The Tale of the Il Volo Flight Crew

I have had several emails lately asking how and why this website was formed and why it became popular so quickly (Yay!). Well…

 The Tale of the Il Volo Flight Crew

Once upon a time five (not so) little girls were very happy.
They smiled and had fun all day.
They talked and talked to their friends on the computer.
They mostly talked about 3 Italian boys.


Then one day the website stopped working.
The five (not so) little girls thought it was broken.
They tried and tried to have it fixed,
but no one could fix the broken website.

The five (not so) little girls were very sad.
They cried and they cried.
(Not so) little Kelly sobbed, “What can we do?”
“Well, we could make our own website,”
sniffed (Not so) little Michele.


They thought their idea was a good one.
So, one day they asked their (not so) little friends,
Elaine, Linda and Marie to help make
a new place to play and talk.

And so they did.

They named the new site
“Il Volo Flight Crew ~ Share the Love.”
Then they invited all of their other friends
to the new site.

And they all came.


Now they talk every day and they talk every night.
They still mostly talk about 3 Italian boys.
They are all happy again.

The End

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.



By The Way!  Happy 5 Year Anniversary Boys!!!


113 thoughts on “The Tale of the Il Volo Flight Crew”

  1. Best playpen that I know of! I’m so glad you all have given us this wonderful place to share! And June is so close!! I’m ready. Are you?

      1. Thank you, all of you, I have enjoyed this web site…fan club. It is so full of great information about the boys, Italy, etc. I would like to be added to the list of where fans are going to a concert in June. I and Jeanne T. and my son are traveling to Milwaukee , WI, June 21st. We have our badges printed and all ready…we will look for other Flight Crew members! Everyone, June is coming fast and I am so excited!!! ☺

  2. LOVE IT, Marie! So glad you all decided to do this because it is just about the best IL VOLO site! I like all the FB pages, but this is a little more “intimate” shall we say! Keep up the FANTASTIC work Ladies!

  3. LOL, Marie!! This is just how we got started, seems now we’ve been doing this for a long time, not just 9 months. We (not so) little friends are having a great time !!

    Happy Anniversary, Il Volo!!!

  4. Yes, i remember when the sight was broken, and I was very disappointed! Even though i never chatted there, I always had soooo much fun reading the conversations!!! I was so relieved that you didn’t let that stop you and that you made the Il Volo Flight Crew! Thank you so much! This is a wonderful place to call “home”!

    1. I never saw the old site, but I remember how happy I was to find this one when I did. I completely agree with you. This IS a wonderful place to call home. The conversations in the comments here can always make me smile. Question for you. Are you on tumblr?

  5. Wonderful!! Loved every line and love every (not so) little friend who created this awesome site…and all who enter here!! Looking forward to putting a face to a name very shortly in Milwaukee!! Yeah!

    1. MaryJane, Looking forward to mtg. many other Il Volo Flight Crew members in Milwaukee, WI. Jeanne T. and I will be traveling there, along w/my son, our driver! My first time seeing the boys live and going to the M&G….so excited!!!

      1. Hi Harriet,
        I’ll be at the Milwaukee concert too. My friend Diane and I will be in the Orchestra 4 section, where are you sitting? I have to sell an orchestra aisle seat, I really hate to but bought different seats so that that my friend, that I hope to turn into an Il Volo lover like us, can sit together. If you know anyone that might be interested let me know.


    2. Can’t wait to see everyone in Milwaukee! I have to sell an orchestra aisle seat to sit with a good friend that I hope to turn into an Il Volo lover.
      I’m getting sooo excited!

      The writers on this site are so creative. I love logging on to see what new treat they have for today.

  6. Thanks, Marie! We had no idea it would be so popular, but we knew we had to do something. 🙂 We (not so little) girls are having a blast. 🙂 Thanks for coming on the ride with us!

    And of course, HAPPY 5TH ANNIVERSARY TO OUR GUYS!!! You’re the best inspiration any fans could ask for. 🙂

  7. Marie, you made the agonizing decisions and the mechanics of getting this website up and running sound so effortless! Thank you! But we have to note that it was Kelly’s tech savvy that allowed it to happen. We didn’t know where we were going exactly but we knew we wanted to make a place for people to be able to continue to talk about their love of Il Volo’s music. I know for me it is Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca’s voices, music and unique personalities that keep me wanting to “Share the Love” with the worldwide Il Volo Flight Crew. It is hard to believe it has only been 9 months!

    I can’t wait to meet many of you this June! It’s work that is keeping me from meeting you all! Michele

    PS – Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca – Congrats on your 5 year anniversary – looking forward to the many more to come!

    1. Michele, I remember you talked about having our own site way before the trouble started on the old offical site. Who know it will come true so soon!

      1. Thanks for the compliment, but you guys are giving me a little too much credit. 🙂 WordPress makes it easy for me.

    1. Thanks Michele. Looking forward to taking many more this year with you in the seat next to me!

      P.S. I will try really hard not to embarrass you.

      1. Pleaz – do not embarrass me!!!! Yep – seat 13! My lucky number! Oh and all the other seats! Wolf Trap is the 13th!!! Yeah!

      2. Good, you two do all the hard work and I can just sit back and enjoy the concert. Can’t wait for 6/19 and 6/20!

  8. Thankyou Marie & all! I so enjoy everyone’s comments & stories! I am flying up to Santa Cruz area on Tues to visit my third son & family for a week. My grandson & wife are having their first child in July. There is a baby shower on the 25th & my son’s birthday is the 26th. Lots of fun & celebration!! Such a beautiful area with both beach & mountains! Love it! I will take our guys with me as don’t go anywhere without my CDs & DVDs! The IPAD also. When I return it will be almost Concert time 6/7! Am still hoping a newCD will be released & there will be a CD signing in Santa Monica!! Not a lot of time for that tho! Wonderful 5th year Anniversay to Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero!!! You are the Best!!

  9. Wow Tippy, time will fly for you and what fun! Me too! I’m off to the Big City tonight (Columbus, Oh) for several days of sister and shopping. Anything to make June come faster!! The new CD would work too!

    1. Enjoy Marie! June is around the corner! I can’t wait for my first concert which is their first also! I can’t wait to meet you! Are you going to shop for new outfits for the concert? Have fun shopping!

      1. Uhhaa – that is a big hug in advance of 6/19.

        I have been shopping for the concert for two months! Any excuse to shop! Think Ignazio will notice my new outfits? Come on, someone lie to me!

      2. Of course he’ll notice! You’re his one true love after all, right?

  10. That’s a wonderful story, Marie!!! I LOVE the Flight Crew even tho I don’t post on it that often. Others usually say what I’m thinking before I do. Congratulations on five WONDERFUL years of beautiful music and love to Ignazio, Gianluca, and Piero!!! And THANK YOU for being so good to us fans!!!! We <3 you dearly!!!!!

  11. Best bed-time story ever! 😀 Who could not have sweet dreams after that? 😀 A big thank you to all the amazing, wonderful members of the Board who made this place and keep it running. All of you not so little girls have created a wonderful place for dreaming, playing, imagining. and plenty of drooling! 😀 Grazie!

    Wishing a very happy 5 year anniversary to Il Volo! May there be countless more to follow!

    1. Thank you Isabel – we LOVE that you enjoy this blog! You are so supportive as is everyone! Grazie!

      1. Thanks Barb and Isabel!

        BTW – I know my icon is different. This is my tablet. Must be Kelly’s fault. I don’t know how to change it.

    2. I have to agree with Isabel here, this was a GREAT bed time story,. Plus there is no end in sight of this story. The Three Handsome Italians continue to work their magic and the not so little girls continue to be enchanted along with other ( not so little) people!

  12. Cute story Marie from this not so little girl. I am constantly thanking Kelly, Michele, Marie, Elaine & Linda Snyder for the their wonderful pictures, comments, stories, verses & hard work to keep this blog updated.
    I also so appreciate the Il Volo guys for being the inspiration with their fabulous voices, funny antics,& beautiful faces & kindness for tweeting & sending pictures on facebook & keeping in contact with the Flight Crew & their fans.
    Congratulations Ignazio, Gianluca & Piero for your anniversary of 5 years together. I expect to live to 100 so am looking forward to at least hearing you & seeing you for another 17 years God willing.& my determination.
    This not so little girl is proud to be part of this group & don’t want to miss a picture,video or comments from anyone
    Here in Canada is a long week-end so hope everyone has a fantastic week-end with lots of sunshine & Il; volo music.

    1. Loretta, if determination counts, which it does, you will be around to help celebrate their 50th anniversary.

  13. This is one (not so little) girl who is very, very happy that you five (not so little) girls created this wonderful site where I can talk and listen to Il Volo fans to my hearts content. I’m afraid my family just roll their eyes when I try to talk about my beloved Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca. So thank you, thank you to you (not so little) girls for making this site what it is today – WONDERFUL!

    And congratulations to Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca for giving us five years of your magnificent voices! I can’t wait for the tour to begin!

    1. That makes 3 of us Loretta and Allene. I am extremely thankful for this site. And a very Happy 5th Anniversary to my favorite heaven-sent entertainers, Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Can’t wait for June 15 & 26th.

  14. Hey ! this is one (not so little) friend that loves this site even if there is a big mistake. The tally of five years cannot be correct. You did not do your research correctly. I am almost certain that they started just last year . After all I am not that old and the boys are all just 16 years old. You must be wrong . You must !

  15. This not so little girl is very grateful to be included in this wonderful and amazing group. I am looking forward to many more 5 years with us and our dear Gianluca, Ignazio, and Piero. We love you so much guys!

  16. What a difference a few years make!! When we first discovered Il Volo, they were mere boys with voices older than they were! Now, they are young men with older voices!!! The joy they have brought to millions of people the world over is unbelievable!!
    I pray God will allow them to grow very old so they will continue to bring their joy to the world and celebrate their 50th year singing together!!!
    They are amazing young men!! Three voices, one soul!!! They definitely are love and we certainly love them!!!!!

  17. This site is wonderful. I know it isn’t easy to stay on top of new developments although it’s fun. The Il Volo Music website still isn’t very good although I bought my Saratoga tickets there. I have a question, how does Il Volo Mundial get info so fast? Thank you for your hard and consistent work Il Volo Flight Crew:). Gerri

  18. Who wants to bet with me that Il Volo Mundial is actually Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca secretly working together and quietly laughing at us all? They always seem to have EVERY piece of information possible! What other explanation is there? Fairies? Elves? 😀

    1. Fairies, elves, long time friends and fans, an “in” to Il Volo friends, some excellent artists and I think a little magic. Wonderful site!

  19. BTW Ms. Crider, I love the pictures that you put with this post. Perfect, as always! I still think that they should hire you as their official photographer.

    1. Thanks Isabel. I think so too! I’ll need an assistant. You up for it (She stupidly asks)?

      1. You had to ask? I’ll make it my duty to catch their attention! I’m sure no one else would be willing to do such a job. 😉

    1. Yes! I did and he responded to me! I asked what was his favorite season, and he replied “SUMMER IS MY SEASON ;)”!!!

      1. I’m totally with him on that…and I did a little happy dance for you, Carli, when I saw his tweet come through. 🙂

  20. This site is very special indeed… Especially to me… I spent my time on youtube watching all of Il Volo videos… I even set up an Il Volo facebook page so that I could read what other fans were posting about Il Volo…. But I never posted, I never put myself out there…. Then I found this site, and read the posts and after a while I felt comfortable and I posted a few times… Because I posted my Il Volo story on this site, other Il Volo followers contacted me and invited me to their face book sites… My goodness, thanks to this site, all the wonderful fans on this site, and most of all the Marie and and all the not so little girls that put this site together, I am able to share my joy of Il Volo with others who feel the same as I do… Thank you all for the opportunity to share my love of Il Volo, make new friends and just have a place to come to and call home…
    Jeannette Giglio

  21. Marie love your story and I love your website it’s really nice knowing there are other women who love IL Volo as much as I do. I know your website will grow and grow keep up the wonderful work.

  22. What more can I add to this wonderful family of il Volo comments. We all love and appreciate their music so much and this il Volo Flight Crew makes my day every day. Can’t wait to meet some of you young ladies at the concert! Watching the American Billboards now and I know our sweet angels want to win one some day and I hope all their dreams come true! Thank you Gianluca, Ignacio and Piero for all the joy you bring to us. We love you.

    1. Ann, earlier today I went back to the old official site and see that our comments are still there. I mean those comments beginning from the day the site changed to the new format. Many of us can’t sign in and I was the first to comment. I was scared because the site was empty and blank. I was so afraid that I would lose contact with everyone and I asked to see if anyone was out there. Ann you were the first one to answer me, remember? What memories! In a way I miss the old site…just a little…

      Can’t wait to meet you too Ann. We will have so much fun, yay!

  23. Nine months??! Oh no! It feels like 3 years!

    What a joy you five (not so) little girls have brought to us!
    Some of us (me, too!) wanted a real home even before the other website was “broken”. This is it! Home sweet home!

    Your photo choices are perfect, Marie! Oh, I hope I can get some great photos this June! My other 2 concerts I was in the dress circle / front of the balcony. From row 3, I should be able to get some stunners! Here’s hoping to have lots to share.

    Love and gratitude to this wonderful family sharing IL VOLO Love,
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. Jeanine, this home won’t be the same without your joyous, positive, and insightful comments. Thank you so much!

      I look forward to Saratoga. I’ll be just one row behind you and Connie. And yes I think I can get some good pictures too…excited!

      1. Thanks for your warmth, Elaine! We’re gonna have one heck of a great time in Saratoga!

        Hey Elaine, I feel great gratitude to you! It was your comment on the old site that helped me find this sweet gathering of friends. Remembering my confusion when everyone disappeared, I just left a post on the other site, mentioning our home here. I don’t think I overstepped my bounds; hope not. I just didn’t want anyone left out in the cold when they could be joyfully playing with us here.

        Here to stay and grateful for it!
        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  24. Nothing new to add except I have been with
    the (not so young girls) from the beginning, including the old site. I still love, love reading everyone’s thoughts and wishes. We seem to be all on the same level with our feelings. Congrats for the five years. I am enjoying them with the Flight Crew! Can hardly wait for June!

  25. I’m another [not so] little girl who used to visit the old website everyday . There was not much news but I enjoyed reading the comments . I did not feel comfortable enough to post any comments but I had lots of laugh reading the banter that went on. I was very disappointed when I could not read the comments anymore. One day I found this site and the comments by now familiar names,
    Loretta, Marie, Kyalpin [for a long time I did not know that she is Kelly}, Linda, Elaine and lately Michele. Thank you [not so ] little girls for this brilliant idea, and thanks to friends here who share the love.
    Congratulations for 5 years of beautiful music and thanks to our very talented guys, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca

    1. Hello Victoria – we are so happy you are here and very glad you feel comfortable commenting now! When you don’t see me – I guess I’m pretty busy with work!

  26. Can you imagine what an uproar it would be if we could all get together in one place with the Il Volo guys. I am sure they would be worn out with all the hugs they would be getting & no one would be getting a word in edgewise. Fun, partying & food. I would be probably be trampled.

  27. Yesterday was a wonderful and exciting day for me. I was attending my granddaughter’s graduation from the University of Minnesota I Minneapolis. But today, I am so happy to be back with my Il Volo “family”. I’m sure Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio have no idea the hold they have on our hearts!

    1. My nephew graduated from Macalester College in St. Paul a few years ago and we all went to the ceremony – the weather was just beautiful – it was this time of year too! I hope it was as nice yesterday. My niece just finished her junior year at Macalester – she didn’t mind the weather until this past winter! She learned to knit!

  28. I always enjoy your original compositions, Marie, as I do everything written on this site. I rarely post, but I read everything every day. I have amazing news (to me). My husband surprised me for my birthday with tickets to the Il Volo Philadelphia concert on June 26, center orchestra, 4th row, 3rd & 4th seats from right aisle. Also, we’ll be staying for 4 days to be tourists in Philadelphia! And he’s not really an Il Volo fan. What a guy! I’m so excited.

    1. We should all have such loving and wise spouses!

      Wonderful, Stephanie! Have a spectacular time, as I’m sure you will!

      ~ Jeanine

    2. I am thrilled to bits for you Stephanie. If it is the day of your birthday or close by get them to sing happy birthday to you. Or if your going to a meet & greet as well ask them to sing it there.
      I am going to a concert on my birthday also in Illinois & I hope I can get them to sing happy birthday to me which will make my life complete. I may never get another chance.
      Good luck to you, hope you have stupendous time.

  29. Latest piece of info, In Taormina second date has been added, July 21st.
    cheers to all

      1. Yep Michele, they announced it themselves during the Sicily TV programme

  30. Did anyone see the program in Italy Insieme at about 3 oclock our time. It just finished & the Il volo guys sang 4 songs & they looked fabulous & so relaxed & were enjoying themselves as well on stage. The camera panned & I saw Ignazio’s family & I think I saw Gianluca’s dad & also Piero’s family there as well.

    1. Yes I sure did, it was great… I have a video that has all four songs they sang in the one video… The only suggestion that I would make to the group is that the host does a lot of conversation with Il Volo and his other guest, so if you do not understand Italian, feel free to fast forward it to the next song… If you have the time to watch the entire show, you will see that our guys enjoyed laughing and cutting up with the host… They felt very comfortable in the interview portions..I was so glad to see the audience be thrilled and giving standing ovations, and clapping for them while they were performing and you could see how thrilled our boy were… It came out in their grand performance… . Something that was lacking in Italian audiences in the past… Well not anymore… They finally captured the hearts of their countrymen…The world loves Il Volo and finally Italy loves Il Volo too…Here is the link to the show… Enjoy…

      1. You are so welcome… I am getting better at using this site, so I can share more now than before…

    2. Thank you, Loretta, and Penina! Awesome!

      My favorite songs, such spirit and energy and joy and humor!
      What did Ignazio almost fall out of his chair about?!

      I saw Ignazio’s dad and sister, Piero’s Mom, Dad, sister (and maybe another relative next to his sister), but I didn’t see Gianluca’s family, maybe his dad, just wasn’t sure.

      Just gets me soooooo excited for June!

      Meanwhile, wish I knew more than a few words in Italian.

      Buona notte, tutti,
      ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

      1. I didn’t see Gianluca’a mother but I thought I saw his Dad, I was expecting to see his brother there as well but I guess the camera wasn’t panning in their direction, I’m sure they were there somewhere.

      2. Thanks, Loretta!
        Later I saw a photo with Gianluca’s Dad, so I’m sure he was there. Not sure about the rest of the family.

        Great show!

        Take care,
        ~ Jeanine D.

  31. I have been wondering what TV show they were on because Gianluca was tweeting about it by I hadn’t heard anything about it before.

    I am SO excited that they are getting TWO concerts in Taormina! I saw the news on Mundial and couldn’t believe it! 😀 😀 😀

    1. I just went online to where I got my tickets to the July 20th concert in Taormina and they did not have it listed yet. I will keep checking it every day. A chance to see two IL VOLO concerts at the Greek Theater, I am so there 🙂

  32. Have you all seen Ignazio en el Programa Insieme???? He got MORE HANDSOME!!!!!!! this boy is something else, He is going to kill one of us before long. (Marie, this is not for you, I would like you to be around a little longer to give us your wisdom, so just stop looking at Ignazio please!!!! I will do the looking for you if my heart holds out within the next month.

  33. Thank you to all that had a hand in getting this website up and running. I am new to this website and I truly love reading everyone’s stories about their past, present and future outings with IL VOLO. I hope to have my own story when we get back from Italy. Thanks for all the hard work you put into keeping this website going for all of us ILVOLOHOLICS.

    1. ILVOLOHOLICS, now this is a good word Karen.
      I guess this applies to all of us since we all need our daily dose of Il Volo.
      Just finished watching the video of their TV appearance . So glad the audience gave them standing O’s. Looks like they had a good time.
      Thanks for posting the video.

      1. Yes that is the link to the TV show Insieme. I also wish someone would at least translate what the other guest said that made them all laugh so hard. Anyone know what he said??

      2. Hi, Penina,

        If you notice the word he used right before the part that had Ignazio doubled-over with laughter, that *might* give us a clue. (The preceding Italian word is only 1 letter longer than it is in English.) I suspect that the other comment was in a similar vein and might not be something to translate here. Even though I really want to know, too!

        Do wish I understood more Italian!

        Meanwhile, enjoying the mystery!
        ~ Jeanine D.

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