Gianluca Agrees ~~ Il Volo Meets The Pope

Piero wasn’t the only one sharing his day in Vatican City.  After documenting his meeting this gorgeous woman (doesn’t she make you want to eat a cheese cake? ):

GianlucaNicole 15h

Gorgeous ! 👍

Gianluca seemed to be particularly moved by the experience of meeting Pope Francis.

From his Facebook account:

Probably the best day of my life, meeting Pope Francis

And Twitter:


I’m soooo excited!! Today I met !!


Feb 4

Dear young people, Jesus gives us life, life in abundance.

If we are close to him we will have joy in our hearts and a smile on our face.


Thanks God and thanks to for every blessing they have given us! Unforgettable day!

23 thoughts on “Gianluca Agrees ~~ Il Volo Meets The Pope”

  1. We, too, are blessed by having Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca in our lives. They have put joy in our hearts and smiles on our faces. Thanks be to God for bringing these wonderful young men into our lives.

  2. This is wonderful. So many of the young performers these days have media stories of a party where they did drugs or got arrested or did some other dumb thing. Our guys take pride in meeting the Pope. They also take pride in their families. I am so proud of our guys.

    1. I agree also Myron another thing they don’t do is even though Piero or Ignazio love cars they don’t disturb the neighbors racing their vehicles at 4 am in the morning.
      My question is why wasn’t Ignazio seen with the Pope?
      Wasn’t he asked? or maybe he wasn’t there when they other boys saw the Pope. Well at least he was there for Gianluca’s birthday.
      Gianluca was really excited when he posted everyone about receiving the birthday wishes, he is such a sweetheart.

      1. Ignazio was there as well. He was behind the other two and got to speak with the Pope and shake his hand as well. You can see him in several of the pictures.

  3. Me too you guys. So proud.

    Shoulda known it was you Kelly. Sorry. Still not eating Cheesecake. Maybe just the New York kind with Strawberries. Doomed. I’m doomed. Now I’m depressed and need chocolate. Yep, doomed.

    1. It was really inspiring to see our boys meeting Pope Francis. I hope he will invite them to sing for him, after he hears their angelic voices on the cd & dvd they gave him. Have any of you heard Nicole Scherzinger sing? She has a beautiful voice. Pull this up on you tube: DAVID GARRETT & NICOLE SCHERZINGER-IO TI PENSO AMORE. It is a song from a German movie about an Italian violinist (go figure!). David Garrett, a young German violinist, plays Paganinni in the movie. And the pictures of Nicole that are in the video-well, let’s just say you will want to put nothing in your mouth again except water. Or, you might want to eat cheescake covered with M & M’s & chocolate sauce!
      Anyway, I wouldn’t mind hearing Il Volo sing something with Nicole Scherzinger.

  4. I hope everyone is safe in Georgia & surrounding area from that bad ice storm you had there yesterday. I know I for one am so fed up with this looonngg & coolldd weather we have had up here so I am sure you all must be feeling the same way. Stay safe & warm

    I am glad that the guys are in Italy for this severe cold we all are having. I hope there winter isn’t as bad there.

  5. Wonderful photos of the guys meeting the Pope. Another HUGE event in their very young lives. I am so happy for them. This sort of thing just solidifies what we already know about them. Kind, humble young men on a journey like none other. The fact that they would even travel to Rome to see him speaks volumes about their values and priorities in life. Actions speak louder than words…yes, they sure do.

  6. All of you have such a wonderful way with words. I love reading your writings as you write exactly how I too feel about “our boys”! Barbara in AZ

  7. I know most of us have seen the pictures on Il Volo Mundial, but I found another interesting source and I find the pictures clearer , larger and in progression.
    go onto “Tean Il Volo” then scroll down to :Il Volo meets Pope Francis”. click on the picture and a whole set of smaller prints comes up of the progression of the meeting. you can click on any picture and that picture comes up large, then you can continue seeing the large pictures by just clicking on the arrows on the lower right of the picture.( there is an arrow to go backwards and an arrow to go forward) I have found it very interesting to keep clicking on the arrow, and you get a sense of the progression of their meeting. try it and tell me how you find it.

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