Il Volo Professional ~~ March, 22

Il Volo On Hand to Celebrate Business Opening in Milan

If you follow Gianluca on Twitter, you might remember this tweet:

Mar 17

Ready to go to Milan

As is often the case, he left us wondering just what he was up to since neither Piero or Ignazio mentioned it (I double checked.  And of course we know that Ignazio has an especially compelling reason to be out of social media right now).

On March 20, we found out what he was doing there.  Singing, “Il Mondo,” Il Volo participated in the opening of Eataly Milan Smeraldo, a place described as “ a temple of taste dedicated to the incomparable flavors of Italian cuisine.” EatalyMilanSmeraldo

The video was provided by Eataly Milan Smeraldo and can be seen

here —>

I think the general consensus among the comments from our friends at All Things Il Volo is that  we always love to see the guys, but the video clip including them is too short.  😉

To read more about Eataly Milan Smeraldo, you can read this article from, “Where Milan” at

WM_Logo_420x70  <— here 

or visit Eataly Milan Smeraldo’s Facebook page (and work on your Italian 😉 )

here —>

The Il Volo Experience…in 80 Seconds

In honor of the upcoming concert tour, enjoy this time-lapse video of a concert in Detroit from ilvolomusic:

11 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ March, 22”

      1. Thanks Marie talk about feeling lost. I made a pest of myself going to my sons to computer, I’m sure their happy I can stay home now. I also missed out on the concerts I wanted to go to. Rotten time to crash.

  1. It was indeed good to see Our Guys. And I agree that the video is much too short It seems like a very looong time since we’ve heard anything new about what Our Guys are up to. Thank you (I hope I’m right about this) Kelly for posting this.

    I am counting the days to see my very first Il Volo concert in June. I did meet Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca at the Mall of America last November. They are wonderful young men. And I am watching over and over the video on All Things Il Volo of Piero singing with an older woman. I just love it!!.

  2. Thanks Kelly on the above article Where’s Milan & was looking at the store that sells shoes. I always loved buying shoes & had 65 pairs at one time. Too bad I got too old to wear them because now have lost my balance. That’s life.

    1. 65 pairs of shoes!! That is fantastic. If you went to every Il Volo concert that they have held here in the States and wore a different pair to each one, I think you would still have some pairs left over! That is so great! 😀

  3. Enjoyed the time lapse video. I’m sure the concert will still seem that quick in real life! And the M&G will be even quicker!

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