Il Volo Appearances on Rai 1 – Recap

Videos we know and love and some you may not have seen!  Thanks to Maria P. and MN for insight, pics and Rai links.


Dalla Basilica Superiore di San Francesco Concerto di Natale da Assisi del 12/25/2013


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          Il Volo Backstage del Concerto di Natale     Rai 1   12/25/2013


Porta a Porta

Il Natale Con i Tre Tenori     Porta a Porta del  Rai 1 12/17/2013


Maria P. from Rome, “THE MAGNIFICENT 3” were guests of the RAI’s program “Porta a Porta”. This talk is very important and followed here in Italy and to be invited to it is an Honor reserved for great personalities. Well, the conductor Bruno Vespa, a famous journalist, wanted to pay a tribute to “IL VOLO” tracing their career from the beginning up to now. For this occasion he invited the anchorwoman of the program “TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE” (I leave you a song) Antonella Clerici, who launched our beloved guys, together with the conductor who followed them in the early stages of their career and also a famous music critic.”

                                                           Un Amore Così Grande   Il Volo on Porta a Porta  Rai 1

in22 Il Volo Domenica In Rai 1  12/15/2013

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By Maria: A short summary of the Mara Venier’s inteview to “IL VOLO”.   Introducing them she tells that they’re grown up and congratulates for their global huge, but hopes they’ll be more present here in Italy.   Over and over again she tells them how talented, good and beautiful they are (in fact they were in fine feather that afternoon, don’t you think?).   She then asks if they’re engaged ( but they say no!) and which of them “pick up” more girls, looking in particular  at Ignazio and Gianluca. After an awkward moment they answer “ALL THREE”.   Then she tells them to keep a cool head, cause they’ve a long way to go yet and to stay humble (these advices will not remind you anyone?).

 Edicola Show  IL Volo  17 Dicembre 2013   By Rosario Fiorello

 Edicola Show  IL Volo  17 Dicembre 2013   By Rosario Fiorello

Edicola Backstage   17 Dicembre 2013   By Rosario Fiorello

* Original Post of the Edicola Show with summary of the show by Maria P.  “Kisses from Rome! TIRAME A CIOLLA IL VOLO – an explanation!”

26 thoughts on “Il Volo Appearances on Rai 1 – Recap”

  1. Mille grazie Maria P a Roma! I just watched all of Porta a Porta on RAI and it was fabulous to see Il Volo at home in Italia and to see that they are loved there like we love them here negli Stati Uniti. As a student of Italian, it also was a great opportunity to listen to the language just before my new semester starts and to help me prepare for two months in Italy this year. now I can hardly wiat! Congratulations to Il Volo Flight Crew for posting these videos for us from your Italian connection. Ciao Maria P.

    1. Thanks! If we only knew if Il Volo will perform in Italia – we could all meet up and go – while you are there of course! m

  2. A couple days ago, I found a video on youtube of almost the entire episode of Porta a Porta. I watched the entire thing and didn’t understand a single word, but it was great to see them so much more relaxed and comfortable than most of their interviews here in the States. Thanks for posting the songs here. They sound soooooooooo good!!!!

  3. Thanks Michele, You’ve become quite the video techie. loved this from the flash backs (too cute) to Maria’s summary (also, too cute)! I can never get enough of Un Amore Cosi Grande, so I watched twice. Hardly a day goes by I don’t hear it at least once. So, so happy they are thinking of recording more Italian songs.

    1. Me too. I love all Il Volo songs. But those in Italian have a special place in my heart.  Their songs in Spanish are fantastic too. 

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  4. Thanks, Michele, for re-posting these. I find I keep going back through all the pages to find the original links so I can keep watching these. Now I don’t have to go back so far 🙂 Also, too, the picture quality on these links I find are better than the ones on youtube (at least on my computer). So thanks, again.

    1. I have learned that Rai moves the links after awhile – so I had to relocate them with the help of Maria and MN (mlla). – I always try to link to the original source – in this case Rai – so they should be top quality. Some on YouTube are a video of the video – so I am guessing the quality is not as good.

      It takes longer to open a link from Rai – so we have to be patient but – I’d say it is well worth the wait.

  5. What a wonderful way to bring back recent memories of The Boys! Just can’t get enough of their gorgeous voices, speaking or singing! (Even though I don’t understand a word they’re saying!)
    I also love just LOOKING AT THEM!!!
    Thank you so much, Michele. As usual, you do a superb job. You should go Professional!!!

  6. Michele, I hadn’t seen the backstage clip, and last night I was up way too late watching it over and over! I sent it to friends, who are now expressing their delight. Love when Ignazio is singing and ducks behind the older gentleman to be his hidden voice, like a marionette. Actually, I love everything about the clip.

    Anyone know who the woman with the beautiful voice is?

    Thank you, as always, for such treasures of our beloved IL VOLO brothers!
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. Hi L, It is interesting to catch the interection the glimpsing at each other, who is leading and following in different moments and signals like for example Piero rising his eyebrows to Gian on last part of song

  7. Yes they are getting more professional as they go along, they are becoming so close knit. When gianluca touches the shoulder of one of them or motions to one of them to sing, it has always impressed me the way he shares the stage & the others have followed suit (if that’s the right spelling)

  8. I too, like to watch them interact with each either sing or in their goofing around, for sure. I also love to hear them talk about how they were noticed at such a young age, and each ending up competing in a talent show. I was just watching you tube and discovered a carbon copy of their story, to a point. I think they would not mind me passing this along. They could certianly relate.

    You Tube——Type in Lucia Garcia
    sorprende cantado Nessun Dorm

    and also ——— Lucia Garcia O Mio Babbino caro

    and —- Maria Cristina Craciur—–Caruso

  9. Also, does anyone know why IL VOLO MUNDIAL has quit translating the comments? I really miss it. Now I know how some feel, not knowing english. Bummer, for sure.

  10. Also, does anyone know why IL VOLO MUNDIAL doesn’t translate anymore. I miss it. Now I know why some that don’t speak english feel.

  11. Kitty, This may not work for you , but my windows 7 allows me to hover over a paragraph – right click and “translate to English”. Did you try that?

    I don’t know why Mundial has stopped translating. Maybe the problem is with Bing and/or is temporary.

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