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Thanks For Flying With The Crew

This is your captain speaking. Welcome aboard for our final destination – home.
Thanks to Jane (maryjane), whose idea this map was, everyone will be flying first
class. So, fasten your seat belts and remain seated. Il Volo will be singing, live in
the first class cabin, as soon as we’re in the air. Our altitude will be 10 feet off the
ground and our attitude will be outstanding! There are no emergency exits. You
won’t want to leave. Oxygen masks are overhead. You may need them. Il Volo is
breath-taking. I hope you enjoy your flight home.

We have been to 84 countries, because 166,000 times the people in those countries have invited us into their homes. Tired yet? ¬†We’ve been traveling for 5 months.

Here is a map of where we’ve been. You can see from the color chart which¬†countries we have visited the most.

s - world map

By the way, we didn’t stop in China, as you can see. Our ip, WordPress, is blocked
and banned there. From what I gather, it’s because WordPress, and 2600 other site
hosts, refuse to be censoring entities. Go WordPress!

We would like to visit other places like Greenland and countries in Africa. So, if
you know someone in those countries, tell them to check us out. We need the color
on our map. However South Africa is our fourth highest visitor (Hi Ineke) behind
the U.S., Canada and Italy.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please prepare for landing.

You have safely arrived back home.

Thank you, so much everyone, for flying with the Crew.