Take Me With You!


They’ve been to Russia
without me keeping them warm.
They performed and came back
still full of charm.

i - babushka in Russia


They’re heading for Australia
and China too.
They don’t need me there either
What’s a fan to do?

There’s Europe and
South America to tour.
I’d help with their luggage.
I’d even do more.

a - venice April

I’d cook Spaghetti in the Serengeti
and lasagna in Spain.
I’d bake cookies in Africa
in the pouring rain.

I’d wash their clothes with a hose
in the Poconos
and clean their room with a broom
in Rangoon.

So, take me with you Gianluca
I’ll take pics to rule the masses.
Let me go Piero
I’ll happily clean your glasses.

p - glasses mundial

I’ll be there Ignazio
I’m never out of reach.
I’m even up for
brushing your teeth.

Yep, I’d cook and I’d clean
I’d be there for you.
I’d even make everyone
elephant stew.

g - throwing a kiss

I’d gladly do this
every day of the week.
I’d do it all
for just a kiss on the cheek.


70 thoughts on “Take Me With You!”

  1. Adorable, Marie!

    I’m with you on this, Except for the elephant stew! Have you looked in those sweet ones’ eyes? They are precious!
    Here in Portland, Oregon we have a wonderful parade of elephants. (Wow, a pride of lions, a school of fish, a Parade of elephants! 🙂
    Our “pride and joy” is baby Lily, born November 30th, 2013, weighing in at a mere 300 pounds.

    I’m sure Lily would kiss each boy with her trunk!
    You could insist on being first, however! 😉

    Love your choice of photos here!
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

      1. Awww, Marie… you certainly have your priorities. A girl’s gotta know these things.

        The Boys will never be hungry when you’re around!
        And I’ll warn Lily! 😉

        ~ Jeanine D.

      2. Laughed so hard, I almost fell outta my chair at that one Marie. I felt like such a nut job when I thought I was alone in my intense affection for these boyz. I’m so comforted now having found that all of you are nut jobs too…I LOVE YA.

  2. OMG, Marie, That is so awesome!!! I’m hoping to even just touch their cheek …

  3. Wonderful, wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing this with us! As for me, I’m up for any of that especially cleaning Piero’s glasses! (also wouldn’t mind brushing his teeth TOO.) hehehe Oh, the things we’d do “for a kiss on the cheek”!

  4. You’re so poetic, Marie! Love it all! I think by the time I get to them at the Philly M&G they will be worn out from all the pampering, hugging, and kissing they will get from all of you attending the concerts before Philly. However, I’m hoping to keep them overnight, since they probably can’t get a flight out of the US after 11pm… I hope, I hope!

  5. Maddie, you know I would wear them out if I got the chance. I’m sure there will be plenty left for you. Umm….how badly would you mind if there were only two left by the time they get to Philly? Just sayin’.

  6. TOO FUNNY!!!!!!! CAN’T………..BREATHE……….!!!!!!!!!! LAUGHING………TOO……HARD!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS FOR THE SMILES!!!!!!:D

    1. Our pleasure Isabel! What, you don’t want to be Piero’s barber?!? Or shoe shine girl?

  7. I want you to know Marie and Carli (can I call you that?) that I will not be needing help when I straighten Piero’s cross. I can also brush his teeth and clean his glasses, so you won’t be needed!

    Love your poem, Marie.

    1. Well, um, a… I don’t think you are going to get away with this!!! Better not try or there WILL be consequences!

      And you can call me Carli or the future Mrs. Piero Barone.

    1. 🙂 If i have any problems, I’ll call on you and Ignazio to come help me!

  8. Well, everyone knows “three’s a crowd”. I’m sure Piero will be much happier with just me. (Goodness wouldn’t we be embarrassed if Our Guys actually read this stuff?) As for Gianluca, I just bought a big jar of Nutella and we can each have a spoon and dig in. Or on ciabatta bread. Either way, I probably wouldn’t notice if I was sharing it with him.

  9. Love your poem Marie. You are so witty & you can write poetry!! I am having withdrawals!!! Nothing on my FB from the Boys today or last evening!! Gianluca was telling us his innermost thoughts for days & Ignazio & Piero were posting something, also!! Perhaps they are working! Too quiet!

  10. As for me I give really wonderful foot massages and I just know after standing for so long in concert that they would need to have those footies worked over. Oh and did I mention I am excellent at back and shoulders too? Come here Piero, let me demonstrate on you!

  11. When you all start eh!!!! It doesn’t cost anything to dream. as Gianluca says dreams do come true?? spend as much time as you want in dreamland, then come down to earth and take up your more realistic position of “Grandma”. (Isabel excluded) remember they love their Nono’s very much. Marie, you are included! remember that as Grandma’s you don’t have to join the competition, you have a permanent position near their hearts, and then you can apply for all your various positions. I applied long ago and my position is secure, but I am not sharing it.

  12. Marie, can I go with you ? After dong all these chores for our boys you will need a good back rub. I can do that for you.
    By the way I see your name listed on several of the coming concerts. Maybe you should get an award for going to the most number of concerts.
    I like all the poems that you have written. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Victoria. Yes, please come with me. You can replace Connie (Piratesorka)! She’s pushy and I really didn’t want her along anyway. (Mustache and beard comber, indeed!)

      There’s a board member who is attending one more concert than I am. She gets the award.

      1. Poor Marie, you are mixed up again! Pirate isn’t the mustache and beard comber, I AM!! I understand that looking at Ignazio can mix up anybody, but…!

  13. You have a special talent Marie, and is very much appreciated. Referring to the above poem: In Africa there is lots of Nutella available for me to bake those cookies , while under a big umbrella, you can hold “them” close and dry from the pouring rain. All I ask for is to kiss Gianluca’s cheek!!!

  14. I always said you were a woman of good taste, Loretta. The most handsome man on this and any other inhabited planet in the solar system.

  15. Penina, that’s right it’s you. You’re both smart alecs and I get confused!

    1. Marie, Oh my how you wound this old pirate. Why I am just a pussy cat who just wants to give sweet massages to our hardworking good looking babelicious,sweetcheeked….uh, Italian young men. I’m not pushy at ALLLLL. You go ahead and cook them Elephant stew and Nutella and I’ll get them purring with delight under my gentle firm hands. 🙂

    2. oooh Marie–Now who is being mean?? Tut, tut!
      In our imaginations we are all 19, OKAY???

  16. If you girls don’t contain yourselves I am going to take Ignazio off into the sunset as I did before. I am lookoing into a potion to reduce my age to 19, I’m tired of dreaming.
    Marie I’ll let you have a bit if you share a little more.

    1. Oh No you two, you’re not leaving me out of this!! If you don’t share I’ll, i’ll uh tell Ignazio you’re being mean to me again!!!!

  17. What a whiner. OK Loretta, give the tattletale enough to take her back to 70.

  18. *DYING OF LAUGHTER* PLEASE STOP!!!!!!!!! CAN’T TAKE MUCH MORE OF THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  19. With this portion I’m not sure how it works since Linda you are already short, Marie I think it is for short people are you willing to lose a foot or 2? Maybe if you just took a pinch you wouldn’t get too short of course you may not drop too many years. Trying to be as kind as I can. It suits me fine. Sending it by air mail to you both just a pnch Linda don’t want you to become a midget.
    In the meantime I’ll take care of handsome while you girls are getting used to how you look.

  20. Yes, Marie, but do you “do windows and I’m not talking computers! Is there ANYTHING you wouldn’t do? I know, you will NOT arrange a “blind” date for Ignazio! Unless of course you were the date!

  21. Come on Marie, we can find a bridesmaid’s dress for you in good taste, we’ll just stear clear of ruffles and bows! It would have to be black though, because if he EVER got married, I am sure you will be in mourning!

  22. Hey, who is talking about short people?! I started out at 5 ft. and lost several inches after 2 spinal surgeries. Besides, everyone knows great things come in small packages! So there!!

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