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We are quickly headed for the all important concert season. Il Volo is also making a lot of appearances at different towns and cities in the near future. We’re trying, the best we can to keep you updated on the latest announcements!! Keep your eye on the schedule on the right side of the page. We will also post anything new we can find.


For “Did You Know” I thought we’d take a look at Fabian, a hearthrob Rock and Roll teen idol from the 50’s and 60’s. Fabian is of Italian decsent and had many Bobbysoxers screaming their heads off when he appeared. Remember?


Fabiano Anthony Forte (born February 6, 1943), professionally known as Fabian, is an American singer and actor.  fabi

Forte rose to national prominence after performing several times on American Bandstand. He became a teen idol of the late 1950s and early 1960s. Eleven of his songs reached the Billboard Hot 100 listing.

Forte was discovered in 1957 by Bob Marcucci and Peter DeAngelis, owners of Chancellor Records. At the time record producers were looking to the South Philadelphia neighborhoods in search of teenage talents with good looks.

Marcucci was a friend of Fabian’s next door neighbour. One day Fabian’s father had a heart attack, and while he was being taken away in an ambulance, Marcucci spotted Fabian. Fabian later recalled:

He kept staring at me and looking at me. I had a crew cut, but this was the day of Rick Nelson and Elvis. He comes up and says to me, ‘So if you’re ever interested in the rock and roll business…’ and hands me his card. I looked at the guy like he was clear out of his mind. I told him, ‘leave me alone. I’m worried about my dad.'”

However when Fabian’s father returned from hospital he was unable to work, so when Marcucci persisted, Fabian and his family were amenable and he agreed to record a single.

Frankie Avalon, also of South Philadelphia, suggested Forte as a possibility.


“They gave me a pompadour and some clothes and those  damned white bucks,” recalled Fabian, “and out I went.””He was the right look and right for what we were going for,” wrote Marcucci later.

Fabian was given an allowance from the record company of $30 a week. He also kept working part-time at a pharmacy as well as studying at South Philadelphia High School, while practising his singing. Fabian:

I didn’t know what I was doing, but I knew my goal, to try to make extra money. That meant a lot to our family. I rehearsed and rehearsed, and I really felt like a fish out of water. And we made a record. And it was horrible. Yet it got on [the legendary Philadelphia rhythm and blues radio program] Georgie Woods. For some reason, Georgie Woods played it.

The song was “Shivers” which was a local hit in Chicago. This helped Fabian secure an appearance on Bandstand. Fabian:

I got to meet Dick Clark. He talked to me for a long time, and then put me on the show. The daytime show, before it went national. The response – they told me – was overwhelming. I had no idea. All during that period, I was doing record hops. Not getting paid for it, but for the record company promotions. Just lip synching to my records. The response was really good.

The song he sung on Bandstand was “I’m in Love” which Fabian later admitted “was not very good either.”

Marcucci then gave Fabian a song written by Mort Shuman and Doc Pomus, “I’m a Man” which Fabian later said he “liked a lot and was very comfortable with, was giving me more experience, but I still felt like a fish out of water.” The song made the top 40.

Marcucci then heavily promoted Fabian’s next single, “Turn Me Loose” using a series of advertisements saying “Fabian Is Coming”, then “Who is Fabian”?” then finally “Fabian is Here”. It worked and “Turn Me Loose” went into the Top Ten, peaking at number 9. This was later followed by “Hound Dog Man”, (US #9;\UK #46), and his biggest hit, “Tiger”,which reached #3 on the US charts. Other singles that charted included “String Along”, “About This Thing Called Love” and “This Friendly World”, which reached #12 on the US charts. At 15, he won the Silver Award as “The Promising Male Vocalist of 1958.” fabi1

In November 1965, he signed a multi-picture deal with American International Pictures and made several movies with them including a role as Pretty Boy Floyd in “A Bullet for Pretty Boy” (1970) and guest starred with Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello in the 1966 stock car racing film Fireball 500. He also played Josh Ashley in Little Laura and Big John (1973) for Crown International Pictures.

He performed in John Loves Mary in summer stock.

In his latest endeavor, Forte hosts and headlines in the hit show The Original Stars of Bandstand at The Dick Clark Theater in Branson, Missouri. The show stars Forte and Bobby Vee and features The Chiffons, Brian Hyland, Chris Montez and rare footage of the performers and Dick Clark.   fabi3


I’m not so sure he had a great voice, I remember he was sooo handsome. The “swooning” when he appeared was dramatic!!!


Il volo is alternating with being busy and relaxing with friends and family. Gianluca tweeted a picture of his new haircut (steady girls). Piero tweeted his latest thing, which seems to be dancing and eating shell fish and pasta made by his Dad. Ignazio has been spending time with his cousin, also named Ignazio. For some good photos, see Mundial and All Things Il Volo.                                                      cropped-a-mlla-linked-feb-5th.jpg

What do you all think of Piero’s beard?

We’ll be seeing Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca when they come to Miami soon, till then Guys!!


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  1. Gahhh…. I wish I could go to one of their concerts this year. 🙁 🙁 I am so happy that my boys continue to update us on their daily life. It means to so much. And I am especially happy Gianluca kept the curls in his new hair-cut. And as for Piero’s beard, well, I like him either way but I wish he would shave. lol

    Buon giornata a tutti!


  2. Even though he was a lot older than me, I had a mild fan crush on Fabian.

    I agree Natalie, I like Piero either way, but I like the beard alot. Love the curls! The only thing I don’t care for is Ignazio’s mustache. I told him to shave. He doesn’t listen.

  3. Yes, I do like Piero’s beard. BUT I would not like it if he were to grow a mustache! I don’t remember very much about Fabian, He was -gasp – younger than me, too, Linda. I suppose I did go to is movies, but I sure don’t remember them. I loved that picture of the little dog face between the two Ignazios. I wonder if that was Ignazio’s little dog?

  4. He sang? (just kidding). I just remember how good looking he was and still is.

    P.S. Love Piero’s beard. But then, love Piero.

  5. Ms. Crider, may I put in a request that you compose a poem to June? I think we all need something new to blame for the distance and I think you could come up with some fantastic reasons. Please?

    I think Piero will always be handsome, no matter what, which really isn’t fair, but I think I prefer the clean-shaven look, not that he cares, or should care, what some random, crazy fan thinks. One of the MANY reasons he is so darn good for a girl to look at is that you can SEE the confidence there. You can SEE the fact that it really doesn’t bother him what people say about him, he is going to just carry on being awesome. Why do I do this to myself? Now I just want June and concert ticket even more. *sigh*

    1. This time I blame you, Isabel! Yikes! Come on June! Tell you what though, the more I see that beard the more I’m lovin’ it!

      About the poem – I got you covered. Thanks for asking.

  6. Thanks for the latest word on past Italian singers. I had no idea some of these guys were Italian! Fabian was before the Beatles and I never paid much attention to the latest “hot” singers were…until the Beatles came on the scene.
    As for Piero and his beard, I think he looks quite handsome with or without. I’m going to bet this is only a passing thing for him. The person I wish would shave is Gianluca! At least he seems to be letting his curls out now which is a lovely thing. Ignazio can stay his lovable goateed and mustached self. All three of tjhem are molto bello.

    1. Same here piratesorka. I think Piero still looks good with the beard but I do prefer clean shaven. And as for Gianluca I REALLY wish he would shave. He looks more his age when he does. And I love that he is letting his hair be curly again.

  7. I too, never realized how many Italian singers there have been. Is it the pasta! Also couldn’t help notice Fabian’s hair in the first picture. Look familiar? I think handsome male singers are Italys yummyest exports!

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