Jen at Humphrey’s by The Bay ~~ San Diego


I don’t believe we have seen many reviews from the June 9th show in San Diego, but Jen was there.  🙂  Certainly looks like a gorgeous setting!  Thanks for sharing!

Humphrey's by The Bay; Bing
Humphrey’s by The Bay; Bing


Thanks to Myron’s wonderful review I didn’t need to keep a list of the songs and was just able to concentrate on the beautiful music. We did have Mattinata and not Per Te, though. The outdoor location was crowded, with a great cross-section of ages and types. The chairs were folding metal ones and not staggered but the stage was higher so the view was good, and the evening was warm.

Unfortunately, the sound system was not balanced for the first couple of numbers – their voices were drowned out in parts by the music – but after some of the audience yelled that they couldn’t hear, Ignazio asked the tech to adjust their volume and it was great from then on. Gianluca (yes, Gianluca!) was playing around after that and whispering instead of talking, then laughed and continued normally. He is so much more relaxed on stage this year and at one point, I thought he was in danger of being pulled off the stage by fans!

The comparison from last year to this year is huge, especially with Gianluca whose voice seems to have a mellower musicality to it. If you get an opportunity, listen to his first part in “We Are Love.” It’s beautiful and I hope someone will post a video soon. He also knocked “Can’t Help Falling” (loads more expression and feeling than Andrea Bocelli singing the same song), and “Night and Day” out of the park. Ignazio was really strong in Memories and displayed more passion and emotion than I have seen before. Piero, well, also incredible with his range that seems so effortless but is so professional. Their fooling around on stage was smoother this year and they made us laugh a lot.

I can’t wait for their new album release. The friend who accompanied me had seen them once on the Jay Leno show and was interested but not a real fan. Now she is! They even did the two encores, so all in all, a magical evening!


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  1. Wonderful review, Jen! Thank you so much! I would love to see them in an outdoor setting someday. They just keep getting better and better!

  2. I love hearing about Gianluca fooling around. And, Jen, your description of how each continues to develop musically is fantastic! Way to go, winning over another true fan!

    🙂 Jeanine

  3. Jen, I also noticed a maturity in Gianluca’s voice and presence. Like your friend, my sister wasn’t a “real fan” until her 1st concert last year. Now she has dreams about Piero!

    Waiting patiently for that album!

    1. Who can help but have dreams of these guys! Also, you don’t have to lie to us here Ms. Crider. We understand. I don’t think ANY of us are capable of waiting patiently for that new album! 😉

      1. Right on Isabel! Patiently waiting for an new Il VOlo album? Whoever heard of such a thing?? We are waiting with our tongues hanging out!! PLEASE HURRY IT UP!!!

  4. Great review Jen. I have seen videos of their summer tour and you are right on when you say the guys have matured. Gian’s voice is so smooth. His English pronunciation is so clear. He is my personal FAV. Piero of course, will eventually end up performing OPERA. Ignazio will be a wonderful song writer/singer. Gian will hopefully keep singing but he can easily be a GUCCI/ARMANI model. I love these guys. I talk about them to everyone. Glad you had fun.

  5. Jen- your review is spot on. The guys have all matured so much, in every direction, since their tour last year.
    I just watched the Westbury video of Surrender ( for the 5th time ! ) and watching Gianluca dance the Salsa with Piero made me smile from ear to ear. They are all goofing around, more comfortably, on the stage and with the audience which is so much fun to watch !! Not to mention their magnificent voices that make your heart beat out of your chest !!
    My cousins went to the Stamford Concert and M&G with me never having heard of Il Volo. Afterwards I asked if they would see them again and they said yes but not right away. Maybe next year. However, the next morning they couldn’t wait to show their Grandchildren Il Volo videos !! I believe they are hooked !! How could they not be !! You “Can’t help Falling in Love” with them !!

    1. Yes there voices have grown better as they have became more relaxed !! U can see it on stage

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