Marie’s Excellent Adventure ~ In Four Parts

Part One ~ Sterling Heights or A Game of Tug-of-war

So it begins!
So it begins!

4 concerts – 3 of them in 3 days! I followed Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio more than 2,000 car miles in two weeks! I don’t know about The Boys, but this Il Volo Fan is still tired.

I have already shared my Vienna experience with you, but here’s one more picture Leelee recently sent me.


You can see that one of your board members is an idiot! You can tell that Gianluca is looking at me and smiling. Just look at that glorious smile Ignazio is aiming straight at me! I missed it all because I was looking at the tennis shoes. Why?

DSCN0225 - cropped marie

Oh well! On to the Sterling Heights, Michigan, Freedom Hill Amphitheater. The Guys were so handsome in their formal black suits with Ignazio sporting a tie.

a - aa DSCN0237 - cropped marie
I am not going to repeat what you have heard here a hundred times. I can only tell you what you already know… The concert was awesome! There are no better voices in the world. There are no young men more handsome anywhere!

He's Kinda Handsome!
He’s Kinda Handsome, so is his pal in back!

Up to now I have behaved myself. Haven’t thrown myself on the stage Haven’t screamed, “I Love You” during any vocal arrangement. I was reserved and polite all through the Vienna Concert and throughout this one. But come on folks. You know me. When it came to the Meet & Greet I tried to take My Boy home!

OH Yeah!

For those of you who are shaking your heads and rolling your eyes, I really didn’t do that! The picture was set up. I told them you would all expect me to try to drag Ignazio away. Of course, they went for it. Little did they know – If I could have dragged him away he would be here helping me write a whole different story!


Next Elgin – one of the most amazing and humbling days of my life.

53 thoughts on “Marie’s Excellent Adventure ~ In Four Parts”

  1. You are unbelievable Marie. You had him already. You should have hog tied him and dragged him home. I would’ve gladly done the same to the younger one. Oh well. Next time, don’t forget the duck tape.

  2. This is GREAT!! You have made an indelible mark in their hearts…I am sure! Love, love, love your stories!! Am patiently waiting for the Milwaukee story! 🙂

    1. Piero has all of me but I do love Gian and Ignazio too. I wouldn’t turn down a date with any of them. If I had a hold of any of them I am afraid I would have to take them home with me to my private island called “Isle of IlVolorina”

      1. Cute, Frieda!
        After attending the 2013 concert, I wrote a poem called “IL VOLO Land Beckons.” I like your “Isle of Ilvolorina” … such a lovely poetic name, and how appropriate for (mostly) Sicilians! 🙂

        Glad to enjoy your participation here!
        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  3. Marie, that was such a great picture. now “HE” knows that it is a reality that he could be kidnapped at any time. I think in future they better think about having body guards strapped on to him day and night, and if he gets anymore handsome, they might have to build a mote with alligators in it between him and the audience

  4. Marie!! I LOVE it! Gotta be one of my favorite M&G photos of the guys. How fun is that?!
    I love how they all played along with you so beautifully!

    Oh, I got it! … Have THAT photo silkscreened onto your pillow, and then every night will bring sweet dreams!

    Love and Happy Dancing to the queen of fun!
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. Jeanine! I can usually count on you for sound advice. Not this time! If I had those faces on my pillow I would never sleep! I would just lay awake all night and look!

      1. Oh gosh, you got a point there, Marie!

        Hmmm… And if it were your “wallpaper” on your computer screen, you’d never get any work done.
        Where CAN you put the photo without being totally absorbed?! (Probably a rhetorical question! 🙂

        Anyway, great photo!

  5. I’ve been waiting impatiently for your written antics, and, my dear, you do not disappoint!!! The last photo is so funny that I sat here and laughed out loud! Ignazio’s expression is priceless, and you even got Gianluca to smile. What a wonderful memento to have forever. Loved ALL the pictures…How much more handsome can Our Guys get????

    Now, I can’t wait for Episode 2…Coming soon, I hope!

  6. Love your photos and write-ups Marie. You gave ‘flair’ to your M&G with them and you can see it on their faces. Looking forward more of your experiences.

  7. Marie, you tell a great story, I so enjoy listening to your experiences aand also wishing I could have been there, you certainly sound like you had fun and the boys just play along which is just great, looking forward to your next one!!!

  8. Of course Marie, I love your story and photos. I’d like to think I have more class then to be jealous of that picture of you and Ignazio but I don’t.

    1. Oh Linda, then this will not help…look back at the picture..not only do I have both arms around him (!) but he’s holding both of my hands with one of his.

      Think I’ll spend the rest of the day rereading that.

  9. No wonder your tired Marie !! You were on Tour !!! I laughed my sides off when I saw the photo of you hauling off Ignazio !!! Not only are our boys the most talented and handsome in the whole wide world but also the most precious and adorable !! We love them and they give so much love back to us. They’re all incredibly compassionate and kind young men. Thank you for starting my day off with a good laugh !! Looking forward to the next installment !!

  10. Captain Crider, I am shocked! You had both arms around the target, the other two were distracted by the camera, and you DIDN’T haul him away?!?!?! Wow. 😉

    All three of them are so sweet and kind and gracious and generous. If only there were more people like them in this world.

  11. Ok, OK. Truth is I actually did tug. He wouldn’t budge! He may have been a little afraid (smart Boy). Besides, security was just out of camera range.

  12. Marie, You are great to give your all to hog tie Ignacio and drag him home. I will keep your experience in mind when I get to the next M and G. I hope I will not get all weak in the knees and wobble. Good for you. from the other Joanie Joanie Guyon

  13. Great story and pictures Marie, loved the last one. Would love to hug Piero like that for a few hours!!! Only in my dreams! Waiting on next part. love ya

  14. Well, I do wish I could have fit more of their concerts in this summer. I guess ENVY plays a part here. I only was able to get to one. While that was nice (very good, indeed ! ) I would like to have seen a concert more towards the end of the tour.

    Delicate balance: don’t want to over work the boys but this year it seems that they are not doing enough concerts or TV shows – especially in this country. The careers of these guys must be worked at all the time even if it just a morning talk show or such. Just the month of June and no national tv shows just is not enough to keep building their name, I feel. Last year they had a lot of concerts and some TV shows. Now, I hope they prove me wrong during the rest of the year.

    Delicate balance: keep building their name – especially here in the USA without taxing their voices too much. tricky.

    1. Hi Myron,

      Any more about the possibility of Las Vegas in November or December this year?

    2. I agree about protecting their voices – and 3 concerts in a row on our tour in June must have been too much at times. I think perhaps the guys might agree.

  15. Well well! And Ignazio didn’t volunteer to take you home? My! You must have struck him speechless, Marie! Sounds like you had a wonderful time though! That is a million-dollar face Ignazio has in your M&G picture! And as far as behaving yourself, at least during the concert, I give you and A in controlling yourself so nicely! hehe! I wasn’t able to do as well myself! It would take MUCH self control that I do not think I have, at least in their presence! And I couldn’t agree more that there is no one else that is more handsome than the boys, and if anyone begs to differ, please do not as you will not come out of that argument will everything intact and working properly!

    I am now on the edge of my seat, waiting for your next story! Bravo Marie!

    1. If ANYONE has ANYTHING negative or unkind to say about Our Guys, they will not walk away with things hurting or broken. They will not walk away at all.

  16. I just loved the Sterling Hts concert. I thought it was wonderful! I wondered why they announced “all women sit down and keep their hands to themselves”. Now I know – it was you. Just kidding of course. Actually I’m jealous… I would love to get my hands on Piero.

  17. Looks like you had a whole lot of fun. Wish I could have joined you. I met them 2 years ago so I know what it is like to be in the presence of angels on earth. They have helped me through difficult times and so have all of you who have put pictures and videos and shared your stories with all of us. That is the next best thing to being there. Next time just grab Ignazio and run away to a hidden paradise.

  18. Meet idiot #2 (me). Marie, you were looking at your tennis shoe because you were starting to show them your tattoo, which is why you had the attention of Ignazio and Gianluca. I took this picture, but totally forgot to take the picture of Ignazio on his knee taking the photo of your ankle with his own camer.

    YES, FOLKS, SHE BROUGHT HIM TO HIS KNEES!!!! I don’t have the picture, but it happened!!

    1. Seems that witnessing such an experience must have been “highly distracting”. How could anyone pull their wits together and pick their jaw up off the floor on time to take a photo?!

      I’m confident the experience is emblazoned in both your hearts! Unforgettable!

      ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. sorry been cut out of tech means or a long while, ..just wanted to tell Marie that I think the photo is just lovely ! Love everyone facial expression and ..chapeau to the photographer !

      1. That girl took the pictures at all five concerts I went to and for the most part she did do a good job!

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