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Every now and then you have to take a stand. We, your Flight Crew Board, have decided to stand with Our Guys in support of the humanitarian efforts to free the Venezuelan people. Do what you will with this video, pass it on or write your representative or just watch and understand.

Thank You,


Thank you Myron for bringing this video to our attention.

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41 thoughts on “Freedom For Venezuela”

  1. In Miami we have a large Venezuelan community. They have rallied peacefully on a daily basis ever since the riots began.Your heart breaks when they speak of the terrible conditions in that country. I pray for them.

  2. I will keep them all in my prayers. For the people, that they will be safe, and for the government and military, that they will move towards peace. Thank you for this. The whole world needs to know.

  3. I am very proud of our site on this. Sometimes it is tricky to know when to take a political stand on a site that is not political but since we support our guys and they are strong on this good issue then I think it makes sense that are too. Besides that, I feel this is less a political issue and more of a right over wrong issue. Thank you to all our wonderful IL VOLO Flight Crew fans.

  4. I have been concerned about what has been going on in Venezuela every since our three young men brought it to my attention… I was surprised that there was not more coverage in the news about what is happening there… I am so very proud of Il Volo for caring about the plight of this country, and bringing the attention to their fans means bringing more attention to the world, since their fan base is so large… Seeing this video is the most coverage and the most informative information I have viewed to date… It made me emotional while watching it… How difficult it must be to live in a country that affects your every part of your being on a daily basis… I feel blessed to live in America where we can have our point of view politically and not be jail or killed for it…I pray for Venezuela that some day they can find peace, love, tranquility and most of all freedom to live their life as they wish…

    1. I wonder about that too, Loretta. I think their management/parents/their own judgement would stop them from going where there is unrest in a country, or anyplace that is unsafe.

      1. Your right Marie I am sure they are looking at the situatio9n there. I have been looking at the internet & when I saw shooting IF I was controlling where they were going I would be cancelling that concert until things settled down.
        I expect to live at least for another 17 years & I would like to be able to follow their careers & that is ALL 3 guys.

  5. Since I am in a position to speak to many people in my community I pledge here that I will bring up the injustice, the violence of Venezuela every chance I get. I will try to get my parishioners to pray for them too. This is an ugly heartbreaking situation. My heart goes out to them. Bravo to our guys for their support !

  6. Thank you, Myron, Marie, the Flight Crew Board, Gianluca, Piero, Ignazio, and everyone who is holding Venezuela, their citizens and the possibility for a just government, in the Light.

    As I did on Martin Luther King Jr day this year, I am remembering how everything can shift almost instantly. Some of you weren’t alive then, and many of you were. I remember the day the Berlin Wall came down. Oh, my heavens, what an awe-inspiring miracle! I posted an image, a video of it coming down, and a Martin Luther King Jr quote on my Reflections Page this year on MLK day.

    I now dedicate this to the people of Venezuela and their vision of a wise, just government. Also, recently I was doing a TAT for myself to release the strain of something awful that I recall from decades ago. At the same time, I included everyone who has ever or will ever live under a subversive regime. God bless. This is my voice.

    And here is the vision I am holding… Gianluca, Piero, Ignazio leading us in singing We Are Love. We are holding hands, joined in the beauty of this Truth, holding hands with everyone in Venezuela. The LIGHT of LOVE is transforming Venezuela and our planet in an instant. I choose this. Thanks to God for all that is possible in every moment of now.

    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  7. I am worried about them going to Russia. But I know they are keeping an eye on the situation and if they think there is any sort of danger they will not go. Praying for those people in Venezuela!

  8. We can all certainly unite in prayer for the dear people in Venezuela as well as in Ukraine. No one should live under such tyranny. Bless Our Guys’ hearts for speaking out! I, too, fear for them to attempt a Russian tour. Truly marvelous to join with so many, holding these folks in prayer. Thanks, Flight Crew!!

  9. I wish I knew what cities in Russia they are singing in. Anyone hear about that ?
    One good thing: The Russians are mad at us and not the Italians. Sometimes I wish we could claim these guys as our own but not this time. In Russia they need to be Italian all the way. We have some Il Volo fans that live in Russia and I wonder who they blame. Time for prayers and crossed fingers.

  10. I cannot figure out the recent schedule: They fly from New York to L.A. to get a haircut and now today they are off again flying back to Italy ? ? ? 6000 miles for a haircut ? ? ? Must be something else. I know that is one of their favorite hair salons but that is silly.

    1. I called Barbara but no answer – not even voice mail. If anyone finds out I hope they post it here.

  11. I can’t understand why they had to fly all the way back to Italy so soon either. They were just getting adjusted to their jet lag!

  12. I really have to laugh at us. we are all nervous recks if we don’t hear what is happening to them hour by hour. we are like mother hens whose daughter is out in the night and we cant sleep until we hear her open the door. I think we worry about them more than their own mothers! what have these boys done to us!!, if they can’t sleep neither can we

  13. You all know more of what is happening with our Boys than I do. Thought they were still in the LA area. Hoped they were recording. Now I will be having a lonely, lost feeling. Surely their families will not agree to a trip that is unsafe. Will pray for all in Venazuela. sp? Plan to check with my gov. representitive concerning their plight. Happy thought, I have M & G tickets to 6/7 concert at the Greek Theater.

  14. They arrived Friday, did haircuts and swimming on Saturday and one other thing (I don’t know what that was but not much time for a recording session) and then back to the airport on Sunday morning. Home to Italy.

    1. Thanks for the updates, Myron!

      It’s Gianluca’s Nonno’s birthday. Wouldn’t it be something if they simply wanted to let the guys relax with their families and celebrate a special day? Maybe meet up with Michele (Torpedine) and discuss plans for yes / no or how to go on their Russian tour.
      … Mind you, I’m just making guesses.

      Either way, I hope Gianluca gets to spend time with his Nonno!

      Blessings, guys, and safe travels!
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  15. Deanne. lol. How perceptive of you! Of course, it doesn’t take much to know that that’s what most of us are guilty of. As a matter of fact, my son and I just had a conversation earlier this evening about the Russia tour! The only difference is they have intelligent, savy people respondsible for their safety, and I’m confident they are on top of things. Besides, they all converse with their parents every day, and moms are moms wherever they may be, and as such, I don’t think for one moment that they would allow the boys to be put in harms way. As for us, these three have sung and smiled their way into our hearts , and of course we love them too. We are not their moms, but we certainly love them as though we are. I think that’s okay, love is love and love worries! Right?

    1. Right! What is funny in a lovely sort of way is how they have managed to make each one of us feel that they are as dear to us as our family is–actually we consider them to be sort of adjuncts to our families. How do they do it? I don’t know, I don’t care! There it is–they have entered our hearts and we love them like they were our own grandsons.

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