Il Volo Professional ~~ May 4, 2014

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This issue of the Professional isn’t going to have a lot of commentary.  The Guys have been at home celebrating with their families and doing some work—just not any that is ready for release to the public.   🙂   So we will catch up on some of the interviews and things they did before/during the Billboards week.

Find your favorite movie snack and a comfy chair…cartoonconsessions




Healthy lifestyle concept with dancing active people.

…and when you’re done, turn up the volume and dance around your house to your favorite Il Volo songs.  🙂

Have a great Sunday!

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Thanks to All About Il Volo for providing some context and background, as I simply would have had a collection of random videos otherwise.

Backstage video and an appearance on what appears to be an adaptation of “The Voice”, “La Voz Kids”…


Interview on Terra Musica…


Il Volo on Nuestra Voz Latina…


 And a sweet interview about a more personal side of each of the guys, first pointed out to me by Deanne; thank you!


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  1. ‘Il Volo sings “Il Mondo” 2011 & 2014’ is a MUST SEE on youtube. Both performances are from Ti Lascio Una Canzone”. Beautifully sung and very well edited! One of my new favorites!

  2. Thank you so much for these articles and clips. The last interview was the best Really gave you more of an insight as to what makes these guys so special. They are so amazingly grounded and intelligent for their ages. Makes me respect them all the more (and I didn’t think that was possible). Know they are the greatest young men and singers we will see in our time. Reading stories like this just makes me smile all the longer and warms my heart all the more. I can’t help but continue to feel so blessed to have them in our world. They are living their lives so conscientiously. It is pure joy to be a part of their lives in following them on their journey. Their openness with discussing their faith is so refreshing! God surely has blessed us with their presence. Thank you from deep in my heart.

  3. thanks for posting these interviews. I am looking (like a detective) for any clues about new album release date – anyone hear of one. They are very tight lipped.
    Also, why is Latin America replacing the original plan to do Australia and Japan etc, next fall ? ? Hmmm mystery. I think it has something to do with the new promoters they are working with. I am not sure that change was the best. Even though I complained about the way Live Nation did some things they did other things rather well. Now with this split between CAA for some things and AEG for other things – it seems to be more of a mess.
    I worry because our boys need more confident leadership than this. I admit it is my perception based upon only a few facts and I might be wrong. But the last time I connected with Barbara I could tell that she was not thrilled about things.

    1. I can’t blame her one bit. If what everyone has gone through trying to get tickets for the US tour is any indication of how it’s going to be, I would be very unhappy. If The Guys didn’t do such a good job promoting their activities and staying in touch with the fans, what would we do?

      1. You’re right Kelly, most of what we hear is from their mouths. I wish they had better promotion. However, they seem to do a good enough job on their own. They are so good at what they do, they don’t need much.

        Would love to hear about the new album. Has to be soon! Please!

        Thanks Kelly, was crazy about that interview translation.

    2. Myron, I’ve been looking for an album release date too. They mention a new album in several interviews but no date is ever mentioned. Must be a closely guarded secret for now.

  4. We are going to have to keep praying hard that the managers keep the guys careers on track & keep their sights & fingers in what is happening. Thanks Myron for you keeping your sights on how their careers are being handled & putting your two cents worh into peoples ears whether they want to hear what you say or not.

    Kelly this load of information, pictures & videos is outstanding. thanks for putting this all together. I have been away for a week & just catching up now.
    This blog & all the hard work that you Board members have worked so hard to make it happen is outstanding & I am so very glad I am part of the general group.. I can’t miss a day & I was looking at my sons computer every day when I was away but couldn’t respond. I can’t be away from this site because I don’t want to miss what is said or posted or missing a picture of our wonderful young men. There are so many talented people on this site who can express their emtions, insights, feelings & hearts so much better than I can that I am grateful they all express themselves they way they do which is exactly the way I feel. I save most pictures of the guys especially of Ignazio & try to save the links of videos. I mentioned before that All things Il volo is put together so perfectly & in English that it is a joy to read. Thanks you so much Board menbers for your separate talents & for starting this blog. I am so glad it is a success, there isn’t any other that has so much information on it then here.

      1. L, glad u ‘r happy! It’s missing the first few minutes about the billboard award and Igny celebration dance, but it will be around in the web

  5. Thank you so much, I happened to be listening to, what else….Il Volo “Takes Flight”. I did follow your idea after I clicked on all the links and read all about the ‘guys’ I danced around my house to their music!

    Again thank you for complying all for this for us. Now back to dancing!


  6. Nothing makes make happier than reading about or listening to Our Guys. Thank you so much for all these new posts. A day without listening to Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca would be a day without sunshine!

  7. The interview that aired earlier today on Rai 1 was really good. They sang “We Are Love” and it was great to hear them, but I think the best part for me was to hear the host (I can never remember his name) say that Italy needed to pay more attention to Il Volo. I can’t wait for June and July, I just know that they are going to get more of the attention that they so deserve, and hopefully lots of it comes from Italy!

  8. Does anyone know the name Ignazio’s hometown in Sicily? I am on a 10 day Tauck tour in Sicily and am currently in Palermo. We will be traveling to many places here. Sad to report that the few Sicilians I have spoken to about Il Volo have not heard of them.

    Mary Strickler

    1. Hi Mary,
      Ignazio lives in Marsala. And as long as you are in Sicily, you might want to go to Piero’s home town too – he lives in Naro, which is part of Agrigento. Now you have a project to carry out! Enjoy being there – maybe you will be lucky enough to meet Our Guys!

    2. Mary, if you happen to go to Marsala, have lunch at Ignazio’s sister’s pizzeria, Pizzeria Dei Desideri. AND, if IGNAZIO happens to be there, please give him a big hug and kiss for me. Tell him it’s from Madeline in NJ! Same goes for Piero if you should run into him in Naro.

      Thanks, and have a great time in Sicily!

  9. Thank you for all the stories, etc. here!! I cannot ever get enough of these marvelous men, so just keep it coming!! They do continue to impress us more and more as they mature. Such angels and gentle hearts!! May God bless them and keep them, esp. if their management team is a little flaky. Hopefully they – or their parents – will be aware and correct any misdirection they see. June is NEXT month!!!

  10. Il Volo sarà presente il 1 giugno all’Arena di Verona per l’evento “Arena di Verona – lo spettacolo sta per iniziare” presentato da Antonella Clerici.

    ll Volo on June the 1st at Arena di Verona will be at the event The Show is about to start (opening and promoting the season /program of the famous theater Arena di Verona) with tenor Vittorio Grigolo and Antonella Clerici
    for info :

    herebelow some info about Arena di Verona

      1. Easy ladies – that’s my guy you’re talking about! How can anyone resist him?

  11. Massimo always gives them a great platform in Italy. Sounded like they were a little out of practice on “We Are Love” – usually their harmonies are smoother, but they are always good and so much fun to watch. I would live it it they wrote their own new classic songs for their vocal style. Come on Ignazio and Piero!

    I also want them to be guest stars on The Voice! New audience for them!

  12. Speaking of being guests on TV shows, I have tried to get them on THE KATIE COURIC SHOW two or three times now for an interview and musical spot at the end of her show, with no success. In my post the first time I said “Give yourself and your ladies some drool time. ” She replyed with, “We could all use some drool time!” Did not reply to any other posts. The last time I posted, was when they were going to be at Radio City Music Hall, telling her that she would have a couple of opportunities to contact their management team while they were in or around the New York area. She has had musical guests again lately, so thought maybe if she heard from more than just me, it would help. What do you think?

  13. maddiev1123, Great! Thank you! Try Katie Couric on facebook or The Katie Couric Show on Twitter. Let the ILVOlovers speak!!! YES!!

  14. LORETTA, My favorite is the one on ATIV of IGNAZIO all by himself from IL VOLOVERSMX. OH, my gosh!!!

  15. Kittykam how do I get that picture, I save all good pictures of him on my picture file I probably have it because I save the pictures I probably don’t know if I saved before. That’s ok the more the merrier, he is one hunk & a half. Do I go into ILVOLOVERSMX??

  16. Loretta, It is a video on ATIV. Above it , it says HOW CAN I GET ANY SLEEP AFTER VIEWING THIS! There are actually 3 videos, one of each of them. Ignazio’s, of course, is the best! Enjoy.

  17. Hi girls!

    Thank you for sharing our links. We hope you like the content. We did it with love for Il Volo and to all Ilvolovers. You all are ever welcome with us.

    Kisses ! We love your site!

    Mari Russu – All About Il Volo Team

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