Il Volo Gianluca ~ Can’t Help Falling In Love

We have posted so many concert stories lately, I think it’s about time to add some favors.  I took the video below at the Sterling Heights concert on 6/19.  Some of you know that I am from California and I already attended two concerts – Modesto and Saratoga.  The reasons why I went all the way to the Mid-West was to meet up with my board sisters – Michele, Marie, and Kelly and to do the M&G for the first time.

It was wonderful to finally meet Michele and Marie whom I got to know so well thru cyber space already (Kelly didn’t come until the next day at Elgin).  When I arrived at the hotel, they were already sitting in the lobby.  I recognized them immediately.  I can’t believe we finally met- and we hugged each other big and tight!

Our guys were wonderful as always at the concert.  I am so glad I got to see and hear them again.  The real thrill though came at M&G.  My memories from the M&G are a little hazy.  Luckily Michele who was behind me saw and remembers some of it.  She told me Gianluca held his arms out for me as soon as he saw me and said “I know you”.  I kind of remember asking him as we hugged if the soccer jersey fit him.  I think he said “Oh yes, thank you”.  Then I went on and talked briefly with Ignazio and Piero and we took pictures.  Before I left I told Gianluca I will see him again tomorrow and he said “Yes, Elgin, right?”(love his speaking voice).  I nodded and left and was in cloud nine – I must have been because that is the only way to explain the amnesia!




Please enjoy the video below.  I am such a big Gianluca fan that I just had to record this song – Can’t Help Falling in Love ~ with Gianluca!!!

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  1. Oh, Elaine…I just loved hearing about your Meet & Greet!!!! Aren’t those the most marvelous, endearing 2 minutes you’ve spent in a long time?!!!…..Even if you can’t remember every detail, you CAN remember the hugs and just the thrill of being in their presence!
    Thank you so much for the wonderful video of Gian . It’s so clear, and the sound is so good…You did a GREAT job!

    Are you missing The Boys (They will always be The Boys to me, I don’t care how old they get!) as much as I am? I’m already looking forward to their next tour, and, the good Lord willing, I will go to see them no matter how far I have to travel!

    1. Helen, I enjoyed reading your comments about the Boys…yes, they will always be ‘boys’ to me also. I saw them in Milwaukee, along w/Jeanne T. and my son. It was a dream come true. I have to say, I feel like Elaine felt at the M&G. I was so thrilled to see and meet them, it is ‘somewhat’ of a blur….my son, assures me I was hugged by each of them, he was behind me. I know I gave them each a little pop-up card personally and Piero’s was a b-day card and he opened it right there. Oh, what a night it was. I am very glad for them to be back home with their families and many friends. They have much to look forward to, and I have to admit I miss knowing it will be some time before I get to see them once again….hoping so….Thank you for Il Volo Flight Crew. P.S. We wore our badges!!! ☺xxoo

    2. Hello, Helen! Thank you for your lovely comment. You always make me feel good! Oh yes that was some 2 minutes – short but sweet! I also am looking forward to the next concert. Sounds like I’ll be seeing you soon Helen…how about Vegas?

      BTW, you have some awesome M/&G experience – I come for hugs – I think I’ll use that next time 😉 if you don’t mind.

  2. Elaine, your story is wonderful and your video supreme! Does not matter how many times we watch Gianluca sing this song…each time is like the first time…spell binding. So glad you had the joy of attending several concerts! No matter how many concerts we attend I think they will always leave us WANTING MORE! Their pure voices, humble, endearing ways just make you love them more and more as time goes on.

    1. I am grateful I can attend four concerts. But I regret missing Milwaukee and I was so close! I could have meet up with you and all the wonderful Crew too 🙁

  3. Elaine , I love your story —I too Can’t Help Falling in Love with Gianluca. Meeting him was a dream come true. He is such a sweet,gentle soul. I must also admit that I fell more in love ( not that I didn’t love them before !! ) with Ignazio and Piero after meeting them !! They are all such wonderful human beings and you can tell that they genuinely love spending time with their fans as much as we love spending time with them. They are so VERY special in every way and that’s why we can never get enough of them and miss them so much when they are far away from us.
    By the way Elaine–At the M&G in Stamford CT Ignazio was wearing the World Cup jersey that you gave him at the Modesto concert ! It fit him perfectly and looked great on him !!!

    1. They are very special indeed! The song is perfect in every way ~ Can’t help…

      I saw the jersey on Ignazio! And glad it fits him perfectly.

  4. Wow, Elaine! What an awesome time with the guys, and Gianluca holding out his arms saying “I know you”! Spectacular! Perfect!

    And, I gotta tell you, this has got to be by far the MOST MUSICALLY RICH time I’ve heard Gianluca sing “Can’t Help Falling in Love”! I love that Gian got to really steep himself in his baritone magnificence! Someone said it earlier: Gianluca sings Elvis better than Elvis!
    You did a stunning job of your video, Elaine. Thank you so much!

    Love and gratitude,
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. I know Jeanine. That was some spectacular moments when he said he knows me. Come to think of it, maybe that was what send me to the moon!

      I am glad you like the video. I just wish my seat can be a little closer.

      1. What a great way to get to the moon! 😉
        Of course the 1st row is most coveted, but every delicious note came through from where you were, Elaine!

        Keep dreaming of your amazing experiences!
        ~ Jeanine

  5. Ms. Tse, thanks for sharing your experience with us here. It must be hard to let us all in on something so special, so thank you! Gianluca’s is the best version of that song in existence, and your video is great!

  6. You may remember in my review of the tour program on June 7 I picked this arrangement as one of my favorites on this tour. I also had a chance to be back stage during rehearsals (waiting for Barbara to get off the phone) and this was the moment when I walked onto the edge of the stage – he was just rehearsing this song with orchestra and the other guys had already left to do other things. I remember this because he was dressed in typical high school kid fashion : t-shirt, vest, jeans and sneakers. He looked like he was 16 years ago again and once again I was bowled over by the incredible large natural sound that was coming out of this “little kid” ! ! ! He wasn’t even trying very hard and it was just there ! !

    I am a fan of Elvis and saw him in performance three different times – first two were unforgetable. I have seen Sinatra four times in concert and liked his programs as well. But as a voice teacher and voice coach of some 35 years I am here to tell you this 19 year old young man with the voice of a 30 year old is better than both of them BECAUSE he has a God-given natural instrument and because he has had superb traning. Sinatra and Elvis had tremendous vocal gifts from God but did not have the training.

    I know this is repeating but look at those vowel shapes and hear that tone projection, tone placement – perfect all the time.

    Of course later in the show you get “Night and Day” – a great Cole Porter song recorded by Sinatra but sung by Mr. Ginoble – Now you talk about a double whammy !!!

    1. Thank you so much for your insights here, Myron! I was definitely wondering what you would say from your place of expertise and experience. I’m delighted to read that Gianluca impresses you as much as me and my untrained ear!


      ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    2. Hi Myron
      As I said in my story I told Gianluca at the M & G that he was a lot better than Sinatra ever was, and Piero said “A lot of people are telling him that!” It seems that even those of us who are not so musically educated are able to tell the difference. There is a silly video of All Of Me on youtube, that starts off with Gianluca singing, and finishes with Sinatra (with a bunch of dancing penguins in the middle!) If you ever needed back to back proof of whose voice is better that video does the trick!

      1. Thanks so much, Penina!

        Sofia did an awesome job of editing that clip, and it is so apparent who is in the best voice when Sinatra finishes it off!

        I know how much Gianluca admires Sinatra, and isn’t it wonderful that Gian is not limited to only go as far as Sinatra?

        I love seeing our Guys making the music that draws them speak so richly through them in their own special way!

        Some of my friends’ responses to Gianluca’s video from Elaine:
        “Melt. Liquid gold voice and essence. Sigh.”
        “Holy Moly! I’ve never heard it sung like that!”

        What a fun night!
        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

      2. I just hope that some of these wonderful songs will be on a CD sometime–they should put out a CD of solos from all three of them.What a treat that would be! At least 4 or 5 for each. Can you imagine such a thing? We’d be playing it over and over and over again.

      3. Hi, Penina,

        I’ve thought of this, too, and…
        I have a modified idea.
        I’d like to see a CD with a couple solos each but not have an album limited to solos.

        As IL VOLO guys have said, their power is in the music they make together. So, if we have new listeners purchasing a solos-only CD, they won’t have the experience of “IL VOLO”.

        For that reason, I’d like to see a CD with IL VOLO songs and solos. To me, that’s the perfect combination…
        1 – We fall in love with IL VOLO.
        2 – We get excited about each guy’s magnificent contributions.
        3 – We are thrilled to get to hear each guy’s solos.
        In soccer (fútbol), they call it a “hat trick”… 3 goals made by a single player. Definitely sounds like IL VOLO magic to me! 😉

        And, heaven knows, those of us who already know IL VOLO will all be buying and thrilled with whatever they put out! 🙂

        I love being delighted-excited by every note our guys sing!
        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    3. Hello Myron, How wonderful to read your feelings and comments. When I saw the ‘boys’ in Milwaukee, I was just so thrilled to finally see them perform live. So professional on stage…then, to see them at the Meet & Greet, there they are in their casual clothes, smiling and being so gracious to everyone…how special they are…I cannot find the right words….God given talent and such caring spirits. We all love them and treasure our experiences whether it be one or many, many times meeting them. Thank you, again for your messages, I look forward to reading them. Be well. ☺

    4. I too saw Elvis in concert many times in Las Vegas and in CA. I could not get enough of Elvis back then, and I am still a lover of his music all these years later…I also saw Sinatra in concert in Los Angeles…Love them both .. But now my heart and soul is consumed with Il Volo as the Music of choice … When I heard Gianluca sing Elvis, I was clearly moved… Yesteryear collided with the present.. He sang “I can’t help falling in love with you” and I am sure Elvis was smiling down on him… Gianluca sang it perfectly but he made it his own.. No imitation of Elvis, it was pure Gianluca at his best. And then Night and Day… All I can say is Sinatra was looking down at Gianluca and said.. He did it his way… Myron… Thank you for your analysis of Gianluca .. You are always so great at giving us the technical atributes of Il Volo… I especially enjoyed this review of Gialuca’s solo’s… It truly was a double whammy for us to enjoy

    5. I just watched a clip of Gianluca’s “Night and Day” on YouTube:
      Il Volo “Night & Day” Sterling Hts, MI 2014
      Thanks to Lois Hutchinson for posting!

      What a double whammy, Myron!

      That’s the greatest depth of emotion I’ve seen from Gianluca with this piece, and his voice is, as my friend said “liquid gold”! And, my! do Gian’s eyes sparkle a lot in this clip!

      ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

      1. Yes Penina & Jeanine I would like to have solos on their CD’s as well as them together but I would also like a CD of the previous solos’s they sang in their earlier concerts. On the first CD I have the guys sang a solo each. I never noticed itb before but I was playing all the Cd’s & when I got to the last which was the first one they did. I was astounded tor ealize they sang a solo each on the CD. I never noticed it before. love the song Piero did “Where Do I Begin” it is spectacular.

      2. Loretta, what is the name of that CD.with the solos? I thought I had all of the CDs and I don’t have one with solos, except for a little one I got with Buon Natale that has one solo each and several Italian carols. I do have the solos on the DVD from the Detroit Opera House, but not on a CD.

  7. Elaine: You put into words the exact same thoughts that I had upon hearing Gianluca sing this Elvis song in Nashville…”Gianluca, you have taken Elvis’ song and made it your own.” I am an Elvis fan from his beginning and still love his work, but this rendition of “I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You” now belongs to Gianluca – it’s simply better sung! And when I told him that at the M&G, the smile he smiled to me in return just put me over the moon! I, too, felt honored to be in the presence of greatness! Now, it’s my lifetime memory, filed away, and no-one can take it away from me!

    1. P.S. This doesn’t mean I have forgotten Piero and Ignazio. They are all in that circle of greatness!

  8. Oh Elaine your experience was so beautiful! Thankyou for the video of Gian, have always loved that song!! I sat here watching with tears running down my cheeks!! He does do it better than Elvis & I love Elvis! Gianluca has sung it his own way making it magical!! They all three are so very special in their own ways! I could never imagine how much beauty, joy, & love have entered our lives with these wonderful Boys ‘s
    Amazing music! They will always be the Boys to me, also! I am so glad to hear I am not the only one with Brain Fade in their presence! I am just in a delightful fog & can’t say much & can not remember anything distinctly. We all have marvelous memories tho! When we see one concert, we just want more & more! Il Volo Love to you all!❤️❤️❤️

  9. Myron, as usual, you give us such wonderful information. you have given us wonderful details like “vowel shapes and tone projection and tone placement’ to appreciate the boys even more would you at some stage explain these terms to us so that we can appreciate the wonder of these boys even more(and detect the lack of same in other singers). we may be ignorant of musical terms, but when it comes to knowing when something is great, our hearts don’t lie and we knew from the beginning that these boys were exceptional . family and friends may laugh at all these older ladies doting over young boys, but we see something that they don’t yet see. the day will come when their eyes will be opened. I thank God for the gift of them and that I have been able to follow their journey from the beginning and be part of this wonderful Il Volover experience which they have created. may God bless Il Volo in all their journeys

    1. Yes, I share your deep feelings, Deanne, you phrased them so well. These boys stir our hearts and we love them and want the best for them in all their days ahead. Thank you. xxoo

  10. Elaine, thanks for sharing your ” cloud nine experience ” and for this video. I have better appreciation of Gianluca’s voice after hearing this song at the Greek theater. He was perfect for this song. I agree, he is better than Elvis and Frank. I remember that snippet of Little Green Apples that he posted, if he sings that , he’ll sing it better than whoever recorded it.
    Penina, thank you for this All of Me video, I have not seen it before.
    The penguins are cute, and definitely, Gian is better than Frank.
    Myron, thanks again for your comments, another music lesson for me.
    I agree with all the other comments posted here in appreciation for these young guys. You all expressed it better than I could. Thanks.

  11. Great video Elaine!

    You might be already aware in any case according to Ansa Press Agency, Il Volo 2014 Italian Tour will include, besides the 2 dates, the following :

    Pescara, 5th September (Teatro D’Annunzio),
    Naples, 12th September (Arena Flegrea)
    Marostica, (Vicenza province) 16th September (Piazza Castello).

    More reasons to include these locations in your Italian Tour, should you plan a vacation in Italy .. 😉

    1. Meant, besides the two Taormina dates, sorry having a quarrel with key board, keeps jumping here and there

      1. Worst than that you did have it all listed and I did not see it! Just not my day so sorry .. :((

    2. Thanks Mlla for your update. Oh I so wish I can come to the concerts and tour Italy as well. However, I am over budget already and I really can’t come up with an excuse. Unless our guys invite me personally…now that’s a dream 🙂

      1. Elaine, well may be next year then
        So for you and Loretta (thanks Loretta for yr understanding 😉 and every one

        just hope this link is working..

        The event, held in Trieste is a Prize, granted each year to media people namely journalists cameramen photographers etc, It is done to honor and in memory of some journalists, reporters, cameramen etc fallen while on duty in war zones

      2. Elaine, I love the video, I love this post and this was the best I think I heard Gian sing this but I have yet to listen to all my videos! Now I remember all the dandelions flying around!

        Come on Elaine! What no excuse to go to Italia! Maybe we have to make another road trip! Thanks mlla!

        Helen, I haven’t had a chance to tell you how happy I am that your trip went off so well! I am happy for all of you – everyone seems to have had a great time at all the concerts and so many great experiences with the guys to share! Thank you!

  12. To the people who went to Elgin Illinois.
    Did anyone order your pictures taken at the meet & greet in Elgin Illinois from the person who handed you a card from Luciano J. Bilotti I got a card that stated Photography by Luciano J. Bilotti & I am guessing he took a picture of me with the Il volo boys at Elgin. I can’t seem to get hold of him & have no phone number. Did anyone else get their pictures from him? If you did can you give me any information how to get hold of him. He doesn’t answer my emails.

    1. The only way to contact him is to send him email. I think you need to tell him the number which is on the back of the card so he can locate your picture. Then he will email you a protected copy and you can view it. If you want to purchase you need to send him payment by either pay-pal or check.

      1. Thanks Elaine I did email him twice not unless he is on holidays & I gave him the number on the back of card but no response. I’ll keep trying every once in a while but if anyone gets hold of him please tell me. Thanks

        Super picture & video. Gianluca has it hand down over Sinatra & any other singer in the 50’s & most singers of the now generation. I do like Josh Grobin, I think his voice is very good but our boys are better of course. I mentioned to my doctor about Il Volo & the concerts I was going to & told him to look on the internet. Today he said they were fantastic & worth going to see. So he looks like a convert.

      2. Yay, Loretta!
        Did you tell him the reason you’re so full of life is, in part, because of IL VOLO? 😉
        ~ Jeanine

  13. Thank you Elaine for sharing your story, video and photo. It is so sweet the way you are holding onto our Gianluca’s arm with both hands. One look at you on the photo and it tells me “Happiness is”.
    I also enjoyed your other stories very much and again many thanks.

    1. Glad you enjoy my posts. Happiness is with me ever since Il Volo came into my life! I am just so grateful I can meet them in person.

  14. Hello Myron,
    I would like to add my thanks to you for the explicitness with which you enfold Gianluca’s golden voice. I have enjoyed reading everyone of your MUSIC NOTES and always look forward to a next one.
    As I live in South Africa, the only way I can appreciate the Il Volo concerts is via the Internet. (Many thanks for all the downloads everyone!!).
    Myron if I compare last year’s concerts to this year’s concerts, all three “Boys” have become more accomplished, as it should be!. I found that especially Gianluca’s “Night and Day” took me by surprise. His voice has become so much Richer, Fuller and more Powerful in in this song, compared to last years concert versions on the Tube. Just stunning!!! See “Il Volo Gianluca Ginoble @ NJPAC Newark NJ 6/15/14 “Night….”.
    Gian’s new “Can’t Help Falling in Love” is a beautiful surprise and he sings it just perfectly. As I am not a Elvis fan I can not compare. Mario Lanza has always been “The One”, but he has now thoroughly been replaced by Mr Gianluca Ginoble!!!!
    Once again, many thanks. Ineke.

  15. Elaine , I just showed your video to my Mom – she said, “Gianluca out Elvis’d Elvis!” We both think your picture with the guys is fantastic – I wish GG was looking at the camera but it is still a gorgeous photo!

  16. I loved that video, but Gianluca’ voice is very unique and I think I like it better, sorry Frank, but then I never saw Frank in person, so who am I to judge?!!!

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