Il Volo Professional ~~ Another Nomination!!!!


Yes! The Guys have received a nomination for the

Premios tu Mundo 2014 Awards!


premios tu mundo

Il Volo — Duo o Grupo Favorito

(Favorite Duo or Group)


Bing Translation:  “That joy! We are nominated to the @PremiosTuMundo #PremiosTuMundo @ilvolo thank you!”

Yeah, “that joy!”   😉   This is the summer of Il Volo!  Please take a minute to happy dance with me…  😀


graphics-dancing-383114“Premios tu Mundo” (Your World Awards) is a fan voted awards show celebrating the best in US Latin Pop Culture and will air from Miami on August 21st (watch the calendar for updates).

Click here —> to read more about the event, and here is the information you really want:

HOW TO VOTE (and ILVolovers rocked that vote during the Billboards, so I know we can do it again!):

Visit their official website here —>  . You may vote up to 10 times a day in the 26 categories through August 12th.  Follow @premiostumundo on Twitter and Instagram to join in the fun.  You can also find them on Facebook.

Congratulations, Guys!


Congratulations clap


29 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Another Nomination!!!!”

  1. Happy dancing here too! Hope all these awards lead to at least another Latin Billboard, if not a Grammy! wish the guys were coming out with a new smash song to seal the awards deal! Can’t believe they are making us wait until next year for a new release. What am I going to ask Santa for? I’ve got everything that’s out!

  2. So excited! It is so great they are being recognized! They deserve it! Well, I can say I got my workout in for the day…still doing my happy dance! 🙂

    Buona fortuna Il Volo!
    Good Luck Il Volo!

  3. This pirate has been voting several days now for several times….and I hope to encourage more of you to do the same. I want to see if we can make Gianluca leap like the energizer bunny again and again! Actually I just want them to win and be delighted with their handsome selves!

  4. I only speak English so I don’t understand where I am supposed to vote, yes I see their picture but where do I actually PUT my votes on a Facebook or on theirTwitter? If someone can direct me to the right place then I can do my voting also

    1. Loretta, there is a button next to their picture that says, “Votar.” You click it, and a box will come up thanking you for voting (Gracias por tu voto [Thanks for your vote]). Close the box by clicking the “x” in the corner, and you can vote again. After 10 times, it will tell you to come back tomorrow (Gracias, regresa mañana para votar de nuevo [Thank you, come back tomorrow to vote again]).

  5. I know the IlVolovers will come through again for our guys. I expect to see them get more and more nominations and awards for more things as time goes on. I can’t wait for the day they are nominated for American Music awards shows and to release videos for all their songs. I believe that will happen. Thanks for the information and keep this site going.It is the greatest to exist.

  6. HAPPY DANCING!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 I’m so excited for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a question for anyone here who might know. Il Volo perfomed last night in Rome, and it appears it the celebration of a new direct flight option for Alitalia to go straight from Rome to Abu Dhabi. All About Il Volo had a small article on it, I was just wondering if anyone knew anything else.

  7. I am thrilled that Il Volo is getting more recognition in the Latin music world. In addition, I would love to see some recognition in the American Grammy awards. Good grief Georgia ! They are better than anything on the Grammy list right now, that is for sure. Also, there are other American-Canadian music awards for which these guys can qualify.

    Now, please understand that I am not against Il Volo connections with other countries it is just that there are tons of fans for Il Volo in this, the largest music market in the world and I don’t feel that they are being promoted enough right here.

    I am very glad this year that they are doing more things back home. For a while they were doing little in Italy and now they are getting more recognition where they live. that last video from Italy – wow ! they are singing better than ever. Bravo !

    1. I agree Myron. I would like them to win an award in the Stats & Canada. I haven’t heard Toronto promoting them at all over the years even when they were here in concert until this year. Even when the concert was here in June & I phoned the program AM 740 but couldn’t get hrough. The annoucers only seem to mention them once but don’t say how good they are or anything about them. It bothers me no end. I haven’t heard of any awards won here for singers. Although I am not listening to the radio anymore because I am listening to Il Volo CD’s

      1. Lorettta, they do have music awards here. I just can’t think of the name of them right now! Senior moment I guess! But I know Celine Dion has won it and so has Anne Murray. And probably a lot of other people I don’t remember! Like you I don’t listen to radio much, only in the car, and then I listen to 96.3 CFMX all classical, because they have played Il VOlo tracks and they DO say how wonderful they are!

    1. Could not open the Comments page on Porta Porta page but watched the whole thing for 2 hours!!!! FABULOUS!! These Boys are amazing and it is a blessing that they got together. They are talented, sweet, gorgeous, intelligent, awesome, and have beautiful hearts. So happy I have followed their careers and have met them twice. You have to watch the whole show till the end. Mine stopped at 1:30 minutes; don’t know if there was more. I’ll try again. You don’t have to understand the Italian, their personalties shine no matter where they are and they do sing so beautifully.

  8. I did my ten votes today. Have you done your bit ? Go back each day and give our handsome Italiano princes your ten votes!

  9. could somebodp please tell me if my voting is actually getting through? I go to the page and click on Votar for Il Volo, then when the next page comes up I click votar, but from my first vote it says”Gracias por Votar, and the same thing for every time I vote. I thought Kelly said that that would only come up when your 10 votes are up, but I can keep on Votar, and it keeps saying the same thing, so I am wondering if my votes are going throught all???

    1. Deanne, the way I understand it is, you click on votar and then that page pops up that says “Gracias por votar”. What I did was click on the X in the upper right corner, and then the voting page comes back and you can vote again. Each time you vote, the “thank you” page comes back, and by clicking on the X you can go back and vote again. I assume it does record all your votes. When you come to the end (10 votes – sometimes it goes to 11) then the voting page will not come back. I think you don’t have to worry about your votes not being recorded.

  10. Thanks Laiabd72. I actually did what you said . but after the 10 votes the page kept coming back and I kept voting, and if I left the page and came back later, I could keep voting and the same Gracias por votar was coming up. I am not going to worry about it, Ill just do my ten votes every day and let it be. thanks again for your quick answer

  11. Hey, friends,

    I’m not on FB (by choice), and it looks like that is the only way I can vote. (Darn!) Does anyone know of another way to vote?

    I have so missed being on the blog and catching up on our beautiful guys as well as all of you! Two people whom I’m close to are very ill, and I’m needing to put my energy with them for a bit.

    I’m also uplifting myself with some specialty IL VOLO playlists I’m preparing that I think you will love. I’ll let you know when they’re ready!

    If you feel so inclined, please send some loving wishes or prayers to the two ill people in my life and our families.

    Love and well wishes to all of you!
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. Jeanine, try this link anyway. I don’t think you have to give a Facebook account; you should just be able to vote. If you can’t, I’m sorry; there isn’t any other way. But it does appear that it is 10x’s per IP address, so I have sometimes voted on my computer and my phone. We can count some of those votes for you. 🙂

      So sorry to hear about your friends. Warm thoughts for you all.

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