Hi Everyone,

Take a deep breath and wipe away those tears. The time has come for “Our Boys” to go home to their family and friends. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have given us the gift of themselves for more than a few months now. We have seen them live, seen some great videos and wonderful photos! We have all that to remember them by while they take a little time at home. We don’t know when they’ll be back here in America, but we’ll keep in touch the best ways we have. Remember Gianluca loves to keep in touch with his fans and Piero and Ignazio usually will send Tweets and the occassional Keek to let us get a glimpse of their lives. We respect their privacy, but we do like the little updates they share with us.

I thought you might like to see a little of where they call home!

Piero calls Naro a town in Sicily home. In his beloved Naro, Piero likes to hang out with his friends and his sister, Maria Grazia.



Ignazio goes home to Marsala, also in Sicily. He enjoys hanging out with his friends and driving his new car!


Gianluca calls the Hamlet of Montepegano, in the Abruzzo Region, home. When he’s home he enjoys going to the beach with friends and watching his brother, Ernesto play Soccer.


Twitters, Tweets and Keeks:

Gianluca: “A girl with intelligence is sexy” Last night: “Buenas night” See his Keek “Greetings from NY” On Mundial.

Piero: Shopping and smiling around #NYC with @barbaravitali”

Ignazio: “Sushi heart for everyone” with a picture, and today, ” Snowing!! Good morning New York, last day!!!” See his picture in the snow on All Things Il volo.

See Connie’s Il Volo story under “my Il volo Experience” .

Dates coming up in Italy: December 14th, concert at The Basillica of St Francis of Assissi in Assissi, Italy. December 18th in Scala at The Bascillica di San Lorenzo. It is unsure if we  can see these concerts here in the USA, but i’m sure there will be videos available on UTube.

Of course we’re all sad today, but the sadness is somewhat tempered by their joy in going home!! Until you come back again, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, stay well, enjoy your Christmas and God speed for your flight to Italy!!

OOPS got to run, have to find Marie!! The last I heard she was seen at the airport running after a jet heading for Italy!!


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  1. Have a safe trip Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca! Always remember our hearts are with you always. Have a very Merry Christmas. I am looking forward to seeing you in 2014!

  2. Marie, go get our guys and give them a big goodbye kiss for me! Love you, Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio.

  3. Gianluca, Ignacio and Piero, I will miss you so much; you bring so much joy in my life everyday just being your wonderful, warm selves; love you so much. Have a beautiful Christmas and a very happy New Year. Hope to see you next year again in Chicago; loved seeing you here twice this year! I feel so lucky. Hope to see you again in 2014 and can’t wait for your new Italian cd next year! Marie, go give them a hug for me please.

  4. Oh that Marie! Never ending search for that dimple!
    As sad as knowing they are off work now, I am very happy for our sweet guys to be back with their families and I can just imagine some measure of the JOY they will feel when they arrive home again.

    1. Hi, I just read on another site: Friday, Dec. 13 on the Today Show; Wed., Dec.18 on The Talk, and Christmas Day at 11:00 a.m. Disney Parade on ABC. Ciao. Lori

  5. Linda—I must admit that I have been weepy all day. It is truly amazing how much we love “Our Boys” and the profound effect they have on all of us. You have beautifully summed up just how all of us must be feeling today. A mixed bag —weepy on one hand and happy for their return to their families and friends on the other. I am sure they will keep us happy with news of their activities until they gift themselves back to us in 2014—-hopefully here in America.

  6. Linda… I really LOVED this whole commentary about The Boy’s homes, and the beautiful sentiments you expressed. I have been away, and commented on the preceding page, so I won’t repeat myself here. Just suffice it to say thank you for the lovely write-up!
    Helen B.

    1. I think what I love most about them is their Italian heritage. Thanks Linda for enlightening us about their home towns. It is so bittersweet to hear of them leaving, but we know they are so happy to be going home and what makes them happy makes their fans happy. What ever the future holds, we are sure it will be a bright one for IL VOLO. I love to hear when the PBS broadcasters or other interviewers call them “superstars” I get a kick out of that and I’ve heard them introduced like that a lot lately. And Gianluca in the one interview that they felt like Rock stars in Latin America, oh but they are, superstars, rockstars, the BRIGHTEST stars, and they will soar higher and higher. I am so thankful for the joy they bring to everyone with their lovely and wonderful, unspoiled personalities. We’ll all be praying for them and watching for their next wonderful project!

  7. Marie, How could you leave without me….remember you owe me big time for that dimple kiss I gave Ignazio in your name. I hope you make it to Italy hanging on the tail of that plane, and if you do you have to give all of the boys a kiss from me, and an especially looong hug for Piero.

  8. Hi Everyone, Well today is the day they have been looking forward to for 4 months now, and understandable so , and although our hearts completely agree with their wanting to be with their families for joyous Christmas Festivities Italian style , and fun lovinging craziness with friends of their own age , I started wondering if in precious quite moments they think about their fans at all. Not the young sceamers ,we all know what thats all about for the most part, but about the more mature and granma ones, and the young children who come and hug them around the neck. What is it? What is the difference in the love and adoration seen displayed from this particular segment of followers, who are captivated
    by , three young Italian singers? In the adults, I see a tremendous appreciation for their voices and dedication. In the Granmas, I see that granma sense of worry about health, and voices. (HERE DRINK THIS, PUT YOUR SCARF AROUND YOUR NECK, etc.) Natural right? Do the boys even realize how much they are loved? Now, to the children. Especially around, I’d say, seven years old, they begin evaluating what others are doing. In the case of Il Volo, they see their on stage confidence, their youth, how others are responding to them, and they, perhaps in that very moment, realize that they could do that too when just a little older. But the most important thing they see is the boys love for them too.

    What a wonderful thing the presence 0f love and joy can bring to an open heart.
    Three different voices,but one soul. Three different men, but one song. YOURS.

    1. Kitty, tears at the beauty of your expressions, especially about young children: “and they, perhaps in that very moment, realize that they could do that too when just a little older. But the most important thing they see is the boys love for them too.”

      Linda, so helpful and appreciated. Over and over, we are so blessed by your amazing gift.

      Michele, thank you for expressing our hearts through the IL VOLO Flight Crew Tweet!

      Back on “I’m smiling because…”
      I posted some ideas to share the IL VOLO love and uplift ourselves while Our Guys are spending their much deserved precious time with their families. Perhaps some of you will have more ideas to add to my list.

      Notte benedetta,
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    2. And gratitude for this pure poetry, Kitty… “What a wonderful thing the presence 0f love and joy can bring to an open heart.
Three different voices,but one soul. Three different men, but one song. YOURS”

      ~ Jeanine D.

  9. Piero Barone Il Volo ‏@piero_barone 7m
    Taking off to #London and then #ITALY!
    Family I’ll see you in just 2 days
    Bye bye #America
    It’s been a long trip and I love you ALL

    1. It is nice to know they thought to tell us they still love us. Its like butter on my toast, No,,, its like raspberry jam on my fresh baked out of the oven bread! Wait… it is sooo good its like a nice hot fresh slice of the finest panettone on Christmas morning!
      Yes, indeed, I love them that much it makes my imagination go into overdrive!

  10. Gianluca Il Volo ‏@GianGinoble 3h
    4 months, 82000 km, 47 shows, 42 cities, thousand girls and boys singing our songs and loving us. I love you more than my life.Hasta pronto!

  11. He sent what was needed when He saw the need
    He wanted His children to smile, not to grieve,
    And so He prepared it, and soon would impart
    The formula perfect, for each saddened heart,
    It awakened their senses to love and to joy,
    And He sent it with blessings, by three chosen boys.

      1. I just saw the interview they had on Air America – Border p Crossings and I thought it was the single best interview they have done. Absolutely awesome. It showed the very essence of who Il Volo is: the true heart & soul behind the performance personalities, which is awesome of itself. Did anyone else see it?

    1. Kathryn…..There are tears in my eyes and joy and love in my heart for those inspiring words that you wrote. You and Marie REALLY have the gift! Thank you for easing the pain of The Boys’ departure.
      Helen B.

  12. God speed and. God bless you three angels. You are so loved and will be missed very much. As sad as we are we are equally as happy you will get some well deserved rest and fun times with friends and families. Have a merry Christmas and cant wait till you’re back. Much love.

  13. I tweeted this for all of us today, and it is all I can say;
    Il Volo Flight Crew @IlVoloFlightCrw
    @piero_barone @IBoschetto @GianGinoble @BarbaraVitali We are so sad you are leaving us, yet so happy you are going home! #BuonNatale Love U!

  14. Thanks, Linda. Love the bits about where the guys are from. 🙂

    Like I told the girls, I was tearfully smiling yesterday, but today, I’m just tearful. Reading all these comments…I so hope the guys are reading!

    1. Thanks everyone for liking my post, I love doing them! Mostly i’d like to thank everyone for all the love and support that you give “Our Guys”. Your outpouring of love will keep them warm all winter!! Tears aside we all love them enough to send them away, to their homes, with love!

  15. I cried tonight. Bon Natalie was broadcast on PBS in Canada. These boys are truly amazing, The best Christmas show I have ever watched. The emotions they bring with their voices are beautiful. We will miss them but truly look forward
    To having them back with us soon.

  16. MARIE & STEPHENIE, Thank you for the nice comments. That poped into my head right after closing my longer post just above. Think I had a co-writer that wasn’t finished. I will miss the boys very much also, but I know they will keep in touch, especially Gianluca. Can’t wait for what they bring us next time. Hints about possible duet with Laura Paulini, original music by Ignazio, more Frank Sinatra, and maybe more Italian songs! Guess we’ll have to wait and see, but not to patiently. HA HA

    1. You’re welcome, Kitty. It’s so great to have you back with us and posting such beautiful expressions! I think I know what you mean by co-writer. Ahhh, sweet in-spiration!

      Love your musing about their next album, Kitty!
      The one thing Piero DID say on Border Crossings interview is there will be lots of Italian songs on their next album! Oh, and I double-checked. It’s actually Laura Pausini whom they would like to do a duet with.

      Oh, that just made me laugh, remembering a saying… “If God is your co-pilot, switch seats!” (; >) Figured we could all use a laugh today.

      Off to sleep!
      ~ Jeanine D.

  17. Sorry to be so gabby tonight, But I for one would like to learn more about Barbara V. Auntie Babs. How did you ever get so lucky to travel, coordinate, andkeep the boys on track. Do I hear laughing? I bet I do! Really though, it would be great hearing about some of the things you do, or some of the more humerous happenings that sometimes occur. Proper ones of course!! What is your background? Did I hear you were s singer? I think we would all like to know you better. Please give it some thought, would you? You are so dear to those we hold so dear!

    1. Kittykam, that is brilliant. I would love to know more about how Barbara landed this Once in a lifetime job of managing our guys. Shucks, I just want to know more about Auntie Babs too!

  18. Hey Jeanine,, you’re still up! Thanks for your comments on my two posts. It means a lot . I hope I make sense about having a co-writer. Sometimes, things just happen, but quite often when I write about the boys! Have a blessed night.

  19. Here is a little video that will give you all some idea of what Our Boys are going home to – besides all the love and happiness they will find just being at home with their families, these are some of the things that I’m sure they miss when they are on the road – and some of the things we love best about Italy. They forgot one thing, though! The best of them all – IL VOLO!!

  20. All of us share the same feelings now that Our Boys are on their way home. Of course we will miss them, just as they have missed some of the things that make Italy special for them – family of course, but also some “little things” – some of which are included in this short video entitled “10 things we love about Italy.” There is one mistake: the #1 thing we love about Italy is IL VOLO! Enjoy!

  21. And I would like to add: Gianluca, Piero, Ignazio: Enjoy being at home, have a wonderful holiday season with your families and friends, and rest as much as you can so that you will be ready and willing to continue living your dream in 2014! Merry Christmas and a very, very happy New Year to you and your families. We love you!

    1. Jenny, Jenny, Jenny… Thank you SOOOOO much!

      I LOVE the Yahoo interview, as well as The Boys’ a capella songs!

      So grateful that the boys are getting better, more in-depth interviews. Just this month: LA Arts, Border Crossings, and now Yahoo Music! All 3 interviews have been totally great, and I enjoyed the Yahoo interview so much because of the new insights that came to light!

      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  22. Thank you Linda. You are always right on time. Wonderful hearing so many of the comments. It seems that as much as they wanted to go home, the Boys were sad to leave their Ilvolover family also. Ignazio gives us hope for future endeavors, “Thank you so much everyone for love @ilvolo we’ll keep making music with love.”
    Earlier in LA Il Volo did an interview with Yahoo!

  23. Hi Pirate, sorry I’m so late to acknowledge your interest in Auntie Babs, and her responsibilities concerning our boys. I think it would be both interesting, and funny! No tales out of school would be necessary, but some things would be entertaining I bet! Maybe some one more accessible to her could put a bug in her ear, so to speak. I know for sure, we are not the only two interested. Anyone else?

  24. KittyKam & Pirate….I’m with you!!!! I would love to hear from Barbara and I know I would enjoy anything at all she would be willing to share. What a life she must lead, and how we all envy her taking care of Our Boys! I’ve often wondered if she gets them up and going in the morning, sees that they meet scheduled obligations on time, makes sure that their laundry is done, finds good restaurants, listens to their problems, etc…………

    Maybe Myron could contact her??????? He seems to know her pretty well.
    Helen B.

  25. Hey Ladies, Barbara has been asked by the Flight Crew for an interview or just to answer some questions. She had declined. She prefers to remain in the background.

    1. I already knew this about Barbara, but for fun, I do know of this one little snippet with her. Search YouTube for
      Ignazio make up time! from 2012 to 2013
      Notice Barbara’s comment at 26 seconds in.

      Thanks to Barbara for taking good care of Our Guys! They are always so appreciative of you.

      And thanks to our Flight Crew Board for making the invitation to Barbara and for clarifying her stance.

      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

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