Il Volo Professional ~~ Recap Edition: Verona

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Il Volo’s Summer Tour 2014 was a whirlwind that came right on the heels of a busy promotional tour in Italy–one literally ending a day or two before they hopped a plane to the US to begin the other.  Once the concerts started, all of your wonderful stories started pouring in, and the more professional news bits haven’t gotten as much attention as they normally would have.  Now that the tour is over (*sob*), we are going to try to catch up with these “Recap Editions” of Professional in between your tour stories.



We begin with Il Volo’s June 1 performance on “Arena Di Verona” that was aired on Rai1.  You may remember that The Guys performed with Anastacia and were really excited about it.

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Click here —> to read a review of the show from our affiliate, All About Il Volo. <— Click here for a recap in pictures from tvblog, (


Please thank Giorgio Bulgarelli for the opportunity to hear how wonderful they sounded that night:

By: Giorgio Bulgarelli


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15 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Recap Edition: Verona”

  1. I remember this song by Dusty Springfield. She loved this Italian song and English lyrics were written. It is beautiful in both languages.

  2. It gave me chills when they came through the entrance of that coliseum! I did not know it was an Italian song! I LOVE it! I hope they sing it in concert some day!

  3. I remember the Dusty Springfield version, too. I wish we could hear JUST IL VOLO singing it in Italian. Heavenly, I’m sure! Thank you for posting this!

    1. it would be wonderful if they did sing it in their next concert in Italian. It would be gorgeous with their voices and emotion they put into every song. OMG!

  4. Patrizio Buanne sings “You don’t have to say you love me” In Italian and English”. A powerfull version is by Mary Byrne on ‘The X Factor” show 2.

  5. I love seeing pictures of The Guys with Antonella Clerici. I don’t know why, but they always make me feel a little teary. I stayed up SO late the night of that concert looking for leaked photos and videos. Was well worth it!

    1. Thanks Terese. I loved that you tube by Patrizio! Have seen him 4 times. He will be in Milwaukee next week but won’t be able to go. The words to that song in Italian are just beautiful and our boys can reach those high notes with such passion! Hope they will do it.

  6. Well I watched the video. Kelly, I would like to say something nice about the nasal lady. Oh, I know! Good for her, she has a lot of guts to try and sing with our Boys. There!

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