Kisses from Rome! TIRAME A CIOLLA IL VOLO – an explanation!

Maria P’s  explanation of the videos of Il Volo with the Rosario Fiorello, see below!

On our “Il Volo with Rosario Fiorello – December 17, 2013” post at the very bottom of the page, I wrote, “mlla posted these videos … anyone who would like to translate them for us can send the translation to me…”   We are so fortunate that today an angel from Rome answered our call, below is Maria P’s  explanation of the videos of Il Volo with the Rosario Fiorello.

Thank you so much!  Buon Natale to you Maria P!

Kisses from Il Volo Flight Crew – we come from all over the world!

Maria P, “Following up your request I hereby try to explain the funny and cheerful atmosphere sensed during the show.

OK I start: Piero, Ignazio & Gianluca are introduced by Fiorello ( one of the most famous showman here in Italy) and after various hilarious gags which I think is useless to translate, since they concern typical italian personalities and, therefore, cannot be understood outside Italy, Fiorello, Piero and Ignazio (all the three Sicilians) sing a typical Sicilian pop song called TIRAME A CIOLLA (namely BLOW ME A KISS).

This song is about a guy who tells a girl that he’s very sick and for this he cannot eat, drink and sleep. But if she blows him a kiss (ciolla) he’d recover at once. Of course this is a song that is not easily rendered in English, but is extremely funny.

At last Fiorello asks IL VOLO to sing LA CIOLLA as opening song of all they concerts all over the world (of course he was joking).

I hope I’ve been of help and seize the opportunity to wish everybody a MERRY MERRY ‘XMAS & A WONDERFUL 2014.

Kisses from Rome”

Credits Rosario Fiorello

Edicola Show IL Volo 17 Dicembre 2013

Credits Rosario Fiorello

15 thoughts on “Kisses from Rome! TIRAME A CIOLLA IL VOLO – an explanation!”

  1. Maria P, thank you so much for sharing! I’m going to watch the videos again now that I know the meaning behind the hilarious laughter – makes me wish I was there among them singing at the top of my lungs, too. How fun!!
    A big thank you also to Il Volo Flight Crew!!

    1. Hi Isabel! Welcome! I like you already because you have the same name as my little daughter. She is 19 and she also went to Miami in March for the two PBS concerts. Her favorite Il Volo song is We Are Love. How about you? Do you have a favorite song? I agree with you, they sound perfect in anything!

  2. Kisses right back to you, Maria P. What a kind and thoughtful gift of translation you gave us! Our blog truly is international. Hooray!!!
    Buon Natale, Maria, and Happy New Year!
    Helen B.

  3. Thanks Maria P now I know what they are laughing about. It is a funny song! It’s also delightful to see our guys having a good time and enjoying themselves. They are so adorable in the video. Kisses from San Francisco…

  4. I have watched these videos countless times, and even tho I hven’t the foggiest idea of what they are saying, Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca laughing and having fun, make me laugh and have fun too!

  5. Yes, I love this video too. thanks for the translation Maria P. for me no translation is necessary, I just pull this interview up every night and watch it over and over again and just laugh and laugh all by myself. their enjoyment and faces is enough for me, everybody is having a hilarious time here. Things have sure changed for them in Italy!! only that blond lady interviewer on the other interview, what happened to her? was she feeling sick or crying with joy at the boys singing?
    I want to wish all of you a very Happy Christmas and a bright and health filled New Year with Il Volo at the helm.

  6. I just had to come back and watch these videos again. Our Boys are so happy and having fun! And I get such a kick out of that song! If I could, I would jump right up and sing it with them!

  7. I could watch these videos ANYTIME! Whenever I want to laugh. SOOO funny. They had such a great time! I wish I knew what that sicilian song meant! They all think it’s hysterical Love!

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