Il Volo with Rosario Fiorello – December 17, 2013

Credits Rosario Fiorello

By mn aka mlla: Basically he praises them saying they brought Italian bel canto around the world and are very good, he involves them in a chorus to wish Happy birthday in Spanish to the Pope Francis and then joke together a little bit in Sicilian A).26min they sing a bit of Il Mondo. and min 11.59 Il Volo again singing.


Edicola Show IL Volo 17 Dicembre 2013

Credits Rosario Fiorello

By mn: Just fooling around and having fun …with Fiorello and Co.


*  mlla posted these videos in a comment but they deserve a post of their own!  Enjoy!  The videos are in Italian, anyone who would like to translate them for us can send the translation to me and I will post it.

Thank you so much mn!

7 thoughts on “Il Volo with Rosario Fiorello – December 17, 2013”

  1. “The Talented Mr. Ripley” Fiorello & Matt Damon & Jude Law-Tu vo’ fa’ l’Americano. Don’t know what they are saying, but check this guy out singing with Jude Law on you tube.

  2. Allene, I believe what you’re looking for is on the next article “Il Volo with Rosario Fiorello…”. You were obviously (saw the time) tired and happy when you wrote it! If that’s not it let us know. We haven’t lost a comment in a long time!!

  3. Gosh Marie, don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but I just can’t find it. Just wondering what I had put, because it was so late. Now I’m listening to The Talk with one ear. Our Boys should be on any time now.l

  4. Allene your comment is on the post “Il Volo Porta a Porta December 17, 2013”. I see it. Porta a Porta is the first post that you will see when you open up the blog, then click on the dialogue bubble at the top, you will see your comment.

  5. I must- have been REALLY tired. I deleted it! Shame on me! Thanks so much for your help Marie and mfazzara (are you Michele?) Just another dumb mistake. I seem to do them quite often.

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