Il Volo – Taormina Concert July 20 and 21! Tickets On Sale!


Tickets are on sale for Il Volo’s Taormina concert, but they must be going fast!   “Platea Gold Numerata” and “Tribunetta Numerata” area seats are no longer available.  To purchase tickets click:



Taormina  The Greek-Roman Theatre   “Is it Greek or Roman? This is a question that has always been open to debate among experts and critics. All their disputes would end if they remembered Taormina’s origins as a Greek “Polis” and the fact that each and every ancient Greek town had its own Theatre where they performed tragedies by Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides and comedies by Aristophanes, just to name the most famous authors. The Theatre in Taormina is the second-largest in Sicily after the one in Siracusa. All the Romans did later, in accordance with their well-known ostentatious nature, was enlarge the theatre as it was very small. And it apparently took decades to build. It is fifty metres wide, one hundred and twenty metres long and twenty metres high, which means that about 100,000 cubic metres of stone had to be removed. Further evidence that the Theatre is of Greek origin is in the well-cut bricks of Taormina stone (similar to marble) below the scene of the Theatre; these are a typical example of the ancient Greek building technique. The theatre is divided into three main sections: the scene, the orchestra and the cavea. The scene is opposite the cavea and is obviously where the actors used to perform.” To read more click

 Greek Theatre by MN 










All Photos in and around Taormina by MFA (Michele) and MN (mlla)



39 thoughts on “Il Volo – Taormina Concert July 20 and 21! Tickets On Sale!”

    1. So gorgeous it must be hard to concentrate on anything! Unless of course one was looking at three gorgeous ragazzi! To be at a concert there must be a real overload for the senses.

  1. Thanks for all the pictures. Brings back beautiful memories when I travelled from Taormina to Palermo staying at Cefelu along the way.Quiet an adventure.

    1. Ann, thank you for posting this site. It was beautiful to watch. Now, what they need to do is have our amazing guys sing the Ave Maria instead of the instrumental version. Now THAT would be awesome!

      1. maryjane56, that would be awesome and bring it up-to-date, especially since two of Our Boys are Sicilian!!!

      1. Your welcome. It is quite spectacular to see in person in this little town. I think the statues must be part gold; they are so old. Don’t know when this was built.

  2. All of these pictures are amazing! I’m so excited that this concert has become a reality for Our Guys. I wish I was could be there!

  3. Great pictures ! Thanks. A word about the tickets. The large promotion companies usually hold a block of tickets for sponsors, or the management of Il Volo, or political supporters. They are usually good seats and later when it is obvious that some of those people will not use them the company puts them back on the market, Example: When I saw the boys in Phoenix last year, the place was pretty well sold out and I was in the 8th row center. BUT there was a whole row next to me (12 seats) empty – again 8 rows from the stage and in the center. I found out later that management forgot to put those back on the market ! ! ! !

    Prime seats !!! ? ? there have been complaints about this system for over 10 years – ugh ! It happens all over this country.

    1. I got great seats in Boston on 7th row – late – I guess management remembered to release those seats! Yeah, management!

  4. You’re right Myron. Last year Pittsburgh was a last minute decision for me. Got some nice seats that weren’t there earlier. That’s what convinced me to go! Too afraid to do that on purpose though. I would hate for you to find me curled up crying outside the theater because I waited too long for tickets!

    There were also some last minute tickets for RCMH last year. Right Michele?

  5. What wonderful and wondrous photos.And too beautiful to try to put into words just how they make you feel. I do so envy those of you who have been and those who will be going to Italy! Thanks Michelle, Mlla and Ann for bringing Italy alive for me.

  6. These photos make me want to go there TOMORROW! Thank you so much for sharing them. The beauty of the country is stunning. So glad you were able to get there. Thank you, thank you!!

  7. I am so glad you all are enjoying the pictures. The Taormina concert may be just too soon after all the concerts I am attending here – now I’m thinking a Christmas concert might be nice – I wonder if there will be one this year! I would have loved to have attended the concert in Assisi!

  8. I would love to be able to go to that concert what an amazing night that is going to be I can picture it already beautiful summer night in Italy under the stars, in a beautiful setting, listening to the best vocal group in the world IL Volo of course WOW What a night.

  9. MFA and mlla, bellissimo!
    Grazie mille!

    Myron, thanks for the heads up on the ticket sales process. I’ve been dreaming of having empty seats near Connie and me, and then folks being invited to move up and fill in! Gotta make sure my family will be ready to move if that happens!

    Of course, I wish for IL VOLO to play to a sold-out house, so… we’ll see!

    And thanks to everyone who sent me such warm wishes for my parents’ 60th wedding anniversary and the concert with my family and Connie! I took each special wish into my heart and felt the warmth. (I know it’s been eons, so please forgive. Now I’m finishing up reorganizing after on and off construction since the end of December! It’s been worth it… looks and feels wonderful.)

    Sweet dreams,
    Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. Thanks Jeanine – congrats on getting your family together for such a special occasion and for finishing up on construction – we’ve been involved in some smaller projects and even that takes so long to get everything back together!

      1. Thank you, Michele!

        It’s a one-day-at-a-time process, huh?
        At least the cats aren’t under the bed any longer!

        Best wishes on your final touches, too,
        ~ Jeanine

  10. Thank you so much for the beautiful photos & info about Taormina! What a gorgeous country Italy is everywhere! Was uable to click on the Bell Tower link, but other photos are lovely! Those of you who are able to attend the concert will capture the splendor of the evening for the rest of us I am sure! I am so happy & excited that our guys will be performing there!! It will be awesome!!!

  11. MFazzara, thank you for these beautiful pictures of Italy. I never appreciated there until Il Volo introduced us to it. I think they do more to promote their country than their tourist bureau, I think their country should honour them for being the best promoters of Italy.
    In their Luis Jairala interview in Miami, Piero mentioned that this US tour will be a more classical tour with an orchestra and more Italian music. I am glad to hear this because I actually have found that their first album “Il Volo” is their best album. the richness of their voices singing songs like Notte Stellata and Painfully Beautiful and El Reloj, I just love playing this album, it reminds me of why we fell in love with them. it just brings back memories.

    1. If we have the new music (which I’m guessing we will ?) on tour, it will be perfect for The Mountain Winery venue. Gorgeous. Classy.

      Some of my first album favs… IL Mondo and Un Amore Cosi’ Grande!

      Thanks, Deanne!
      ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    2. Thank you Deanne – I used to travel to the Caribbean – and so many of the islands are beautiful – but once I went to Italia – I was hooked on the beauty of the country and the people – so friendly!

      I am so glad you all are enjoying our pictures!

  12. My word!!!! Such marvelous pictures!!!! It really set me to daydreaming about what it might be like to actually live there! To be surrounded by such exquisite beauty day after day is so breathtaking, it’s hard to take it all in—But I’m having such fun trying!!!
    Thank you so much, Michele and Mlla, for sharing the wealth with all of us! Again—WHAT WOULD WE DO WITHOUT THIS BLOG???!!!

    1. Helen – Thank you! You and our fellow bloggers are our “raison d’être” – reason for being!

  13. Thank you for posting the pictures of Taormina. It looks breathtaking. Luckylady51 hit the nail on its head. An IL VOLO concert under the stars in the summer evening with sound of the waves in the back round. I’m afraid I’ll get over there, fall in love with the country and not want to come back.

  14. I love your pictures! Every time I look at a new post, all I can think of is that old world romance of the area that is depicted in movies/books. Thanks. 🙂

    1. Thank you Kelly! Italia, is of course more beautiful than the pictures can ever portray – but they do a pretty good job to bring Italia to our senses!

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