Il Volo Professional ~~ May 15, 2014

Hi Everyone!

It’s been a slow work week or two for the guys…as far as what they are sharing with us, at least.  But with lots of pictures of the guys with Mr. Torpedine and tweets about rehearsing and recording and feeling at home in the studio, I’m guessing that will be changing soon!  Can you believe that their first concert in North America is in less than a month?



This week, thanks to a tip from LiJoy (well, it wasn’t so much a tip as it was an outright gift; thanks for looking out for us, girl!), we have a very special treat…


100 videos/interviews by Il Volo!!!!

I couldn’t believe the number when I first saw it, but just sit back and enjoy the walk down memory lane!  And be sure to head straight to Twitter and thank @IlVoloCommunity for this awesome body of work!

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16 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ May 15, 2014”

  1. Oh My God thank you so much IL Volo Community for this wonderful walk through time. So much joy in the videos’s I love seeing how beautifully they have matured and look forward to seeing many more IL Volo Interviews. Once again thank you for this wonderful gift what a treasure.

  2. Thank you for this treasure! As said above, it is so good to see how they have grown both physically and professionally. This is a keeper!

  3. Kelly! Awesome slideshow! How did you do that? Another thing you have neglected to teach me.

    That first video brought a tear to my eye. What cute babies.


  4. I want to add my thanks to Il Volo Community for this trip down memory lane. I am on #10, and had to force myself to stop and get my housework done. How I love to listen to these early interviews. What I haven’t seen is the interview with Piero stirring and stirring his drink and not saying a word. That was so funny! Okay, back to # 11.

  5. Thanks Kelly and many thanks to Il Volo Community for compiling all these videos. It was late last night when I saw this post and as a result I lost some beauty sleep but it was well worth it !!! So precious and priceless are all these videos of our guys. It is exciting to be reminded of just how far they have come in so few years.
    I have been Sharing The Love myself. I was in a ladies boutique two weeks ago and Diane ,the owner, had another groups music( I will not say who !! ) playing in her store so of course I had to tell her all about Il Volo—-in great detail I must add !! She said she would listen to them on youtube. Well–I went back there today and I was thrilled to hear the Mas Que Amor CD resounding throughout the store for all her customers to enjoy !! She even said she likes them more than the “other” group—Surprise !!! Surprise !!! Il Volo Love is in the air !!!!

  6. Yes surprise, surprise I told my Doctor that I was seeing 3 concerts in June & he asked who but never heard of Il Volo but listens to Il Divo so I told him to go on the internet & he loves the other groups singing & what they sing so I said Il Volo are better so because he loves that type of singing he is going to go on internet so I will hear about them when I see him again. Also wanted something done & was looking for an Il Volo picture & the store I went into had a collection of Il Volo pictures there. Was I surprised so Il Volo is taking over the world Yaayaa

  7. Wonderful trip down memory lane. Thank you so much. Not to change the subject, but if you have not heard/seen Piero playing piano, singing Ave Maria in what looks like maybe his living room…it’s on FB. Magnifico!!

      1. Yes, I so wanted to hear the ending! Can you imagine sitting there in that living room listening to him play and sing??? Hey, a girl can always dream! 🙂

    1. Just listened to Piero playing and singing Ave Maria.

      His voice is more suited to an arena, concert hall, or football field! That poor living room could hardly contain Piero’s power and magnificence!

      Did you see Piero’s playing? It looks effortless, like he’s caressing the keys. Awe-inspiring!

      I can’t wait to watch Lijoy’s gift! Been a busy weekend, and sleep is calling, so tomorrow!

      Sweet night,
      ~ Jeanine D., Compassion’s Doorway

  8. HAPPY INTERNATIONAL IL VOLO DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May 17th, 2014 officially makes it FIVE years they have been together!!!!! 😀 This makes me happy. So happy. So happy and proud to be an ilvolover! [insert heart-eyed emoji here]

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