Hi Everyone,

Yes I’m back, your ace, red haired  girl reporter. I’ve had the hair touched up and wearing my favorite blue suit!! I’m here to try and keep you up to date on all Il Volo news. The news changes minute by minute, but we’ll try to keep up. If any of you find a tidbit feel free to post in the comment section.  Everyone relax and take a deep breath, I know you’ll get those tickets you want and of course those ever important Meet and Greets. There are a lot of cities left out, but it’s a short tour here this year to enable Il Volo to get to countries they haven’t been before. Some of you will travel a ways to get to one, so relax and have fun with the anticipation!!

By all accounts Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca will land in NY today, if they haven’t already!

Piero did tweet a picture of his luggage with his signatue red glasses proudly displayed!!


All of “Our Guys” seem anxious to start their travels again, and we’ll be glad to see them.


Tomorrow night is their appearance with Laura at The Theatre at Madison Square Garden. Then it’s off to LA. We’ll have to see what’s in store for them there.

As soon as we have any further information we will post here.

Ignazio, Piero, and Gianluca, we’re so glad to have you back! Love and luck in your appearance tomorrow night!!     a -tumblr_n00jisSNQy1rvfq7po1_500


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  1. Thanks for the news Linda.  We are so glad Il Volo will be back in the USA for awhile. 

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  2. Yes it certainly is good news that Our Boys are back in the USA. Thanks Linda. I love Piero;s luggage with the red glasses featured. There will be no doubt whose luggage that is!

  3. I am so excited for Our Guys, this going to be such a big year for them! Thanks to all the later comments on the last point, I have managed to switch my view point over the last two days. Instead of seeing it as The Boys passing by me again, I am just looking at it as one step closer to their inevitable world domination! I am not going to stop trying to get to a concert though! 😉

    P.S. I loved the pic of Piero’s luggage! So him!

    1. Hello Isabel – I have forgotten – do you live in Florida? We can still hope for a FL concert!

  4. I received your e-mail on 3-2-14 that Il Volo would be at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles on 6-7-14. I immediately called and their Meet and Greet was already sold out!!! How could that be? I was not very happy, but will be at their concert. Thanks for all the info that you send us.

  5. I am glad the boys are back in USA, and glad they are going to countries they haven’t been this year they deserve to spread their talent in other countries, I will wait patiently, and I am like Isabel, will still try to get to one of their concerts! Good Luck Il Volo on your new journeys this year!

  6. A little behind the scenes stuff as I was communicating with Barbara on Monday. There are some changes going on in their format and the way they do business. The story about the change from Live Nation to another company is running around. While there are some good things going on there are also some problems and challenges that they are taking action on right now. Some changes unexpected and a couple long over due. I know that is not very clear but it is the best I can do right now. You may have some problem finding “meet & greets” at each place . This may be fixed even as I write this. I will say this: that the changes I have heard about I think will be good in the long run.

    1. About the M&G: Do you mean that we may not be able to find the M&G tickets right now but they will come out closer to the dates of the concert, or do you mean that they may not do M&G at every place?Btw, I always enjoy your insights and information you give us! Thanks so much!

    2. I appreciate even this general input from you, Myron!

      Sending supportive thoughts and prayers for all to smooth out quickly and easily.

      Glad your long-run thinking is encouraged!

      I’m *guessing* the tickets will be on sale 10am Fri., which would be a good business move for the participants of Laura Pausini and friends, when they get home and want MORE IL VOLO! (; >)

      And for an early (or late) “I’m smiling because”… my sister and her husband are saying Yes to the concert (assuming the ticket prices work for them). This will be our first ever concert together, much less a 700 mi road trip from me to meet up with them for nothing but the best… IL VOLO!

      We’re starting to plan Mom and Dad’s 60th wedding anniversary reunion around the IL VOLO concert and my visit. How cool is that?!

      Ya just never know what wonderful surprises you might wake up to each morning!

      Curious and joyful,
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

      1. Jeanine – Planning your parents 60th wedding anniversary reunion around the IL VOLO concert sounds like a fantastic idea!

      2. Thanks, Michele!
        This whole opportunity is so meaningful and uplifting for all of us!

        IL VOLO spells family… whether it’s blood relatives gathering or kindred spirits celebrating IL VOLO’s music and big hearts.

        Thanks to you and all the Board for creating a family home here for all of us IL VOLO friends! This year is so much sweeter sharing info (while we’re somewhat in the dark) than it was when all we had was that other site.

        It will be so fun to hear of everyone’s experiences!

        Have a great weekend, Michele,
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  7. PBS Atlanta showed only one Il Volo performance in 2013. Is it because Il Volo cancelled an appearance in 2012?

    1. Marie S…. If Il Volo doesn’t appear in your city, then the PBS station isn’t very interested in airing their show because they can’t make a bundle of pledge money by selling tickets to a local show. I had the same problem in Dallas, so called the station and talked to the program manager. He was very nice, said he was an Il Volo fan, but it was a pure matter of economics. He had canceled the prime time Il Volo PBS concert and showed “Celtic Women” instead because the women were going to be in Dallas for a show the next week and PBS could sell tickets.

      Dallas only had 2 Il Volo PBS showings, and one was at like 1:00 on a Fri. afternoon. Guess we were lucky to even get that!

      Can’t figure out why Atlanta and/or Dallas aren’t on Il Volo’s schedule. They are big cities, and you’d think The Boys certainly could sell out a local venue in either place. Oh, well, I’m heading for Nashville and have fingers crossed that I can get decent tickets!

    1. I did see where the PBS in Nashville was selling a set of two tickets. I have big regrets right now for not jumping on that info and contacting them to see just where those seats might be. All it said was that they were good seats.

      I just checked earlier tonight and they are sold out.

      I could just kick myself. I don’t think that it would have been all that much more for the two tickets and now I am afraid of not being able to get decent seats. I never learn. lol

  8. Welcome back to the States, boys. We sure have missed you. Hope there will be more concerts in New England.

  9. Can someone here help me? As I’ve never gone before I’m not quite sure how things go. If I get my tickets before the M&G come out, will I be able to add M&G to the tickets i got or will i have to buy separate tickets and somehow get rid of the first set? Thanks!

    1. Nashville concert goers: I spoke to someone at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center and was told there is currently no Meet & Greet scheduled. It is unknown if it will be scheduled later, but best guess most likely not. The advice was not to wait to buy tickets. They can be purchased directly from the website at starting tomorrow (Friday, March 7.) Hope this is helpful.

    1. @ mlla, Thanks for the link to the photo. Our boys have sure grown up and Oh My, so handsome. I read the comment that someone posted for them to ” Bring the house down with your songs in tonight’s concert!!” lol, Our Boys will be sure to do that, with Piero and Ignazo hitting those high notes and Gianluca’s wonderful voice also. I imagine there will lots and lots of standing ovations. I hope to see a video of that concert posted on the net.

  10. EVERYONE be careful that you are buying your tickets at the theatre itself when on sale. Calpers are already seling tickets for up front seating $550.00 I was looking for seating chart at Freedom Hill Sterling Heights Michigan & came across someone called Seat Keek SO BEWARE.

    Also Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto has a membership that get first joice of tickets for a concert. So more than likely the front rows will be taken. Ticketmaster doesn’t sell tickets for Roy Thomson Hall. I wondered why when I talked to them the other night & then I remember this from when I tried to get tickets for my son & his friend & myself at the 2011 Il Volo concert . I had to take a box seat & they got put against the far wall separately So you can Imagine when I saw Ignazio race up the left aisle in front of me & I couldn’t shake his hand. If I could have jumped out of the box seat I would have run after him screaming.

    So PENINA & anyone else who wants Toronto tickets I am sorry I couldn’t remember when I saw them the first time & then it hit me when I was in bed this morning so I started looking for my concert stubs.

    Penina Freedom Hill & Arcada Theatre seem to think the tickets aren’t going on sale until next week so hope its sooner but I’m not paying a scalper.

  11. Box seat was too far away so main floor it is & since my son & his friend don’t want to come with again I will be by myself so hopefully I can get SOMETHING reasonably close, Handicapped people are shoved to the side of the theatre or at the back on the excuse there is more room for them. Maybe it is true but I will be walking with my canes so I’m going to get the best seat I can. Hope to see you there. & that seats are reasonable which I think they will be.

    1. Loretta, I will not be purchasing M & G seats at Roy Thomson hall, so what seats do you recommend ? Should I try to get seats on the main floor (are they elevated or flat ?) or would be box seats be better ?

      1. Hi ssillck personally I don’t like box seats because in my estimation they are too far from the stage on the side. I recommend floor seats & the floor is sort of slopped. Don’t get against the wall.
        But as I said to Penina there is a membership at the theatre so if you get a seat anywhere neat the front consider yourself lucky
        Don’t forget I was there at their first concert & the amplifiers (facing the stage) were on the right of the stage so my son was blasted out of his chair. This time they have an orchestra with them which the acoustics will be far better.

  12. I love the pre-show pictures coming from New York! Has anyone else seen them? So great to seem all looking so good. I can’t wait to hear them!

    1. I saw that Ticketmaster put a 6:00a.m. starting time to get the tickets for the Philly show. I first thought that it must be a mistake, kind of strange to me. I think I would be up and ready to go, at that time just in case anyone wants tickets to the Philly show. Good Luck to all trying to get them.
      I am going to try for Nashville, Philly is just too far from me.

  13. Everyone is excited and how fun to read everyone’s questions and comments. I am new at this purchasing of tickets too. Planning to attend the Milwaukee concert. I do not know where to purchase 2 tickets from….since it appears Live Nation is not the ‘go to’ place. Is Ticketmaster trustworthy, anyone know firsthand? Thank you, Myron, for your news. I was unable to attend Il Volo concert last fall in Chicago…now to see Chgo. isn’t on the schedule, rather disappointed; however, I understand they want to visit other places. Wondering what changes/surprises are in store. I hope to be near the front…don’t see too well from afar. We shall see, won’t we. Good luck everyone in your search for tickets and onward and upward Il Volo boys!!! ♥ Harriett….Gramma fan

    1. Hi, Harriett!

      Fun to read your post.

      I especially liked the part where you said these 2 statements:
      “I hope to be near the front…don’t see too well from afar.”
      “We shall see, won’t we.”

      Maybe that 2nd statement has more than the idiomatic meaning of “we’ll find out”! (; >)
      Whether you’ll “see” because you’re nice and close up or for another reason…

      I had glaucoma, and without pharmaceutical glaucoma drops, I have had all my peripheral vision restored. (with internal and spiritual work, as well as some acupuncture) It’s been 2 years since January 27, 2012.

      So, as 13 year old pianist, composer, and philanthropist Ethan Bortnick reminds us, “Anything is possible!” (Ethan was on Oprah at 7 years old, has raised 30 million dollars for charity. – not a typo! – and co-wrote the musical score and sang, played, and acted in the 2013 film “Anything is Possible”. And Ethan sang in We Are the World 25 for Haiti along with IL VOLO.)

      So, best wishes for your “We shall see”! (; >)
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  14. Michele, we have Lijoy to thank for the heads up on Philly time change. Thank you so much, Lijoy!

    Perhaps those of you getting tickets early (before other venues have them available) could let us know price range for various types of seating. Of course, each venue will vary, but this may give us some sense of prices.

    I talked with the director of concert club seating at The Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA, and he didn’t anticipate tickets to go on sale before sometime end of March / April, but I believe that was for their club tickets, maybe season tickets. AXS, who is the ticketing venue for The Mountain Winery, does not have info yet for ticket sales and assured me that if we sign up for advance notice with AXS, we’ll get an email before the tickets go on sale.

    So I’m signed up with AXS, and I am also grateful for my concert ticket angels! If they can get a concert in Saratoga, CA where my parents live 3 days before their 60th wedding anniversary, they can help me get the best tickets possible! (; >)

    What is it that great teachers have said? …Ask, and you shall receive.
    It’s going to be an incredible June!

    Love and warm wishes to all,
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. Jeanine.
      It sounds like your plans to see ilVolo and planning your parents 60th Wedding Anniversary are just wonderful. I hope all works out for you.

    2. @Jeanine,
      “Perhaps those of you getting tickets early (before other venues have them available) could let us know price range for various types of seating. Of course, each venue will vary, but this may give us some sense of prices.”

      The Nashville Venue told me earlier in the week that the tickets there would be $97.00 for the Orchestra Section, up front and then a price of $79 a little further back. Then $68.00 for the second tier, balcony and $55 for the third tier, balcony. Also the box seats would be $125 on the sides and she said that those were really good seats. I have never sat in any box seats on the side anywhere, so I don’t know about that and I have never been to this venue either. I imagine that there will be fees on top of those prices. That was not discussed.

      I just hope that I do not have to stay on hold FOREVER on a Cell Phone.

      1. Jeanie, thanks so much for the Nashville ticket pricing and for the warm wishes for celebrating my parents 60th wedding anniversary!

        I wonder if you might be able to use skype. com over your computer in the 2.3 cents a minute pay-as-you-go rate. You can do audio only and call a number (rather than skype names, which are free). Perhaps this will be a useful option.

        Good to hear from you again, Jeanie!

        Blessings for all good,
        ~ Jeanine D.

  15. Sorry, I think I got you ladies mixed up. Thanks Lijoy for the heads up on the time 🙂

    1. We’re keeping track of a LOT of posts, so no big deal. You gave me a chance to be sure and thank Lijoy, too!
      ~ Jeanine D.

  16. I have a question about the Nashville Concert to all of the other ladies, Anna B, Carli, Peggy, Helen or Linda P.

    Have any of you been to the Schermerhorn before and what would be considered good seats or better yet, what seats to stay away from?

    Would any of you have a toll-free telephone number for this Venue? I talked with them earlier in the week and totally forgot to ask that question and now it is kind of late to get in touch with them. (I could not find my password and have just been reading here and not posting for quite a while.)

    A toll free number would be so great for me, so, if any of you ladies come back on and know of one, please let me know. I will check in the morning.

    Good luck trying to get tickets. Nashville is not the closest to me, but I will be there anyways and staying over for a night or two makes more sense to me.

    P.S. I know that they gave the opportunity to the season pass holders all week to purchase tickets and then I saw where someone posted that they have good seats in the row BB for sale at a much higher price. It was put on a Ticket reseller website for Ticketmaster, as I understood it. I think it is just awful that they are allowed to do this. It kind of makes me question Ticketmaster now.

    I will check back in the morning to see if anyone has posted a toll free number. Thanks in advance.

    1. Jeanie,
      The gentleman I spoke to earlier recommended the main floor up front as the best and said there are still good seats available. There is a seating chart on the website; I have never been there before so I’m taking a leap of faith here. The balconies are farther back. Unfortunately, I do not have a toll free number, just the one listed on the website. The nice thing about calling that number was getting a live person rather than an automated menu.

      1. Peggy, Thanks for responding to me. I called and got good seats, Row CC, dead Center. I was really shocked that I was able to get that close. I am still on Cloud 9. I was first told the Balcony and was so disappointed and ask if those were the Best Available Seats, that I wanted Center Section, up front as close as I could get. Maybe they try to fill the less expensive seats first. I asked the gentleman helping me and they DO NOT have a toll free number but I was able to get right in, so not so bad. I hope you were able to get good seats also.

        I also let him know about a “Scalper” selling seats for Row BB, a couple of days also. He is going to look into it as it is against their Policy. Just now looked and there are plenty of other Scalpers already advertising Seats on the web for this Venue. They must purchase Season Passes to be able to get the Pre-Sale seats first and then advertise them for more money, at least that is all that I can figure out. Just saw Row AA, first row, dead center seats for $228 each seat.

        I agree with you, I would much rather talk with a live person anytime.

  17. @ Isabel,
    I read that it sounded like you are afraid of Detroit. I have to agree with you. Not a safe place to be wondering around it. We went to the Detroit Fox Theater last September to see the Boys. What we decided to do was get a decent hotel (Westin and yes it was not exactly reasonable.) that had a garage for our car that was supposed to be secured, Valet Parking was no charge in the Special that I was able to get. Then we just had dinner at the Restaurant at the hotel and when we were done we had one of the Bell Boys working for the hotel, call us a Cab and that took us to the Fox Theater and then the Ushers at the Fox Theater flagged down a Cab for us to go back to the hotel. So we had no wondering around on the streets of Detroit and did not encounter any trouble that way. The Cab ride was very reasonable. Detroit does have a lot of crime, including a lot of car-jackings. I read later that the Detroit Chief of Police was car-jacked. I just had to laugh at that one.

    I do feel that Sterling Heights would be safer to go to than Detroit and it is only about 20 miles North of Detroit when I checked it out. What a shame that things have come to this? It is everywhere, but some cities are worst and that includes Detroit. It is a very distressed area. You just have to be very careful and that is what we were trying to do.

    The il Volo Concert was just fantastic, the Fox Theater was just beautiful and we are glad that we went. Yes, I would go back to the Fox Theater and things would be planned out the same way to stay safe. Coming home we stopped at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan and we enjoyed it and would like to have had time to have seen the Greenfield Village also. Maybe another time.

    I just wanted to let you know our experience in Detroit last year.

    1. Thanks so much for your story. All of this year’s venues are a bit far from here, with Detroit being the closest, but I am going to keep trying to see them. Sterling Heights sounds like my best chance right now. Good luck getting your tickets!

  18. Song from Sweet November ” It’s Not Goodbye” or En ausencia de ti,
    credits to them & via chavelym u tube channel

    1. I just got off the phone with Schermerhorn Theater in Nashville, was advised they do not have a toll free number. However, I waited only 3-4 minutes to speak to a real person. Cost for front and center is $97.00. My hands are still shaking from the anticipation!

      1. Linda P, I know what you mean, My hands are still shaking also. I worried all night about getting good seats. I am so excited. This will be my Third time seeing il Volo. We have never been to Nashville (Honky Tonk town) before and we are so looking forward to it.

        I ask the gentleman helping me today about the toll free number and he told me they did not have one either. You just never know how long you are going to have to wait trying to get tickets. I just got tickets on Wednesday for another group that we like that does have a toll free number. I got right in there, but then was put on hold and waited much longer than I thought I would have to. This place sells early to people at their Box Office, as walk ups and they line up really early, then they do not take Phone or Internet Orders until a Couple of hours later. They were hit with a bad storm, so they said my chances should be pretty good. It is way to far for me to drive there to wait in line at their Box Office. I would have to go the night before and stay over for that, but I have been told that people do that. They also hold seats back for people that think they are better than the average Joe. lol

  19. my pleasure ! to All, even if I do not always reply to everyone’s thanks ..pls consider it as done
    cheers to all

  20. Hi, all Il Volo Nashville goers: I just got off the phone a few minutes ago, and got pretty good tickets…Main orchestra section, Row EE, seats 23 & 24, one is an aisle seat. The price was so reasonable it scares me. Only paid $194 for 2 tickets, including fees!

    As time goes on, let’s all post our seat rows and numbers, keep track, and look for each other. I would so love to meet all of you! If we plan far enough ahead, maybe we could even meet for dinner somewhere before the concert.

    As of now, there is no Meet & Greet, and probably won’t be. Too bad…. I’ll keep in touch!

      1. LindaP, it looks like we are very, very close. Same row, 3 seats between us. Yes, Great minds must run on the same track! lol

      2. I am SO looking forward to this event! Not only for our boys, but also to meet like-minded ladies. I’m hoping we can all spend some time together over a meal, or even just coffee!

    1. Nashville group: I got a ticket for orchestra center, row DD, seat 18. So far we are all sitting fairly close to the stage. Hope to meet everyone there. Seems to be good seats left for all who want to join us!

      1. Peggy, I am just so excited, I can’t wait. I would have hugged and kissed Josh if I had been talking to him in person. lol I don’t know how he would have liked that though.

        Row CC, Seat 15 & 16.

        My thoughts are that Nashville, being know as “Honky Tonk” Town probably does not even know much about il Volo. I know they have a great Symphony and I wish they were playing for il Volo, but they are not. I was really worried when I saw the Nashville PBS offering these tickets with a donation to them, especially when I saw the Sold Out sign on their website last night.

        Well, Nashville WILL KNOW just how great our il Volo Boys are after this Concert. Almost 6 hours driving time to this venue for me, but I will be there anyways, like I said.

    2. Great Helen, I am glad you got decent seats. I was not too worried about the Meet and Greet Tickets from what I read about other peoples experiences last year with them. $300 for a ticket and then rushed through. I know it would be nice to personally meet them but the cost. Whew, I have spent a lot on tickets in the last couple of weeks. I have 4 Sunshine VIP tickets to see “Sesame Street” also. At least that Venue is close. Then il Volo TIckets and then the Oakridge Boys. The last two hit in the same month.

      Helen, I am sure that we will be able to find each other at the Schermerhorn, as so far our seats for fairly close.

      Row CC, Seats 15 & 16. Just 3 rows ahead of your row. Excited to say the least.

  21. Jeannie, Peggy, Linda P.:
    Sounds like we’re all in good shape and pretty close to each other! Anna Breeding ‘s seats are Row HH 19, 20, 21, 22. 22 is an aisle seat and that’s Anna’s .

    As time goes on, maybe we can plan to get together somewhere for our own little Meet & Greet, either before or after the concert. Wouldn’t it be fun to put a face with a name?
    I personally would LOVE to meet all of you!!!

    1. Nashville concert goers, I would so like to meet all of you as well! Let’s keep in touch.

  22. Calling all the folks who plan on going to the Milwaukee show — tickets on sale Mar. 14 (Fri)!!!! Hope we can all get through and arrange some meetings to put names and faces together!! So excited!!

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