Hi Everyone,

Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio are home relaxing! Il Volo had a successful whirlwind concert here in the States during June. I know it was successful by all of your wonderful experiences you took time to share with us. I know it was successful because of the beautiful photos you shared and by all of the heartfelt comments you have left here. THANK-YOU EVERYONE!!

Comments have been interesting this week in the wake of concert fever AND concert withdrawal. We found a new word for us more mature fans thanks to Barbara Dixon, ” Granny Groupies”! I love that Barbara, thanks! Now we have “Fan Girls” (you know who you are) and “Granny Groupies”, just about covers us! Thanks to Jeanine our “obsession” for “Our Guys” is “passion”! That really describes us to a tee, also sounds more classy 🙂 Thanks!

There has not been too much information from Il Volo. Piero is most active on social media, Gianluca has sent some tweets and photos. Ignazio’s choice seems to be to take a break for a while. We certainly understand that but we miss hearing from him!

Piero and Ignazio have gotten new cars, we saw Ignazio’s last week. Piero tweeted: “Bye bye Mini, new car is coming”


Gianluca is hanging with friends and going to the beach.

gg friends

Gianluca did tweet “time flies” He’s right, it’s 5 years since Il Volo started to sing together. Here is a comparison then and now!


Gianluca tweeted Friday. “Happy 50th birthday daddy” We add our congratulations to Mr Ginoble on his birthday!

Check out Piero’s new multicolored glasses! He tweeted that they are “Utralimited Sunglasses” and they have his signature on them.


Don’t forget the Il Volo convention in Bloomington, Mn, August 9 and 10. See the “Attention all Flight Crew Fans”  post below for the details.

Good news, there has been an Ignazio sighting today, Sunday! Looks like he is enjoying being with his friends!!


Thank you to Nina Boschetto and All Things Il Volo!


Enjoy your time off,Guys, you deserve it !!



24 thoughts on “IN CASE YOU MISSED IT…….”

  1. I recently bought new glasses and I have to say that Piero’s new glasses are the most different and stylish of any men’s glasses out there. I wonder how “ultra limited” they are.
    Didn’t Piero and Ignazio buy their Mini Coopers around the same time last year? Now they are both giving them up. Hmmmmmm.

  2. Thank you Linda for this great update article. Piero’s glasses are beautiful indeed. They all look so relaxed and happy to be normal guys doing what they do at their ages and with their own friends and family. So wonderful to see as they so deserve their time off. I’ll bet they are getting so pumped for the upcoming concerts now!!!

  3. Pirate, I think you’re right about their cars, I can hardly wait to see what Piero gets. Ignazio, I believe got a BMW.

    Maryjane, I like the glasses too, hope to find out more about them.

  4. This grandmother worries now that the boys are getting cars. The European driving is scary. People on the autobahn/autostrada drive so fast. Even though it has been years since we were stationed in Germany I am sure the driving has not changed. Being a coward I walked even though we brought our car over. Was good ecercise to counteract the good food. Thanks for your hard work in keeping us informed and giving a chance to share.

  5. Hey Linda thanks for the updates! What else are young guys going to buy when they have money? I’m so happy to see them enjoy their much deserved booty! Glad they’re just having fun. Yay!

    Now get to work on that album.

    1. Hi Ladies!! I think these young men are very responsible people. We never did get news whether GIANLUCA passed his driving test. Or did I miss it?. They are at the age when a car is a necessity when they are at home so they can get around. They have the means and they have earned enjoyment. They’ll be OK.

  6. I think it\s great that they can enjoy some of the things that give them pleasure, they worked so hard and it’s great to see them able to buy nice things while they are young, I also think they are good to their families too, By the way I am really loving this site, thanks again for all you do for us. 🙂

  7. Thanks for an ilvolorific site !!! It keeps me updated on the guys. I love all of you.

  8. I have been thrilled with all of Piero’s pictures recently, and I love his new glasses! This morning it was a real treat to wake up to Piero’s zoo photos! 😀 I hope Ignazio will post something soon, and Gian will be able to get over his post World Cup depression. I told him yesterday when he tweeted he was depressed now that it was over, that he now know (at least to some degree) what we feel when the tour is over!

    1. Hi Carli, Piero has been sending some great photos lately,I love seeing them too. Ignazio likes taking off from social media sometimes, I guess he needs a break but I miss him! Gianluca will get over the World Cup and will likely send some great tweets today!

    1. You missed two VERY important things! Love the glasses, love the face, love the perosnality, love THE VOICE!

      1. We can never forget that unforgettable voice…let that thunder roll Piero!

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