20 Really Good Reasons

WARNING: Beware of where you buy concert tickets! We don’t know enough yet to guide you. Be watchful of scalpers!


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Here are 20 really good reasons for Il Volo to turn around and come back to us:

1. We love you.
2. You love us.
3. We need Italian things – Clothing, shoes, cars, food, words, men, singers, and wine.
4. We’ll tie Loretta’s walker down.
5. You are bored.
6. The Flight Crew will behave at concerts – probably – maybe.
7. We will hold Connie (an ex-pirate) and Joanie (who should be a    pirate) back.

Thanks Ann
Thanks Ann

8. Singing is what you do.
9. Listening and swooning is what we do.
10. Your mom wants you out of the house (well, maybe).
11. You will all be handsome AND rich.
12. You’re not getting any younger.
13. We’re not getting any younger.
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14. Other performers need the bar raised.
15. We have Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman and Anne Hathaway right here!
16. You can stay at my house – for free – whenever you want. Meals and hugs included.
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17. We have Sushi.
18. Every Flight Crew Member is 20-years-old, beautiful, and has long blonde hair (shh! They don’t know).
19. There aren’t any smiles here as good as yours.
20. You will keep a bunch of women (and one man) sane!
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I know there are plenty more reasons for Them to come back. What are they?

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79 thoughts on “20 Really Good Reasons”

  1. OK Folks, here’s my imaginary guess on the situation: I believe that before they left Italy for New York, their parents were concerned with the situation in Russia at this time. it was decided that they would come in and do their show with Laura, then go to LA and discuss the situation then and make a final decision. (now bear in mind that Russia wants a referendum in Crimea on 16th March) they must have discussed it and thought that it was to risky and unknown – their tour begins in 3 weeks and they are there for a month – so I think with this decision it was decided to send them back home and they could come back later. just my guess

    1. Deanne, this was a worry of mine (many others too, I would imagine) having them travel to and be in Russia during all the upheaval. At any rate, they are at home with family and I am sure that is a happy scene for all. The above 20 Reasons are so clever and so true…I enjoyed them so much. Thank you dear Flight Crew! ♥

    1. Marie, does The Flight Crew have a password for getting advance sale tickets to Il Volo concerts? I bought tickets for the Philly concert the minute they went on sale but not the greatest seats. I am going to the Newark concert as well, but wish I could get decent seats and a Meet & Greet. Please let me know. My email is maddiev1123@gmail if you want to send it to me. Thanks a million.

  2. Marie, thanks for you 20 good reasons .. How about for the nonna’ a here who want to cuddle them and punch their beautiful cheeks!!💕💕

      1. Oh, yes, Cathie, we knew what you meant….we ALL would love to pinch (gently) their darling cheeks. ☺

    1. Cuddle and punch! That cracked me up! I know you meant pinch but all the same, I had this image of a sweet Nonna like Cathie giving a sweet cuddle/hug and then a punch ( gentle) for LEAVING US!

  3. Marie—If they are living in your house I will be too !!!!! I promise I’ll help you with the meals and hugs !!!! (you can have your dimples, I’ll have my GG and we’ll both have Piero !!! ) They must come back because it is imperative that we know their whereabouts from day to day and minute to minute and it’s much easier to keep track of them when they are here !!!. Like do we know what, where and when right now ??? What the heck is going on ???? It’s driving us crazy !!!!!! HELP !!! Come back!!!!

    1. Well, with you and Marie occupied with your respective sweethearts, I don’t think you’ll have time for Piero. So I’ll come and keep him occupied! I’ll help with whatever you need me to as well!

  4. Marie, you made my morning ( its early here) I had such a good laugh and that’s not easy considering I’m not a morning person. However, its only fair to tell you that while I am not going by my nom de plume, piratesorka, anymore, one thing is certain: ONCE A PIRATE ALWAYS A PIRATE! If I get a chance to meet the guys all bets are off about holding this pirate back!

    1. Connie— My father seriously thought he was a pirate–he buried silver coins in his backyard, lived on the water and owned a sailboat !!!) So-maybe I really am a pirate !!!! We can be pirates together and you know that pirates are anything but meek !! I don’t think anything would hold us down if we finally came face to face with our gorgeous guys. If I could I would chase them all over the world !!!!

      1. Joanie, I think you are a pirate!. My great aunt stumbled upon the maternal family name in a book about pirates, contacted the author and the two of them then discovered that LO! That particular pirate WAS our ancestor! So by day I work for a church, but outside of it I am a pirate! We can be pirates together in search of certain handsome young Italian singers who should return to us soon!

  5. For your interest and to keep everyone happy whilse we await word.
    They travelled Business class on Air France. Business class on Air France entails : You seat is designed for optimal comfort. It transforms into a spacious bed up to 6.5ft long by 24inches wide. it takes the shape of your body and guarantees you quality sleep. It’s enveloping shell allows you to enjoy privacy throughout the flight. It also includes an individual screen so you can enjoy entertainment with over 500 on-demand programmes. A hypoallergic feather pillow. A soft and soothing blanket. A kit that includes toiletries. A power outlet to plug in your laptop or other electronic devices. a reading lamp. Noise-cancelling headphones. A personal telephone to make calls via satellite. Expresslight meals

  6. Just one point, Marie. You may have Ignazio and Gianluca at your house, but Piero will be at my place soaking up a lot of hugs and face pinching! I even have the ingredients for that Italian spaghetti sauce, and will make a double batch while he is here. I know how much he lives spaghetti!

    And I, too, have been wondering why they were headed back to Italy.. Don’t they know they would be more than welcome to stay with us?!

    1. Well, everyone, since I am a thoroughbred Sicilian, I think the boys should stay with me. I am also a grandmother, and my grandchildren are all older than our 3 Italian loves! So… my house would be perfect for them!

  7. By the way, the radars on this sight are usually pretty sharp, we should have picked up 1st, that they didn’t stay on in New York for a little while, maybe to do interviews, and 2nd that they went to a hotel in LA. they have an apartment in LA, so one would thing that they would have gone directly to their apartment where they cold rest much better . the hotel tells me that they did not want to open the apartment and dirty things for just one day, so something was brewing before.
    the boys are very quiet this time, so I imagine the studio will be the ones to release any statement when it knows what it is doing. good things come to those who wait!!!

  8. Loved this article Ms. Crider! You and the Flight Crew Board always manage to keep us all informed and sane. Well, as sane as possible considering the fact that we all love the same three men! 😀

    I think they should come back when they are well-rested and ready. I loved all your reasons they should come back though, especially 6, 8, 9, 14, and 19. I couldn’t think of any better possible reasons!

    1. Thank you, Miss Isabel. You are so sweet! You’re right about us all loving the same three guys. If I wasn’t so sure Ignazio loved me best, I would be jealous.

    2. I am enjoying all of you with your sweet, funny comments about our ‘boys’….I am so excited to be ordering tickets for the Milwaukee, WI concert….this Sat. This has to be a dream come true for me, really. I have not been able to attend a concert, so this will be my very 1st time and my dear son is driving and going with me. I hope the boys’ flight home was very comfy, sounds like the plane was wonderful and don’t they deserve it…they give so much of themselves to us. Thanks for all your updates…you’re the best!!!! xxoo ☺

  9. Marie— Hold on !!! You know that you can’t hold two feisty pirates down so #7 stays !!!!! I just laughed so hard !!! Last week with the release of the concert dates some of us have been in a stressed frenzy trying to figure out a way to see Our Boys so Thank You for giving us a little comic relief today !!! We needed it !!!

  10. As always, Marie, you did a wonderful job and brought a smile to my face! These are my thoughts:

    In response to #6–absolutely NOT! Secondly, I have not been restrained by Pilot Marie-so watch out! Even if I was, one of my nicknames when I was little was Houdini (I am told I liked to escape my clothes!) so it really wouldn’t help tying me down! #10- what is this future tense “will be handsome”? Do you think we could handle it if they were more than they already are? 🙂 #16–And there will be lots of security as the police will not want to be far away knowing an Ignazio fight might start any moment between Marie, Loretta, Linda, and all the other Ignazio lovers on here! #18 To my Piero, who does things differently than the rest–while all the rest are 20 and blonde and beautiful, I am 17 and have dark brown curly hair and can be a bit ditzy. You’ll have to tell me if I’m beautiful or not. So if you still want to be different, I’m here! #20 So, can you be sane and still love Il Volo whether their here or not? If so, I think I need some help until the Il Volo Medical Ward for the Incurably Insane opens–I’m never sane!

    My #21- I feel safer with my angels on the same land mass as I am. So, would you darlings catch the next plane out and come back? We’ll be waiting at the airport!

      1. Marie and Carli, I feel better when they are in the US with us, but I imagine their parents feel better when they are back home. I worry all the time about their traveling. going to the different countries and of the air travel. Oh Marie, don’t forget, you promised to share Ignazio with me!

  11. Thank you Marie for going through the trouble of listing so many interesting reasons while I think #16 is all that is really needed for you (Okay, #1 and #2 also)!

    I couldn’t believe they’re gone so soon this time. Whatever it was it must be very important and can’t be done over phone or cyber space or they really love business class travel, lol!

    I got my tickets for the Gallo Center in Modesto and I purchased it thru the Center’s box office. Thanks Marie for the cautions on scalpers. The scalpers were selling the tickets for over $250 while I got mine for $99 safe and secure!

  12. Well, you already know they put the magic in my life! Something special must be going on in Rome, can’t wait to hear. Even Gianluca won’t tell.

  13. if something is going on in Rome Ann, why are the last pictures of each of them so serious faced? they all look disappointed, not their usual smiles or funny pranks from Ignazio. but I want to wish that you are right. something good will come out of all this. I just want to tell Gianluca and Piero and Ignazio to please now sing their own song “SMILE” to themselves. a special request from me

  14. Nanawolf, I don’t remember promising that. I must have lied to you. If I ever got my hands on that Boy I wouldn’t share him with anyone. Nope. Not me.

  15. Deanne I like your insights. Where are you getting your information from? If that is the case that Russia could be cancelled then it may disappointing for the guys but there will be another time when things are quieter & settled down.
    They are lucky they had their concert in Venezuela earlier & weren’t there now. THEN we would have something to worry about.

  16. I wonder if Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca are aware of the full effect that they have on so many people from around the world? Do they know how many people they make smile every day? Do they know how happy their Il Volovers are to hear even the smallest hint of news from them? Do they know the full extent of the good their music has done for people? Do they realize that they have made the world a better place? I hope they do. I really, really hope they do.

  17. All of you guys crack me up. Can’t stop laughing. Are you sure you ladies are not in your teen years. Of course I feel everything you are feeling for our PRECIOUS BOYS. I HAD A STROKE AT AGE 50. NOW I AM 68 on 3/17, next Monday. Lost my husband at age 60 and still having many health issues. My salvation, IL VOLO IS THEIR NAME. They get me through the day. My aches and pains seem to disappear when I watch/listen to them. Reading all your funny comments is also medicine to me. SO PLEASE KEEP GOING. LET US PRAY THE BOYS AND THEIR CREW MAKE THE RIGHT DECISIONS. BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY. FOR OUR SAKE ALSO BECAUSE WE ADORE THEM.

    1. Prese pasco, you are 68 years YOUNG. There may not be a fountain of Youth but we Flight Crew folks have found three young men who have given us a sense of being young again for those of us who thought we were old, camaraderie with those who are young (I am looking at you Isabel) and for all of us given sweet sweet heaven sent music. Happy birthday soon my dear

  18. Lovely post Prese Pasco, thank you.
    You all, I am feeling very down (I shouldn’t be, I should trust God more) but it’s been one whole day now and not a word from the boys (Gianluca especially is so vocal) not a word from Barbara, not a word from anybody! just SILENCE, deafening silence!!!!. painfull silence. I come to the computer every hour hoping for something
    it feels like I am in the doctor’s office awaiting his diagnosis. do I have to go through another night like this??? somebody, say something PLEASEEEE

    1. I like the great info and ideas you’ve already shared with us, Deanne! LOVE the details on the plane!

      A great way to relieve the stress is to think of all the wonderful possibilities and express them as
      … they all went to Italia so Gianluca could celebrate his Nonno’s birthday
      … they went to Italia so Disney could interview them with their families for a movie about IL VOLO
      … they decided the Russian tour needed to be postponed, and they said, Why not go home and enjoy time with your families?
      … they were elected to test out new comfort features on business class
      … they went to Italia to practice for a concert to be performed before Papa Francesco at the Vatican
      … they decided to work on the first portion of their next album in Roma and then return to LA for Humberto Gatica to put the finishing touches (engineering, mixing, etc.) on their new album
      … they were invited to perform at a very prestigious gala event where many in the audience will be in a position to further their careers and to have a downright fabulous time at the concert

      It’s fun coming up with this list, and I’m sure you can add to it, Deanne and anyone else who is wondering or worrying.

      I confess that I also have a deck of cards with verses on them with the topic of “all things are possible.” Very uplifting! (On top of that ever-famous saying, If you’re gonna worry, why pray? If you’re gonna pray, why worry?)

      Sweet dreams, Gianluca, Piero, Ignazio, all our Flight Crew friends, and Barbara Vitali, who tweeted on Oct. 13, 2013 “Dreams brew fresh daily”!
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

      1. Jeanine I love those reasons, especially the one about Papa Francesco and the new CD. Plus Gianluca just has to spend more time with his beloved Nonno. All things are indeed possible!

      2. Thanks, Connie!

        It does make me smile to think of all the good possibilities.

        Oh, let’s add that IL VOLO and U2 could be meeting to work up a duet on a song. (I know IL VOLO would like that, even though I prefer IL VOLO’s version of Beautiful Day over U2’s.)

        Trusting, Gianluca, Ignazio, and Piero that all good is flowing to you and all of us each day,
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  19. Slightly off topic–Roy Thomson Hall now has the Il Volo concert on their calendar and ticket sales start this week. go to the calendar and click on more info in the box in the picture of the boys! Come on, Loretta–let’s see what we can do!

  20. Deanne, everyone. A couple of hours ago, Gianluca twitted he is now in Rome! That is the good news, but the only news so far. So, just keep watching his twitter for more. I know I will. Thank you Gianluca, Wheeh! I feel better.

    1. go to http://www.roythomsonhall.com and on the top click CALENDAR. When that page opens up it has Mar-Apr with an arrow to the right. Click on that arrow until it says June. Then scroll down and on June 24 there will be a picture of the boys. In that box there is a small thing on the bottom right that says “info”. If you click on that the ticket information comes up.
      I hope you find it!

    1. Loretta,

      If you decide to go to the venue to get your ticket, make sure to go extra early. I have been told that people really line up early at some places, even going and staying overnight to make sure that they are there. I have also found that some venues even open up the Ticket Sales to the people actually at the Box Office before they start taking the Phone Orders. Just letting you know what I have experienced trying to get tickets to anything.
      Good Luck in getting the best seat.

  21. Now that I’ve imagined why they went to Italia, why might they come back to the fantastic U.S.?

    Marie, you made such a great list! What is there to add?

    A. Oh! to sing Happy Anniversary to my parents in Saratoga on June 6th, 3 days before their 60th wedding anniversary! Definitely a primo reason to return!!

    B. And maybe to attend (or perform at??) the special event with Ennio Morricone?

    C. To work up some new songs with Humberto Gatica for the next album.

    D. For Piero to go to the prom with Elizabeth! I’m guessing the prom hasn’t happened yet… or was that a year ago? Time is so hard to keep track of!)

    E. To go Easter shopping on Rodeo Drive for their families.

    F. To relax by the pool in L.A.

    G. To bring all their U.S. fans such joy and peace and delight!

    In perfect timing, Guys, it will be such a pleasure to welcome you to your home away from home here in the States!
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  22. Jeanine, I love your list of all the wonderful possibilities . you have more faith than I do. Yes, I am going to think about all those possibilities all today, because when (if) God closes one window, He usually opens a door. He will never cease to surprise us. something is brewing. I will have hope. thank you again Jeanine for reminding me to keep believing.

    1. Thanks, Deanne!

      A friend once said, “I know that when one door closes, another opens, but it sure is hell in the hallway.” I had to laugh and acknowledge that the in between waiting (while we’re trying to “keep the faith”) can be seriously challenging.

      My “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if…” is a great way to pass the time “in the hallway”, and it keeps me focused on whatever is good, right, admirable, lovely, praiseworthy, etc., so I am able to maintain the “peace that passes understanding.”

      And then there’s wonderful synchronicities like Marie’s fantastic 20 reasons and Elaine pointing out that our beloved Gianluca tweeted, “Yes. I have decided. I’ll move to L.A.” Hmmm… ya gotta wonder about that amazing timing, eh?! (; >)
      I’m not so sure I want them living in L.A. because of the culture, but I often go to a TAT Symposium in Redondo Beach, and it is a delightful, relaxing area on the beach. It feels to me like a different culture, even though it’s a suburb of L.A.
      So, wouldn’t it be wonderful if, where Gianluca (and each of the boys) lands is sweetly supportive of their true amazing selves?!

      Have fun, Guys, following your dreams!
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

      1. Elaine – We have him under our spell !!! If he does move to LA we can move next door–Its hard to share but I’ll try !!!!
        I have a couple of thoughts concerning LA—
        #1- He might be thinking out loud because how do Ignazio and Piero fit into this picture ?
        #2- Although he adores his family living in a small town might not be stimulating enough for him now that he’s older and has seen the world.
        #3- He has said he wants to be an actor. LA makes sense if that’s the case.
        I don’t think LA is a great place to live but I guess we’ll have to wait and see what comes next.

  23. He knows he has many grannies here that will look after him … I am already chopping up the garlic to make some homemade spaghetti sauce… I know he is always looking forward to a good homemade Italian dinner… I will personally deliver a plate of pasta to him to keep him from getting homesick and of course some cannoli’s for dessert…

  24. Could it be true? How are they going to rehearse and record? They will all have to move here! Oh happy day!!!

    Also, Carli and Elaine, I’m sure the 20 reasons convinced him! How could they not?

  25. Marie, you always crack me up! I loved this list!

    And as far as GG moving to LA…perfect! I was just saying I need to relocate to Cali…. 😉

  26. I needed to thank you for this good read!! I definitely loved
    every little bit of it. I have got you saved as a favorite
    to check out new things you post…

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