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  1. Thank you for the day brightener, Marie. They looked great, as always.i love how they move around the stage so much. Such presence.cant really put into words the effect they have on me. I never heard of her before but she also was good. Thanks again, marie

  2. THEY SOUND FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!! Does anyone know what the name of the song they are singing is? They harmonies were arranged beautifully for this number, and The Guys sounded really good with her. Thanks so much for this video!!!! 😀

  3. Thank you for the wonderful visual of our boys in supreme form and sound as usual for them! Soooo happy they are on American soil once again.

  4. So great to see them back here and they sounded wonderful. But whoever picked out Piero’s outfit (especially the pants) should be spanked. And if it was Piero himself, I volunteer for the job.

    1. LOL! I thought they all looked nice though, if a little unoriginal. I guess they didn’t want us get distracted from those beautiful faces, as if we ever could! 😉

    2. lol MaryB.

      It looks like Jeans and tennis shoes to me. I want pictures of you spanking Piero.

      1. His birthday IS coming soon! He’ll be in for 21 spankings! Maybe we all should administer them to him? hehehe

  5. Looking back at the pictures just now, I didn’t realize before that Piero wore different glasses to the concert!!! He’s worn this pair for the past several interviews and photo shoots but this is first time he’s worn them for a concert. The other pair was rounder and had a little bit of silver on the front. These are more rectangular and are streaked different shades of red.

    1. Marie, Thanks also for posting this. I am including a “mini-review” based upon a video that someone sent late last night just two hours after the concert. But I love to see the videos on this site even better. This feels like home territory.

  6. I have heard a longer video of the whole show. Well, I may get some bad responses for this but here goes: From a technical standpoint this concert was not up to IL Volo standards. Songs picked for her were in bad keys for the boys. Ignazio had to almost shout rather than sing not because the song was too high but because it was too low and he had to go up the octave – bless his heart. Sound system was poorly equalized with too much upper and not enough lower range . When they tried an a capella version of “il Mondo” they had to take a different key from normal and that had problems.

    On the good side the boys’ voices have mended from the problems they had around Christmas. They are singing with more of a lush sound (when the song is right and the key is best) – their vocal tone has become richer and richer since they were here in Dec. While I am very happy that they are back in the USA I hope they pick better suited singers to partner with. I have nothing against Laura and do not know her that well at all but her voice is not a trained voice and is rather thin in quality compared to the boys.

    1. I agree Myron in my opinion the song they sang with Laura I felt sorry for them because they were struggling & especially Ignazio he had no proper key to latch onto . I know they wanted to sing with her but I would MUCH rather hear them sing by themselves. Their voices are exquizite & need another exquizite voice to match theirs..

      1. I tend to agree with you, Loretta, and Myron. Great to see the boys, but I did notice it didn’t sound a melodic as usual..singing with Laura. I don’t know about her, I am sure she has her talent…but I love the boys together. Happy for them they are comfyg and warm and sunning in LA. Anyone know if they are going to Russia??? I worry.

    2. Myron,

      I am glad to read your response. You will not get a bad response from me. I felt this was not the right style of music for our il Volo Boys. The video keeps cutting in and out on me. I will try later and maybe it will load all the way and I can hear it all together. Thanks for your review.

      1. Sorry, the above post was a very delayed post and that is why I started over, which shows up below.

        I wish there was an edit button. lol

    3. I agree with you completely. There was a lot of “screechiness” that is not normal in their singing. and some of it was from her! Too bad she didn’t allow them to sing something by themselves–they would have blown the audience away.

    4. Myron,

      You will not hear a bad response from me. I felt this was not the right style of music for our il Volo Boys and I sure hope that they never start singing this style. I so agree that Ignazo was having to yell and I just thought it was the style of the song they were singing. I sure hope that no one thinks this is the way our boys sing, because it is not, at least not that I have seen before. After reading your review, I think that I might be seeing some frustration from them on stage or maybe it is because I am not hearing the whole video at once. I just do not feel that this is the kind of music/singing that they are used to either. MOO!

      The video keeps cutting in and out on me, so maybe that is part of it for me. I will try later and maybe it will load all the way and I can hear it all together. Thanks for your review and it explains a lot to me.

    5. Myron, I seldom take negatives and compound them with my somewhat negative thoughts as well…But you expressed my feelings exactly… I do not have a trained ear but I felt like that they lower key was difficult for all three not just Ignazio… I found that GianLuca’s voice was even lower than his usual baritone at times and was not as powerful as I am used to hearing… Even Piero did not seem in his normal comfort zone vocally…THe sound system seemed to be quirky… The mic’s seemed to be going in and out at times… Maybe it was lack of enough rehearsal time with Laura… Or just the fact that her voice didn’t quite blend with theirs… When singing Il Mondo, I felt her voice did not blend with theirs…I am a little bias I know… Il Volo is always great so it must be everyone else that has to step up to their level…Thank you for allowing me to express myself… I appreciate having a place to be able to vocalize my love for Il Volo.

    6. Myron and Loretta – I agree with your comments. Not that I am musically trained, but I didn’t like the sound at all. The boys are fantastic by themselves, they don’t need guests. And they should stick to their Italian singing, which is what they were doing when we went nuts over them.

      I hope when they start their tour they do not try that type of music.

    7. I agree with you about the technical problems, but Laura is a very good singer. She sang with Pavarotti, Andrea Bocelli, Placido Domingo, Eros Ramazzotti, Michael Buble among others famous singer in various countries around the world, specially in Italy. She won in 1993 San Remo festival. She is celebrating 20 years of a successful career, maybe she is not as famous in the U.S. as she is in the rest of the world.
      I do not think they had rehearsed together because they had arrived a day before the concert, in my lay opinion this make a big difference. Any kind of music they sing will be amazing and this Laura´s song is beautiful.
      I have noticed that Ignazio lately even singing with the guys he is shouting a little in the high notes.
      Copying you “I may get some bad responses for this”, but….

  7. I had to go back and check for myself, and Isabel, you were right. They are different glasses. But they are still red, so that’s okay! But was I seeing things (not unusual), or were Piero’s shoes red, at least on the bottom? Of course, it probably was just the lighting.

    1. Allene, I don’t think it was the lighting. I know Piero has a pair of shoes with red soles, he wore them for one of the Italian TV shows, and I remember thinking when he sat down and the soles became visible, “Count on Piero to have shoes with red soles!” When I saw that video one of my first reactions was that Piero was wearing those shoes again.

    2. The bottom of his shoes were red. Maybe he’s trying to give hint to Christian Louboutin! LOL!

  8. I am glad you agree Jeanie & Penina we know them well enough to know how they sing & what is best for them & that was not the best concert for them at all. They are gentlemen through & through & will not say what the problems were plus its not professional.
    Looking forward to their upcoming fantastic concerts

    1. “They are gentlemen through & through & will not say what the problems were plus its not professional.”

      I agree with you.

    2. Hi Loretta, I told you I’d post whatever I can find on the Freedom Hill concerts. So far nothing. I also heard back from the restaurant I contacted, and she said they were looking into a possible Meet and Greet, or something special. She said she will email when and if they find something.

      1. Thank you Barbara for emailing me back, it would be great if they did have a meet & greet because from what I have been looking into there are not a lot of meet & greets from what I have been told rfom different theatres. or else they don’t know anythng yet which they haven’t been specific.
        If you do hear please let me know. I’ve been in touch with one theatre but they aren’t sure if management is going to work on somethng, so will wait & see.

  9. I thought they sounded pretty good, but that is to the untrained ear of the biased fan girl I guess. I liked their acapella version of “Il Mondo”. I hope it was a hint of what is to come, without any collaborations though please! Can’t wait to figure out what they’re doing in L.A.!

    1. I’m thinking maybe they are in LA to work on a new CD? That’s what I’m hoping anyway!

  10. Yes, they did have apartments in LA, don’t know if they still do. They are the most talented people I know and every female who sings with them screams and screeches. They do not need help! In one picture, Piero looks kind of upset at the end. Not sure!

  11. Thanks, Myron and all, for your honest responses. Interesting how listening to this piece the second time, I felt the strain so greatly that I actually had to stop listening. I have *never* before had that response to anything IL VOLO sings.

    I did enjoy watching their interaction. The love comes through, no matter what!

    Josie, I understand your sharing. I have found that many artists who are excellent in their own right suddenly pale next to IL VOLO. My tastes are so refined now, thanks to IL VOLO.

    I’m adding to my IL VOLO wish list that all future performances allow them to sing in the proper key for them and only with singers and performers up to their caliber. Ooooo, I wonder who that might mean for them to collaborate with! Not that they vocally need to collaborate at all, but I do see the benefit to their fan-base to have cross-over audiences newly introduced to Our Boys.

    Always appreciate your sharing video, photos, stories, and more, Marie, Michele, Linda, the rest of the Board, and mlla!

    Sweet night,
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. Jeanine, I only have shared this because I read people asking who is she?
      Since Elvis I have not been a fan of anyone until to hear them sing. As you said is positive the interactions with famous singers, because they will become more known, and the more they are seen and listened (I doubt that then people will not fall for them) the more success yet. As for the refined taste is hard to define it, for example, I do not like Opera, but Andrea Bocelli, Placido Domigo, Josh Groban singing pop liric I love, and would love to see them singing together, but I would not like to see them singing with a female lyrical singer or a soprano, because they really scream too much, even Celine Dion or Sarah Brightman, maybe Adele. I think we are so jealous to see them with any female singer.

      1. Josie, I’m with you in enjoying pop liric (operatic pop) and not drawn to opera.

        I’m always on the look-out for a great female vocalist with refined (but not operatic formal) voice.

        Lara Fabian is perhaps in the ballpark.
        I was just watching this on YouTube:
        Mario Frangoulis & Lara Fabian – All Alone Am I (Μην τον ρωτάς τον ουρανό)

        Hayley Westenra seemed like a possibility. On YouTube (4:34-5:04)…
        Mario Frangoulis Live with the Boston Pops Preview
        I love her rendition of May It Be, also, but then on iTunes her latest didn’t seem to be at the same caliber as these earlier performances. (That seems odd to me.)

        Deborah Myers has a crystal clear voice, but for me, her intonation is too formal.

        Then there’s the personality and chemistry, the spark to match Our Boys. Wow! To find even a voice to meet the caliber of our guys is a challenge. Then add the spirit… that is exceptionally difficult.

        Still looking, and having fun in the process…
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  12. Sure agree with above posts. As usual, the guys handle it well like true professionals.

    1. Got a kick out of how Gianluca couldn’t stop hugging Laura, and at one point Ignazio had to step over and break it up. but in spite of all the things that were wrong with the situation, and the above comments are so true, the boys handled it well and managed to look adorable and like they were having fun.

      1. Mary, I noticed fond hugs between Laura and Gianluca too, made me smile…Ignazio didn’t get as much attention or maybe I missed it. ☺

  13. This is why last years tour I was so happy when they cancelled that one women singer that was suppose to sing with them. No offense to her because I am sure she had a nice voice, but for me only very few people might get away singing with them. Honestly, I really don’t want to spend my money on a ticket if they have others singing with them.

  14. Ennio Morricone will be celebrated in LA on March 20th (they sing a medley of his songs on the Flight DVD) – wonder if they will be performing???

    1. Ennio Morricone will be conducting an ensemble of 200 musicians and singers in a single performance. He is a composer, orchestrator and conductor. Doubtful that Il Volo will be performing, but a good bet that they will be attending. They did a tribute to him in the In Flight DVD.

  15. Certainly not their best venue — they were shortchanged. I know Pausini is an international star but … Gian seemed to be overtaken with emotion to be singing with someone as great as he perceives her to be. Both Piero & Ignazio were less impressed.

    Ignazio’s voice is naturally lyric, but for whatever reason he’s being asked to sing leggerio which can sometimes lead to a high shrill sound.

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