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Il Volo Professional ~~ May 4, 2014

Hey Everyone!

This issue of the Professional isn’t going to have a lot of commentary.  The Guys have been at home celebrating with their families and doing some work—just not any that is ready for release to the public.   🙂   So we will catch up on some of the interviews and things they did before/during the Billboards week.

Find your favorite movie snack and a comfy chair…cartoonconsessions




Healthy lifestyle concept with dancing active people.

…and when you’re done, turn up the volume and dance around your house to your favorite Il Volo songs.  🙂

Have a great Sunday!

~~ Kelly



Thanks to All About Il Volo for providing some context and background, as I simply would have had a collection of random videos otherwise.

Backstage video and an appearance on what appears to be an adaptation of “The Voice”, “La Voz Kids”…

———> http://www.ilvolo.mus.br/2014/04/il-volo-suelta-la-sopa-during-the-billboards/

Interview on Terra Musica…

———> http://www.ilvolo.mus.br/2014/05/il-volo-interview-on-terra-musica/

Il Volo on Nuestra Voz Latina…

———> http://www.ilvolo.mus.br/2014/04/il-volo-on-nuestra-voz-latina/

 And a sweet interview about a more personal side of each of the guys, first pointed out to me by Deanne; thank you!

———> http://www.ilvolo.mus.br/2014/04/the-emotion-has-taken-to-il-volo-en/#more-8286



Hi Everyone,

We know the big news this week and NO ONE MISSED IT!! They won, They won!!! Who is still excited and happy for our wonderful “Boys”? I think it will take a while to get those smiles off their faces and ours too. They worked so hard and sacrificed so much to get to this point!! The good news,it will get better and better!

After celebrating their win and a very short rest in Miami, Il Volo flew to Italy to perform on TLUC where they  were first put together and sang 5 years ago. “ Il Mondo ” has always been my favorite song, it’s the first song I heard them sing on “Takes Flight”. I must admit when I saw and heard them sing it on TLUC, I cried. The passion never leaves them and I am still struck by the love and respect they have for each other. That love and respect along with their glorious voices is what makes them what they are, “Our Angels”.acceptancelatinbillboard

Now at home again, the guys are enjoying their family and friends. The celebrations each family shared with us were heartwarming!! Eveybody is soo proud! The families made sacrifices too and must be over the moon with the Billboard Award!!

Latin Billboard Awards, 2014; Telemundo
Latin Billboard Awards, 2014; Telemundo

I don’t know if you all noticed, I did; Il Volo was paid more attention on the Red Carpet and during the show much more than last year. This proves they are getting famous!! They have such a wonderful future ahead of them!!


Gianluca  “In a part of myself, I will always keep that little boy”

gg boy

Piero   “Visiting Igny in his home town”

ig and p

Ignazio “No words to explain how afraid I am to lose this guy. In my family we are 4 but since January 2013 we are 5…thanks Gabbbrrriii!!” ( Ignazio referring to his friend Gabriel as his brother).            iggy and gabiii

According to our friends at Mundial, Il Volo is touring South America in September, though we have no confirmation from their management.

Remember to refer to post under this one, Whose Going Where, if you want to add your name to what concert you are attending.

Enjoy your time at home Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, you have have a busy schedule ahead of you!!  Love from all of us!



2/17/14                     icon quest

Hi Everyone,

It’s only a few weeks until Il Volo is back in the USA, yay!!! Makes us feel better when they’re here!!

It’s been an exciting week for “The Boys” they went to Rome and met the Pope!!!  In the pictures published we can see Piero giving “The Holy Father” CD’s and DVD’s. I hope he enjoys them!!!                      Pope

Did you know How to introduce the Pope?

   The Holy Father is so high he is never introduced to anyone: individuals are presented to The Holy Father. He requires no introduction: anyone about to meet the Pope already knows who he is.
Il Volo in Rome
Il Volo in Rome

More excitement when Il Volo was nominated for 2 Latin Billboard awards and for 3 World Music awards!! Their tour last year has certainly made them and their beautiful voices more well known. They are receiving more recognition from their peers. We Ilvolovers, of course knew it all along!!!

If you have not voted for The World Music Awards, click on the link below to vote!


I thought this time we would take a look at the long career of Tony Bennett.
tony b 3

Anthony Dominick Benedetto was born on August 3, 1926, in Astoria, Queens, New York City, to grocer John Benedetto and seamstress Anna Suraci.In 1906, John had emigrated from Podàrgoni,a rural eastern district of the southern Italian city of Reggio Calabria. Anna had been born in the U.S. shortly after her parents also emigrated from the Calabria region in 1899. Other relatives came over as well as part of the mass migration of Italians to America. Tony has an older sister, Mary, and an older brother, John Jr.  With a father who was ailing and unable to work, the children grew up in poverty. John Sr. instilled in his son a love of art and literature and a compassion for human suffering.

Raised in New York City, Bennett began singing at an early age. He fought in the final stages of World War II as an infantryman with the U.S. Army in the European Theatre. Afterwards, he developed his singing technique, signed with Columbia Records, and had his first number-one popular song with “Because of You” in 1951. Several top hits such as “Rags to Riches” followed in the early 1950s. Bennett then further refined his approach to encompass jazz singing. He reached an artistic peak in the late 1950s with albums such as The Beat of My Heart and Basie Swings, Bennett Sings. In 1962, Bennett recorded his signature song “I Left My Heart in San Francisco”. His career and his personal life then suffered an extended downturn during the height of the rock music era.

tony b 2003

Bennett staged a comeback in the late 1980s and 1990s, putting out gold record albums again and expanding his audience to the MTV Generation while keeping his musical style intact. He remains a popular and critically praised recording artist and concert performer in the 2010s. Bennett has won 17 Grammy Awards (including a Lifetime Achievement Award, presented in 2001) and two Emmy Awards, and has been named an NEA Jazz Master and a Kennedy Center Honoree. He has sold over 50 million records worldwide.

Tony Bennett continues to make appearances at the wonderful age of 87!!

Piero visited Milan last week. Here is a look at this historic city.

Milan (English; Italian: Milano [miˈlaːno] Milanese: Milan [miˈlaŋ]) is the second most  populous city in Italy and the capital of Lombardy. The city proper has a population of about 1.3 million, while its urban area is the 5th largest in the EU with an estimated population of about 5,248,000. The massive suburban sprawl that followed the post-war boom of the 1950s–60s and the growth of a vast commuter belt, suggest that socioeconomic linkages have expanded well beyond the boundaries of its administrative limits and its agglomeration, creating a metropolitan region of 7-9 million people, stretching over the provinces of Milan, Bergamo, Como, Lecco, Lodi,  and Brianza, Pavia, Varese and Novara. It has been suggested that the Milan metropolitan region is part of the so-called Blue Banana, the area of Europe with the highest population and industrial density.          milan

Milan was founded by the Insubres, a Celtic people. The city was later conquered by the Romans, becoming the capital of the Western Roman Empire. During the Middle Ages, Milan flourished as a commercial and banking center. In the course of centuries, it has been alternatively dominated by France, Habsburg Spain, and Austria, until when in 1859 the city was eventually annexed by the new Kingdom of Italy. During the early 1900s, Milan led the industrialization process of the young nation, being at the very center of the economic, social and political debate. Badly affected by the World War II devastations, and after a harsh Nazi occupation, the city became the main centre of the Italian Resistance. In post-war years, the city enjoyed a prolonged economic boom, attracting large flows of immigrants from rural Southern Italy. During the last decades, Milan has seen a dramatic rise in the number of international migrants, and today more than one sixth of it’s population is foreign born.


Updated biographies of Il Volo will be here soon, so be on the lookout!!


Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca we look forward to your return!! Love and Luck,