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Coming Soon!  Very Soon!
Coming Soon! Very Soon!


Send us your concert Photo’s and Stories. We’ll post as many as we can.

For those of you going, enjoy every extraordinary moment. For those of you who are not going, please enjoy Il Volo through our eyes and ears.



Hello, All About Il Volo!

s - all about

We are pleased and proud to announce that “All About Il Volo” is our newest affiliate. We have been informally sending you to them for their terrific articles, translations, links and videos. So, we decided to make it official.
Their link is –  http://www.ilvolo.mus.br/   It will remain on the left side of this page (in gray) under “AFFILIATES”. Go there! Just don’t forget to come back.


Jane & Mary Milwaukee Bound
Jane & Mary Milwaukee Bound

This From Jane (maryjane)


The Calderone Club Downtown
842 N. Old World 3rd St.

Reservation at 5 PM
(Traditional Italian Restaurant…3 blocks from Milwaukee Theatre)

Can go on-line and look at their menu.

Please let me know HERE ON THIS BLOG if you would like to join us. Need to give
final count a few days before concert.

Let the party begin!!!

(I’m there, Jane)


Who could forget?
Who could forget?

Don’t Forget!

Get those Piero Birthday videos/pictures/words to us soon!


Westbury, New York
Westbury, New York

Bid on a ticket to the Westbury Meet & Greet!

Last Bid – June 3rd!

Here https://www.charitybuzz.com/catalog_items/553500




JoAllan T. and friends
Anne Q and friends
Vitoriafe 80
and anyone else from Flight Crew  to meet and greet each other (and me)  inside the Greek theater near the northeast gate which is on the side of the stage building near the box office.  Aim for 7:15pm to 7:30pm (or as they let us inside).  A chance to meet each other and put a face with the name.  Also, I am in section A – row K – seat 21 (and some other friends from Las Vegas).
also, you can call me on 414-335-0717.


1 - 4 new final

If you have been unable to print or have a badge made, I have a few extras. Let me know.


BTW, are you listed in the “Who’s Going Where”? Go to “Topics” right side of this page.


So many things going on! I’m so ready! Got my check today. Spent most of it on Il Volo tickets. Wasted the rest of it.

20 Really Good Reasons

WARNING: Beware of where you buy concert tickets! We don’t know enough yet to guide you. Be watchful of scalpers!


 p - la

Here are 20 really good reasons for Il Volo to turn around and come back to us:

1. We love you.
2. You love us.
3. We need Italian things – Clothing, shoes, cars, food, words, men, singers, and wine.
4. We’ll tie Loretta’s walker down.
5. You are bored.
6. The Flight Crew will behave at concerts – probably – maybe.
7. We will hold Connie (an ex-pirate) and Joanie (who should be a    pirate) back.

Thanks Ann
Thanks Ann

8. Singing is what you do.
9. Listening and swooning is what we do.
10. Your mom wants you out of the house (well, maybe).
11. You will all be handsome AND rich.
12. You’re not getting any younger.
13. We’re not getting any younger.
i - also la cropped
14. Other performers need the bar raised.
15. We have Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman and Anne Hathaway right here!
16. You can stay at my house – for free – whenever you want. Meals and hugs included.
g - la
17. We have Sushi.
18. Every Flight Crew Member is 20-years-old, beautiful, and has long blonde hair (shh! They don’t know).
19. There aren’t any smiles here as good as yours.
20. You will keep a bunch of women (and one man) sane!
s - italy flag
I know there are plenty more reasons for Them to come back. What are they?

zzzzzfor 20 reasons