.

      That could be helpful, as the comments are showing up on other blog articles, not this one.

      The nice thing about selecting to “follow” the blog is that you don’t have to hunt for if / when / where the next article is. The email has a link to the article/blog, so you can go right to it.

      Flight Crew Board, this could be another nice tidbit to include in a Flight Crew Flying Manual FAQ, resulting in more “followers” and greater ease of access to each new post on this site. I have LOVED my experience since I decided to “follow” the blog.

      Hope this helps, Kitty!
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

      1. Sorry guys, still can’t get it right. Very sad, feel like I ve been dumped off the loop. Following on e-mail isn’t working either. Miss you, don’t know what else to do.

      2. I feel sad, Kitty!
        I’m confused as to what is still happening on your end.
        If you wish, call me.

        And to the Flight Crew Board, if you’re not ready to create a FAQ Flight Crew Manual for the blog (such a busy time!), maybe at the bottom of each blog entry until you have time for the flight manual, you can do a sentence of instruction (about the comment bubble with the number in it at the top of each article).
        These comments are not being seen by those who haven’t figured this out, and we do have a much smaller number of folks commenting, so I’m wondering how many others are feeling confused and sad.

        We’ve become like family here, and I know you are working so hard and don’t want anyone to miss out on all that you share with us.

        Hoping these thoughts are helpful,
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  33. How can I help you Kittykam? When you open the website, click on BLOG on the left side of the Home page. That takes you to the blog as it used to be. Scroll down until you see the post you are looking for. When you want to make a comment click on the large coma like icon at the top of the post. When you want to go back to the beginning of the BLOG and start over, go to BLOG on the left again and click, scroll down until you find the post you are look for!

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