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We know the big news this week and NO ONE MISSED IT!! They won, They won!!! Who is still excited and happy for our wonderful “Boys”? I think it will take a while to get those smiles off their faces and ours too. They worked so hard and sacrificed so much to get to this point!! The good news,it will get better and better!

After celebrating their win and a very short rest in Miami, Il Volo flew to Italy to perform on TLUC where they  were first put together and sang 5 years ago. “ Il Mondo ” has always been my favorite song, it’s the first song I heard them sing on “Takes Flight”. I must admit when I saw and heard them sing it on TLUC, I cried. The passion never leaves them and I am still struck by the love and respect they have for each other. That love and respect along with their glorious voices is what makes them what they are, “Our Angels”.acceptancelatinbillboard

Now at home again, the guys are enjoying their family and friends. The celebrations each family shared with us were heartwarming!! Eveybody is soo proud! The families made sacrifices too and must be over the moon with the Billboard Award!!

Latin Billboard Awards, 2014; Telemundo
Latin Billboard Awards, 2014; Telemundo

I don’t know if you all noticed, I did; Il Volo was paid more attention on the Red Carpet and during the show much more than last year. This proves they are getting famous!! They have such a wonderful future ahead of them!!


Gianluca  “In a part of myself, I will always keep that little boy”

gg boy

Piero   “Visiting Igny in his home town”

ig and p

Ignazio “No words to explain how afraid I am to lose this guy. In my family we are 4 but since January 2013 we are 5…thanks Gabbbrrriii!!” ( Ignazio referring to his friend Gabriel as his brother).            iggy and gabiii

According to our friends at Mundial, Il Volo is touring South America in September, though we have no confirmation from their management.

Remember to refer to post under this one, Whose Going Where, if you want to add your name to what concert you are attending.

Enjoy your time at home Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, you have have a busy schedule ahead of you!!  Love from all of us!


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  1. Though we IlVolovers don’t miss much when it comes to Our Boys/Guys/Angels, l never tire of one more story or post. They have captured my heart completely and there’s always room for another tidbit. They were simply marvelous at the TLUC show – seemed stronger than ever, soaring with all the passion and joy that has endeared them to so many. So glad they have had time at home to unwind, but very glad June is coming so l can finally see them with my own two eyes!! Thanks again, Ladies of The Crew, for your work!!

  2. Ladies and our one Gentleman, since it is May 1st, we can now officially say that Il Volo will be in the country NEXT MONTH!!!!!!!!!!! SO EXCITING!!!!!! 😀

    I think that Piero, Ignazio, Gianluca, and every single Il Volover will carry this excitement from their first official award for a very long time. I know that I will!

  3. I am still over the moon with happiness & excitement for the Boys award!! Also so glad they are having time at home before the tour starts. Their music just gets better & better! In one interview I saw they did say they were going to the Latin countries in the fall. Also they were recording a CD. Hope the CD is released before the tour & they have a signing at Santa Monica Courtyard Mall! I could get to that again. June will be here before we know it!!!

  4. At last!!!! I have had a problem logging on and now I HOPE it’s fixed. This site is so addicting and I was having terrible withdrawal pains! Didn’t really realize how much all of you mean to me until I couldn’t communicate.

    Gian’s “little boy” and “grown man” pictures are just stupendous!!! I adore them both, and for some reason those photos bring tears to my eyes. Maybe it’s because time is flying by and I hate to see it going so fast, except for the coming of June. Will it EVER arrive????

    1. Helen,
      I have been wondering where you have been. I was hoping you were okay. You did not get hit by that “Heartbleed” bug, did you. I know someone else that did. She was having all kinds of trouble. Not sure if it is straightened out yet or not.

      Glad to see you back.

      1. Jeanie… I’m just fine! Thank you so much for caring.

  5. They Won! They Won! Yeah Linda, I’m still excited!

    I also noticed the passion as well as the love and respect they showed for each other. That video still chokes me up. I know what Helen means. They are so grownup in that video.

    Thanks Linda, for those tweets and the other news! South America in September? Hey Michele!!

    Oh Helen, I can’t wait for your review!

  6. I too, am still so excited for our guys. Gian’s then/now picture is so beautiful. He just gets better looking each day. I wonder how his Mom feels when she watches her loving son perform these incredible songs with his voice getting stronger and more masculine as time passes? I am only a fan but oh so very proud of our three angels. I can’t wait for the time when I can see them once more. Congratulations to them, their families and their entire entourage. They have the greatest people behind them.

  7. Yes, they won! I’m still grinning!
    Thanks, Linda! It’s so nice to have you back with more tweets lately. 🙂

  8. Yeah!!! I don’t think we will ever stop saying that. We all knew they would start winning awards…it has just been such a special gift to US to see them win their FIRST BIG ONE. Never will forget the jubilant jumps for joy that Gianluca spontaneously went into…Piero springing out of his seat right behind, and dear Ignazio leaning over to hug Barbara. I also thought it interesting to hear Piero start the thank you’s and Gianluca…the one who was the shyest of all 3 at one time…pipe right in there with his thoughts…and dear Ignazio just hugging his award and smiling his million dollar smile to the audience. Memories etched in our minds for ever…

  9. Have not be writing much, but have been following each of your comments every day.
    I am one happy Il Volover that they are going back to South America. South America gave them their 1st Award. South America have supported them overwhelmingly, South America deserves this.
    I have noticed that they are making less concerts this year, but the concerts they do are of high value. and the interviews, especially the Spanish interviews are numerous and very good.
    The Red Carpet was something else from beginning to end. those boys not only have lungs, but charm and personality to bowl you over. I could see each interviewer falling in love with them from the beginning. just now the whole world will love them and Justin B will be a name of the past.
    just an observation: so far Ignazio has visited Gianluca on his 18th birthday, and this year Piero visited Ignazio, so all left now is for Gianluca to visit Ignazio and Piero and for Piero to visit Gianluca.
    they are really going to have a celebration at the end of July when all their families and friends will be going to their first concert in Italy.that is going to be something

  10. They sure did Win. So proud of them. I am so very thankful that I checked this board when I did or I would never have known that they would be starting a tour in June in the US. It was in September for me last year and to read here that they will be in South America in September. I am happy for them to be going to South America, but I am very happy for me also that I am a part of this Flight Crew so I knew when the Tour in the US would be and the dates. I would have been looking for a US tour in August and September, like before.

    Deanna, I am also glad to see that they are visiting each other at their homes. That is so nice.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we all could get to Italy for their first Concert. I know, I am dreaming again. Yes, their family and friends will be so very excited and there will be big celebrations.

  11. The adorable interview that Marie posted in comments (somewhere) is the one where Ignazio said they’ll be in South America in September, so that’s enough confirmation for me!

    MaryJane, thanks for pointing out that Ignazio stopped to hug Barbara before going up on stage. I just watched the video again and saw that. So precious!

    I’m still waiting for a translation of what Gianluca said when they received the award. He was so taken by his emotion in such a special way.

    I’m busy planting a magnificent veggies and herb garden (all in pots on my deck), so I peek at the posts and will reply soon. Had my first salad from the greens on my deck. Who knew that leaf lettuce could be so vibrant, healthy, and fresh that it would be crunchy?! Maybe it was from listening to IL VOLO! Most likely! 😉

    Connie, I can hardly believe… We leave on our IL VOLO road trip a month from tomorrow! Holy … I have a lot to get done before then! Amaaaaazing!

    Amore a tutti,
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. JDB
      receing the Award :

      Piero: Thanks to you all for your support

      Gian: Many thanks! many thanks to all Il Volovers that supports us day to day, really many many thanks

      Piero: Thanks to our families and our producer and manager

      Gian : Ciao Italia!

      Igny was wearing a beautiful Smile, even in his eyes, that says it all, and was blowing a kiss

      1. Thanks Mlla for translation!! They were chaming and humble! I loved that Ignazio kissed Barbara and his smile is like none other!!

  12. I keep reliving that moment when Il Volo is namd the winner. I love Gianluca jumping for joy with Piero right on his heels. And that sweet kiss that Ignazio gave Barbara. And when they are back in Italy the next day and sing “El Mundo” with such joy and happiness, it brings tears to my eyes. Can’t wait for that new CD! Hope it comes out soon.

  13. Allene, I can’t wait to see (yes, actually SEE) you after the concert, Right after you see him for real! You’re going to be a happy mess.

  14. I have come to the conclusion that these 3 boys -“Il Volo” could not possibly have had the impact they have had on so many without some powerful assistance! there is a dynamic force in their message that can reach into hearts and lives and change people from the inside out. which confirms for me that they are messengers sent from Heaven to show that you can be a Star without drugs, sex, mashing up the place and all the rotten habits of so called present day stars. Young people are just yearning for good roll models. They dare to be different and I applaud them for this. They will receive more and more support as they become more known. God bless Il Volo.

    1. Well put, Deanne. They truly are in a class all of their own and I so hope young people from OUR country take note!!! They are so amazing and have so much to give this world.

      1. They tell me that there is HOPE for our young people in this country, who are talented and want to share with the world. God bless them, indeed!

  15. Deanne Smith, I’ve seen comments made in this name on the MY ILVOLO EXPERIENCE article on ATIV. I’ve been wondering if that is you?

  16. Also, Gianluca, in interviews that his tastes in music has,of course expanded to include Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, etc. But I found that he found Frank a long time ago. YOU TUBE — 4 year old Gianluca sings Frank Sintra ( NEW YORK )

  17. For info :

    On 4th May , Il Volo guest of L’ Arena, starting abt 15.30 local time Rai Uno Channel

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