Myron, this is so Cool!

Dear friends (Il Volo fans)

As you know, flowers were ordered to be sent to Marsala for the funeral of Ignazio’s grandpa. That was Sunday. Since then I have had problems with the flower shop and getting confirmation. I gave them the phone number and everything. run around, run around – ugh ! (isn’t that a dance of some sort ? )

I was worried the flowers were going to be too late so I called the Marsala number myself (which I should have done days ago – ! ! ! ) I called the sister’s pizzeria today, Friday, March 21 at 3pm Marsala time – 6am in Vegas. I got the sister but my Italian is rather bumpy and her English is not too good so I asked if there was someone there that could speak English. They swtiched the phone over to someone else (I thought one of the workers there) but to my surprise (pick my jaw up off the floor) it was Ignazio himself ! ! !

I was lucky that he remembered me from our few meetings here and the Vegas connection for their concerts. He was absolutely delightful and we talked for about 30 minutes about various things. It was not me that was trying to hog the phone (although I certainly can be guilty of that) but he seemed to be eager to talk and I was not going to cut that short. I found out that the funeral is this Saturday – it had to be changed due to some problem in the church schedule – AND THE FLOWERS ARE THERE – HOOOOOORAY ! He said he would send a thank you in a few days when he has a little more time. I told him I was not worried about getting a thank you but just worried the flowers actually got there. I was touched by how he seemed to be so amazed that anyone from the USA would send flowers for his grandpa. He was just so sweet.

I must say that every time I have had a chance to chat with these gentlemen I find them so positive and charming and really humble. Made my day even more than the flowers getting there.

Let me pass it on – have a great day.
Myron Heaton


Myron, Thank you, from all of us.  And this is so cool!

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    1. THAT IS COMPLETELY AMAZING!!! WOW! Myron you knockef it out of the ballpark. I’m so excited I feel like I talked to Ignazio. What a great gesture to send flowers. Thank you. Il Volo Flight Crew ROCKS ♥♥

    1. Michele – yes, his sister owns a pizzeria in Marsala, Sicilly called Pizzeria Dei Desideri. It is kind of a family hang-out.

      1. I just came home and read about your conversation with Ignazio. Thanks for sharing it and sending the flowers. I’m sure Ignazio was very touched. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.

      2. Myron, thank you for being so thoughtful. I’m sure Ignazio is overwhelmed with the love he has received from the US. To be able to actually talk to Ignazio was so special. Ignazio is such a loving and special young man. My prayers go out to Ignazio and his family.

  1. What a wonderful experience! Thanks for sharing. It just further goes to show what awesome individuals these young men are. They are LOVE!

  2. Myron, you have the touch! Thank you for sharing such wonderful news. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and insight to send the flowers. What a wonderful way to start your day!

  3. Myron – I nominate you as Ambassador of Good Will – Yesterday was National Happiness Day – you made me so very happy.

  4. What a kind heart Ignazio has! Not that we need them, but this story just gives us more reasons to love him. Bless his family as they gather. Thanks for sending the flowers, Myron!

  5. Oh, Myron, thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story. Paying kindness forward never ceases to fill the heart. Just amazing to always hear what fine, young men these boys are. It just blows my mind! Thank you, again, for sharing with us. This story just made my whole day!

  6. Myron, thanks again for sending the flowers and for sharing your conversation. It is especially nice you actually got to speak with Ignazio. 🙂

  7. Wow! It’s so amazing I think it’s Ignazing! I am also glad the flowers there. Thank you so much again.

      1. Yes he does have wings–His Voice! Since he says that singing makes him fly, It looks as though he’ll be singing as he brings the pizza! And since he’s so hot, you pizza will will be sizzling! Btw don’t forget to save me a piece!

      2. Yes, I love this word! What a great imagination in order to come up with this. By the way, Marie, Ignazio is making a pit stop here in Minneapolis on his way to deliver your pizza. Think I’ll just keep him here and send the pizza on its way – Hee Hee! (No, I guess this isn’t Minnesota nice, but . . . . . )

  8. Another story about the exceptional attitude and humbleness of these young Italian men! Thank you for thinking to send the flowers! And Thank you for sharing this nice story with us!

  9. Thank you, Myron for all you do. You are a very special part of this group. My day was just made “great”, I wish the same for you.

  10. OMG! Soo cool! I am so happy that you were able to talk to him! Thank You So much again for sending the flowers and calling Italy! Thank you for sharing with us, and many Blessings to the Boschetto family.

  11. What a beautiful story and experience for Both you and Ignazio, Myron! And all of us! So kind of you to allow the Flight Crew to share this here.

    Glad the flowers are there! No doubt the love and caring in your gesture of the flowers and in your voice on the phone will carry Ignazio through the memorial and future times when being on the road with IL VOLO may be exhausting.

    Moments like you two shared today stay with us forever, and I have no doubt this one will lift you many times to come, as well.
    And me, too!

    Ongoing prayers for Ignazio and his family to be held through their sadness. And special blessings for Ignazio’s Nonno, another angel in heaven.

    Much gratitude for your sharing and all your thoughtfulness,
    Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  12. How exciting you were able to talk to Ignazio, unfortunately under these circumstance. I am glad to hear the flowers made it there safe. I am waiting for the day I can see th in person, hopefully they will make it to St. Louis one day if not will have to keep watching their videos or travel

  13. Wow! This is SO awesome! Thank you, Myron for your wonderful gesture! I’m sure Ignacio and his family are so thankful for the kind thoughts and all the prayers for his family! These young men have remained humble through all their fame and that’s another reason they’re so special! May God bless you for your kind gesture!

  14. Myron that is so great. Everyday these guys do or say something that amazes me mor and more! Thanks for passing it on!

  15. Thank you for sending the family flowers and thank you for sharing this story with all of us. It’s people like you who do things like these that make the world a better place.

  16. What a great story. It’s so amazing to see how much love they inspire in all of us! And how sweet and humble they are. Thank you for being so nice to him in this hard moments and thanks for sharing this beautiful story. Warm regards,

  17. Hi again, everyone. I must say a great big THANK YOU to all you guys for the warm comments. It is delightful to be part of this great group and supporting such a wonderful trio of guys. When I get finished with a concert today I will take some time to reply to more individuals. In the meantime, You are very kind and thank you.

    1. I am so glad that you decided to check on the flower delivery… Then actually talk with Ignazio was such an added bonus… He is an amazing young man… He needed someone to talk to and you were right there at the right moment… I am happy for the both of you… To share coversation with Ignazio for that amount of time means building a true friendshp… He will remember this kind man named Myron always… He will be delighted to see you when you go to the concerts…Thanks for sharing this beautiful moment with us… Its always nice to hear positive stories about any of our boys.. But a personal one like this is the best… Thank you Myron for sharing this with all of us

  18. Bravo and thank you Myron for doing such a thoughtful, respectful thing for Ignazio and his family. I am so happy and delighted for you that you got an opportunity to talk with Ignazio…something we would all LOVE to do! God bless Ignazio for spending time chatting with you on the phone. These young men are just amazing.

  19. Myron – The word “serendipity” comes to mind as I read your post over and over again. Incredible! What a great site this is – so many extraordinary individuals.

  20. Myron, a mea culpa here for not asking, but did you want contributions to the flowers? Would be more than happy to find you in Milwaukee if you come or mail or whatever. Appreciate your gesture of love and care to “our” Ignazio and his family.

  21. Myron, I stopped for a red light and saw your note. I had to pull over to read it and it brought me to tears. Bravo, to you for your thoughtfulness and persistence. You give Americans a good name. And, Ignazio’s willingness to talk with you is just another example of the generosity of spirit of these guys- so Italian – so warm – three voices – one soul. Kudos to you! Warm Regards, Valerie D’Antonio

    1. Valerie, Thanks for the very mind note and also thanks that you pulled over to read all that. Take care.

  22. Myron,
    Wow, I cannot believe that Ignazio himself was there when you called. How exciting that you actually got to talk to him on the phone! You are a very warm and kind person. Just think what you and Ignazio will have to talk about at the Concert/s that you will attend shortly.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us and for sending the flowers and then making the International Call to Sicily, Italy checking on them. I think all three of the boys have been raised right and I am so proud of them.

  23. Myron, thank you for your thoughtful gesture in sending flowers to Ignazio’s family. Thank you also for sharing your incredible conversation with sweet Ignazio. If it were me in your place, I would probably be so Star struck, unable to coverse. So happy that the Boschetto family received the flowers in time. Again, our prayers are with their family during this trying time. Thank you Myron for your kindness.

  24. Myron , I am just thrilled that you got to talk to Ignazio& that the flowers got there. I have been feeling so sad for the whole family all week. Your info has cheered me up. My prayers go out to them in this sad time & always. Thankyou again for your thoughtfulness. I too feel that all of the Boys have been raised right. Our interaction with Them has been wonderful & so much fun. They have a genuine interest when talking with you. Have to say it, love all three! Ignazio will be with you all in thoughts & prayers tomorrow.

  25. Dear Myron,

    I, along with everyone else, want to express my sincere thanks to you for reaching out to Ignazio. How wonderful you were able to speak with Ignazio. I’m sure it was a warm and memorable chat for both of you. These boys have such good values and close family ties, and it comes through when they greet their fans and sing from their hearts. Thank you again, dear Myron.
    Blessings to the Boschetto famiy.

    Always, Harriett ☺

  26. Myron, I join in with everyone else here and say a heart felt thank you for being so thoughtful in the name of this wonderful “crew.” These amazing young men are teaching the world just why we are here…”to love and be loved.” It’s that simple. Thank you for reaching out to Ignazio and his family in such a beautiful way showing your love and sympathy for their loss.

    1. Beautiful, MaryJane…
      “These amazing young men are teaching the world just why we are here…’to love and be loved.’ It’s that simple.”

      I so feel the synergy of love, as well as Marie Sunseri’s mention of serendipity!

      Thank you, everyone, for the love that keeps flowing in and through all of us.

      Always, special amore e gratitudine to our IL VOLO friends, Ignazio, Piero, and Gianluca! God bless.
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. Marie, I am trying to catch up on thank you notes one-on-one but what a number. I did not expect this at all.

      1. part 2 – that should read “one-on-one” by email. the ones I do not have addresses for I will answer here in general

  27. Myron, you are the one! Thank you for sharing your magical moments with us, and including the Flight Crew in sending flowers to Ignazio and his family. So glad I have met you and the rest of the crew through this blog. Thanks again for sharing this exciting time. Did Ignazio say how he is doing?

    1. Nanawolf – I only asked the “general” how are you type of thing to which he said “just great” . When I called it was kind of a lunch break for them at 3pm local time and they were relaxing (it sounded like a jovial group in the background). I asked if I was calling at a bad time and Ignazio said that they were just taking a late lunch break so it was perfect timing.

  28. Myron, I already e-mailed my thanks for sending the flowers, but after reading your letter, I must thank you here again. This time, for being so aware of what this post would mean to all of us. You know when the boys are so far from us, we sometimes feel a little down, and just keep looking every day for a picture, or a tweet, or what ever we can find that reassures us that they really are who we percive them to be, and that they do care. For Ignazio to even be willing to converse with you, and even acknowedge us, is so uplifting; and to talk for more than 2 minutes is a blessing. Thank you Ignazio, now you really know just how much we here care for you and your family, as well as your IL VOLO brothers and theirs. Myron, whenever you have some time, and can relay more of the conversation, I’m sure we would be all ears! Blessings to you.

  29. Myron, thank you so much for sending the flowers and sharing with us your conversation with Ignazio. I got a lump in my throat while reading your story. How nice of you to do what you did and nice of him to spend time with you over the phone. May the Lord comfort him and his family.

  30. Myron – as everyone before me has said – THANK YOU – for reacting so quickly to the sad news by sending flowers to the Boschetto family. When I heard Ignazio lost his Grandfather, I felt the hurt but did not know what to do – and you did. Again, Thank you.

    Even in this time of sadness, I know you realize how lucky you are to have had your Grandfather near you, to watch and guide you and share in your achievements, as you grew into the amazing talented young man you are today. He will continue to guide you. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. Michele

  31. Myron I agree you ROCK. Your a special guy. Finally got on this blog but still computer not right. BUT at least I am here.

    It was wonderful that you got to speak to Ignazio. I am sure he was surprised & pleased to know that you & us care & love him so much. My prayers have always been constantly with the guys & now I am sending novenas (which are prayers) for the family & his grandfather.

  32. Hi Loretta, nice to hear from you again. Have noticed you have been missing. Wondered where you were. Sorry your computer is not cooperating. Hope it straightens out soon. Take care.

    1. Thank you kittykam, you’ve made my day from your heart warming response to my absence. I felt as I had lost an arm not being able to get onto to the computer so now I am sure my family are happy to rid of me bothering them to use their computer to keep up to date & read the comments. This is the worst time for the computer to crash, it hinidered my chance to buy tickets. Hope the rest of your day is wonderful

  33. Pizzeria Dei Desideri reminds me of a poem by Max Ehrmann “Desiderata” – “Go placidly amid the noise and the haste….”

  34. Myron, please accept my thanks, in addition to all those above, for your kind and caring gesture in sending flowers to the Boschetto family in their time of sorrow. You have truly gone “above and beyond” in your expression of sympathy. Ignazio appears to be very touched by the love shown to him and his family.

  35. Once again, to all those that I did not get to cover with email, those on this site: thank you very much for your warm comments. I have been over-whelmed by your generosity.

  36. I’ii gladly add another comment. Myron, you are one in a million! Thanks again for this wonderful gesture. I am sure Ignazio will remember who you are the next time you see him!

  37. Myron—Yet another THANK YOU for sending flowers to Ignazio and his family on behalf of all of us. It was very thoughtful and generous of you .WE appreciate it very much.

  38. The world needs more Myron’s! Simple acts of kindness…from the heart. Thank you for being you, Myron.

  39. You are all too generous ! I don’t think I can live in the same house as myself – head is too big from all this. thank you very much.

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