Thank You 250,000 Times

Hope to see these at the concerts.  This picture is totally made up!  Marie
Hope to see these at the concerts. This picture is totally made up! Marie

Some time ago I bet Elaine that we would have been viewed over a QUARTER OF A MILLION Times by her birthday mid-May.


Pay Up Elaine!


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I can’t say Crew, that you made our dreams come true because we never dared dream this big!

In less than 9 months our absolute love of those Il Volo Boys have brought 110 COUNTRIES together on this website.

People in countries you’ve never heard of have heard of you!

a - fun

We listen, read, write and “Share The Love” of three amazing young men.

a - very young

I am humbled.

Thank You Our Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero!

Thank You My Amazing Board Sisters – Michele, Linda, Elaine and Kelly!

Thank You Crew!



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70 thoughts on “Thank You 250,000 Times”

  1. Marie, I wish there was a jumping up and down icon. How amazing is this? Who knew the love of three amazing young men would get us to this point!! Thank-you, thank-you to all of our wonderful, caring Crew members!!!

      1. It may be a fake, but it sure got my attention! I’ll bet Our Guys will see it too! Love it! Thanks, Marie!

      2. Silly me Marie—You did a great job because I actually thought they were holding up the Il Volo Flight Crew sign when I posted below— I’m betting that they really will be in the near future !!!

      3. Well Marie, you sure fooled me. I was just shocked to see our boys holding a picture of the flight crew badge.

  2. Viva The Flight Crew!! Bravo to you!! We are all certainly richer and blessed-er for having these superb young men in our lives. It is folks like FlightCrew, though, who make experiencing and sharing that love possible. Kudos, ladies!! Let the jumping and screaming (and tears of joy) begin!! Il Volo: We Are Love!🎶🎶

    1. Absolutely, we are full of love for our wonderful boys. What a wonderful accomplishment Flight Crew….we will jump or for sure give standing ovations at the concerts, whichever one(s) we are attending. Thank you, thank you for all you do for us!!! ♥

  3. I am ecstatic about the numbers! Can our fine young men possibly know what an effect they’ve had on the world? I think the BOARD should provide each of our wonderful guys with a copy of this post and the stats. Thanks to the Board for a wonderful site and all the information we can obtain from it!

  4. I am not only impressed that they are holding up a picture of this site but honestly, I got goose bumps when I first saw the picture today… I already planned on wearing my Il Volo Flight Crew badge when I go to their concert at the Greek theater, I will proudly display our site badge… It’s is quite an honor for Il Volo to recognize this wonderful site… It’s all the work you all put into it, to make it what is so us fans can share our love for Il Volo… Thank you .

    1. We are all on the same crew… I thought they were holding it up as well… And I am still going to proudly wear our badge…

  5. Marie, you getting me really worried now…. I should pay much more attention to my English/Spelling when commenting or, even worst, translating 😉 the WORRRRLLLLLD 😉 might be watching !!! and I ‘ am always rushing!

    Anyway, Congratulations to you All!

  6. Marie,
    some time ago I emailed you about this whole concept and I am waiting but I really feel that whole thing is embodied right here. THIS IS IT.
    Also, get the t-shirts available to sell . I have 23 people going to L.A. from Vegas and we should have this logo on those T-shirts. FLIGHT CREW IS THE WORLD-WIDE SITE.

    1. Wonderful idea, Myron. Thank you too, Myron, for the news you share with us. I will be wearing my badge in Milwaukee, WI June 21st. I am so excited to meet other Flight Crew members, Jeanne Thomas and I are coming together, along w/my son. My best wishes to you!! P. s. A small suggestion, maybe have some 2X size shirts too. ☺☺☺

  7. Elaine – a mid-May birthday – early birthday greetings from another May baby – although a Gemini – mid-May – is that Taurus? Ricky Martin was guest host on DWTS last night, fresh from Billboard Latin Awards.

    1. This is fabulous, Crew! Whoever could have anticipated this when we left the official site?
      I am proud of the board for their hard work to make this a fun, informative site, and for the readers for discerning real quality. And of course, for the glue that holds the whole thing together, 3 of the most amazing young men on the planet!

    2. Hi Gemini 1375Marie thanks for your early birthday greetings. I am actually a Gemini too and my real birthday is on mid-June. I think our own Marie is confused with my Lunar birthday which I mentioned to her a while ago. On Lunar calendar today is April 1 (but there is no such thing as April fools day!). This year I will be celebrating my birthday with our guys, YAY!

      The parade of flags are beautiful. Nice one Marie.

    3. Marie, Would you be so kind and add my name to the list of Flight Crew fans attending the Milwaukee, WI concert on June 21st? Jeanne Thomas and I will be coming together, wearing our badges, and are excited to meet other fans. Thank you, thank you!! ♥

    1. It is nice to see you Elizabeth! Welcome back! Your red prom dress was beautiful and so were you! I am glad you had a great time!

  8. Thank you to our Flight Crew Board for all the hard work you have and continue to put into this incredible site. I am ever so grateful to be one of the Crew on this unique site with all of you incredible, very expressive and loving people. We all share in the love we feel for the boys and in return they have shown that they recognize and love us too. The photo above of Gianluca , Ignazio and Piero holding our Flight Crew Badge just blew me away !! You can rest assured that I will be wearing our Flight Crew Badge very proudly at the concert !!!

  9. Congratulations you board members of IL VoloFlight Crew for your amazing numbers. You have put together a wonderful site for all IL Volo lovers to come to and share their love of IL Volo. I hope you only keep getting bigger.

    1. This is a bit off topic 🙂 I just got an email from Massey Hall/Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto
      saying that M & G packages are available from them. I got mine from concertmaps, but now they are selling them directly as well as tickets. So if there is anyone out there coming to the Toronto concert and they don’t have a M & G but want one, just call Roy Thompson Hall.

  10. I never dreamed there are such an awesome number of Il Volovers in the world!!! And the USA is #1!!! All because of three Italian boys with musical talent straight from Heaven whose dream was to share their songs! They are now young men whose charm, beauty & all around goodness makes our every day lives so enriched!!! Share the Love with everyone!! So enjoy everything that is written here!

  11. Wow! This is possible due to the fact that some amazing people got together to manage a site about some amazing guys!


  12. Well, ladies of the Flight Crew – Share the love, Marie, I am not so very much surprised about this success of your blogg! Having these three young men not only with their wonderful voices but also their exemplary behavior as a topic for your page and presenting everything so well researched with clear structure, timetable and nice writing style so that it is a pleasure and always informative to follow and visit it – success is bound to happen!

    Stll, I am surpised about the great number of countries that are taking part in our admiration of Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero! Congrtulations to all of you – and us!

  13. May be out of topic BUT, not so much, Difference between Tenor and Baritone,
    The TENOR (young Maestro Placido Domingo)
    The opera “Andrea Chénier”,
    The author Umberto Giordano

      1. Hi Loretta,
        sorry did not see your query before. Myron Heaton would better reply to your question because it is quite a wide and complex technical issue and am just interested in, but not at all an expert. So I would love his light on this.

        Meanwhile I just say that Baritone can be, amongst other classifications, Lyric or Dramatic like for the Tenors there are also classifications like Light, Lyric, Spinto, Drammatico, as Myron already indicated,
        So yes coming back to P.D. very approximately I would say he was already more a Dramatic type of tenor while Pavarotti was more the Lyric type, (hope I am not saying anything blaspheme here for opera fans Myron and anyone pls correct me if wrong) so to put it short, with passing of time he has taken up roles as Baritone, i.e. lower range and/or dramatic voice roles in opera (Simon Boccanegra of Giuseppe Verdi , one for all) but this does not necessarily means he cannot sing as a tenor any longer.

        Little side info/curiosity,

        The word Tenor comes from the verb Tenere which means ” to hold ”

        The Baritone is the most common type of voice in men.

        During the Baroque period — abt 1600 to 1750 circa, as women were not allowed to perform on stage, men were playing the female soprano and contralto roles as well, to do so sadly they had to go through a form of castration before puberty in order to keep the boyish clear type of voice.

  14. Congratulations and a huge thank you to the Flight Crew Board for the success of this site! I feel truly lucky that I am able to be a small part of such a fantastic celebration of something so amazing. Keep on loving the Flight Crew and Il Volo!

  15. Brava, Flight Crew. The fact is that Marie, Linda, Elaine, Michele, and Kelly, came up with this wonderful idea to start this website just a short time ago. It seems impossible to believe how far it has come. I even remember when you ladies (Elizabeth, too) were coming up with the name. How much fun that was to read back then, and now look at it. I’m so proud of you guys!

    1. Yes some memories! It really wasn’t that long ago and I still remember the emotion after I left a message on the old official site telling people about our new home. I got all teary and didn’t know what to expect. Now it all seems so distance.

      I like to take this opportunity and thanks our writers Marie, Michele, Kelly, and Linda. You amazing ladies are the souls to this blog. We couldn’t have made it this far without all your hard works. Thank you so much!

      1. Elaine, I’m one of the very grateful people who saw your post and found my way here. Grazie mille!

        Flight Crew Board, this is outstanding! Marie, just last night I thought, I want an update on Flight Crew numbers. 🙂

        Like that… “parade” of flags.
        Thinking of Chino y Nacho and their compatriots, I was happy to see Venezuela in column one.

        I read your note and knew the photo up top was a compilation. Marie, it was the perfect photo of Our Boys to use, and it sure helps me to “picture” them rejoicing in the Flight Crew!

        I am thinking of making Flight Crew badges for my family as honorary Flight Crew members. Is that stepping over the line? Do let me know.

        A QUARTER OF A MILLION!!! Wow! Somehow both totally believable and totally incredible! Way to go!

        Still soaring…
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    2. Leelee I’m so happy with all the new people who come here to share. New folks keep the heart and site pumping.

      I couldn’t not be more proud of those of you who came with us and are still making this site what it is. Thank you my old friends.

    3. Hey Leelee, it’s through this site that we met face to face and went to that wonderful concert in Miami. We’ve had some good times since then and we still laugh a lot, right Marie?

      All of you are amazing, Marie, Kelly, Michele and Elaine, proud to call you Board Sisters! 🙂

      1. We laugh a lot and sometime we cry along with the rest of the crew, but we’re always grateful that we have this place and each other.

      2. Jeanine, you just make those badges for your family and friends. Our pleasure! I’m making a couple for my sisters who will be with me in DC.

  16. Congratulations Flight Crew Board and members! You have done it all with love, respect, admiration, talent, intelligence, and humble kindness in your hearts. Hey, no wonder we all get along so well…those are the exact traits that have drawn us to the three most amazing young men on the planet! This site is simply the best! Thank you for the hours and hours of work that have gone in to making it what it is today.

    1. Thank you all so much! You are right – we have put hours and hours of work into this site – it has been a labor of love and appreciation of excellent music and young men with great character- Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca!

  17. It was a very happy day when I first discovered this wonderful fan group. I remember feeling thrilled when I got an email welcoming me to the Flight Crew. I had been alone in my appreciation, no, lets just call it what it is: my mad wild love for the beautiful music & men of IL VOLO.
    I’m not at all surprised that so many others have also discovered it. I thank the Board for all their hard work and time invested. A day without the Flight Crew just isn’t complete!

  18. This is so amazing!!! 🙂 Thank you so much to my board sisters–Marie, Linda, Michelle and Elaine–I still can’t believe how it all fell together…definitely something beyond me and my wildest dream!
    And thank you to everyone that comes here everyday. 🙂 You guys make this just as special a place with all of your participation and appreciation. 🙂 Keep Sharing the Love!

    1. Kelly, Linda, Marie, Elaine – you have said it all – it has been one amazing 9 months – who could have guessed these statistics! Thank you – Il Volo Flight Crew ~ Share The Love for your participation! Great Post Marie! Thank you!

  19. I am so amazed at all those countries! I also am so glad to be on such a wonderful board.

  20. I feel so blessed to have meet some of you in person at the Mall Of America. Thank you a million times for this outlet to share our love of “Our special guys”…Il Volo!!!!!!!

    Suzy Rust
    Bloomington, MN

  21. That’s right, Bolson2. Shoot for 500,000. What do you say we start taking guesses as to when we think Flight Crew will hit that milestone?

  22. It was a Beautiful Day when I discovered three wonderful, talented, and young Italian boys on our local PBS station four years ago And then I discovered a place where I could connect with others that loved Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca as much as I do. Thank you Board members for all the work you do keeping us up to date with all that is happening with our beloved Il Volo.!

    And Suzy I am one of those that you met at the Mall of America. I think I read that you will be going to the Milwaukee concert, too. Jane, Mary B. and I will be seeing you there., Can’t wait for June to get here!

    From the looks of that list of countries, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have gone world-wide with their music. I am so very, very happy for them!

  23. For Gian, ref his tweet,
    that is the privilege of the artist, one for all? Picasso ! Or Charlie Caplin , Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, but also H C Andersen, or Mastroianni, in all artistic domain and not only, Einstein was another one, and……etc etc. So you should be in pretty good company. Cheers

    1. forgot Bobby McFerrin, I like his playful experimenting with the voice, and so many many others!!

  24. I can remember when I came upon the old site, it was a few ladies fantasizing about Il Volo . It was great, they had the same feelings I did. I have been with the Flight Crew ever since. Like to read what everybody is thinking and wishing. Sometimes, those wishes come true! I will also be wearing my badge when I go to the Mann center in Philly. Congratulations on all your success, but it doesn’t surprise me a bit! Wishing everyone well and have a great time in June.

  25. Congratulations to the board members of the Flight Crew on the success of this site. Well done. My day is not complete without a visit to this site. I don’t post comments as often as some friends here but often what I feel about these guys are expressed by somebody else and in a much better way than I could express it myself. Thank you so much for all your hard work

  26. Count me in with all the rest, who wish you nothing but the best. You have said it all! Grazie Mille, indeed.

  27. Marie…. I hope you see this comment. As I said on the next page, I’ve had a problem logging on.
    Now…. I can’t tell you how proud I am to be a part of the Flight Crew, and you surely must know by now how much I love and admire this fantastic Board!!!! Who would have DREAMED, just about 8 months ago, that there would be a new Il Volo blog with over 250,000 viewers??? It just proves that you, as well as the other Board members, have outclassed all the other Il Volo sites with your enthusiasm, knowledge, talent, HUMOR, persistence, communication skills, creativity, intelligence, and, above all, your boundless love for the Boys! Once more, I thank each one of you from the bottom of my heart. Bravissimo!!!

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