Hi Everyone,

It seems we haven’t missed much lately. We have had some fabulous concert experiences shared here. The memories and the sharing seem to be making everyone closer together. We love the pictures you have sent and have enjoyed the great stories that go with them. I have especially enjoyed all the pictures of you, the flight crew, now I feel like I know you better. Concert season for us has  flown by, now we await their next concerts here in the USA.

The Guys of Il volo have really not rested much since they have been home, but they did send us some tweets and photos of their down time.

Il Volo did not go straight home from the USA, they went to Cannes first and  they got to experience their first helicopter ride! They were thrilled with it. I myself was a little concerned about their safety, I guess I worry too much!cannes2.jpgcannes1.jpg


When they did get home it was PLAY time!! Gianluca and Piero hit the beach with family and friends.ggbeach


Piero, his sister and his friend.
Piero, his sister and his friend.









Ignazio hung out with his friends AND bought a new car! He was so excited about that.

new car



Ignazio and Piero tweeted a photo of them with their manager Michele Torpendine, comparing muscles, very cute.


Yesterday Il Volo took part in a TV performance in Trieste honoring fallen war photographers in 1994. The program will air at a future date.


Il Volo appears to be in Bologna today. Bologna is where their manangement’s main office is located.


Thank you Piero for tweeting “America” #4thofJuly#Independenceday.

Thank you Gianluca for your tweet about the 4th of July!


Happy Independence Day Everyone!!

Please check the calandar of events and concerts coming up on the right side of the page.

We have more experiences and photos coming up, so keep coming back!

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13 thoughts on “IN CASE YOU MISSED IT…..”

  1. Thanks gals for all you do to keep us posted. Marie,hope you had a good birthday. What is the name of the town that Ignacio comes from? I have been researching Sicily. Joanie Guyon P.S. Happy 4th of July. Our parade was great and now I am waiting for the fireworks. J

    1. Hi J,
      Ignazio home town is Marsala (where the name of the sweet wine comes from, Marsala wine is often associated to a dish called Scaloppine al Marsala – can be veal scaloppine or chicken brest sliced in to scaloppine. Ignazio gave an example in a Vine video last year. may be you remember the video.

  2. Thank you , Linda for the nice update. Appreciate knowing all the latest and greatest!! HAPPY 4TH EVERYONE!

  3. Happy 4th of July everyone! Happy America Day! ‘Murica! Happy Freedom everybody! 😀

    Thanks for the updates Ms. Snyder! Glad to hear from our red-headed reporter again!

  4. Just wanted to wish everyone a happy 4th. Hope you are having lots of fun!

    MARIE, Hope you didn’t take any offense at the poem I posted for you late last night on HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIE!, Hoping you just didn;t see it. Please let me know if you did, I certainly didn’t mean to. CIAO!

  5. Kitty, absolutely no offence taken. Thought it was funny. A little too close to home though. Oh well, I figure if I was 18 and beautiful My Guys still wouldn’t know me any better. I take comfort in that thought. Thanks for thinking of me.

    Linda, thanks. I often don’t have time to chase down what the Boys are up to. I wait for your “In Case…” to catch up. I know! It’s the lazy way, but you do such a good job! Like the muscle picture! I hope My Prince comes by to give me a ride in his new car! I’ll be waiting.

    Have a great holiday weekend everyone!

  6. Thanks, Linda. 🙂 Like Marie, I see individuatl tweets, but don’t always have time to appreciated them, so I love “In Case.” I love seeing them just be one of the guys in their comfort zone. 🙂

  7. I started in 2009 but did not get “hooked” till this year. Now it gives me so much joy to follow the boys. It brings some memories I had put back in the “past box”.
    I am enjoying learning about Italy. Years (43) ago we spent time on a beach and went to Vincenza to do our laundry and visit Marostica. It is a medieval town surrounded by the ancient wall of its castles. Boys concert September 16.
    I had printed an article but at 78 I am just now learning how to post but not on all the different “pages”.

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