35 thoughts on “NEWS FLASH!!”

  1. I was wondering when they would be on this show. Should have been last year. now on to Jimmy Fallon; Jimmy Kimmel, and soon Stephen Colbert on the late show.s

    1. They should be on these shows Myron. I did write to Ellen to put them on the show because Gianluca said he loves her. Maybe we can write to the late night shows too. It won’t hurt.

  2. It occurs to me that they will probably will attend the Latin Billboard Award Show as long as they’re in Miami. The Show televises on April 24. Not confirmed, just my guess.

      1. Thanks LeeLee that seems to be the place where everything is happening with the guys. That is the place they love the best. Also I met a man at church who just came back from Florida & said it was 95 degrees down there & here I was stuck up here in 20 below zero.
        I have to move again from this apartment so now I think I will seriously move there if I can get my pension sent there. Then I will have access to all the other States.
        Anyone got an apartment available?

  3. I’m thinking you’re right, Linda. If they are already in Miami, I can’t imagine that they won’t go, and Gianluce did tweet about spending a lot of time in Miami this year.

    1. I would gladly be a mojito-bringer and umbrella-holder for them! I wouldn’t take up too much space. Will work for smiles and a random song or two. Do you have a corner to spare, Linda?

      1. Loretta, Mojito is an alcoholic beverage. It’s made with mint leaves, lime wedges, sugar, white rum, and club soda. Don’t forget the ice cubes. Yummy.

      1. Loretta, come on down to South Florida. Plenty of condos with your name on them. Pure paradise this past winter.

  4. Where are The Boys supposed to be in May? I’ve forgotten. Is it Russia or Europe? I’m so nosey (and concerned), I want to know where they are or are going to be every minute of every day!!! Sort of like I was with my own kids when they were young! Force of habit, I suppose.

    1. Hi Helen,

      I feel the same way about the boys…wondering where they are, what they are up to…w/family, friends?….funny our loving feelings for them…so many of us!

      Harriett ☺

  5. I hope Dish network broadcasts this. I’m going to have to see what channel this is on! Sure don’t want to miss it! Love these young men SO MUCH!!!

  6. Lee Lee, a mojito must be heaven on a hot, humid Florida day at the beach. And then to see Our Guys taping a TV show – wow! I wonder where I can find a genie with a magic lamp. I can think of no other way I can get to Florida – sad to say.

    1. It certainly is, Allene. Aside from the genie named Delta, there are many genies that can get you down here. There’s also US Air, Jet Blue, Southwest, Northwest, etc. Would love to have everyone down here. One more winter like y’all had, it may become reality.

  7. I had Mojito’s with Linda and Leelee a month ago. Really! It was heaven! The best part, besides seeing Linda and Leelee, was going from 20 degrees in Ohio to 83 degrees (and beach) in Florida! No magic lamp – Delta.

      1. Marie you are so sweet for saying that. Linda, nothing like rubbing it in that we were out on a patio in February, even though it was true. Not for anything, but it’s almost two months already. Time just flies. Usually, I hate that the days are going so quickly, however, this year, I can’t wait until June. Wonder why?

        Holy cow – I just saw what I wrote above. Did I say “y’all”? I meant youse guys! Forgot I was from NY for a moment 🙂

      1. I knew that. I was just checking to see you if you were paying attention. (oops)

  8. Ladies, ladies, you are so darn cute in your writings….one common goal to get to June, or any month…to see our boys. I will have to try a Mojito some time, never had one. Son lives in South FL, I need to ask him about the t.v. show. Thanks Il Volo ladies Harriett xxoo

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