Gianluca, “Amazing performance with @LauraPausini at the @TheGarden!!”

Gianluca was the first to comment on the March 6 concert with Laura Pausini at Madison Square Garden and then Piero.

Gianluca Il Volo ” Amazing performance with @LauraPausini at the @TheGarden !! Gracias Laura! Sei speciale!’

Piero Barone Il Volo ‏”Beautiful concert Of @LauraPausini at #MSG. You are The best Laura”

Thanks to MN (mlla) for this link from Laura’s Facebook page:


Credit: EsNuestroMundo


Piero Barone Il Volo    “With @officialpausini Ready to rock #MadisonSquareGarden ”


Piero Barone Il Volo   “#Selfie with #IlVolo #BiagioAntonacci #MiguelBosè tonight at Madison Square Garden


Piero Barone Il   “Con il nostro amico Biagio Antonacci.. ”

PGandPiero Barone Il Volo   “Un altro #Selfie con il grande #Jovanotti ”

Photo’s thanks to Piero and Gianluca on Twitter and  EsNuestroMundo on Twitter.

20 thoughts on “Gianluca, “Amazing performance with @LauraPausini at the @TheGarden!!””

    1. I viewed some new pictures that came in tonight of the Laura Pausini Concert and I think that Gianluca smiled more on the Madison Square Garden stage than I have ever seen him smile in any concert… His beautiful smile outshined his his jacket…

  1. Thanks for sharing. Our boys looked great. Were they able to perform by themselves? I saw they did “I’ll Mondo” accapella which was lovely. Now, they are off to LA. At least they are in the same state as me and same time zone.

  2. Thanks for all the pictures. They all look handsome as always, and well rested to boot! So glad they’re back!

  3. Looked like they were having the time of their life. Great experience for them!! Thank you for posting this for us!!!

  4. I started getting the videos last night around 9 PM, since I am in the west and there is a three hour difference… I just watched them over and over again… I enjoyed the singing but what I enjoyed the most is that all three seemed happy and full of energy…By the end of last years tour of Latin America, they seemed worn out and ready for a vacation… Last night they seemed happy to get back to entertaining their fans with their Great Stage Presence, Amazing Voices, and their Happy and Beautiful Selves…

  5. Already wrote a mini-review on previous posting. But I will agree with some statements above: They looked well rested and sounded very fresh which is such good news after the problems they had with voices on the Latin American tour after singing in the rain in Central America. Even in Assisi on Dec. 14 they still had some of the raspy sound lingering on. As a voice coach I always worry about that kind of sound but now they sound GREAT and refreshed so the time off worked well.

    1. Agree with you Myron on many points of your reviewing. In any case lack of proper rehearsing and arrangements/equipment adjusting, perhaps due to lack of time, with the enthusiasm may be everyone was a bit too confident and THEIR arriving just the day before did not help for sure, that’s my guessing. Definetely Il Mondo sounded as done impromptu.
      The fact is that when are just the three of them everything is easier and well oiled of course, but to adjust to other situations needs more work whatever the case may be. Then, of course, we can discuss choices of partnering and music. Agree, not an easy issue.
      Anyway glad they enjoyed and had fun.

    1. Yes, I agree I was really becoming concerned when our Beautiful Ignazio was wrapped up in scarves and hats in interviews and then coughing on stage, and actually leaving the stage and coming back with some liquid in a cup to calm his throat… What a trooper our guys are, but I hated every minute of seeing them being stretched to the limit… Maybe their managers are taking lasts years schedule into consideration and realizing there needs to be time for recovery between the performances and travel time…

    2. Hi Milla that singer has a terrific voice, now that is an excellent singer in the guys category. Can you recommend to Barbara this singer Filippa. I would gladly go to see them in concert long as it wasn’t overseas, too expensive for me.

      1. Hi L. She actually lives in Mexico now and got citizenship.

        I was just playing along with some options like some of you did here on the blog, it’s fun.
        Boys in latest Italian interview quoted Celine Dion and Bono of U2 as their next dream far when they expressed a wish/dream they managed, but only time will tell.

        Hopefully themselves and management will come up with some ideas, so far we are in the blue about next choices and according to Myron it appears some changes are in place and , in reading through his lines, I just got the impression there might be important changes so we’ ll see what’s coming up next.
        Take care

  6. Well Jeannette maybe there was a lesson beiing learned from that & the management took notice. It was breaking my heart to see him tryu\ing to cover up his sickness.
    So now we can look forward to wonderful concerts with healthy men & beautiful voices.

  7. Barbara thanks for emailing me. I saw what you posted to me on a couple of previous pages. Was the restaurant very far away from the Detroit theatre they were at before, me & others will go anywhere for a meet & greet. I presume you will be there & if so then we could meet because there are a couple more people that I know going to Freedom Hill Amphitheatre. Hope we can at least meet & say “hello”

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