Christmas Gifts For Our Boys


christmas at the grove lighting

Let’s Christmas shop!

If we could what would we give Our Guys?
Here’s my List:

1) Youth – They have crammed so much and missed so much in the past four years, I’d like to give them four more.

2) Good Health – I would like you to believe this gift to be selfless. However, I really don’t want them to miss a concert near me because of illness.

Wealth – No, not important. Besides, they’ll have that.

3) Wisdom – To continue their career surrounded by positive influences.

4) Fun – Just because they deserve it!

5) Super Duper Glue – To stick them together…forever.

6) St. Christopher Medals – To keep them safe in their travels. They may already have this one.

7) An extra set of ears – So they can always hear how beautiful they sound.

8) Peace – In every aspect of their lives and what they bring to us and the world through their music.

9) A passel of children to sing to – well, maybe not this Christmas.

10) The Flight Crew – For love in abundance. This we can give with all our hearts.

Now, what gifts am I forgetting?


24 thoughts on “Christmas Gifts For Our Boys”

  1. Marie, you never cease to amaze me. This was so wonderful and it brought tears to my eyes. I will have to think about something to add but in the meantime I keep thinking quite often about their youth buzzing by very fast so that is one gift I really do wish for. I remember one critic three years ago saying something like: “mature sounds of 25 yr. old men coming out of these “fresh-faced teenage boys” – that was when they were 16 & 17. Wow.

  2. I agree, Myron and Marie. They love to cut up and have fun together –and with their fellow travelers in the band, and with Barbara–witness Ignazio and whatever he was doing at the airport. And, thank goodness for that! But, when it comes to their profession, they are more mature and responsible than some people twice their age. i hope they keep the joy they find with each other and with their constant travel and new experiences. I hope they keep the wonderful relationship they have with their families. And, as Marie pointed out, I hope they travel safely wherever they go,

  3. Love your list Marie. May I also add “luck” to the list. Just like the song from Sir Paul – With a Little Luck , we can help it out, we can bring it in for a landing. The landing for an American Grammy to complete their dream.

    BTW, Marie, #10 is a nice touch. We love you so much guys. Gosh I think I pretty much say this everyday now!

  4. I love this Marie!! I would, along with love, give them the gift of continued sense of humor!! It’s so much fun watching them interact with each other and tease each other during interviews. A good sense of humor can take you far. A sense of humor should mean you don’t take yourself too seriously. Our boys seem well grounded and I think the fun helps!

      1. Marie… Lovely, lovely, LOVELY! I can’t tell you how much I look forward to your poems, lists, essays, etc. I would add only one thing to the list, and that is the gift of God’s blessing, which I am sure they already have! ( Maybe the St. Christopher Medals qualify here.)

        In one of the interviews, Piero says that their talent comes from God, and it is so REFRESHING to hear a young celebrity say that in this day and age. They deserve the world served up on a silver platter, for they are the kindest, sweetest, cutest, most talented, most humble, most handsome, and sometimes the funniest “Boys” I know. Is it no wonder that we all love them so much? How could we not????
        Helen B.

  5. Marie, you forgot a lifetime of ‘dimple kisses ‘ for you know who!

    I would give them the gift of always to be able to view each new experience in their busy lives with the wondeful innocence of a child.

    As always, thank you Marie for sharing your gift which is always spot on.

  6. Happiness. They should always be happy with what they are doing, with their families, with each other. And when the time comes for them to grow their own families, they should all be happy with the other’s choices, and be one big happy family!
    They bring such happiness to us, we wish they have oodles of happiness forever in their lives.

  7. I would give them each a big dose of fresh humbleness. After this year especially, with all the remarkable things that have happened to them, and for them, they will need to refresh themselves for what’s ahead in the coming year. That humble attitude is what keeps them strong, and focused. Bless each of you, and have fun, and rest.

    1. Hey, Kitty, on the topic of humility, here is a great minute message from 7-year-old concert pianist, composer, and philanthropist Ethan Bortnick on the Oprah Winfrey show. (IL VOLO and Ethan both performed in We Are the World 25 for Haiti.)

      Out of the mouths of babes! (; >)
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  8. Marie – Are you a Gemini? Communication is typical of Gemini… You always present your ideas in a way that is amusing, original and intelligent. You are always well-informed – your mind is bright, lively, curious and playful. I am so glad to be a part of this great group. Again, you light up my life, especially since I am home-bound due to a recent fall and rib fracture. Buon Natale from Athens, GA

  9. Marie, I am a moon child, Cancer. Thank you for your lovely words.

    Ouch! I hope this site and Our Angels help take your mind off those ribs for a minute! YOU light up MY life! You Peach, you.

  10. Linda Parks and I had a terrible disappointment last night. Il Volo was scheduled for 8:30pm on our PBS station and guess what?? CELTIC WOMAN came on instead!!!! Called the station this morning and Il Volo has been rescheduled for Sun, Dec. 15, at 4:00 pm. No performance at noon tomorrow. It looks like the Sun. performance is the only one. For some reason, I think our station, KERA, is not impressed with Il Volo… Don’t ask me why… But I think I’ll do a little snooping and see what I can find out!
    Helen B.

  11. I wish for each a special one to love them for who they are, to keep the home lights burning, to be their greatest joy and inspiration, to be their biggest fan, to be the sparkle in their eye when they sing those soaring, glorious love songs. I wish for us the patience to wait until we see them again – so hard! Love to all the fellow Ilvolovers here!! Merry Christmas to us all!!

    1. For someone to love them…beautiful, Christine!

      I had something silly at first, but I took that one down. After seeing what everyone else has written, I don’t know what else is left. But after having a pretty decent day at work, I thought of one thing: Laughter.
      I know it goes hand-in-hand with most everything that’s already listed, but it struck me that laughter–in it’s purest form–is one of the most beautiful sounds that there is. It is born of a full, contented and peaceful spirit, and for that moment at least, all is truly right with the world.
      So I wish them laughter–enough to fill every day of their lives.

      1. I agree with you Kelly. I get so much enjoyment out of Ignazio’s sense of humour that I am laughing when he puts anything on his head or whatever face he makes or whatever he is doing on stage. I get so much joy just lookinig at his pictue.
        I wish for them the most happiest & saisfying Christmas they have had & the joy of finally being back home.

  12. Marie, thank you so much for this perfect opportunity and for the magnificence of your starting list. Who knew we could come up with more gifts to add to your luscious abundance!

    My Christmas wish… for Gianluca, Piero, Ignazio, IL VOLO to continue to soar with the music, their hearts uplifted and their unique personalities and talents recognized, loved, and honored in all the ways they desire.

    And, cjbrn, what a beautiful wish for them! I’ll add, for them to love and cherish their beloved as deeply as their beloved cherishes them. Along with an ease of lifestyle that makes this tremendous love a blessing to accompany their lives through each phase of their professional and private seasons of the year.

    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

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