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  1. Beautifully said, Marie! I’m ready for them; have tickets to two concerts in my area!

  2. Good morning everyone. HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY. YES MARIE, WE WOULD HAPPILY STAND IN A LONG LINE IN OUR WHEELCHAIRS , WALKERS AND CANES (at least I would) just to hear their heavenly voices and get a glimpse of the handsome faces and most of all, get a tight hug. They do give great hugs. BY THE WAY, TODAY IS MY 69th BIRTHDAY. DID YOU ALL SEE MY PICTURE WITH THE BOYS WHICH I POSTED ON TWITTER AND TUMBLER?

    1. Happy happy birthday, Prese!

      I know of 3 guys in tux who would be delighted to sing you happy birthday! Go to YouTube and search for:
      Il Volo singing “Happy Birthday” to Maxwell

      Just change the name, or think of it as max[imum] well.

      It’s a good start on that hug!

      (; >) Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  3. If all goes well I will be standing in line at the Stamford Ct concert with my heart pounding out of my chest !! M&G just announced this morning for this venue !! On sale tomorrow morning at 9am EST !!! Don’t know if I can request seats or it’s pot luck in first 15 rows. I want to sit up front and stand in line !!!!! Feeling so-o-o stressed out !!! Any thoughts about this ?

    1. Here’s my thought for whatever it is worth: Call the number today and see if there is a recording and if you have to press 0 to get to a live person. Then tomorrow key in the number before 9 AM and at around 30 seconds before hit the talk button. By the time the call goes through and you get to the right extension it will be 9:00 or a few seconds after. Then you will be one of the first to get tickets.

      1. Thanks–problem is that it is a web site I have to go to to get the tickets–no phone #. So I don’t know if it’s better to just get regular tickets and be able to pick my seats close to the stage or get the M&G package and possibly be in the 15th row ? Oh boy-this is not fun !! ! Whatever happens I can’t wait for tomorrow to be over so I can relax !!!

      2. Joanie–you better check the M & G offer. The one up here was for people WHO ALREADY HAD TICKETS. In other words you had to buy the tickets separately–you didn’t need the ticket to buy the M & G, but the tickets were not sold with it. You need a ticket to use the M & G ticket. See if it is a package of a ticket and the M & G or only the M & G.

  4. Great poem, Marie! It really says it all. I’m so excited for Milwaukee – the concert, the meet and greet, and so looking forward to meeting my new Flight Crew friends (partners in crime)!

    1. Hello Laura Lee, I am going to Milwaukee too, along with one of my new FB girlfriends. My dear son is driving us and attending the concert. My 1st time seeing our ‘boys’ live, I am absolutely thrilled. My friend was fortunate to have seen them in Chicago last Sept., she loves them too!
      Everyone says I am in for a big treat….we are going to he M&G also. Harriett from IL ☺

      1. Hi Harriett,
        Looking forward to meeting you in Milwaukee. We will have to plan a spot for us all from this site to meet ahead of time so we know who we all are! πŸ™‚ Simply can not wait!

      2. I’m Harriett’s FB girlfriend. She is in for a wonderful experience to hear and see our guys. Their performance in Chicago last year, was out of this world!

      3. Hi Milwaukee-bound ladies!! I’m looking forward to seeing Them -Live! – and also meeting all of you! Won’t we be a sight for Them! So very excited!! Hurry, June!!

      1. Marie, I enjoy your comments so much. Do you have a feeling the boys’ will include Chicago in the tour??? It would be easier than Milwaukee, but I AM going to Milwaukee…..Thank you. ☺

    1. Joanie, I am spell-bound!

      Harriett, I think Elgin is 1/2 hour north of Chicago. However, there are a bunch of really good Flight Crew members going to Milwaukee. Guaranteed!!

  5. Marie, my knees will be complaining about standing in line but I’ll do it if they have a Meet & Greet at Saratoga,CA . The practical me tells me I am going to spend too much money but the wild woman in me just hungers to hear, see and please dear God, TOUCH them ( well, at least Piero!) As I keep telling Jeanine, I just want to be in the same oxygen space as they are!

  6. Funny how my name change never seems to stick. Maybe I am supposed to be my pirate self here? *head scratches*. Its a mystery!
    Connie aka Piratesorka

    1. Ahhh, Marie and Connie aka Piratesorka, looks like I’m in for a WILD time! We’ll be sailing the seven seas (or ahem! a few highways) in my Prius – uh, that is pirate ship!

      Gettin’ excited
      to be in the air space of IL VOLO Land ! (; >)

      Oh, the concert is outdoors. Does that mean Everyone can be in their air space?
      Wind… blow their air our way! (; >)

      Celebrating with a song and a smile!
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

      1. Marie, matey, I see you would be great pirate crew, I mean traveling companion!

        Treasure… sparkling like the light from Ignazio’s eyes!

        (; >) Jeanine D.

  7. Are there any Phoenix area gals going to Cali for any of their concerts? I would like to go to LA and/ or San Diego but not alone. I have my fingers crossed for a M & G at one of them.

  8. I can’t swim, but would gladly do the dog paddle across the Nile to see Our Boys! And Laura I am so looking forward to meeting you in Milwaukee, and all the other Flight Crew members that attend the Milwaukee concert. Is it almost June yet?

    ;Marie, I love your poem. You always manage to put all our feelings for Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca into your poems. How about coming to the Milwaukee concert. I would love to meet you.

  9. Allene, would love to meet you and all my Mn. Gals. To see Mary B again would be wonderful! But alas, I’m cutting a path through Michigan, Illinois and possibly Virginia. Unless I can stowaway on Their bus (what an idea!) that’s all the miles in me for June.

  10. This is a great poem Ms. Crider, but I have to argue one line. Do you really think we’d all be able to wait in single file? We have several hopeful-dimple-kissers, a group of pirates, and two hopeful pieces of bait on board. I imagine that a massive stampede is more what it would be like!!! πŸ˜€

    P.S. Love the idea of you clinging to the bottom of their bus, grinning back at the rest of us, as they drive away into the sunset from Chicago!

    1. Miss Isabel, I am so busting up laughing! I LOVE it!!

      I got one better… riding on TOP of the bus, SOARing to the nearby sounds of IL VOLO! Oh, and then being invited inside to use the restroom, have a meal with The Boys, borrow a pillow for an afternoon nap… This keeps getting better! (; >)

      Thanks, Marie, for cranking our imagination with your ever-delightful muse!

      Single file?… in another universe maybe!

      Abbracci e sorrisi
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

      1. Ride on the top or drag yourself on the bottom – whichever you choose. Just don’t look through the window, cause that’s where I’ll be riding in style (enjoying a neverending bounty of dimple kisses)! Oh, oh – what just happened? Damn, I just woke up . . . Oh, well – dream on!

    2. Miss Isabel, I like your vision a whole lot!

      I don’t care if the rest of you are in single file or not. As long as I’m in front or hanging on the bus bottom!

      Sorry, but we’re using you for the bait. Have to kid-o.

  11. Just watched a video on “All Things Il Volo” of Piero singing with an elderly woman. Thought my heart would burst right out of my chest. What a voice that young man has! If he sang like that to me, I would probably melt into a puddle.

    1. Allene, I also saw the video of Piero. If that was me, I wouldn’t melt, I would puddle!!! Marie, I loved your poem, you can put into words what everyone feels. I have tickets to the concert in Philly. Is anyone going I don’t see anyone writing about going there. Does that mean I will have our boys all to myself? HaHa. I would like to meet some of the Flight Crew.

      1. Saw the video. If it was me, I would hug him so hard he couldn’t sing!

        Thats right Nana, you just keep thinking you’ll have them to yourself. If your fantasies can come true so can mine. Oh Boy!!

      2. Fat chance, nanawolf; I’m going to Philly AND Newark! Philly tickets are right orchestra, Sect A, row D… not the greatest but they were the best available and I was online at 6am on the dot! Have better orchestra tickets for Newark, but again, not front row – Orchestra, row A, 3rd and 4th seats in from aisle.

        Maybe we can get together before the show. My friend and I are planning to have dinner somewhere in Philly. Any suggestions? We’re from Jersey.

  12. Everyone, I just got off the phone with the company that is doing the M & G. I asked her about those mysterious numbers–they were how much time I had left to complete the transaction and had nothing to do with the M&G itself! Whew! Then she told me that you do not need to go pick up anything. All you need is the confirmation email they send you and a photo ID–and the only one who needs the photo ID is the person who bought the tickets. She said the instructions of where to wait after the concert are in the email. Hope this helps!

  13. Great poem Marie! Maybe you should add a line about facing the crocodiles in the Nile?
    “To get to Them
    we’d swim the Nile”

    And risk our life
    fighting the crocodile.

    1. Greetings fellow piece of bait! Have you read what this crew is planning to do with the two of us? We have a lot more to worry about than crocodiles!! Rumor has it that one of them has a sword hidden in her walker! πŸ˜‰

      1. Isabel, you are a stitch!

        Hmmm… I can see you and Marie teaming it up and doing stand-up IL VOLO fan comedy routines!

        Better yet, sit down routines. Hmmm… maybe those “Maria” couches are available for a song! (I know, bad pun!)

        Hey, I might have something here! Instead of an opening musical act, an opening comedy routine. Whoa! Free room and board on the IL VOLO bus?!
        (Now ya got me looking for even one funny-bone in my body! : )

        Keep us posted on this, OK?!
        ~ Jeanine D.

      2. Well, “fellow piece of bait” πŸ˜‰ I’ve been busy and haven’t had time to read all the conversations. I guess I’d better! Yikes! We’d better sign up for Bait Escape and Revenge 101! Maybe I’ll have time for that since Il Volo is doing M&G and I don’t have to take Stalking 101!

      3. @Isabel and Carli,

        You two are so funny. You have just got to meet each other since you both are “fellow pieces of bait.” Isabel you need to take the courses Carli is taking, “Bait Escape and Revenge 101!”, but I don’t think you will in Nashville, it will only be if you go to a certain other Concerts that you had better be prepared. They do mean business. lol

        Isabel, maybe you should just find a way to Nashville to meet up with Carli.

      4. should be “but I don’t think you will need those courses in Nashville, it will only be if you go to certain other Concerts that you had better be prepared. They do mean business. lol “

      5. Yes Isabel, I’ll echo Jeanie! I would love it if you could find your way to Nashville for the concert! But I know it is far.

  14. Oh I am sooooo smiling! Now I can call it a night and have sweet dreams!

    I was feeling restless, so I went to YouTube to see some IL VOLO videos and discovered this one from Feb 9 in L.A. (That was when I was super busy, so maybe some of you have seen it. I hadn’t.)

    They were in perfect voice, fantastic spirits, having so much fun!
    Search YouTube for this, and it comes up first:
    il volo hbolef Feb 9, 2014

    ~ Jeanine D.

    1. Yay is right! Great video Jeanine. Now I am going to sleep with those amazing voices dancing in my head–ya think I’ll sleep?

    2. They weren’t in the States in 2014 until the March concert with Laura Pausini, yes? So I’m not sure when this mini-concert occurred. Clearly they were in fantastic voice and energy.

      Anyone know?
      ~ Jeanine D.

      1. I am not so sure it was in the States–it was on the promotional tour for the We Are Love CD–the went to Latin America. somehow I think Guatemala flashed on the screen for a sceond in the beginning,
        It said it was February of last year…

      2. In the video, Ignazio says, “As you know, L.A. is one of our favorite places. We are living here now.” so I know it’s in L.A. (And the shops were Tiffany & Co., Bloomingdale, Disney)

        Just can’t figure out when. It was posted Feb. 2014, but I’m guessing it was, as you said, last year (soon after the release of the We Are Love Special Edition). I hope this year they are in as good (or better) spirits, energy, and voice!

        ~ Jeanine D.

  15. I just purchased M&G tickets for the Palace Theater in Stamford Ct. I’m going with my cousins who live in CT. We got 3rd row orchestra near the center isle !!!!! I decided to just go for it because life is so short and these three beautiful boys have been such an enormous part of my life for the last three years. I can’t believe I will really get to touch and hug them !!!! It is worth every cent !!!! This will be my third concert and I am beyond excited !!! I’m then going to visit with my kids in Westchester so I’ll be killing two birds with one stone. This is just GREAT !!!!

  16. I want to be in the moment and not so flustered that it will be a blur afterwards. Hope I can do that. I want to remember the big hugs, their faces and hopefully cheek kisses !!!!! Do they give you enough time with them for all of that ?? For the money they should but you can rest assured I will try to get it ALLl in !!!!!

  17. Marie…. I do apologize for not writing sooner, but now I’m glad because I’ve had a chance to read all these amazing comments!

    As usual, I just LOVED your poem. You really get better and better, and just when I think you’ve reached the pinnacle, you overwhelm me with another masterpiece!!!

    I am so HAPPY that I will be where I can stand in line with a smile waiting for a smile from each of The Boys!! ( I will have had the songs by then!) It’s really like a dream coming true!

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