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  1. SAD they won’t be in NY, very disappointed       On Mon, Mar 03, 2014 at 09:11 AM, Il Volo Flight Crew ~Share The Love wrote:    

    nurselin61 posted: “Tour dates as tweeted by Piero!!

    They seem all to be in venues not done before!!    “

      1. I can’t believe Il Volo would skip Florida and NY – maybe they will add a few dates to this list! We can hope!

    1. Just found your site and yes, I will be going to the concert and am just south of Philadelphia if I can assist with anything. Mann tickets go on sale 3/7 at 10. Great site !

    2. Recently discovered the Flight Crew site, great job. And will be going to Philly concert (live nearby), any followers in the area?

    3. I am going to Philly; there is a FB group of about 10-12 having dinner at Crescendo at The Mann prior to the show. If you are planning a party, please do let me know! Thanks.

  2. Thank you Piero! And Linda! Vienna, VA is just outside Washington, DC., some of these locations were skipped on the 2013 tour. NY come on down. I’m disappointed there are no Florida dates too.

    Just checked the Wolf Trap Schedule – Il Volo is not on it yet – but if Piero said so – I am sure they will be here. I’m guessing the venue will be – The Filene Center at Wolf Trap a 6,800 – seat indoor/outdoor theatre.

  3. I am SOOOOOO EXCITED they are coming to Nashville! To my knowledge, they have never performed in Tennessee before. Anna and I are exploding with happiness, aren’t we, Anna? 😀 This was the best news to wake up to this morning! Although it is raining outside, the sun is shining in my heart!

    1. I have been trying to get tickets for the Milwaukee concert on 6-21, no place and I’ve tried all the ticket brokers and no one has them even listed.

      1. I don’t think all the places have the tickets for sale yet. For instance i heard the Nashville ones will start selling on Friday. Pretty soon they will all be available though, I hope.

      2. Suzy, it’s probably too soon to get tickets. I suggest you keep checking back with the venue, when they list the concert, they will have info on tickets. You might also try calling them.

      3. Hi Suzy!! I called the Milwaukee Theater. No tickets on sale yet. She said date would be posted soon. Must stay calm!! But too excited!!

      4. I will be in Milwaukee as well but be careful since Barbara told me that some places are still a ? and details still have to be worked out. That came just this morning.

      5. Myron, so good to hear from you. Thank you for the news, both on being patient / careful before booking flights or such, and on some positive news on Las Vegas.


  4. I am also VERY disappointed that they will not be coming to FL. Thought they were having 15 concerts in USA. Only 13 posted ?? Maybe there’s still hope for FL unless they are counting Madison Sq Garden and the PBS broadcast in LA as part of the 15 ??. My kids live in Westchester NY so I might try for the Stamford CT concert which is only 35 minutes from them. Chicago is still a possibility. Gosh, this is confusing !!

    1. This short tour was only added recently as some changes are being taken in their plans. They are taking on places that they did not get to last year – at least a few. Florida and new York had a good number last time and they will be doing the MSG program.

  5. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…they aren’t going to be anywhere remotely near the Northwest. No Seattle, No Vancouver BC and certainly no Portland. Nothing remotely close.
    Okay, stay calm, breathe deep,….where is that straitjacket???

    1. Keep calm and look for flight tickets to a city where the boys are coming to!

      1. Okay, tickets, flight, hotel, transportation. Whoops, there went the dollar signs in red. I’m afraid it would be too expensive but I will certainly think real hard about it.

  6. There are no meet & greet in Sterling Heights Michigan only seating tickets being sold unless a fan club or TV or radio station is selling tickets for meet & greet so I’ve been told.

    If anyone hears otherwise please let me know

    1. Loretta, I called Roy Thomson Hall this morning around 9:30 and talked to a live person.Their calendar only goes up to June 21. I asked her about Il Volo, she didn’t know, she said she’d find out, came back and she said nothing doing so far. I am going to call every day this week!! I’d also like to go to the Sterling Heights one. If there are a lot of us maybe we can get a block of tickets?

      1. Yes Penina I have beenin touch with Roy thomson Hall &no news yet also Sterling Heights says no meet & greet unless a fan club or a TV or radio station is selling meet & greet tickets so I can’t seem to find out anything there. I mentioned that above & not sure meet & greet at Elgin Illinois. RoyThomson Hall told me just now that tickets probably won’t go on sale till next week & I told her other places are going on sale Monday or this Friday so I guess we have to keep calling everyday so maybe we can keep eachother informed as when tickets are on sale anywhere

      2. Did you ask about Meet & Greet? Because I didn’t. I figured if she didn’t even know about the tickets she wouldn’t know about that either. I wonder if they are doing any Meet & Greets.

  7. Nashville would be great for me as well. I can’t believe the tickets are going on sale already!

    1. Peggy & Anna:
      I am from Dallas, and my friend and I may come to Nashville, since that’s probably the closest city for us. If so, maybe we could plan to meet up and sit together. Let’s keep in touch! Let me know if you see anything about Meet & Greet tickets, and I’ll do the same.
      Do either of you live in Nashville? I’ll need to know about a good hotel close to the symphony center. Will send you my email address if we decide on Nashville. Isn’t this exciting??? Can’t wait!!!

      1. I will hopefully be going to Nashville too! It would be absolutely wonderful if we could all meet!

      2. Nashville would be my destination as well, and hope I could meet up with you all. It’s a 13 hour drive for me but I just can’t see being able to fly. Just too expensive!

      1. Yes Penina the girl at Roy thomson Hall would only say she doesn’t know anything yet & I had a hell of a time to get in that I wanted meet & greet & WAS the meet & greet usually there but all she said I don’t know anything yet etc. etc. So I am going the pants off her until I get an answer every day & I will let you know anything & please let me know if you find anythinig out.

      2. She will get so sick of us that she will find out the information just to get rid of us! My husband always says if you want to find out anything, bug the secretary! Are you planning on going to the one in Michigan as well as the Toronto one?

    1. Loretta – I have called Freedom Hill, their box office doesn’t open until April. She gave me a number of a ticket outlet, but the person I talked to didn’t even know what Il Volo was. Thought “he” was an opening act for someone, and also couldn’t find anything on his web site. I did better than that on my own. If I see or hear anything I’ll sure let you know.

    2. There is a Italian restaurant in the Detroit area that had a meet and greet last year, plus the first time they appeared at Detroit Opera house they also had something. I’ve emailed the restarant and asked them if they were planning on anything to promote the June 19 event. IF they answer me, I’ll post it on this site.



    1. Barbara, my sister an I are thinking of driving in for the concert in Sterling Heights but we need more info before we buy the tickets.
      Do you have a phone number to call?Thanks so much.

      1. Penina on Freedom Hill’s site Il Volo is mentioned but no dates yet, I’ll let you know if I find anything out & if your going to be there I hope we can meet up. I am trying to see if my son & his friend will go with me but it is up in the air. My son really doesn’t want to see them again because he has seenthem 3 time already in the last few years so he isn’t dedicated as we all are. So if he goes he will probably grit his teeth all through the program. He is really a good guy.
        So if you find anything about Freedom Hill please let me know also

      2. Okay Loretta, for sure if I find out anything I will either post it for everyone to see or email you. I think Marie also said she was interested in coming to this concert. We should definitely meet up!

      3. Penina are you going to the concert in Toronto wilth your sister or husband? I am definitely & hope to get meet & greet tickets there. Roy Thomson Hall was the first concert hall I saw them in a few years ago. At that time they didn’t have meet & greet so after we left the Hall we heard the guys went into the lobby & signed autographs, bummer & we missed it. So now I don’t want to miss a thing. (Isn’t that a song I heard somewhere?)
        From the people I have talked to at Sterling Heights & Elgin Illinois it is iffy about meet & greets so I am sitting on pins & needles about both places but iti is Toronto for sure if nowhere else.
        I hope we can meet up at either place, it is great putting a face to some one on the Flight Crew & since we have talked by email also.

      4. We really want to go to both concerts–the Michigan one and the Toronto one. Maybe my husband will come to one of them. He doesn’t even know we are planning to go to the one in Michigan–but we’ll go, even if we have to rent a car to do it!

      5. Of course Loretta! I hope that all Flight Crew members meet up at any concert–that’s why I think badges would be useful identifiers.
        Maybe Marie will come to the Michigan one also. As well as whoever else went to the Detroit one last year.

    1. Michele give a shout if you see the Philly tickets going up. Nothing on the website yet! Don’t know who the promoter is this time, if it’s Live Nation, they would be the ones with the M&G and not the venue. Live Nation has the Nashville concert listed but tickets through a re-seller.

      1. It is very confusing this year – I guess each venue is selling tickets?

      2. It is confusing. Most of the venues don’t have any idea what is happening. We were told that Philly is scheduled to have a M&G for donors only. But that it could be cancelled at the last minute.

  9. I thought they originally said tickets go on sale March 6th. That’s Thursday. I am soooo grateful that they post the venues a few days before tickets go on sale, so we can make plans with our friends and families, look into flight possibilities, etc.

    The 13 above include L.A. pbs, so is it possible that 2 more will be posted?

    Terry, you’ve got some other Northwest folks pining for Portland. (Connie and I)

    Based on one place I researched, I believe they are using a different booking organization: axs

    A few days only to hold our breaths! Oh, that’s right, not suggested to hold one’s breath even as long as Piero can hold those incredible notes! (; >)

    Hoping we can have a couple few Flight Crew meetings around the country.

    Huge thanks to Piero, Linda, Marie, and all our FLight Crew Board who keep us enlightened and uplifted!
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  10. Sorry, but a little confused as to where exactly in Elgin? Is is the Grand Victoria Casino?Please reply with specifics if possible. Tnanks!! MO

    1. Maryanne Elgin Illinois is just a few miles north of Chicago near the Arcada Theatre. the concert is going to held in Festival Park a few blocks away from the Theatre. It is an outdoor concert. Not sure if there is a meet & greet & the concert is on June 209 phone number 630 962 7000

  11. GRAZIE PIERO FOR THE DATES!!!!!!!!!! But……… WHY? Why is everything so far away? WHY????? The closest is Detroit, at least three hours, but it comes with the problem of being, well, Detroit. Everything else is like, SEVEN hours away!!!!! WHY? Excuse me, I think I need to go bawl my eyes out. Care to join me anyone?

    *heartbroken sniffles* *tragic whimpering*

    1. Isabel can you drive then Sterling Heights is a few miles north of Detroit. It is about the same distance for me 300 miles no sweat if you are an experienced driver. Did y9u say you are 16 then how good a driver are you. go from there, if you think you can go for it.
      Don’t say you can’t when you can. Or get someone who can drive to go with you

  12. Isabel, Marie, Loretta and Mary went to a concert in Detroit last year and had a great time. The venue is different this year, but perhaps they can share their experiences about Detroit.

  13. Thanks, Jeanine, I just went to asx.com and yes, they are advertising June 19, Freedom Hill Amphitheatre, Sterling MI, tickets coming soon. Soon and very soon we will see the three greatest singers in the world perform again!!!

    1. You’re welcome, MaryJane! I noted that, too, and that’s what leads me to guess that AXS.com is the organization arranging venues this year.

      So, here’s the situation for me. I’m still pining for Portland, AND I could hardly believe it when they listed Saratoga, CA (The Mountain Winery). I grew up not far from there, and my whole family of origin are less than an hour from there. I already called my parents. Wouldn’t it be incredible if I could drive down there (for me, that’s 2 days of driving each way!) and my whole family and I could go to the concert together? My parents are well into their 80’s, and this would be such a treat of a memory to share!

      Anyone thinking of going to the Saratoga Mountain Winery concert? It’s in the hills and looks like a beautiful location.

      Loving this flurry of excitement!
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

      1. Oh, Jeanine, that would be wonderful if you can do this. It sounds like beautiful scenery..with family and IL VOLO…who could ask for anything more!!! I so hope it works for you!

      2. I bet it would be easier to get down there if you had another driver???
        Need a friendly pirate?

      3. MaryJane, you so touched my heart by your sweet post! Thank you!

        Yes, I don’t know how long my parents are going to be around, and to share this would be spectacular. Their lives have been truly uplifted through the IL VOLO music I’ve given them. Even a lifelong health condition was, in part, healed through listening to IL VOLO daily!

        It’s so good to be able to connect back to my IL VOLO Flight Crew family and feel embraced after a couple months of non-stop work in my home.

        I can’t wait to hear who will be connecting with whom after the tickets are on sale. I think of the stories that we enjoyed last year, and I know there will be more spectacular stories, pictures, tears and happy-dances of joy, and new friends!

        Sweet night to you, MaryJane, and all!
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  14. A caution from the office today – Some of these dates are still not confirmed.
    Also, The reason there are no stops (so far) in places they were at last year is because they were there last year and they felt the need to get back to some places that they were not at last year. I know – Las Vegas not yet but I have heard some positive news today on that score as well.

    1. Myron, I would at least try to go to Las Vegas if they came. It just smarts that they have missed Portland completely again.

      1. Hey there, Connie!

        Vegas (assuming they are added to the list! I’m hoping!) or Saratoga… I’ll bet we’ll share IL VOLO time one way or the other!

        Let’s keep in touch over the next couple days. (email or phone, OK?)

        What’s the situation with your knee? (You know I missed about a month of posts, so you can share this with me privately.)

        Fun to come!
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    2. OMG, I live in Las Vegas and I would love to know if they are doing a concert here… I already bought my Tickets for the Greek in LA. the moment the information was posted… But I would be thrilled to see them here in my home town as well… Thank you for the heads up Myron…

    1. Hi Allene! Yes!! I’m aiming for Milwaukee. Would love to meet others, split hotel if possible and driving too. Coming from Green Bay (probably, if moved by then). Can’t wait!!! Second the thanks to Piero and Linda!!

    1. You earned a good night’s sleep, Loretta!

      And… if they said the tickets go on sale Thurs., why are we expecting them on the Mon. or Tues. before? Thursday is soon enough for us to make our plans and be ready to make our purchases Thurs., don’t you think?

      My 2 cents (; >)
      ~ Jeanine D.

  15. Does anyone live in Westchester and is planning on going to the Stamford Ct concert? I called the Palace Theater and the woman I spoke to said she was getting calls all day inquiring about the Il Volo concert. Not on sale yet but said she would send me and e-mai lwhen the sale starts.. She wanted to know who they were and ,as you can imagine, I gave her an earful. Now she wants to see them ! Nice venue –only 1500 seats. Hope someone is planning to go so we can possibly go together. More fun when your with a fellow Ilvolover.

      1. Hi, Loretta,
        Good question! I just saw that Flight Crew’s posting “Tickets available on March 6; check your local listings” was specifically in reference to PBS show. I had thought it was in reference to the entire tour until your question lead me to look closer. (Thank you!)

        I remember thinking, Oh, March 6th, same day as Laura Pausini and friends show.

        ilvolomusic.com doesn’t say when they go on sale. And, of course, Myron cautioned us that not all is set in stone, so we need to wait for the official announcement (which apparently Piero’s tweet was not).

        Now I’m wondering, too.

        I am scurrying around attempting to reach my entire Saratoga, CA area family to see who wants to attend the concert together. For myself, I’d like to know pricing options for seating and Meet & Greets at least a couple days before the tickets go on sale.

        So, thank you for asking a very important question, Loretta. Now I am as much in the dark about when tickets go on sale as you. Soon, though, huh?!

        Let us know if you get any news, OK? Thanks so much!

        ~ Jeanine D.

  16. Anna & Nashville group:
    My friend, Dolly, and I are definitely going to fly to Nashville from Dallas for the concert.
    Here is my email address so that we can communicate. Would love to have all of yours, too! helenbridg@gmail.com

    Can we somehow get a bloc of tickets as near to the stage as possible? Would love it if we could all sit together, or close to each other. Will discuss details when I hear from you via email.
    I’m in the clouds just thinking about the concert!!!! Friday is a Big Day!
    Helen Bridgforth (Please note: There is no “e” in my last name!)

    1. We have no information on Meets and Greets, please check with your venue. It may be entirely possible that all the information is not available yet.

    1. I called the box offices of Roy Thomson Hall and Freedom Hill. Roy Thomson didn’t know anything. Neither did Freedom Hill–BUT they offered to send me an email telling me when the tickets would go on sale. Hopefully I will get it BEFORE they go on sale!

      1. Okay, when I get the email I will let you and everyone on the blog know. They also have somewhere on that website that 8 people constitute a group. If we have 8 people going we can get a block of tickets! Who is coming to the Freedom HIll Concert?

  17. Nobody lives in the Westchester NY area ??? I could also go to Philadelphia and share hotel with someone. Mann Center gives discount on tickets for 20 or more people. Might be able to get a block of tickets near the stage. Wonder if there is a M&G there ? My E-mail is jbfroggy1@aol.com. Joan Brenin is my full name. HELP !! This is so stressful !!

      1. Currently there is no M&G showing in Philly. Word on Twitter is this is a separate something being run by another agency. Will let you know if I find other information. Philly on sale 10am Friday March 7.

  18. Il volo facebook has confirmed that California, Freedom Hall Michigan & Arcada Theatre concert for Festival Park Ellgin Illinois has been confirmed. No Idea when tickets go on sale.

    Then I have been told I would have to contact Il Volo themselves to get tickets for meet & greet for Sterling Heights is that true, does anyone k know, Michele, Kelly Myron anyone????

  19. I did not see anything about a MG. I did see that ticket master has them listed now on the schedule. Last night there was nothing. I am sure there will be a couple of us going to Philly.

  20. I have observed over the last day the various reactions to the posting of their N.American tour: some extatic, some disappointed, some devastated .
    We must remember that all of us want them to be known throughout the world. we want everyone to hear what marvelous voices they have! well how is that going to happen unless they go to new places that have not had a chance to see and hear them yet? we cannot be selfish and want them to keep coming back to our places again and again. we need to be happy that others will also get a chance to hear them. we need to have large enough hearts to share them with new fans.
    So let’s count our blessings that most of us have got to see them more than once. and even taken pictures with them, and allow them to spread their wings to other cities and countries. Love sets you free. If we love them we will be happy for all these new opportunities they are getting love you all

  21. I am hoping to go to the Greek theatre in LA it is hosted by PBS for a 250 donation you get a pair of tickets that would be in sections A or B my question to you all is WILL YOU ONLY BE ABLE TO GET TICKETS IN THOSE BEST SEAT SECTIONS THRU PBS I can’t get an answer from anyone at the Greek. Do any of you experts have any ideas.

    1. I purchased my tickets for the Il Volo concert at the Greek and I called the number rather than purchase on their site… I was able to get tickets for the Meet and Greet as well which was not available on their site as far as I could tell.. So for two tickets and the meet and Greet, the donation was $350… As for the A and B section… If you call their number 1-888 246-4583 press 4 … I think they could answer your questions…

  22. Hi Allene and others close to Milwaukee! Checking in to say have not seen ANY notice on the Milwaukee Theater of Il Volo being there at all. I have signed up for email alerts through them and Ticketmaster but the concert is not listed, so hope they really are coming. The ticket office says “yes” but… Myron, anyone?? Can you confirm/deny the Milwaukee concert? The Elgin tickets are not on sale yet, either. I need Tums!

    1. Michele, I would NOT go for that $209 range unless it’s official per IL VOLO.

      There were sites claiming to sell tickets at those kind of rates (and higher) before my first concert, and they were not official ticket sellers. I got great dress circle / balcony seats (not M&G) for $70-$75 in Seattle and Vancouver BC in 2012 and 2013.

      Of course you may want to get orchestra M&G seats. Still. Make sure they are an official ticket seller.

      Wishing us all sweetly memorable concert experiences with reasonable and affordable ticket prices! (; >) Yes!!!
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  23. Thanks Jeanine!! I got my seat in Philly last year for about $100. I was ocherster center 4th row from the front. Of course you had the pit too. Ticketmaster was really nice because they let me change my seat twice to inch my way closer.

  24. As disappointed as I am, as are many others here, I have to put my feelings aside and agree wholeheartedly with Deanne’s comments above. I’ve been hearing more and more about them going to Russia & Asia, and seeing comments from many other countries wanting them to come to their homeland as well. I love and will miss the boys as much as anyone, but in this particular aspect I think it is their next smart, and lodgical move for the advancement of ther mission. We have also wondered between ourselves, why they always seem to go to pretty much the same areas every year, omitting the mid section of our own US. To be honest, there is only so much they can do within every tour, and they have certainly given us a lot of themselves. So, personally, I am happy for the people here at home, who have not had that opportunity yet. They have been left out, as it were, until now. so enjoy! For the other countries , just hang on! You may be the next to be blown away. Thank goodness for the internet and Tweets from the boys, and for the fan pages and of course this blog page,THE FLIGHT CREW. These boys have brought together a wonderful group of people who share their love and concern for not only them, but for each other! Wherever they may go, we go with them in spirit, and we will proudly urge them on and cover them with with our prayers.

    1. Kitty and Deanne, I honor your thoughtfulness of Our Boys and their worldwide fans, even as I (and Connie?) am grateful to be able to drive 2 days each way to Saratoga, California for the concert!

      Tonight it just struck me that, in addition to the possibility of a number of family members being able to enjoy the concert with me, it falls 3 days before my parents’ 60th wedding anniversary, in the town where they have lived for 60 years. WOW! What are the odds of that?! (As a friend said, “100% if it happens!” (; >)

      Saratoga is not a big town. This is just a miracle to me that all these pieces are falling into place so sweetly for me and my family!

      With grateful anticipation,
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  25. I agree Teresa & Jeanine.

    Jeanine I hope you have a fabulous time with your family at the concert, that is going to be special time to remember. You might get a chance to introduce Il Volo to your family

    Deane & Kittykam you both have spoken so eloquently. We are rushing around asking why is it this way, why can’t I get information, etc. etc. My self I have seen them 4 times I think & feel blessed & had my picture taken with them last year & the first year we saw them at Massy Hall in Toronto. We should stand back & let other States & countries see them without complaining. We are fortunate to have talented people on this site who can get videos of concerts & pictures from others who send them to us as well as Mundial who is usually up to date. So reading your comments has made me calm down a lot & be grateful for what I can get, I am still trying but not so uptight.

    God bless you beautiful young men Ignazio, Gianluca & Piero for wanting to go to other States & countries to let them see your handsome faces & hear those Angelic voices

    More power to us for showing restraint

  26. Loretta, do you know if there will be M & G seats at Roy Thomson Hall ? If not, can you recommend the next best seats ? I have never been to this venue…

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