Isabel And I Are Ready!

DSCN0961 with name

It’s only April, but we’re ready to go!

Can’t wait, can’t wait for our favorite show!

Where we’re going you already know.

My friends and I in the second row.

DSCN0933 marie


The Boys will sing, their voices flow.

We’re ready Ignazio, Gian and Piero!

Ready to see that brotherly glow.

DSCN0947 with name

Ready to hear your tempo grow.

Ready to shout “Bellissimo”!

Then off to meet our own hero!

For just the time to say, “Hello”.

DSCN0918 marie

Yes Isabel, time goes way too slow.

Hurry up June and bring Il Volo!

~Marie (with thoughts from Isabel)

30 thoughts on “Isabel And I Are Ready!”

  1. Marie, I just LOVE your humor and poetry… but not as much as I love IL VOLO! (Sorry). You are keeping us sane until June!

  2. Bellisimo! 😀 Ms. Crider, I think that it is impossible to say which I enjoyed more, your poem or the pictures that accompany it! They should hire you as their official photographer! This will definitely help keep me going until June. Thank you!

    1. Love the poem, Marie, you able to express all our thoughts! They will be in Miami next week so that is here in the States. Hope to meet up with some of you at the Greek. I will be with IlVolovers friends & family. Have PBS M&G tickets. Perhaps meet at their booth? Anyone interested?

  3. Yes, please June! In June comes vacation which will be a road trip with Jeanine to Saratoga to see our handsome guys. Hopefully before June will come a brand new amazing CD from them! I want more of their music!

    1. Do you have your tickets for Saratoga? I’m hoping to go to that concert but I didn’t know tickets were available yet. Oh no I hope I haven’t missed out.

      1. No Gerri, we do not have our tickets yet as they have not gone on sale as of yet but I do believe they will go on sale next week

  4. Outstanding, Marie! I am looking forward to seeing our favorite young men in Nashville. I am also looking forward to meeting as many Flight Crew members as possible. Savoring the anticipation is wonderful too!

    1. Me, too, Peggy! See you in Nashville!!!

      Marie—- You already know how much I savor your poems, and now pictures, too! A beautiful double whammy! Your photography is superb!!!
      You caught The Boys in such expressive shots; they look marvelous. You and Michele really should join forces and put out a photo album of The Boys.

  5. Until I read your wonderful poem, Marie, I was thinking that June 21st was never going to get here. But now I can see that others besides me feel that time is moving much too slowly. Even just a hint of a new CD would perk me up considerably!

    1. I know what you mean Allene, anticipation of June 21st is always lingering in my thoughts. A new CD would just be grand to helps us wait more patiently…☺ Marie, you are wonderful and so nice to share so much with all of us. Thank you. ♥

  6. You did it again, Marie, our little Poetess! Like everyone else, I cannot wait until June. Only thing is, though I can’t wait until June, I’m looking for something a little more short-term, such as Tuesday! Yep, I’M GOING TO SABADO GIGANTE!!!!! OLE!. Should be a ton of fun!

  7. Noooo she’s not! She doesn’t want to see them so soon. Bwaaaa, blubber, sniff. Still not jealous. Have something in my eye.

  8. This poem is great…I totally agree! I can’t wait for June. Leelee you are lucky to see them in Sabado Gigante. Please let us know what song they sing!

    1. Thanks, Miriam. I promise to give a full report. From what I know right now, they are only going to sing one song and the taping is at 5:30 p.m. instead of 1:00 p.m. as previously thought.

      Really, Marie? Something in your eye? Puh-lease!!

  9. Leelee…can’t wait to hear your report! So happy for you to be able to attend!

    Marie…your poem is precious!! I have to tell you that all of this waiting until June is making me go a little crazy…even in my dreams!! Dreamt last night that PIERO came to my house for dinner…I kept trying to get him to be in picture after picture as I wanted to show MARIE and the rest of the FLIGHT CREW that he REALLY WAS IN MY HOUSE!!!!!! 🙂 What a hoot! If I don’t get to see our boys soon, who knows what my dreams will hold!!! 🙂

    1. Maryjane, Oh I would love to have a dream about our guys. They would be more than welcome to my home any day or night They wouldn’t even have to sing, just talk Italian to me, which is as close to singing as any language on earth gets.. Ohhhh mmmmyyyy.

  10. Jane, maybe he really was there! Because of rules, you could not take pictures and were made to forget. Happens to me all the time.

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