Il Volo Professional ~~ Recap Edition: Porta a Porta, Spring 2014


Before coming to the US, The Guys were in Rome taping an appearance on Porta a Porta with Bruno Vespa.  Frankly, I think everything came up so quickly, that there isn’t a lot written about this appearance, but we do have videos and pictures available for viewing.

Bruno Vespa
Bruno Vespa


Click here —> for a slideshow of pictures (thanks, LiJoy, for the link!)

From Porta a Porta’s Facebook page, you can view the entire interview here —> (they appear right around the 26 minute mark).


If you are more of a “popcorn stop” kind of viewer, enjoy the following YouTube videos.


Includes Ignazio’s “Caruso”

By: Valeria Pineda


By: Ишик Загой (translated: Ishik Zagoj)


By: Il Volo Mundial Dos



21 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Recap Edition: Porta a Porta, Spring 2014”

  1. things are moving fast here all of a sudden. I just want to comment on Myron’s post a little back where he said that the boys are not doing enough concerts or TV shows in this country to build their names. you know, I always worried in the past 2 years that they were overworking them. I do not see the need to rush to the top. we have seen enough of the Justin Beibers and One Directions and what devastation quick success and fame has done to them. now, with these two, they are dated so they have a span of time and then as their fans get older they will lose them, so they want to capitalize fast, but not Il Volo, they are not dated, they are young from sheltered families and have been finishing school as well as training in their singing skills all at the same time they are touring and having interviews. They may not rise to the top right away, but so what! they have their whole lives before them, they are going to be here way past our lives for sure. My feelings are that they should be allowed to live normal lives alongside their careers. let’s enjoy them at the moment, they are growing up so fast. let’s stop and smell the roses(this is not a pun on how great they smell!!) we are so fortunate that they share their private lives with us, lets enjoy them day by day. I have been happy with the pace this year, and seeing them spend more time in Italy. I have always said I don’t want them living in Los Angeles, sorry but that place is Babalon! they can go there for business, then get out. I care for them too much to let the Hollywood piranha’s get hold of them. just my strong feelings

    1. I agree with you Deanne. I was very dismayed when they bought that apartment in LA. They may have been able to avoid the drugs and the drinking and the other stuff that goes on there for a while, but I am sure they would be invited to parties (how could they no? three handsome young guys?!) where all sorts of unsavory activities are going on.
      They are straight and clean living and I was afraid for them. Thrilled they decided to stay away from there!

  2. Kelly, thank you for the great post up above. This video was the first time I saw Gianluca singing his newest song, Can’t Help Falling in Love With You. I saw it on FB and was blown away. Simply mesmerizing. I loved how when he was done Ignazio is sitting there clapping for him. They are so respectful of each other. I just read an excellent interview on FB Mundial…ZENIT INTERVIEW. It is wonderful! The guys really open up about their faith, family and lives. So easy to understand why we all love and admire them so when you read something like this. They are the real deal, through and through!

  3. Thanks, Kelly. I just watched the Porta a Porta video again. Last summer in Detroit I fell in love with Ignazio singing Caruso. When I heard they changed the arrangement this year to include all 3 Guys I was not happy. I planned on having an attitude about it at the concerts this year. When I did see it on stage I couldn’t believe how wonderful it was. They amaze me at every turn!

    Also, don’t forget to vote! (See post below)

  4. Wow! I watched the whole thing. I think I will have to learn Italian. The conversation must have been something. Joanie Guyon

  5. Thank you for the above videos, I thoroughly enjoyed them, I hope they will be here for a while, so that I can come back and listen to them again, so enjoyed the whole thing !!! 🙂

  6. Hey Annie, On the very bottom of the actual post you will see, in dark gray, “This entry was posted in Il Volo Professional“. Now look at the top of this site. You will see under TOPICS Il Volo Professional. This post will live there. Enjoy it as long as you like.

    I’m explaining this because we are changing this post again tonight. So many wonderful things to post!!

  7. Thank you so much Kelly I love all 3 of these guys & their voices & songs but I would love to be able to fit into Ignazio’s pocket & be with him always. He is the sexiest man on earth with to me the sexiest voice. This year was the best year ever for me.

  8. Thanks Marie. Good to know how to retrieve favorites here! (I guess these are ALL favorites, aren’t they? 🙂

  9. Pamela, if you are reading this, we are trying to get a hold of you regarding the convention in August, but your emails come back undeliverable.

  10. I WISH I could watch that Porta A Porta episode, I’ve been searching for it on youtube since it aired. Unfortunately, my computer can’t play it. 🙁

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