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  1. I would love to meet their moms and their families. They really have traditional homes that I have not seen in a very long time. They adore their children as we do. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms everywhere and the Flight Crew! xo

  2. Thanks Kelly wonderful pictures of the guys Mothers.

    Happy Mothers Day to all mothers in the Flight Crew & also the blog as well as all Grandmothers. Here we couldn’t ask for a more beautiful day, sun is shining warm weather & slight breeze what summer will hopefully be like. Was treated to brunch at a hotel & going to some elses home later they just bought (my daugther-in-laws son) soon to be married in October. So have to get house warming gift. Caio I’ll have to learn another Italian word

  3. Thankyou for the beautiful photos of Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero with their Mothers! This has made my Mother’s Day complete! I, too would love to meet their Mothers. Italian culture puts great emphasis on family, home & love! As it should be, everywhere!!

  4. It is always so great to see the boys with their mothers. I hope they do observe this day over there. I am proud to say that I have met both Ignazio’s mother and Gianluca’s mother.

      1. Ann – I was with someone speaking in Italian with Gianluca’s Mom in Philly last year – not sure if either of the Mother’s speak much English – we will see what Myron says. I know at that time Piero was concerned when he saw my friend speaking to his father – he came running over and said his father didn’t speak English – I said don’t worry she is speaking Italian!

      2. Their english was just a little on the rough side. They were trying and I was trying my poor version of Italian so we all needed a little help. But I was thrilled to see the warmth and care.

      3. Thanks for the question, Ann, and for sharing your experience, Myron. Love your story, Michele.

        I agree, Ann ~ Amazing how fast all the Boys have learned English and Spanish!

        Gianluca’s love of other languages, like Latin, suggests he has a facility for languages. Ya think?! πŸ˜‰
        I wonder how he’s doing on his Portugese. I love how Gian’s efforts to learn a bit of the language where he is visiting also comes across as respect for and reaching out to his fans.

        So… I’m giving myself the best Mother’s Day gift imaginable (kitties aren’t too much on presents other than Love and play πŸ˜‰ ~ I’m listening to my We Are Love playlist while I clean my kitchen! Ahhh… And to think my family and Connie and I will be experiencing this first-hand in less than 4 weeks!!! Wow!

        Ti amo, ragazzi!
        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

      4. Thanks for the info Marie and Myron. I kmow that in the small towns they come from, it’s not likely they speak English – only what their sons teach them. Our Boys really learn fast. Their Spanish is fantastic and Gianluca amazes me when he is talking Italian and throuws in an English word! That’s my Boy!

      5. Thanks for the info Marie and Myron. I know that in the small towns they come from, it’s not likely they speak English – only what their sons teach them or they learned it in school. Our Boys really learn fast. Their Spanish is fantastic and Gianluca amazes me when he is talking Italian and throws in an English word! That’s my Boy!

    1. I am studying Italian online with Duolingo and loving it. My “Italian Verb Drills” from Amazon.com, and “Italian in a Click” will take me to the advanced First Italian Reader (not for absolute beginners), and enjoying all comments from the Flight Crew members. Bella Italia! Happy Mother’s Day. Grazie. Love the photos of the guys and their moms.

    2. Loretta – Please let me know when you register for Duolingo. Duolingo reminds me that I should study with someone. I am studying alone, so far.

  5. Happy Mothers Day to all the Mothers and Grandmothers of the Flight Crew. And to the wonderful Mothers of Gianluca ,Ignazio and Piero thank you for raising your boys to be the respectful, kind and loving young men that they are today and sharing them with the world. Have a GREAT day everybody !!!!

  6. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!! Beautiful pictures of the guys with their incredible Mothers. I honor and respect those three women so very much! I hope all of the Flight Crew Mothers/Grandmothers have had a beautiful day!

  7. Kelly, this is so classy and beautiful, just like Eleonora, Caterina, and Eleanora! Thank you for sharing!

    Boys, thanks for appreciating your moms and recognizing the good they have brought into your lives. Moms, thanks for being wonderful support for your boys and all your families!

    And for all you who are moms to kitties, puppies, gold fish, and / or kids, wishing you the very best today and every day!

    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  8. There’s never a day that I don’t listen to ll Volo’s music. Their music warms my heart and takes me to a beautiful place. My life has not been the same since I found ll Volo. God put them in my life when he knew I needed them.

  9. Mother’s day side story: in Phoenix last year (as I said above) I met Gianluca’s mother before the show as she was sitting next to Barbara at the control desk near the back. During the first half of the concert the guys sang “Tous les Visage de l’amour” ( great french song ) and Gianluca forgot one phrase of the song. He picked it up right away in the next phrase but you could see that he was upset with himself. At intermission I watched as his mother rushed back stage to help buck him up. He has a tendency to come down hard on himself when he makes a mistake (perfectionist ! ! ) so Mama comes to the support. 2nd half was just great.
    Hooray for mothers.

    1. So special, Myron! Thank you so much for this precious story!

      Just re-viewing my We Are Love playlist, I watched Maria at Radio City Music Hall. Gianluca had a tough moment after missing his cue for a phrase while hugging his cousin Christiana. Gian made sure to be focused and get in on his other parts.
      Gianluca sharing with the audience that Christiana is his cousin who came from Italy (!!) certainly joyed the audience, and I think it helped him let go of that missed cue.

      As “perfect” as our guys are, the moments when they help each other out and demonstrate their brother love just adds to their magnificence!

      Glowing with joy and gratitude for their extended family,
      ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

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