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  1. Marie, is it only in these three catagories they are nominated?. thanks for posting this. I voted, but seeing that each time you have to give your name and e-mail, I imagine you cannot vote more than once in each category. am I right?

  2. Deanne, got this from the Terms and Conditions – “You are allowed one vote per Artist but you can vote for other Artists in the same award category.”

  3. I have voted already. I wish I could vote more than once. Little side point (and I mean little) – I wish they had nominated the original “WE ARE LOVE” album or the “WE ARE LOVE – SPECIAL EDITION” – from a technical standpoint those are superior to the “Mas que amor”. I have all three but the special edition is best.

  4. I just went to a few friends computers and got them to vote for Il Volo (even when they did not realize they were voting). Some other friends that I have recruited for Il Volo Fan Club are now voting the “correct” way tonight.

  5. I voted, I just wish that they could have used the more recent photos of our guys. I know, small potatoes, but it irks me all the same. All three have matured and gotten even more handsome, I dislike seeing them represented otherwise!

  6. Sheesh…I apparently was absent the day they taught pattern recognition in elementary school. I was through that list for Best Group three time before I realized it was in alphabetical order… *doh*

    1. Geri, did you click on the above link? or here: http://www.worldmusicawards.com/index.php/vote/
      Then go to the category (ie Worlds Best Group) and click on those words. Then find Il Volo and click on them. It will ask your name and email address. Then submit your vote.
      That’s the best I can remember. You will know if your vote was submitted properly because they will thank you for your vote.

  7. So our dear Gianluca posts on FB his photo and a request, who would like to be his sweet heart? Thus far, he has received 1, 355 “Likes” Yes, I can see where he would have a few takers on that idea… πŸ™‚

  8. I was one of those. Couldn’t resist. He does that on purpose! You get sucked right in. It’s a good thing he’s so cute! I told him all 85.4 K (# of followers) did!

    1. Yes, I voted too. Hope it goes through. Not having a good day on the computer. When I reply here, sometimes it goes through and sometimes, it doesn’t. I do get instructions, but don’t understand. Remember, I am a “Nonna”. HELP!!!!

  9. OK, so I tried voting again today. Won’t let me. Even when I plugged in my husband’s name it recognizes the email address. Oh well, can’t blame a girl for trying! πŸ™‚

  10. I just voted for them in all three catagories. SOOOOOOO excited for them!!! If they don’t win AT LEAST Best Live Act, something is seriously wrong with the world! I wish we could vote multiple times! Good luck Guys!!!!!!!

  11. I think it’s a good idea that we can only vote once for a group in each category. when we could vote as many times as we wanted, remember that other people also could do the same for their choices, so now you can only vote once , they also can only vote once, so it makes it more fair and true. we don’t lose out we are all on even ground we just need to ask friends to vote also

  12. Just voted, so happy for them. Made me feel happier too, because yesterday was Valentines day, but my valentine is in Italy with his two brothers. Miss them a lot. Hope yours was happy. Meeting with the Pope was super special for them, so I wouldn’t take that away. Anyway, every day is Valentines day for me , because of them. They represent LOVE anyday, in every way.

  13. Marie, on that new site that I gave you, look on the right side, there are various sections. go to “Recent comments section” and click on ” Maria – Athina Angelo Poulos on Il Volo daily – Feb 12 2014 Vatican City ” the first comment by Hazel is very good. this right side is worth exploring

  14. Oops. Maria! I just looked up the heading I gave you and it is gone from the section, don’t know why, anyway just type in “Maria – Athina Angelo Poulos on Il Volo daily – Feb 12 2014 Vatican City and you will get it. it’s worth reading

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