Thanks For Flying With The Crew

This is your captain speaking. Welcome aboard for our final destination – home.
Thanks to Jane (maryjane), whose idea this map was, everyone will be flying first
class. So, fasten your seat belts and remain seated. Il Volo will be singing, live in
the first class cabin, as soon as we’re in the air. Our altitude will be 10 feet off the
ground and our attitude will be outstanding! There are no emergency exits. You
won’t want to leave. Oxygen masks are overhead. You may need them. Il Volo is
breath-taking. I hope you enjoy your flight home.

We have been to 84 countries, because 166,000 times the people in those countries have invited us into their homes. Tired yet?  We’ve been traveling for 5 months.

Here is a map of where we’ve been. You can see from the color chart which countries we have visited the most.

s - world map

By the way, we didn’t stop in China, as you can see. Our ip, WordPress, is blocked
and banned there. From what I gather, it’s because WordPress, and 2600 other site
hosts, refuse to be censoring entities. Go WordPress!

We would like to visit other places like Greenland and countries in Africa. So, if
you know someone in those countries, tell them to check us out. We need the color
on our map. However South Africa is our fourth highest visitor (Hi Ineke) behind
the U.S., Canada and Italy.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please prepare for landing.

You have safely arrived back home.

Thank you, so much everyone, for flying with the Crew.


37 thoughts on “Thanks For Flying With The Crew”

  1. Thanks Marie, now everyone can see the Flight the Crew has been on. It’s just amazing how many people we touch. Not so amazing, all the people that love “Our Boys”

  2. Love the map, the connections, and the adorable way you expressed it, Marie! What a delightful artist you are!

    I may be out of touch with the computer for a couple days, so I’ll be playing catch-up again soon.

    Well wishes to all,
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  3. My word, just looking at the map makes me tired. No wonder Our Boys were exhausted and ready to be back home with their families! But, please Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio come back to us real soon!

    1. Allene, let me make the map a little clearer. This is not a map of the boys travels. This is a map of the countries who have viewed this website. In my attempt to make the Statistics amusing, I’ve made them confusing. Sorry

  4. Il Volo’s music has reached far and wide! What a way to SEE for ourselves just where in the worrrrrrrrrld Il Volo LOVERS come from! Thanks Jane and Marie!

  5. Marie… What a clever way to keep us up-to-date on Il Volo lovers! Isn’t it just fantastic that this site has taken off like gangbusters! I have said this before… I never dreamed that the Flight Crew would be so successful SO FAST!! Just shows what hard work, dedication to this blog, and love of Our Boys can do. As Gian would say, “Think it and it will happen”, or words to that effect. Thanks to a lot of very inventive , smart, creative Board members and bloggers, it HAS happened!

  6. Hello Marie, I didn’t know you are a captain now. How fun!

    I have the most amazing journey so far. Thanks Gianluca, Piero, Ignazio and “World”. Let’s fly together to eternity and beyond…

    BTW, Hong Kong and Taiwan are on our flight map although they are consider part of China. But I hope I will see mainland China on our map someday…

  7. Ann, thank you and all these wonderful Flight Crew members. Without your input, ideas, support and love for the Guys, this flight would never have left the runway! Many of you were here for its “maiden voyage” and have stayed. There are five of us who don’t know how to begin to thank all of you for that.

    1. I like how on the “color chart” the USA is bright red, which means we are burning hot over IL VOLO! Red is known to be Piero’s favorite color (and mine). I have to check out what “color” Italy is because they’ve been known to run a little cold, that’s why I think IL VOLO will be concentrating on Europe this year, including Italy. The lucky guys may go to Paris again, the city of Love! But then we have YET to see their schedule! Pure speculation! Just come back to the USA amongst all your travels, IL VOLO, don’t forget where your “bread” is buttered! ha ha

  8. Loved the flight Ms. Crider! You are absolutely right that The Boys take your breath away when you hear them!

  9. Thanks Marie, for setting me straight. No wonder I was tired, it was me taking the flight. I didn’t know red was Piero’s favorite color (duh! as my grandkids would say, looking at Piero’s red glasses). I love red, too. Another reason why I have loved Piero from the start. And, of course Ignazio and Gianluca, also.

  10. Thank you, Marie! This turned out GREAT! You did an awesome job. Love the colors! Will be fun to see the progression as time goes on. I would expect the entire planet will be represented on this map someday! 🙂 Yeah IL VOLO…keep singing and lighting up the world!!!

    1. LOVE THAT!!! They light up the world with their beautiful voices. That’s an awesome mental visual. 😀

  11. As I’ve mentioned before, I do not like flying. But holy cow!!! This is one flight I want to take over and over. Flying with Il Volo and the Flight Crew has been more fun than one can imagine!

  12. Remember Debbie Boone’s hit “You Light Up My Life”? Well Jane, I think you were 100% right about Our Boys lighting up the world. But they have certainly “lit up my life” as well!

  13. The day I discovered the Flight Crew was one of the best days of my life. Where else could you find a more passionate group of woman to share your passion with ? Woman who pour out all of their emotions, thoughts and love for these three beautiful human beings that have brought so much love to us and the world ( Mark my words it will be the whole wide world very soon !!!). I am forever thankful for our wonderful, creative and diligent board and all the rest of the crew for taking me on this thrilling flight that I hope will never end !!!!

  14. Haven’t heard when they are leaving Italy, and where they are going. Have heard about Asian, and European tours. Do you think we will see them this year? Any body?

  15. Rossini, Barbiere di Siviglia Ouverture plus Anna e Luca flying, so smooth, pure Joy ! European Champions Bravi !! Sorry just had to share..

    1. Pure silk! Thank you so much, mlla!

      This reminds me of the slow waltz competition using IL VOLO’s IL Mondo where the contestants were singing with our boys as they danced! On YouTube at
      Paolo Bosco and Joanne Cifton | Slow Waltz Show | 2013 WDSF Filand Open

      (; >) Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    2. Mlla…..You have given us a wondrous treat! I have always loved watching ice skating competitions, and always watch the Olympic skaters ….This couple’s performance looked flawless to me,
      just lovely. Thank you so much for sharing such grace and beauty with us.

    1. Marie
      Brava, molto bene, Così you are learning Italian (I believe you do not have the ì with the accent on English keyboard) we can have à, è, é, ì. ò, ù, all the vowels with the accent

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