Il Volo Porta a Porta December 17, 2013

Ignazio Boschetto, Piero Barone e Gianluca Ginoble: i tre “Tenorini”, da star della TV a cantanti internazionali alla conquista dell’America con il loro gruppo “Il Volo”, saranno ospiti stasera a Porta a Porta assieme ad Antonella Clerici.

Per Google Translate: Ignazio Boschetto, Piero Barone and Gianluca Ginoble: the three “Tenorini”, from TV stars to international singers to conquer America with their group “Il Volo”, will be guests tonight on Porta a Porta together with Antonella Clerici.

Click here to watch —> Il natale con i tenorini – Porta a Porta del 17/12/2013

Video from RAI 1 TV

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  1. This is a surprise! What a great show! One hour and forty minutes and it’s mostly about our guys. My original schedule for tonight is all mess up and now I have to catch up on them. So don’t miss this and make sure you reserve enough time and finish the whole show. Our guys sang White Christmas in Italian at the end. I am still excited, the whole show is simply delicious! I will watch it again maybe tomorrow night. Yeah that will be my schedule for tomorrow. Now if only someone can kindly provide some much needed translation! Grazie!

  2. OMG!!! I am up WAY past my bedtime, my eyes are bleery, but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!!! I watched it from beginning to end even tho I didn’t have a clue what was being said! In fact, I’ll watch it again tomorrow – oh wait it already is tomorrow! It was sooo good to see Our Boys enjoying themselves in their own country. But I do miss them so very much. All my love to you Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca. Enjoy your time with your families and come back to us soon!

    1. It is fantastic that they seem so happy and rested. They were getting to sleep in their own beds for the first time last night in 4 months.  Enjoy your vacation Ignazio,  Gianluca and Piero.  You deserve it.

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  3. I have never seen Our Guys looking better, more rested or happier! Ignazio practically glows! When he looked into the camera during White Christmas my heart skipped a beat. It must be because they’re home! Their love for one another is obvious and astounding! What a wonderful treat! Seeing them so rested and happy makes some of the pain of missing them go away. Some.

    1. I know Marie, weren’t they great? And you are only pretending to hide your withdrawal pangs, like the rest of us.
      How many noticed that the soles of
      Piero’s shoes are RED.?

  4. Source magazine Donnamoderna . com
    Antonella Boralevi

    This is a free translation/summit:
    Also Good guys can conquer the world.
    Ms Boralevi is really appreciative of the boys for being themselves notwithstanding the fact that they reached such a wide success, she welcome the fact they are not trying to put up a though mask or try be alternative and for not have become a marketed image to reach such a success. She welcomes the fact they assert the values that are important to them, that are not shy or ashamed to manifest the importance they give to those values like family and friends. She found the last night program very enjoyable and socially important as they represent the silent majority of the people and demonstrate that success can also be reached by being truthful to yourself and to the principles you have been brought up with.

  5. Wonderful! Totally captivating! Never understood the conversation, just picked out a word here and there, That doesn’t matter. The best hour and a half I’ve spent in some time. I loved the old videos of “Il Trio”, and the boys’ reactions to seeing themselves so young, so fresh. This is definitely a “watch it again” show. Thanks to RAI TV, Italy. Well done!

    1. I loved watching them watch themselves! Ignazio covering his eyes and moaning, Piero nodding approvingly as his younger self hit the right notes! The show was worth watching every minute, so great to see them so relaxed!

      1. Lijoy, that sounds like a FAN-tastic idea! Would we not eat that up, or what!!?! But I think you might have a hard time selling this idea to THEM! I just wish they would put out a disc with just old and new solos on it. And I also wish the three of them would sing Il Mare Calmo Della Sera together! Heaven!

  6. Yes, it was a wonderful show, even though I didn’t understand most of the conversation. I did catch enough words here and there to know the subject matter, but that’s about all. It was great seeing Antonella’s reactions to Our Guys as they are now, compared with the videos from TLUC. And I also loved watching the Guys’ reactions to seeing themselves as they were 5 years ago. It was a pleasure from beginning to end! And of course seeing them sing was a wonderful treat too. Thank you so much for puttiing it on the blog for all of us to enjoy. Enjoy I did!

  7. This really is a great show and you are all right – they do look very happy and relaxed. Their interaction looked so comfortable with Gianluca much more “touchy feely” than usual and Ignazio watching he other two fondly as they sang. Their reactions to their younger selves were telling – a wince from Gianluca, embarassment and a blush from Ignazio and Piero concentrating on the music. Even only understanding one word in ten it was fun to watch. Kudos to RAI TV for making the whole thing available. Jenny

    1. Don’t know why Gianluca would “wince” at at image of his younger self, TJ – he was gorgeous at any age! I have to wait til much later til I get home to see this, can’t wait, I read that Antonella Clerici was on the show, was she, anyone know? She was the host of the talent show they were on in 2009. If so, what did she have to say about the guys’s success? Thanks!

      1. The wince was probably because he still had the cute, chubby baby face. Yes, Antonella was on the show but I don’t have a clue what she said. She seemed really happy to see them, though. Jenny

      2. I think part of Ignazio’s wincing was not only at his chubby (adorable, to me anyway!) previous self–but that HAIR–talk about awful!

  8. Hi Miichele and all

    Pls note that according Vescovado online Magazine the Concert in Scala has been postponed to Sunday, January the 5th, at 12.oo .

      1. Loretta you just scroll up on this page under the script by MFAzzara, she put a bold note saying Click here to see the show….put your pointer and click on the wording
        Il Natale con i tenorini
        you should be able to get it

  9. Teresa, Just finished watching it. Very enjoyable, even in Italian.I:45 min. long
    I just went to ALL THINGS IL VOLO and scrolled down to large horizontal picture of the boys singing, and clicked on link on the top of the picture. Hope you can get it. The boys looked gorgeous, and sounded fantastic. Old clips were shown of their songs before they got started and they were so cute, putting their hands up on their faces while watching. Good luck

    1. I just watched the “porta” interview and couldn’t believe how they winced at the images of themselves when singing back in ’09, they were the cutest kids on earth all of them, and oh so talented. Ignazio had his hand over his face, he should be proud of how talented he was (is), and Gianluca during interviews always presents himself so maturely like he’s in his 30’s and he’s not even out of his teens, UNBELIEVABLE, the level of maturity he possesses!

    2. I saw her crying but I was disappointed at the short time they were on stage & their song wasn’t even finished before the credits were rolling. They could have cut out the time spent with the guy who was married to Jessica whoever, he is a pain.
      Remember when they were going to be at Radio City & they were on the Talk before the concert & interviewed by the English girl forget her name. she really did a good jost talking to them & promoting their concert & Ignazio had fun with the stout girl is her name Underwood. That was a much better interview. This iappearance to me was a complete disappointment.

      1. I agree Loretta, it was a total waste of time. If they gave the boys 4 minutes it was a lot and they didn’t even speak to them. Their performance however, was outstanding, marvelous and a lot of other adjectives!

  10. Everyone who has been able to see the Porta a Porta interview has agreed that it is perhaps the best interview they have had,ever. All the comments seem to run along the same line, so why not just admit that we all are completely smitten, and maybe revisit, at least in our minds, that wonderful little game that Marie brought to us a while back. How many words do you remember , alphabetically, to describe our 3 gifts from heaven! I think they all still apply, and maybe even more!! What do you think?I Think I might have a new one, (entrancing).

  11. My God what an interview, why can’t the States take a lesson from the Italians on to do interviews. Canada needs to take lessons as well because they don’t do interviews either.
    My God theser guys are handsome. I have fallen in love with Ignazio all over again.
    They look wondrfully rested & in tune
    Have a wonderful & spectacular Christmas Ignazio, Gianluca & Piero & may all your Christmases be blessed.

  12. Thank you Mlla for these gorgeous videos of the guys singing. Aren’t they the most handsomest & most talented men on the planet. I am so grateful to you that I can listen to these wonderful songs all Christmas. You are so talented. These are the only singers I want to listen to forever. Ignazio is out of this world.
    I hope this Christmas & New Year are the best you have ever had with your family & if your dreaming of something special I hope it comes true for you.

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