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Coming Soon!  Very Soon!
Coming Soon! Very Soon!


Send us your concert Photo’s and Stories. We’ll post as many as we can.

For those of you going, enjoy every extraordinary moment. For those of you who are not going, please enjoy Il Volo through our eyes and ears.



Hello, All About Il Volo!

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We are pleased and proud to announce that “All About Il Volo” is our newest affiliate. We have been informally sending you to them for their terrific articles, translations, links and videos. So, we decided to make it official.
Their link is –   It will remain on the left side of this page (in gray) under “AFFILIATES”. Go there! Just don’t forget to come back.


Jane & Mary Milwaukee Bound
Jane & Mary Milwaukee Bound

This From Jane (maryjane)


The Calderone Club Downtown
842 N. Old World 3rd St.

Reservation at 5 PM
(Traditional Italian Restaurant…3 blocks from Milwaukee Theatre)

Can go on-line and look at their menu.

Please let me know HERE ON THIS BLOG if you would like to join us. Need to give
final count a few days before concert.

Let the party begin!!!

(I’m there, Jane)


Who could forget?
Who could forget?

Don’t Forget!

Get those Piero Birthday videos/pictures/words to us soon!


Westbury, New York
Westbury, New York

Bid on a ticket to the Westbury Meet & Greet!

Last Bid – June 3rd!





JoAllan T. and friends
Anne Q and friends
Vitoriafe 80
and anyone else from Flight Crew  to meet and greet each other (and me)  inside the Greek theater near the northeast gate which is on the side of the stage building near the box office.  Aim for 7:15pm to 7:30pm (or as they let us inside).  A chance to meet each other and put a face with the name.  Also, I am in section A – row K – seat 21 (and some other friends from Las Vegas).
also, you can call me on 414-335-0717.


1 - 4 new final

If you have been unable to print or have a badge made, I have a few extras. Let me know.


BTW, are you listed in the “Who’s Going Where”? Go to “Topics” right side of this page.


So many things going on! I’m so ready! Got my check today. Spent most of it on Il Volo tickets. Wasted the rest of it.

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  1. Ladies, I can’t find the list of people that are going to the concerts…

  2. You are not alone, Cathie. I can’t find it either. But I’m practically all packed and ready to head for Milwaukee. Thanks to Jane, I already have a seat reserved for me at the Calderone Club. Now I keep checking the menu to decided what I’ll order. I’ll probably be too excited to eat. (Yeah, right – me too excited to eat – that’ll be the day!)

  3. Invitation to:
    JoAllan T. & friends
    Anne Q. & friends
    Vitoriafe 80

    please come to the area inside the northeast gate (near the box office) of the Greek Theater just to “meet and greet” each other as part of Flight Crew. Let’s aim for 7:15pm (or when they let the crowd in). I have already made arrangements to meet some people over there and hope you all can come meet us too.

    1. Hi Myron,
      Was just going to email you when I found this about meeting! Great! Will try to see you! I am meeting Susan PBS Membership Services Coordinator KOCE at her table at 7:00. She was so helpful at the Gibson & before (Aug 2013) that we clicked! & I wanted to chat with her also! I may be seeing some All Things Il Volo fans at her table too. Hope we can all meet up! My seats are not too good in row K but will see our guys for the 3rd time in M&G, so will be wonderful! I forgot to have my son make Flight Crew Badges but son am coming to the Concert with can make them on Sat morning. See you Sat evening!😋❤️

    2. I have your information and I will see you at the Greek… I will have my Flight Crew badge on… I will be that old blonde lady at the North east gate looking like I am lost… So if you see me Myron you better wave me over…

  4. I’m so excited for those of you IL Volo fans who will be going to their concerts. but hopefully there will be unbelievable videos to come. Have a ball everyone maybe I’ll be able to see IL Volo next year.

  5. Hi Milwaukee-bound folks!! I’m meeting some other ladies for dinner at a different restaurant but could l meet you at the theater?? Also going to the M&G if that works. So many butterflies!!!

    1. Hi Carol, Yes, we’ll look for you at the theatre. Be sure and have your badge on!

  6. Mlla I am sorry for sounding off yesterday but Anastasia’s voie (I think only() did not jell with out guys professional & astounding voices. They are so kind hearted to not hurt someones feelings but can they not speak up to their management? especially once they hear how someone sounds & MIGHT realise the othersinger doesn’t fit? You Mlla are a kind sould but I so want Italy to accept them because that is what they are working so hard for to happen. I think from what I understood what Ignazio said on stage & I am guessing here that America is America & whatever he said after I thought referred to Italy. So that is what they are striving for & that is good becaue all 3 guys are firmly entrenched in their feelings about Italy as they should be.

    Penina I got a link from another web site. It was an Italian program but didn’t show the concert. So went on a fan site & got a link from there but it kept signing off every 1/2 hour. I stayed with it for about 2 hours hoping the guys would come back on because I only saw them singing with Anastalia the last 1/4 of their last song. Until I saw another video of them singing I didn’t know they sang 2 songs.

    1. Dear Loretta,
      no need to be sorry, I think I understand you, so not only Italians are passionate!! Just try if you can to also see the half full part of the glass, not only the empty, what it was good about the show was that they were invited to be part of this big event, then, because the show had to match the scope to promote the future Arena events (operas, ballets, pop opera and pop concerts etc), few artists of different genres were invited, like tenors, a young violinist, a couple of sopranos and so on. They were matched to Anastacia because she is likely to shortly have a concert there and they have been so nice in their own country ,and her as international guest, to share the stage. At least I like to read it this way. Yes both songs they sang were in duet (should say quartet?) with her. first I understood it would be only one but who knows what the agreement were between managers and artistic director.
      Concerning your worry about Igny been left aside I think you – again with good purpose I am sure – give may be a bit too much importance to what people say in interviews (which have time constraints) or what happens on stage, Igny, as I see it, looks like he has a satisfying private life with good and friendly relationships and seems to be happy with his colleagues and I do not think he feels diminished if he is on the far side of the guest singer hopefully his personality is stronge enough. not to need too much relevance to these show business dynamics.
      The song was very romantic and she and them were interpreting also the lyrics along with the notes.

      So all together their management and Italian tv is giving them quite some visibility lately and, hopefully, soon they will stop calling them the Tenorini, it’s really unbearable now, I can only imagine how they feel about!!

      Now, I really hope you will have a blast at the concerts you will be attending with all the other gals and remember, be positive and enjoy!
      Also, remember, if you are home on the 5th they will be again guests at Porta e porta emission.

      Sorry for lengthy message 🙁

      Ps Piero likes to study opera because he likes it but not Gian and Igny who said they are not interested, at least at the time being. As we all know things can change especially when you are twenty or even less.

      1. Hi Mlla Thank you for explaining your understanding of the concert which I was not focusing on. I certainly do not take offense at your patient explanation.
        Yes your right he is comfortable in himself to not feel left out. I guess I am looking at him as I would look at my grandson & as how I see he is being treated when my grandson wouldn’t think there was anything wrong.
        Your right their thinking is going to change from year to year as they grow & get better & I haven’t been looking at the opportunities that have been presented to them in Italy. I am going to have to look at things differently.

        Anyways I know I am going to have a great time at the 3 concerts & meet & greets & even if I only get to say a couple of words to them at least I can sit on my walker I look at them & be the last to leave to make sure I don’t miss a thing.

        I hope you get to go to a concert & meet & greet or 2 also so we can all compare notes. I’ll remember the 5th. Thanks, as I always said your a kind soul.

      2. Hi, ladies,

        Appreciating your exchange about the concert with Anastacia.

        I am super busy and may have to catch up on videos after our road trip, but for now I saw the one song “quartet” (yes).

        Even though I didn’t feel comfortable with some of Anastacia’s voice (nasally), how I see it is “cross-over audience exposure”. So, the audience may come to see Anastacia or someone else, but they also see IL VOLO, and voila! New IL VOLO fans are born!

        I DO wish there were more female vocal artists that were up to IL VOLO’s caliber and would complement IL VOLO’s musical style! I’m curious to see how Lara Fabian is with their upcoming shared concert. (is it Latvia?)

        Thanks, Loretta and mlla!

        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  7. Hi Loretta
    I only saw the video of the song they sang with Anastacia. What other song did they sing?
    LADIES WHO ARE GOING TO THE EARLY CONCERTS ON THE WEST COAST: Please let the rest of us know if the guys notice the Flight Crew Badges and if they say anything about them.
    I am really curious to see if they notice them! And if they recognize the Flight Crew!

    1. Hi, I’d be interested to know if they will notice us proudly wearing our Flight Crew badges…excitement is building…..have fun everyone, enjoy and let the boys know how much we love them. ☺☺☺

      1. Harriett, they’ll notice! In Detroit last year Mary B hand made us a Flight Crew Badge. They noticed! I actually spoke to both Ignazio and Piero about the Crew! YES I DID!! Can’t wait to meet you! Don’t worry! I plan to let them know!

      2. Harriett–I’m bringing lots of Kleenex ’cause l know l’m going to lose it. They touch my heart like no one else, so what else does one do but cry with joy?

    2. There are more than just ladies going to concerts on the west coast and we gentlemen will also let you know.

      1. Thank you Myron, I did not mean to leave you gentlemen out!
        Sorry for the oversight!

  8. Hi Penina I thought they sang Its Now torNever was the first song if I remember correctly & them they sang a slower version of O Sol O MIO which I liked but it wasn’t the whole song it was about the middle where Piero sings his part repeatedly & then they sang the end but Anastasia’s screeching was heard at the end. That’s last thing I’ll say about her.

  9. I’m going to try another Office Max here to see about badges the one in Edina, Mn wouldn’t do it… go figure I am going to try another one but in case I am not successful, would you reserve two for me? One for me and one for my friend.

    See you there I am sooo excited. I’ll let you know about the restaurant asap.


    1. Suzy, If you haven’t had your badge laminated already, I had ours done at Staples w/no problem. Good luck!!! ☺

  10. Saratoga Ca – will be 91 degrees on Friday. They say it will be at least 10 degrees cooler at Mountainwinery. Pretty warm!

    1. Having been there before in this kind of weather – it could be just perfect because it is low humidity around there.

    2. Hi, Gerri,

      Temp report keeps changing. Now it’s saying high of 79 on Friday.

      And did you see my post about taking Big Basin Way to The Mountain Winery? It’s in Who’s Going Where?

      See you soon!

      ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  11. SO EXCITED!!!!!!!! THEY’LL BE IN THE COUNTRY THIS TIME TOMORROW!!!!! I am going to keep this page up permanently for the next month because I DON’T WANNA MISS THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I would love to meet you ladies at the restaurant in Milwaukee, but my son, who is bringing me has to work, so we will not be leaving for the concert until 5 pm. We live west of Chicago, so hope to be there by 6:30. We will probably grab some fast food on the way.

    I saw, on All About Il Volo, the complete two songs that the guys sang with Anastasia. This new version of O Sole Mio is more like The Three Tenors sing it, slower and more emphasis on notes. I loved it.

    I am getting so excited for the concert, and am a nervous wreck about the meet and greet. I will turn into a blubbering mess I’m sure. 19 more days!!

    1. Jeanne, Carol , Lynn (and hubby) and I, along w/my son, who is driving us, will be on the look out for other Flight Crew members in Milwaukee…we have our badges all ready. I am over excited as the time drawers closer, I may be a weeping mess too once I actually see them and Meet them…oh boy.

      1. To all of you going to the concert in Milwaukee: that is my old home town (prior to Las Vegas) and I do a music festival there every summer in mid-July but I will not be able to make the Il Volo concert in June as I will be in New York. I see them in LA. But my best wishes to you in Milwaukee. The Milwaukee Theater is not the greatest place in town but it does seat around 3800 and that is where they were two years ago. Next time in Milwaukee I am going to try to get them into either the Riverside or the newly restored Grand-Warner.

      2. Harriett, my reply went below Myron instead of YOU. Looking forward to meeting you there AND Myron, looking forward to meeting you in the future as well!! 🙂

  13. Does anyone know how Piero’s sister Maria hurt her foot or ankle? It’s in a cast and the picture shows Piero surprised that his name isn’t on it.

      1. They are flying to San Francisco, in the air right now, can you feel the love? My tickets are for Philadelphia, their last scheduled concert in US. The butterflies are starting now. Oh my! 💞💜💞

  14. Can hardly wait till they touch down on US soil!!

    Calm yourself Stephanie, you have a little ways to go. Should I send you the smelling salts?

    1. I might need smelling salts! I just got my concert badge done at Staples and almost cried right there. I know I’ll need a couple of old fashioned hankies at the concert. If I cry at home just listening to their music, what will happen when I see them live for the first time? Can’t imagine. Smelling salts for sure. 💞💜💞

  15. Be still my heart !!! 11 Days until the Stamford concert and I’m so excited I can hardly stand it !!!! I feel like I’m going to go into orbit !!! Must settle myself down a little but I don”t know how !!!! Maybe I’ll have a little (or big) glass of wine tonight !! Meeting our three angels is a dream come true for me as well as for many of you who are meeting them for the first time (and 2nd, 3rd,and 4th time!!!!) Not to mention listening to their magnificent voices while our eyes are transfixed on their handsome faces !!! I hope I get to meet some of you at the concert. I’ll be wearing the Flight Crew Badge ( by the way I got mine at Office Depot–no problem ). Have a blast everyone !!!! Can’t wait to read all about your amazing experiences !!!

  16. Loretta.
    sorry, must amend what I wrote yesterday, apparently the Porta a porta emission will be broadcasted on the 4th, at 23.30 local time.

  17. Okay ladies, I admit it. I have been very quiet and envious of all of you that are going to a concert, and I have been in quite a funk. There, I’ve said it. I have only been to one show, Phoenix 2 yrs ago, but couldn’t really see them from from the 31st row, and no video screens. Was very disappointed. I apologize, and certainly know that you will all have a terrific time. How could you not, especially if you have a chance to meet and greet, or like some (I,ve heard–no names) can catch them at the back door. Give them a hug for me, especially Igny! I will quit pouting now!!! Safe travels to each of you, and enjoy.

    1. Good point about video screens. Now days all of the places have them on this tour. But anytime you get a large venue past the 20th row without video screens and even with great eyes things are not very intimate. I wish they could afford to do a small 500 seat venue.

  18. Thanks Kitty. We’ll bring back all the pictures, etc that we can to share with you. I’ll work on some more back door shots! Good news is Kitty, They will be back every year. Maybe more than once! Next time…for you…third row center.

    1. Ok, L, you ‘ r in Canada I believe, must be beautiful in spring. Just wishing you and them a wonderful season, you will tell us all about.
      Here weather is kind of lousy at the moment.

  19. Thanks Mlla hope you don’t go to a outdoor venue where you to have to depend on good weather. Have a good time at your concert as well.
    I’m sure we are all crossing out finders that the day for the Festival Park concert in Elgin Illinois will be fantastic weather. I’m sending prayers.

    1. Loretta I will no be able to attend any concert I’m afraid but, now, just in few seconds they will appear on Porta a porta after about 20 minutes of political discussions and a brief flash news, so will see and hear them now! They are to recount their story (have so much patience .I couldn’ keep on smiling answering endlessly to same questions..) True it’s i part of the job but..

      1. Loretta
        The show was good, they were very sponteneous, relaxed, happy, funny, serious, the whole range all at the right moment, super ! hope you ill be able to enjoy it too.

  20. Thanks Marie. If only! Isn’t it crazy for us to care for them the way we do? Have a great time!! Of course, I will be watching everything.

  21. Hi JDB thanks x yr kind note,
    I agree with you. They had good and wide exposure and soon after, with the second Porta a porta emission (in both episodes they had very high audience percentage) things are surely moving on. Also some colleagues here are cheering them and recognizing their talent.
    Now I wish you and yr companions of adventure the best concert ever.

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