Dear Flight Crew,this one

I have called off work due to a level 2 snow emergency. I’m sitting here, feeling miserable, with a head cold, still in my jammies, wrapped in a robe, watching it snow AGAIN! I dislike snow and it’s friend the ice.

I was born, almost on the beach, in perpetually sunny Southern California. Where we lived we could see Mt. Baldy. Ol’ Baldy was snow-capped part of the year. Twice a year or so mom would go into her bedroom closet and get that little bag with nine pairs of knitted gloves inside. We would all put on our heavest sweaters and jackets (none of us had boots, of course), pile in the Station Wagon and an hour and a half later we were in the snow. We would touch it, throw it, get cold feet and noses, hop in the car, go home and get in the pool. We weren’t rich. In Southern California I think you can get public assistance to build a pool.

Now, I’m grown and live in Ohio. There’s usually not a lot of snow here. Until now! So, it is among the sounds of the snow plows scraping and the snow blowers wailing that I blame Il Volo for this mess. More specifically “Buon Natale”. Stay with me here. I mean, look at these songs:

I’ll Be Home For Christmas – (“Please have snow…” they’re begging here!)
Jingle Bell Rock – (“..snowing and blowing..” sound like “bushels of fun” to you?)
It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year – (“caroling out in the snow” why?)
White Christmas – (the whole darn things about snow!)
Let it Snow. Let It Snow, Let it Snow – (nuff said, nuff said, nuff said)

For all I know, Panis Angelicus may mean “send more snow ” in Latin! (no emails please, I know it doesn’t). Ave Maria doesn’t mention snow though. I’m pretty sure that one is about me.

Now… if The Boys sang these to you as nicely as they do and you could open up the heavens and let the snow pour down wouldn’t you? Come on, I know all of you. Of course you would!

I rest my case. Someone up there is listening! STOP PLAYING BUON NATALE while I can still find my car under the snow! I have Christmas shopping to finish!

Thanking you in advance.



    1. I hope that the boys will give concerts in their home towns so that Italy can discover what we already know. I look forward to seeing my Italian “grandsons” again when they come back to New England.

    2. Your a super lady Mlla I hope I can meet you some day. The videos from Porta a Porta are fantastic so now I can see & listen to my precious all Christmas. & New Year.
      All the very best of Christmas & New Year to you & your family as well.

    1. Linda you are so lucky where you live, don’t spoil it by hoping for snow, you’ll be sorry & it will spoil August. My suggestion stick your hand in a dish of ice cubes then play Buon Natlae, acually the CD will sound just as good in the summer as winter & you won’t be so cold.

  1. Poor Marie, I feel for you, I really do, right down to the tips of my pirate boots. I live in Oregon but long ago I discovered what a disaster a white Christmas can be. I enjoyed it as a kid but as an adult? ARRGH. I wince whenever I hear White Christmas (not as much as I wince whenever I hear Little Drummer Boy but that’s another story). However, I just find myself terribly addicted to the smooth sound of Italy’s own new Sinatra, our dear Gianlucca, or the buttery sweet notes of that dimpled darling of yours Ignazio and please forgive me but a day without the deliciousness that is my naughty but nice Piero, well, I don’t want to consider it!
    But I shall light a candle just for you dear Marie, I hope you can shovel out before May.

      1. Mary, Yes I would say the term “adorable rascal” is one that comes easily to me as I contemplate Piero Its something he does with complete ease and grace *chortle*

  2. Marie I’m siding with you about the snow but you don’t have the ice storms that are coming here now & in the next few days. Granted I don’t have a cold (I hope yours doesn’t last long & is over before Christmas) but I can’t get out either because it is too slippery because I would be falling flat on my keister with canes flying. So sorry, I have to listen to my precious Ignazio & the the other boys of course.
    So hope you don’t get the ice sotms we are getting now & in the next few days & if you do stay off the roads.
    Keep listening to Buon Natale & they have the magic to cheer you up. Hope you find your car.

      1. hey Linda I wasn’t claiming him all for myself as I stated he belongs to everyone & I will add ESPECIALLY YOU & ME. Its Marie you have to go after she is the one who won’t share.
        And Marie your right it does make me feel better He is MINE MINE MINE as well as everyone’s.
        I’ve matured you see others love him as well as US.
        Your not feeling yourself because your sick. When you get bettrer you will see that Linda & I are right.

  3. Marie, so sorry to hear of your miserable cold, and the snow piling up. We here in southern Minnesota have so far missed all of the big snow storms. But the weatherman says a big storm is headed our way some time tonight and Sunday morning. We now have about 2 inches of the white stuff. Living in a townhouse means that I don’t have to shovel – Yay!!

    I thought you could hear my Buon Natale being played over and over and were directing me to stop. Nope, gotta have it playing while I finish my wrapping!

    Hang in there, Marie, for as the saying goes “this, too, shall pass”, or something like that.

    1. Allene, I played editor. I think that’s how you wanted it.

      I can’t stop playing it either. In fact, i’m trying to play it as much as I can by Christmas. I’ll play it after Christmas too. Nearly a year without O Holy Night isn’t happenin’.

  4. Your blog entertaining as always. I, like the others thought you wanted me to stop playing Buon Natale. Telling me to do anything is like waiving a red flag in front of a bull (my astrological sign actually). But, telling me not to listen to the 3 princes was tantamount to treason. Having read the entire blog I see where you were going! Hope your cold goes away and the snow melts off your car so you can find it! Merry Christmas – Happy New Year.

  5. Hi Ms. Crider! I live in Ohio too! We must be in different places though because the only thing we’ve gotten for the past two days is freezing rain. Not fun. I’m glad you were not asking me to stop playing Buon Natale because that’s not happening! I hope you feel better soon!

  6. Thanks, Marie, for the editing. My heart soars when I hear our beloved Boys sing Oh Holy Night. And when Piero hits his high notes, I think my heart is going to burst right out of my chest!

    1. I completely agree with you! O Holy Night, Ave Marie, Panis Angelicus, and Stille Nachte are my favorites from the album.

  7. Marie…I have finally stopped laughing! Your post is terrific. How you tie everything together is so entertaining!~ I am sorry you have a lousy cold. I live in northern Minnesota where right now we have about 3 feet of snow on the ground. I am not afraid to say that I LOVE SNOW!! Hubby just finished shoveling 4 foot drifts off the ROOF today from the last snow storm. Anyway…I hope you feel better by Christmas and keep taking (at the very least) hourly doses of IL VOLO BUON NATALE! If anything can make you feel better it will be our boys and their angelic voices!!!! Take care!

  8. Marie….Keep bundled up, stay warm, think sunny southern California, and drink lots of Hot Toddies (That’s the only fun part of having a cold.) Get well as soon as possible!
    As for Buon Natale, dream on—–I ain’t giving it up for nobody!!!
    LOVED your essay so much! I’ll add it to my collection.

    1. Great to see you here, Mary!!! At least you can get on here with the Kindle. Good for you!! Missed you!!

    1. Ah, Marie! You hooked me again! What an opener! Do my eyes deceive me? Don’t play “Buon Natale” Are you nuts? That went through my mind when I saw the headline. Naughty girl! Getting everyone all riled up and leading us astray! That said – I moved across the country to get away from ice and snow. And what happened? It followed me to Texas! We’ve had our ice storm that the cities here are not equipped to handle, Just wait for it all to melt! However, when cooped up in the house for three or four days, what better opportunity to play and play and play “Buon Natale”??? I thank God for the gift of Gianluce, Piero and Ignazio. No other Christmas gift needed! I hope all of you on this site (and the other IV fansites) have a wonderful Christmas, and that our guys are just loved on and loved on while they are home with their families. My best to you all.

  9. Buon Natale was my Christmas present to myself. I’ll admit that I didn’t wait until the 25th to open it though. Guilty!

  10. Isabel, I did not wait until the 25th to listen to it, either. In fact, I didn’t wait until I got the pre-ordered disk from Live Nation. I downloaded it on iTunes during their pre-order, and was listening on my iPhone in October! lol

    And I know exactly what you mean, Marie! I get so lost in listening to their voices, I completely forget that I hate winter and really don’t want it to “snow, snow, snow!” 😀

    1. I ordered the album from their website so I could get the bonus CD. I loved the solos! The carols were gorgeous too!

      1. That’s the same combo I ordered, too, Isabel. Though I have to be honest, I was a little disappointed in the solo CD; I’m not trying to be a downer. The guys are awesome and sound awesome as always, but I was disappointed that they didn’t choose one of Gianluca’s solos from this tour. Both were so great, I can’t imagine why they didn’t use one.

      2. Me too Kelly! I was hoping for a few more solos– the Italian ones from that tour would have been welcome. I would love for them to put out a CD of all the solos–and if there wasn’t enough to fill up a CD, they could add some of the old ones from TLUC!

  11. First, thanks to this site, I met up with Joaniefl2 from this site for the first time and we had a wonderful lunch, great conversation about everyone’s most favorite topic, and even watched the videos of Buon Natale, We Are Love, Today, and The Talk. Don’t worry, Linda S., we’ll be heading down your way in the very near future. Dinner you know where!!!!!

    Second, we went online to see if there were any new tweets and we found this page. Marie, you had the two of us laughing so hard. But then we realized how much we can relate to everything you were saying. For instance, today when we drove down to the beach area, we did see white stuff. I think they were called clouds in front a beautiful backdrop of a blue sky. Can you imagine??!! Terrible! Then on top of that, the temperature was a bone-chilling 83 degrees!! But don’t worry, Joan had her sweater with her in the air-conditioned restaurant.

    So cheer up! Everyone is with you on this (alright, almost everyone)! Hope you feel better soon!

    1. Thanks for the get well, however, I don’t like you! I once did. Your as bad as Linda. She gives me Coral Springs weather reports everyday. Don’t care much for her either.

      1. Marie, LeeLee and I feel it’s our responsibilty to give you weather updates, after all what are friends for?

        When we go to dinner we’ll send you a picture of us on the outside terrace area, so nice on a balmy 70 degree evening. 🙂

      2. Marie, if I’m as bad as Linda, then I’m in great company. Linda, can’t wait to eat on the terrace in my shorts and tank top (ok, that is exaggerating – I would frighten half of Florida if I dressed like that), but we sure will think of you.

        Another thing, you can fool some folks, but Linda and I know how much you love us. How can you not? 🙂

  12. Hello, ladies! I’m in Green Bay, WI, siding with the northern folks in wishing not so much of the white stuff would fall, but just means I can stay inside to listen to even more songs from the guys!! Can’t seem to go a day without some kind of dose of fantastic-ness from them! So I’ll let the stuff fall, shovel a bit then listen some more! Be careful, everyone!!

    1. Forget 70 degrees! I would love to have some snow right now. That’s my cue to start playing “White Christmas”!

    2. Well Marie–You couldn’t run after Ignazios airplane as he headed back to Italy but why not run after an airplane heading down here to the Sunshine State and the paradise Leelee, Linda and I live in !!!!!! We’ll welcome you with open arms cause you’re the greatest and drink lots of wine and endlesslly talk about our beautiful boys !!!! Sounds like a plan to me !!!!

  13. And in response to Leelee’s post—-We certainly did have a truly wonderful day together. Leelee you summed it up beautifully. This site has connected so many people as well as keeping us connected to our boys. As Gianluca said in one of the interviews ” In four years our life has changed but we changed a lot of lives of a lot of people ” This is so true for all of us and we thank Gianluca ,Ignazio and Piero from the bottom of our hearts for all the pleasure they have brought to us and the world Buon Natalie everyone and have a Healthy (most important) and Very Happy New Year !!!!

  14. Hi, I, too, love the Buon Natale album. I only wish they had included Blue Christmas and maybe omitted one of the Silent Nights since they sang it in both English and German. I love both versions but …. Ciao. Lori

  15. Hi Marie. I’m new to the flight crew and looks like I have plenty to savor here. It’s going to take some time…..”Don’t Want to Miss a Thing!” I see from your post that you live in Ohio. Do you mind saying where in Ohio? I live in Norhern Ky in a small town called Williamstown, about 30-35 miles south of Cincinnati. Hope to meet you someday; you sound a bit like me, a little quirky and IL VOLO crazed!

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