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The Holidays are almost upon us and Il Volo is home, I mean REALLY home!They have since arriving back in Italy on Dec 10th, been very busy! The Boys have been in a concert in The Bascilica of St Francis of Assisi, they have been interviewed on radio and Italian television programs. I don’t know if you noticed, they have been received back home with much more fanfare and recognition than last year. I think they are finally getting the recognition they deserve in Italy and prehaps, Europe. No news to us, we, here in North America have loved them since the beginning!

I hope everyone saw them on “The Talk” yesterday. Did you see the shots of Carnie Wilson crying during their performance? That’s  complement when another singer is so moved by your performance. Link

Twitter, Tweets and Keeks:

Gianluca, as Kelly says he’s waxing philosophic. “”Good morning, listening to Frank” “That’s my face when I see You”,

courtesy of Gianluca
courtesy of Gianluca

“How are you doing today?” “Just be yourself, someone will find your uniquess attractive” “Many thoughts, many memories, just for you #imissyou #ilvolovers.”

Piero, retweeted Gianluca “Memories that will never die #imissyou #ilvolovers”

Thanks to Marie
Thanks to Marie

Ignazio, On the 17th “Going back home!!” On the 18th “How beautiful to spend time with your father around the city, I missed this!!!!”

Ignazio's homecoming cake. credit Mundial
Ignazio’s homecoming cake. credit Mundial

Remember to look for Mn and Michele’s part 3 of Christmas in Italia.

Remember to watch The Disney Christmas Parade on Christmas day, featuring an appearance by Il Volo!

See  Mundial and All Things l Volo for other photos and videos

Hopefully this is Il Volo’s real vacation with family and friends until after the new year! Enjoy guys!!!


13 thoughts on “IN CASE YOU MISSED IT….”

  1. Hey Linda, saw the Talk. Boys were great (what else?).
    I’m happy they’re home. Would be happier if they were at MY home.

    Love Gianluca’s picture. The boy can’t take a bad one. Love the picture of Piero getting ready to hop in the cab with Mary B. Now, I don’t quite get the smurf house. But I like the guy in the picture!

    Can’t wait for another installment of “Italia”. I hope this one doesn’t make me hungry!

  2. I love it, Just love it! Seeing Our Boys so happy. But what is that song they all burst into. It makes me want to jump into picture and sing with them, even tho I haven’t the foggiest idea what they are singing. And is that a pig Piero is holding?

  3. I know what you mean Allene, I wonder what that song is too. What fun it is, whatever it is! It looked like a pig to me too! More proof he can play anything. haha

    1. It is a somewhat bawdy song about pulling in your…well, before it gets you into trouble, Marie. Notice Ignazio has all the words..and then they changed it up a bit ..LOL!

  4. I saw them yesterday on the Talk. I had to put with the whole hour for those few precious minutes, but worth it. I watched the video you are talking about. I loved it. I adore Piero, and as Allene said, his hearty laugh. It was so sweet. Looks like they were having a good time, like young men should. Piero even moved his hands around like a typical Italian. Great to see, they sure deserve time to just be young guys again, and in their own language.

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