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ilvolomusic Instagram
ilvolomusic Instagram

ilvolomusic: Going to #Verona.  Traveling is our hobby!

Uh…no kidding!  The Guys were very busy world travelers last week and have been keeping me on my toes trying to keep up.  It would be so much easier if I were traveling with them instead of catching up on my Twitter feed during breaks and after work…just saying….   😉   But since that’s not going to happen, I do my  best with what I have and will be on the run to their concert tonight as fast as social media will allow me.

They started in Milan in the beginning of the week for a show on RTL 102.5 radio.  I’m not going to waste any time commenting when you can watch for yourself.


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to watch the entire interview, compliments of All About Il Volo. 


Radiointerview(Press play as shown here)





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Next, they jetted to Verona rehearsals for the Fetival Lirico.  They will be singing with the American singer simply known as, Anastacia, and they all seemed to get a kick out of her and are looking forward to the performance.  They also met up with Antonella, who will be hosting.

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Anastacia5388To learn more about Anastacia, visit her:

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Facebook:  Click here —>

Official Website: Click here —>

And hear what she has to say about Il Volo, again thanks to All About Il Volo

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A second day in Verona started with a Press Conference about the upcoming show:

Curtesy of Gardanotizie

Article with translation and photo gallery; Li Joy (facebook)

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Rough Google Translation:
“For me, the television season ends at the Arena di Verona, which is always a thrill to present this event.”
He said Antonella Clerici on the evening of Sunday, June 1 will return to conduct at La Scala in the amphitheater “Arena di Verona in 2014 the show is about to begin,” which will be broadcast live on Rai Uno starting at 21:20.
The event was presented today IN town hall: Anastacia, Massimo Ranieri, The Voilo, Jesus Christ Superstar with the legendary Ted Neeley, Notre Dame de Paris by Richard Cocciante will be the ‘star’ of the evening with the orchestra, the choir and the Ballet of the Arena.

“It ‘a great event broadcasting – said the mayor Flavio Tosi – who returns for the fifth year in a row and is an important showcase for opera in general, as well as the Arena for the festival, because the opera in Verona is a UNESCO World Heritage “.

The artistic director Gianmarco Mazzi said that “the performance of Anastacia will be a cabinet button with Il Volo in a tribute to Elvis Presley with ‘O sole mio and’ I can not live without you. ‘(It’s Now or Never) Then she will sing” Stupid little things “from his latest album ‘Resurrection’, accompanied by the orchestra of the Arena. “
Recalling that in 2013 the show was watched by 5 million viewers in Italy and has already been requested again this year by many countries, the superintendent by the Fondazione Arena, Francesco Girondins, he added that “in this issue back to the formula pop- opera, with an international cast that we hope will confirm the success of the opera festival, which is 101 years old, as was the case last year edition of the centenary. “

“I think the public will be affected – said Riccardo Cocciante – offering songs of ‘Notre Dame de Paris’ in English, French, Russian and Korean, to give a global dimension in that path started 15 years ago. I never wanted to establish a musical, but rather a popular work: it is an attempt to communicate with a young audience with a century that has changed the way we make music and to hear, looking for a bridge, a link between a glorious past com ‘ is the opera music and a bellisismo present. “

From Verona, they flew to London for a recording session at Abbey Road Studios — something they seemed quite excited about…


You can learn more about Abbey Road here —>

and Mauro Dirago here —>

I know I will be very excited to hear what amazing work went on there — hopefully soon!


Just for Fun

Another interview from The Guys’ time in Miami has surfaced, and it has brought a bit of buzz with it.  I’ve seen several of you mention it here, and I definitely got a kick out of it when LiJoy pointed it out to me.  For me, it highlighted that family isn’t all about biology; family is whomever you decide it is.  And our guys are definitely brothers in all the most important senses of the word.  Thanks to All About Il Volo for the translation.  Enjoy!

CalaCNN; All About Il Volo
CalaCNN; All About Il Volo

 Il Volo on CalaCNN





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  1. Thanks for your hard work. I am a grandma that loves Il volo. I visited Italy in the 1970’s while statiioned in Germany and their music brings back so many momories.

  2. Wow, this is all really great! What a lot of work went into compiling this presentation. Well done and thank you!!

    1. Completely agree!
      That middle picture of them at the Abbey Road studios whould be their next album cover!

  3. This site is managed by very talented intelligent people, my hat is off to you and I thank you so much. See you Friday in Saratoga!!!

  4. Andrea Luttrull: I am trying to contact you about the Nashville concert. Would you like to meet a group of us for dinner at Demos’ at 4:30? We would love to have you!!! I’m from Texas , too, and my friend Dolly and I would so enjoy meeting you and having the pleasure of your company! Linda P., Anna Breeding & husband, Peggy Gain & husband and maybe more (Jeanie & husband) will make up our group. I know that Beverly Olson is getting up a large Nashville delegation for dinner, but with our group, it would make too many if we tried to combine us all. So we agreed to split up. Let me know your plans…here or email:
    Helen Bridgforth

  5. The Porta a Porta program was fastastic, They really interviewed the guys so well & I sssooo wished I knew what they had been saying because they were having so much fun/ I was smiling & laughing along with them & didn’t know a word that was said until Ignazio spoke a bit of English announcing Anastasia.
    To bad I can’t get the Porta a Porta program in English I would keep the program so I could look at it periodically & get a few laughs. Ignazio has such a wonderful sense of humour & keeps everyone in stitches.
    The program was supposed to be 1 hour & then 1 & 1/2 hour & it went on for 2 hours. They so deserved a good interview. The announcer was so enjoying them.
    I am so looking forward to Buffalo

  6. The song that Gianluca sang “Can’t help falling in love with you” was so much better than Elvis sang it. In fast he sings so much better than even Frank Sinatra. I am sssoooo looking forward to their solos & especially any new song that Ignazio composed. CAN’T WAIT, CAN’T WAIT

  7. It took Elvis a long time for him to earn his wings, but he finally did in 1995… He spoke to God and said, God! I have this incredible voice you gave me and its being wasted up here because everyone has an incredible voice when they get to heaven…So since I finally earned my wings and you deemed me a good soul, can I become a guardian angel for someone and give him my guidance so that he may grow up to have a perfect voice and bring joy, peace and love to everyone and make it a better world? God said yes Elvis you earned that right and on February 11, 1995 Gianluca was born with Elvis in his soul to guide him to become who he is today…The most incredible Baritone on earth since Elvis… And today he proved it…

      1. Beautiful, Jeannette, just beautiful! What a unique way of expressing how so many of us feel about Gianluca and his incredible voice.

        To me, one of the most fascinating things about Gian’s vocal talent is that he can sing in so many genres… Almost operatic, crooning, R & B, and even country-western. He invented the phrase, “out of this world” when it comes to unlimited diversity in his oh! so lovely baritone voice. I admire him more than I can say. (And he has everything else going for him, too…Such a kind and compassionate young man, as are our other two Il Volo men.)
        Oh! bliss!…Oh! joy!….Nashville, here I come!

    1. I am speechless…OMG…what more can I say. He simply sings this song out of this world. Jeannette, you put it so well…love him and them more and more every day.

      1. The incredible talent of Gianluca! What more can I say? You girls have said it so well. I so want him to sing Sinatra songs.

  8. Thank you all for the kind compliments… I just have always enjoyed Gianluca’s baritone voice., he has a unique powerful yet smooth style…He truly made his mark on the musical world with his two partners, Ignazio and Piero, who are each great with beautiful Tenor voices, But GG has a baritone voice which he is quick to point out and his own very distinctive style … He blends beautifully with the tenor voices.. But on his own singing this song, he is a shining star.

  9. OMG! Just listened to Gianluca sing Elvis! To think we have Frank Sinatra and Elvis wrapped up in the glorious voice of one of our beloved Il Volo! Gianluca, please sing more Elvis!! You make my heart soar whenever I hear you!

    1. Gianluca made your heart soar? Well, if you have ever been to a Elvis concert or seen one on TV, at the very end of his concert there is a deep voice that say,” Elvis has left the building” !!!
      When Gianluca sang Elvis’s song so beautifully in his own styling which was beautiful by the way, MY HEART LEFT MY BODY, he took me to heaven (There stood Elvis cheering him on) and back again… It’s hard to believe he can win the hearts of so many at the young age of just nineteen… I cannot imagine what he can do in years to come…

      1. Jeannette, thank you for putting into words so accurately just how I felt when Gianluca sang that Elvis song. Yes he has a unique powerful yet smooth style… such a precious young man! our Gianluca!

    1. Loretta, I live in South Africa. No chance for me to see a Il Volo concert, so yes I DO want the ladies and gentleman to tell us everything they have experienced and I want to tell them that their input is very much appreciated.

  10. Hi Ineke for some reason I thought you had moved to the States & that you had seen the Il volo boys in concert. I am only stating I want to be surprised because I don’t want to know everything yet. Anyway it will be wonderful to see what others are saying about the guys. Hope you get to see them sometime instead of just on video.

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