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Hi Everyone,

Here we are, sort of in between the rush of the Award and the start of the concerts in June. Not that anyone here doesn’t have THAT marked on their calendar!! From the responses on “Who’s Going Where?, looks like The Crew will be spread far and wide across the Country, we will be well represented at most of the concerts!!!

As the Guys are resting and playing at home, there is not much news so I thought we’d go down memory lane and remember another Italian singer!


He was born Francis Thomas Avallone on September 18, 1940, Avalon was on U.S. television playing his trumpet by the time he was 11. Two singles showcasing Avalon’s trumpet playing were issued on RCA Victor’s “X” sublabel in 1954. As a teenager he played with Bobby Rydell in Rocco and the Saints. In 1959, “Venus” (5 weeks #1) and “Why” went to number one on the Billboard Hot 100. “Why” was the last #1 of the 1950s. Avalon had 31 charted U.S. Billboard singles from 1958 to late 1962, including “Just Ask Your Heart” (U.S. #7), “I’ll Wait for You” (U.S. #15), “Bobby Sox to Stockings” (U.S. #8), and “A Boy Without a Girl” (U.S. #10). Most of his hits were written and/or produced by Bob Marcucci, head of Chancellor Records. He was less popular in the UK., but did still manage four chart hits with “Why”, “Ginger Bread”, “Venus” and “Don’t Throw Away All Those Teardrops”.frankie3

Teamed frequently with Annette Funicello, Avalon starred in a number of popular “beach party” comedy films during the mid-1960s. The wholesome and romantic coupling of “Frankie and Annette” in summer movies such as Beach Party and Beach Blanket Bingo became iconic figures in American films during that era.f and a

Avalon also had straight dramatic parts in the John Wayne historical western film The Alamo, as well as the science-fiction story Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1961) with Barbara Eden.

Materializing as a character called Teen Angel, his performance of “Beauty School Dropout” in the hit 1978 film of the musical Grease introduced Avalon to a new generation of viewers.

Avalon appeared in nearly two dozen TV episodes, including ABC’s The Bing Crosby Show and The Patty Duke Show, appearing often as himself. Later, he became a national television spokesperson for Sonic Drive-In. In 1965 he appeared in the Combat! episode “Brother, Brother” as a childhood friend of Pfc.Kirby, played by Jack Hogan. frankie5

The 1980 film The Idolmaker, written by Ed Di Lorenzo and directed by Taylor Hackford, was a thinly-disguised biography of Avalon (“Tommy Dee” in the film) as well as 1950s teenage star Fabian Forte (called “Caesare” in the film), along with songwriter/producer Bob Marcucci (called “Vinnie Vacarri”). In the movie, Dee clashes with the record producer and younger singer Caesare, who he feels threatens his career. Eventually, Dee and Caesare quit the label, but their record careers collapse just as the British Invasion begins. The real Fabian threatened a lawsuit, despite the filmmakers’ insistence that the film presented only fictional characters (though Marcucci was a paid consultant). Avalon denied most of the movie’s events. Avalon married Kathryn “Kay” Diebel on January 19, 1963. She was a former beauty pageant winner, and Avalon met her while playing cards at a friend’s house. He told his friend that Kay was the girl he was going to marry. His agent warned Avalon that marriage would spoil his teen idol mystique. Still together, they have eight children – Frankie Jr., Tony, Dina, Laura, Joseph, Nicolas, Kathryn and Carla. They have 10 grandchildren. Frankie Avalon Jr. is a former actor who appeared in the original The Karate Kid and is now a musician, and Tony, the second oldest son, plays guitar and taught at the Rock Nation School. Both sons play on tour with their father.frankie 7

In recent years, Avalon has starred in stage productions of Grease in the role of Teen Angel and Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding as a caricature of himself.

On April 8, 2009, he performed on American Idol.


Stay tuned later this month for a tutorial on how to attend a  concert. It might be helpful for first time concert goers and even you veterans. 🙂

DID YOU KNOW?  It has been announced that Il Volo will appear at the concert at Arena di Verona on June 1st. They last appeared at this event 2 years ago.

DID YOU KNOW? In todays teen lingo, Crew refers to their friends?  Do you think they might have borrowed it from us?

Keep enjoying your time off, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca!!! We miss you and can’t wait till you come back!!latin2





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  1. Thanks for all the information. Frankie comes to Chicago every couple of years and puts on a good show. His voice never changes. Another singer I remember is Johnny Desmond. Don’t remember too much about him though.

    1. I remember Johnny Desmond as well. He, like most other Italian-American singers, changed his name from Giovanni De Simone. There were so many good ones back in the day. But now we have 3 beautiful souls singing to us. It doesn’t get any better than Il Volo!

      1. Thanks Ann and Maddie, all of these singers bring back such great memories when I do these posts. I’ll check on Johnny Desmomd for the next time, thanks!

  2. We have had so many great Italian singers. Their voices are so incredible. They must have some kind of MAGIC water that flows thru Italy. Just look at our guys. They all come from different parts of the country. All those kids from that talent show can all sing. Just saying. I’ll VOLO of course, is the BEST.

  3. Thanks so much, Linda for the Frankie A. story. I always thought he was so cute and handsome…Not a bad voice, either! And I do remember Johnny Desmond, but as I recall, he waxed and waned pretty quickly.

    I agree, Prese Pasco….There’s something magic about Italy and good vocalists, both pop and classical… I think it’s definitely in the genes!!! Whatever it is, Il Volo has “IT” in immeasurable quantities. I say it so often, it’s old hat…But aren’t they just FABULOUS!!!!????

    1. Thanks Linda. Helen, “they” do have something special in the genes – when I visited there was always someone or a group singing while we ate dinner. A teen sang to us in Venice one night and had everyone guessing how old he was as he was very good — he was 16! Everyone was shocked!

  4. Living here in Las Vegas, I have many opportunities to see a lot of musical talent from days gone by… I saw Frankie Avalon about two years ago at one of the casinos in Las Vegas… I was amazed at four things he still had…
    1. His hair is still thick and not dyed…
    2. He still looks the same , older but handsome as ever and no surgery
    3. His voice was as good or actually better than ever…
    4. He had a great personality and put on a fun show…

    I also saw James Darren in Las Vegas… He starred in the Giget movies …Born James William Ercolani, known by his stage name James Darren, is an Italian-American television and film actor, television director, and singer.

    He too is as handsome as ever aged very well naturally rather than with surgery… His voice is still good and he is like Frankie very family oriented… Puts on a good show and shares a lot of fun stories about his glory days and about his family.. Makes you feel like you are part of his family by the end of his show…

    Some day, the young girls that follow our boys, will be writing the same attributes about Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio as we are writing about our Italian heart throbs of the fifties and sixties…
    Jeannette Giglio

    1. Jeannette, yesterday we held a meeting of officers of the local Il Volo Las Vegas organization. I am hoping that we can get you involved for the next one. We are connected finally with the powers that be to bring Il Volo here for concert (s) on an annual basis but we need help. Yesterday we met at the District for lunch. Next time you too.

      1. I really hope it works for you MYron. A Trip to Vegas is always fun and it would just triple the fun to go for a IL Volo concert!

      2. You have my full attention Myron.. I would love to become a part of your Il Volo Las Vegas organization… Living here in Henderson, I have no problem attending…Anything to do with getting Il Volo to our town I am 100% committed to… Myron, Myron, Myron…. I had Lunch for Mothers Day at the district… I live a mile from Green Valley Ranch… Had I known, I would have been there with bells on and a Il Volo cd playing in the car…
        Thank you for thinking of me … I appreciate you allowing me to get involved…
        Jeannette Giglio

      3. Thank you Myron, I am looking forward to that… I am still learning about this site… Today I clicked on the icon in front of my name and found Notifications… They say you learn something new every day… I learned something new today… Call on me anytime, I would love to be of help and also look forward to meeting you…

    2. I agree about Avalon. His voice, shows, personality and looks are still great and he’s a family man; and I know the young girls that follow our boys will still be swooning when they are older! When James Darren was here a couple of years ago, all the ladies were swooning – as was I!

    3. Jeannette… I had no idea James Darren is Italian! I remember him well. We need to make a list of all of the pop Italian singers, going back to the 40’s and 50’s on up to the present. I bet that list would stretch a mile!!!

      1. I googled Italian American singers from the 1940 to recent… That list does not include Italian from Italy or any other countries… I was amazed at the names that were on that list that I had no idea had Italian Roots… I am including the website here for anyone who want to check it out… You will be surprised … I certainly was… Thanks for asking the question…


      2. Wow! What an amazing list, Jeannette! Thank you so much for sharing!

        I wonder if the boys know that Lady Gaga has Italian roots. They would love to see this list!

        I found someone who is not on the list and belongs there: Lara Fabian.
        If you search YouTube for
        Lara Fabian-From Lara Whit Love-Complete-Subtitles
        at 4:30, she talks about her background, including that her mom is Italian and she feels very Italian. (Other backgrounds as well.)

        When I’m in the mood, I love to listen to Lara. She has such intensity and passion in her music. If I may digress, my favs are Love By Grace, I Am Who I Am, and Yeliel (My Angel).

        As Laura Pausini said after performing with IL VOLO in her New York 20-year concert, “Italiani !!!”

        😉 In awe,
        Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  5. Myron, that sounds wonderful. Our Guys are usually in California so appearing in Vegas yearly would be great for the careers and I know they would love it.

  6. Myron…I can’t figure out why The Boys have skipped Vegas. I agree with Ann that it would perfectly showcase their talents and bring in hordes of new fans, don’t you think? Much good luck on getting them scheduled there. I’m sending lots of positive thoughts your way!

  7. I’ll be at the Westbury concert sec 11 row k seat 21 on the isle were they make the entrance can’t wait counting the days until JUNE 25th, love them so much they make my days so happy.   Maureen Perucca Long Island NY

          On Thu, May 08, 2014 at 09:18 AM, Il Volo Flight Crew ~Share The Love wrote:    

    nurselin61 posted: ”


    Hi Everyone,

    Here we are, sort of in between the rush of the Award and the start of the concerts in June. Not that anyone here doesn’t have THAT marked on their calendar!! From the responses on “Who’s Going Where?, looks like The Crew wil”

  8. Maureen, should we add you to the “Who’s Going Where” list on the post below this one?

    I always liked Frankie. I wanted to play on the beach with he and Annette. He always seemed like a nice guy. I did not know he was Italian.

    The Arena Di Verona video is the first time I heard Our Guys sing Un Amore Cosi Grande. My favorite Il Volo song. I fell hard!

    A tutorial on how to attend a concert, huh? I need that!

  9. Hi Loretta, On Goggle– type in All things Ilvolo, click on 1st option, scroll
    down until you find the group of picture videos for all three boys . There will be an arrow in the middle of each photo. Click on arrow to see clip. Above Ignazio’s it says, “How to you expect me to get any sleep after watching this”!
    No link available. Let me know if you find it. In the meantime, I will look on another site to find a link perhaps.

  10. Yes Kittykam I saw that I saved thAT IS the picture where he is moving & ends up looking into the camera. I think that is just about the BEST EVER picture of him. I wish I could get the background & him moving as well when I saved the picture. Thanks for being patient with me.

  11. They should have IL VOLO singing at the VENETIAN HOTEL in LAS VEGAS!!! OMG…I would go in a heartbeat!!

    1. Maryjane56 – That is what we here in Vegas are working on. We have talked with AEG about making this an annual event – same time every year. Andrea Bocelli comes to Vegas every December like clockwork. Even Il Divo comes in every late March – every year.
      We are hoping to get Il Volo booked into either the Venetian or the Palms or Caesar’s on an annual basis. Then big challenge would be to get all the people on this wonderful Flight Crew site to come to Vegas and we party and then concert.

      1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll be there! Let me know if I can do anything to help the cause!!

      2. It’s funny, Myron, that all the years I lived in Nevada, I never had a desire to visit Las Vegas. Now that I’m half-a-country away, Las Vegas is where I want to be! Ironic, huh?

      3. So glad to hear things are progressing in your Las Vegas efforts, Myron! I love the yearly-at-the-same-time concept for Vegas! That way all the IL VOLO fans will be asking for the same time for vacation. 😉

        And partying… Yes!!

        Let me know how I can be of assistance.

        I still want floaty scarves to dance with, saying IL VOLO ~ We Are Love on one end and something else, like IL VOLO ~ Mas Que Amor on the other. Dance and celebrate in style! 😉

        My kind of commemorative!

        Wonderful walk down memory lane, Linda! Hadn’t thought about the Patty Duke show in a long time. Frankie and Annette… The more I read from you, Linda, the more I recognize how much our Italian friends have filled my llfe with great joy and fun.

        Amore a tutti,
        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

      4. I have converted at least three people here in Las Vegas to Il Volo lovers in the last few months, but by the time we get Il Volo here to Las Vegas, I will have turned the entire city of Henderson into Il Volo Lovers and they will have to go to the concerts… Now that is not mentioning all my family and friends in Southern CA. which is just four hours away… I will have at least the first 20 rows filled…

        I am sure that our fair city of bright lights, casinos and Il VOLO will lure enough Il Volo lovers to fill any venue they are at…

  12. Myron, yes, an annual event would be great. How about the boys staying for a couple of weeks or more and do several concerts?
    I do hope that you can work this out. Thanks for the hard work that you do to promote our guys.

  13. Thanks, Linda!

    And Myron, give me enough notice to strong arm my bosses into giving me time off, and I will sooo be there! 🙂 Thanks for you hard work on this project.

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