Music Notes ~ Il Volo – Taormina July 20, 2014 ~ Myron Heaton

 Note:  8/31/14 ~ New addition. See concert order list on bottom of post!

a - Taormina - by bambar 7-20-14

I had not planned to write a review of this concert originally because it was to be mostly a repeat of the tour concert that they did in the USA. However, after watching this concert on DVD several times now, I feel I need to point out some reasons why this is a very, very special concert. In the past two years Il Volo may have done more singing in the Americas than their home country, but 2014 is providing more quality time for the boys to share their music with their home land. Of all the 2014 concerts so far (in Europe or the USA/Canada) the most exciting has turned out to be this concert in Taormina in Sicily. This ancient and historic site has been used for concerts many times down through the years but I don’t think any has been more elegant and done with more class. Once again, I did not see the concert live which means I am left to using a DVD of the concert for this review. The problem with this is that sometimes I am reacting to situations due to the camera work and not the live concert.

a -a taormina - myron

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Since Il Volo is using a larger than usual orchestra (hooray ! ! ) the boys have to work in a different way with the stage space they have. Most of the time it works; but once in while they have a traffic jam on stage including Ignazio being occupied doing drums while Piero and Gianluca start “Beautiful Day” by themselves. But the guys have become such good showmen that they are able to gracefully move through those short jams. Based upon the video, Gianluca and Piero covered it just fine. These guys have so much natural charm that they don’t have to pretend. A little jam on stage comes off as cute and funny.

The lighting seemed to be very effective and the follow-spots were on target 95% of the time (better than L.A. on June 7th). My pet peeve: my favorite guys should not be singing in the dark! Judging from this video the sound system seemed to be balanced pretty well except a couple of times when the percussion sound was diminished too much.

As part of the staging of this particular concert the natural setting is the most important part and rather than try to describe it, I invite you to just look at pictures presented earlier on this site or just google it. It is an OUTSTANDING location and it just seems perfect for three great-looking young men in tuxes. A classy place with classy men.


The repertoire was mostly the music from the June tour in the USA/Canada which they, themselves described as “an evening of Il Volo favorites” from over the past three years. For this program a few of those songs were dropped and some new ones added.

I am selecting “Caruso” from this (July 20 ) performance as the most passionate and emotional singing of the whole concert. Watch this if you have not seen it. Ignazio and Gianluca weep their hearts out for this song and Piero holds it together. You must see this with a box of tissue.

“Anema e Core” – sung by Gianluca

composer Salvatore d’Esposito and Italian lyrics by Tito Manlio from the early 1950s Perry Como had a big hit with this song in 1966 with the English text “My heart and soul “. Friends: I went back and listened to Dean Martin’s version, Perry Como’s version, Andrea Bocelli’s version, Michael Buble’s version and none of them is as good as this. This was, for me, one of the highlights of the concert. Gianluca, as usual you give me tears and I must borrow a phrase I used in the June review: This was “Painfully Beautiful”. Good Lord ! What a performance.

 “Io Che non Vivo piu di un ‘ora” – ( sung by all three)

composed by Pino Donaggio & Vito Pallavicini, an Italian song in the early 1960s; then recorded by Dusty Springfield in English in the UK and later by Elvis known as “You Don’t have to say you love me” – This ended up being an audience sing-along and very fine indeed ! It was a lot of fun. Even as they sang it in Italian we found ourselves singing it in English.

I was delighted to see that they brought some local musicians to the show. A guest guitar player; (used beautifully with Ignazio’s version of “Memories”) a guest accordion player; (used wonderfully to duet with Gianluca in “Anema e Core” and a Sicilian folkloric group. This was a way to show off the Sicilian heritage and cultural influence of the area by using authentic instruments and a certain unique vocal style that is part of their history. Since Piero and Ignazio live in Sicily it was wonderful to have them join in.

I hinted earlier about a negative comment: The orchestra was rather good but sometimes it was evident that they had not tuned carefully. This was a problem for the strings and mid-range brass primarily and it really only showed up in a few exposed places. Given that small item, I was really happy to see an orchestra almost twice a large as usual used here.


The video I was watching was taken rather close up and it gave great chances to watch these wonderful singers doing their work. This close you can see that each of them was a little nervous to do the best work and that is a good thing. When you see just a little nervous look then you can tell it is going to be a careful program. For each of the boys vocal tone has gotten better and better as each matures and it was on beautiful display here. Pitch is right on the money (I wish the orchestra strings had the true sense of pitch that our guys have) . If I had to pick on a small thing it would be that with a couple of the easier songs the vowels got just a little tired or lazy but for 99% of the time the vowels were fantastic. These guys (especially Gianluca) are setting the highest standards for gorgeous vowel sounds. Vocal tone projection was very strong without the “blasting” of so many modern singers. The softer sections were done with great care. Soft singing has always been one of the strong points of Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero – they do it so well you get chills up and down your back from the artistry. I only wish that the audience would stop the rude noise (talking, singing along out of tune or starting applause too soon ! ! ) and let us hear those beautiful soft sounds. Beautiful, rich and dark head tone – this only happens after years of private voice work and a great vocal coach. If only other modern-day singers could open their minds up and understand that.

A cultural look at this from an American perspective

I wish that Il Volo would release the DVD of this program for America. True fans would love it and find it especially interesting if you remember a few things. We have watched and I have reviewed on this site concerts that Il Volo has done here in the USA/Canada. Even though there were different languages involved in the music of those concerts, the boys still nurtured and shaped the show toward an American audience in the way they drew on common American concepts and cultural ideas. But here, even though there were a number of Americans and Canadians in the audience, the whole thrust of the mood was Italian culture and drew on that huge influence. The same songs as our tour in June took on a different color. You don’t need to speak Italian in order to follow some of the banter the boys did between songs. Most of the time you could get it and it was delightful and warm-hearted and funny.

For me this was a curious circle: I saw them in June in Los Angeles at the “Greek” Theater which is a modern pretend version of the ancient Greek theaters of Italy and Greece. Now it was exciting to see the boys at a true Greek Theater. I only wish I could have been there in person.

One last thing for this program: We have been used to our boys working their heads off to please the American/Canadian audience. This time it was soooo good to see them really excited about performing for their homeland. Yes, they have given other concerts in Italy this year and there are more to come but this was very special. The excitement was visable. Even though they have sung “Mama” many times watching them do it this time – with Gianluca running out to the 12th row where his mother was sitting and hugging her non-stop while singing – was very, very much more meaningful. By the way, the other mamas were there too but this one really struck me. Later, he ran out to his Grandpa and gave him a big hug. Love abounds all over the place. This concert was very important for the boys of Il Volo vis-a-vis the Italian people and so as their fans, it should be special for us as well.


 Taormina – Sicily, Italy – Concert on July 20, 2014.

concert order:

  1. Un Amore Cosi Grande (2:00)

  2. Granada (5:30)

  3. Tous Les Visages de l’Amour (10:10)

  4. We are Love (13:38)

  5. No Puede Ser – Piero’s solo (18:37)

  6. Caruso (23:33) – (all three ) (magnificent ! )

  7. Quando l’Amore Diventa Poesia (29:14) – Ignazio’s solo

  8. Io Che Non Vivo Senza Te / You don’t have to say you love me (33:43) – in Italian ( and an old Elvis song)

  9. Can’t Help Falling in Love with You (36:34) – Gianluca’s solo

  10. E Piu Ti Penso (41:19)

  11. E La Mia Vita (46:34)

  12. Mattinata (51:00)

  13. Memory (53:53) – Ignazio’s solo with special guitar solo

  14. >>> special guest group – “Sicilia in Folk” (59:50) (Piero and Ignazio)

  15. >>>Special guest Sicilian Folklorico group- “Sicilia in Folk” (1:04:31)

  16. Il Canto (1:06:12)

  17. Smile (1:11:34)

  18. Mamma (1:16:34)

  19. Anema e Core (1:20:33) – Gianluca’s solo with accordion solo

  20. Maria (1:26:00)

  21. > > > Intro’s including Gianluca’s Grandpa (1:30:27)

  22. Non Ti Scordar Di Me (1:35:39) – Piero’s solo

  23. Beautiful Day (1:39:33)

  24. Surrender (1:43:03) ( usually the official end of concert )

( encores )

    1. Il Mondo (1:47:53)

    2. O Sole Mio (1:52:18)

    (Addition thanks to Myron and Jeanine)


    116 thoughts on “Music Notes ~ Il Volo – Taormina July 20, 2014 ~ Myron Heaton”

    1. I’m so glad you changed your mind about writing a review. You put into clear, concise words and descriptions what we see, hear and feel. I could not agree with you any more in your assessments! Thank you, Myron!

    2. Myron, I’m so glad you decided to review this concert. I don’t have any technical knowledge about music and I don’t speak any language but English. This has not stopped me from falling in love with these guys and their wonderful personalities. Some day I hope to be fortunate enough to attend a concert. I do wonder, though, do the girls in the audience scream during the performance?
      I sure hope they come out with a new CD soon. And I really hope some of the solos are on it. Especially Memories. I get chills every time I see Ignazio singing it.

      1. I would love for IGNACIO to do the solo on the show. He sang this in the competition when he was 15. Now his voice is magnificent. I love it. I love them. Thank you Myron for the right on review. The guys were excited, nervous and happy to finally show their countrymen what the rest of the world has been so proud of.

      2. Barb, here in the states the audiences tend to be a bit more mature (age-wise) and the screaming is generally before or after the song and not during.

    3. Myron what a perfect review. I love reading your excellent insights. I was so excited to see the videos that were shown on site & especially the 2 hour one & particularly the person in the first or second row shooting the whole 2 hour progam. To see the guys in action close up was spectacular.
      I soo agee with you about the lighting in some of the theatres in the US. I don’t understand why the person controlling the lighting doesn’t seem to care if their job is done correctly & especially Ignazio quite often seems to be singing in the dark.
      I also wish I could have been able to go to Italy to the concert.
      I feel each one of these wonderful young men have found their power in the songs they choose & their voice control.
      I am not experienced as you are in explaining how I feel, All I know my heart swells with pride with each note they sing & how its presented whether they are singing together or solo.
      I am looking forward to more of your reviews

    4. One more thing how can we get people to NOT clap or scream until the song is finished & we have heard every sweet note. Its the last notes I want to hear as well as the whole song especially when the younger people are screaming & we can’t hear anything but the screaming. Can signs be put up around the theatre??? or screamers be controlled the same as the people taking pictues???

      1. That is a very tricky question. When I was producing concerts in the past it was really hard to get an audience to do something unless they really wanted to. I have to admit that when I listen to them in person and they are singing the louder endings with big fat chords on the end, I was to start clapping before they are done also. But I feel that is different. With the soft endings silence is needed from the audience so that they can enjoy the beauty.

    5. Myron, I am so happy to read your review of the Taormina concert! When I watched it on you tube I was so enthralled at their performance. I saw 2 concerts last year and 2 this year, one of them being the final concert of the Canada/US tour but this by far was the best performance they have ever done – more so than RCMH! – because it was their pride in performing for their countrymen for the first time. They were so swelled with pride and it was just so evident that it made me swell with pride for them. It just restated the many reasons we love them so very much. I did not notice the technical things that you pointed out because I don’t have that training so I am glad you wrote this review with your expert & professional point of view. Thank you so much for taking the time to watch the DVD and to report it to us. I, as I’m sure others do, always look forward to your comments. Thanks a million! Maddie

    6. Myron- this is a wonderful review. I agree that this was their best concert to date. Their faces we’re shinning with the excitement and joy of performing in their beloved Italy and having their wonderful families present. The venue was beyond beautiful and their voices and emotion tore my heart out !!
      I watched the entire 2 hour video a number of times and I totally agree that it should be available as a DVD for all the world to enjoy.
      Our beautiful Guys entrance us with their incredibly magnificent voices and souls everyday. I truly love them and love how they have enriched the lives of so many people throughout the world.

    7. Do you know the dates of the next American Tour. I’ve heard they will be in Florida sometime this fall or winter Even though we live in Ohio (USA) we spend the winter months in Florida and hoped to catch an IlVolo concert there .I was at the Nashville concert in June and was absolutely thrilled. We had great seats..

      1. We are struggling to convince them to come here prior to Christmas (late-Nov or early December) and be back home and family for the holiday. Last I heard they are gearing up for a world tour next year and are just laying low and finishing the new album.

    8. Thank you, Myron! I am so glad you wrote this review! I, too am always thrilled to see and hear Il Volo perform with an orchestra, and this one took up much more of the stage area than I e seen others do! It has been a pet peeve of mine, too, when the lighting is off and the spotlight isn’t on the one signing! These young men have always handled it with professionalism and grace, and even humor (as Gianluca did in Nashville when he gave a “thumbs up” once the light found him! I loved this concert because of the joy and pride that was so evident to be performing in their homeland and for such receptive crowds! Thanks for your very thorough review! I love to read what you write, Myron!

    9. Myron, I’m so happy that you decided to write this review, even though you did not attend the concert in person. I think the full length video on ytube was very good, and close up enough to actually see perfectly. Amazing! Also another playlist video has close-ups of select songs. I agree, you could definitely see the excitement, and pride to finally be invited to sing & perform in their own country. So much so that much of the time I was watching through tears myself, just feeling the joy for them that they felt themselves. I always wait, impatiently, for your reviews. You always point out your true and expert views about our guys performances, as well as the technical aspects of the show. No doubt, this was their very best! The addition of the folk music, I thought, was genius. Anyway, thank you!

      Did your flowers get to Ignazio and his family in due time? I hope so.

      1. Yes, the flowers did get there but they arrived after the funeral. We did our best. They still shared their appreciation. This has always been a wonderful family.

    10. Myron, thanks so much for putting up this very thoughtful review. As I watch it I get the feeling of great excitement for them to be playing in such a great location to a mostly Italian crowd. I’ve never understood why they haven’t done much in Italy before this but now I am seeing the wisdom of making a later move on Italy. They aren’t the same boys from a long ago tv show, now they are young men with polish and confidence as well as richer voices and a sense of good showmanship. Now its time for Italy to appreciate what they have in Il VOLO.

    11. A wonderful review as always, Myron! Thank you so much! Taormina has been the highlight of my summer! I love that Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero finally received the recognition they so deserved in their beloved Italy! Love that their families were there & could share the joy & pride of their magnificent performance!!! Taormina is such a beautiful setting for these marvelous young men with amazing voices! We Are Love!!!
      So enjoy all your reviews, Myron.

    12. Thank you,Myron for your review ! It IS really wonderful and surprisingly precise for the person who had only seen the boys on the video.
      I’ve been the most fortunate person ever to watch the boys in Taormina twice this summer and had an unforgettable chance to see them as close as it can be. Watching them singing and performing so closely gave me a chance to see how devoted they were

      1. Hi Tatyana, I to was in Taormina to see their concert on 7/20, and you are right on when you said it was an unforgettable chance to see them so close. I was third row center, where were you?

    13. Bravo our guys, Bravo. This is a beautiful concert. Before Gianluca embraces his Nonno, a distinguished elderly gentleman with a beard, stands up. This is Piero’s Nonno and I have seen him very affectionate with him previously. They both credit their Nonno’s with nurturing their voices in the beginning. Gianluca used to sing with his in the square of their small town.

    14. Myron, thank you so much for your wonderful review! I don’t have “technical training” but I know “screw-ups” when I see them, and yes, the lighting and sound are lacking sometimes. I, and I know LOTS of other Il Volovers, would absolutely LOVE it if we could get this concert on DVD! I wish the guys’ marketing department would get their heads out of their…uh…out of the sand (!) and realize that there is a BIG demand for Il Volo concerts on DVD, and we don’t want to just wait for the next new PBS special! They would make a gold mine, and would make so many of their fans (USA and other countries) so happy! I assume maybe you know of somebody in their organization that you can tell about our request? Or suggest somebody we could e-mail ourselves? We’d jam up their mail boxes! Believe me, there are a LOT of us out here, and we want MORE Il Volo! (P.S. I agree with you about their version of “Caruso”…I have never heard anybody else sing that beautiful song with such emotion and artistry as Il Volo did at that concert…and in that setting…truly a precious moment in time!)

      1. I so agree with Ruth here. I swear, whomever is runing their marketing department needs to find a new job,cuz they have a jewel here and they are missing the boat! I’ll be glad to fire off some emails pronto!

        1. I have been suggesting to any of our people that care enough about this to go ahead and email the management about these things. Some of it is not under their control but some is. Example: a lot of people emailed Barbara Vitali about the rude way that meet and great sessions were handled in 90% of the cities but it is not under her control. It is the promotion company (either Live Nation last year or CAA this year).

          But one thing I think we should let them hear about is the lack of television they have done this year. They used to do the Today Show, the Tonight Show and The Talk TWICE a year and also add in Ellen; GMA, Rachel, and some other TV shows. So far this year they have done no national network shows. I am worried. I sent an email of protest and the answer was that they were not singing in those cities. That is not the point. The point is that the boys need the national exposure that those shows give. They may not have done a concert in New York this year but if they had done the Tonight Show while passing through New York to Westbury that would have given them National exposure.

      2. Ruth I agree with the “ooops” that you almost said. So many of our people can see missed chances that their management is goofing up – I don’t understand why they (the managers) can’t see it ! !

        1. Well, Myron, we’ll do our best to point it out to them! When you set Il Volovers on a task, we come through, you better believe it!

    15. Fantastico, Myron!
      Thanks to our Flight Crew Board for your brilliance in welcoming Myron to write Music Notes for us!

      Thank you so much for your wonderful trained insights, Myron!
      I would purchase the DVD of this concert in a heartbeat!

      Two songs I had been waiting for thrilled me to the max:
      Ignazio’s solo of Quando L’Amore Diventa Poesia
      Io Che Non Vivo Senza Te

      Our IL VOLO brothers’ voices … stupendi !

      The energy and sweetness of our guys and their families, their special professional friends (Antonella Clerici, Massimo Giletti, Bruno Vespa), the guest musicians, and the delighted Italian audience super-charged the experience!

      I can’t wait for my IL VOLO Taormina party on Monday! Special thanks to Laia, Kitty, and Loretta for your help with the final details for my concert playlist!
      I’ve included the listing of songs, the video’s starting time for each song, which album or concert series first debuted each song, 5 background videos, and a link and thanks to this review, Myron!

      If anyone wants to have an IL VOLO party, you’re all set now! 😉
      ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    16. I watched this video several times now and I am in love with it! I think our guys are not nervous at all. There are many big smiles on their faces and they seems to enjoy every moments. After all this is their first full length concert in Italy and are joined by their families, friends, and many important people. I am glad they are finally acknowledged by their home country.

      Beside those few new songs, the favorite moments from the concert for me is of course from “Mama”. Such a touching moments. The funniest moment is from Piero’s reaction to Gianluca singing Maria to his sister. But I am sure Piero is just kidding around.

      Thanks Myron for your review. It is getting late now (pass 2am) so I have to stop at about 45:00* of the video and say good night to our guys for now.

      *Right after Gianluca’s “Can’t help falling in love” – did anyone notice his smiles😉😍

      1. Myron, your reviews are in a word EXCELLENT!! Start to finish, I feel like I there. Your detailed descriptions and analysis are sooo good! Please continue to provide us with your fine work. Thank you sooo much.

      2. Elaine-Loving Gianluca the way I do I certainly do notice when he is happy and smiling !! And it warms my heart to no end !!
        When he was singing “Anema e Core” his body language and smiles were priceless. I can’t get enough of him singing this song. No one else,in my lifetime , has made me swoon the way he does !!

      3. Yes! His smiles are blinding! You know, Gianluca has dimples too when he smiles–not big ones, but they are there!
        And if you watch the second concert video of Piero singing Non Puede Ser you will see him involuntarily saying Wow! to himself as the audience applauds. Another wonderful moment.

        1. Peninahonig, which “second concert” video are you referring to? I am a curious pirate here

        2. OOps–I should have been more clear and not gotten your hopes up. I am referring to the excellent videos by Maria Sergeeva dated 21.07.14 NOT 20.07.14. There are only a handful of them, but they are from the second concert, and all the performances she recorded are better than the ones on the whole concert, if you can believe that!
          She recorded all the solos I think, and Caruso, and a few others. Ignazio outdoes himself on Memory. Just fabulous videos.

    17. Myron, I can’t thank you enough for your review. They certainly should put this concert on a DVD. Hope we can all get to Vegas soon for their first performance there!

      1. the DVD was recorded off the internet by someone else and then sent to me. It probably cannot be sold but there may be a way to get copies made and share them. I will look into this (as it happens I have a DVD multiple copier machine). Let me see what I can find out.

        1. Myron, put my name on the list to purchase a DVD of the Taormina concert, if it is made available! Thanks.

    18. Just a few questions and comments here. First off, you have a DVD of the concert in Taormina? Wow, you are one lucky guy.
      LIGHTING Singing in the dark only highlights their voices more. Listening to their voices without benefit of sight is a powerful and moving experience almost painful.
      THE MUSIC I am wondering if because it was an outdoor concert, it was difficult to keep all of those instruments in perfect tune. I have no idea how close they were to the sea for this concert but salt water is not a friend of any instrument, especially strings.
      I find it very difficult to watch most live Il Volo performances because of the audience members, especially the screaming or worse, the singing along.
      I suspect this concert cannot be released on DVD because of copy right laws, credits and the like.
      I know the guys have long dreamed of performing in their home country but I’m wondering if they did such a great job because they had honed their skills elsewhere. I say that because when I was a young singer, it was more difficult to keep my composure if I knew my family was in the audience. It could have just been me. All my thoughts aside, you are a great writer/reviewer and I am always honored to hear your comments about Il Volo.

      1. Great points. Let me share a few ideas. re: DVD – see above comment and yes to the copyright. Lighting: yes I agree on the effect when it is planned that way- example: last year when Gianluca sang Night and Day, they started him out with a back light set up for the intro but then went to full frontal spot for the chorus. Great ! Beautiful! but here the problem was these people were not doing their jobs right. The boys deserve the former not the latter. Orchestra: Taormina has high humidity this time of year and that is a factor that a good professional takes into planning. Most of them did play in tune in spite of that factor. A few did not. As I said : it really only showed up once in a while. It was no problem for our guys at all. re: singing for family – you bet. That is absolutely right. I am thrilled that you are a singer. That give you an inside into how our guys feel each time they perform. Great comments. Please keep the comments coming. Bravo !

    19. Jeanine I have peeked at what you put together & all I can say is fabulous. Your hard work is astounding. I also watch repeatedly what you sent me earlier so am thanking you for both your splendid talents. Yes that is what I will be doing Monday also. Have a wonderful party

      1. Thanks, Loretta!

        I’m so glad you liked it!
        I love that, with the time-delineated playlist I made, I can go right to the song I want to listen to (when I don’t have 2 hours handy).

        Have fun!
        And, Myron, I didn’t understand that you had a literal DVD. (I thought you meant online video.) If there is a legal way to make copies, that would be awesome! And if that happens, please feel free to use the time-delineated playlist I made,
        so folks can go to each song (since it’s all one track, and they won’t be able to hit the skip to the next track button).

        Isn’t sharing and collaboration wonderful?!
        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

        1. The DVD I have is the exact same video downloaded to DVD. It can only be played on a computer. It does not play on a regular DVD player. I tried it. However, it does copy on a DVD copying machine. I just tried that as well and it worked just fine. Whole 2 hour program copied in 3 minutes. Superb quality.
          So that July 20 concert is now on this site via your video or it can go to DVD for computer. Since it came from Youtube ( I believe) there may be some problem I am not aware of. To me it is just one friend sharing a DVD with another friend.

    20. Myron, I am always a day later with my comment than others, but no less impressed. I have friends who have been to Taormina and commented on the beauty of thelocation. What a perfect setting for our boys . I agree hat their voices have matured greatly in the last threeyears. Thanks for your professional review. It puts everything in a clearer light. I hope I live long enough to attend the next American tour. This time with a hug to each of them . Joan Guyon

    21. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Myron, for your wonderful review of the Taormina concert. I have watched the 2-hour video of the concert many times. And I agree completely with everything you said. Our Guys looked so very happy to performing in front of their fellow countrymen! Can’t wait for their new CD or DVD to be coming out soon (I hope)!

    22. Thank you Myron for the great review of Taromina, wounderful to watch the video. Hope the Guys will be coming to the USA the end of the year.

    23. too all our friends. Thanks for the great comments . You are all very kind and I also love to read the ones that give me a challenge about some factor. Keeps me on my toes. These guys do bring us together.

    24. Myron, I already posted my comments regarding your review on the Taormina concert,(wonderful as always), but now if you don’t mind, I wish to ask a couple of questions.

      #1 I have done a lot of singing in school and church, and community choirs, and hearing a mic start a high-pitched humm as it did several times to the guys,has always been referred to as it being too hot. My interpretation of that is that it is turned up too high. Could you really explain what actually causes that? Also, when they left the stage the 1st time, Gianluca began singing the next song while walking in, and it was echoing back for a short period of time. Again, what happened?

      #2 For those of us who are only acquainted with you from your knowledgable reviews, could you tell us what you do, and how or if you are connected to Il Volo in some capacity. If you’re not, you should be!

      As to my personal question, hope you’re not offended. It’s just because we would like to get to know you better! You do a great job!!

      1. #1 – when a mic is sending feedback it is usually set at too high a gain (volume) and ends up picking up sound waves from the speakers they are connected to thus starting a high-pitched hum. It may not be the singer. it may be an instrument mic. Two of Gianluca’s songs are run through a computer to add a special “reverb” effect. Il Mondo does that as well. I find it distracting and they do not always use it. Note: the Oslo Norway, Nobel peace prize concert which I feel is the best performance of Il Mondo they have done – SUPERB. and no “reverb”

        I am a professional conductor for a professional concert choral ensemble here in Las Vegas. I also am director of a summer music festival in my old home town of Milwaukee. In between times I sometimes do my old jobs of concert staging and voice coaching.
        My only connection with Il Volo is trying to work with their management to bring Il Volo to Las Vegas and to organize a national fan convention during the time they are here. I usually contact or at least try to contact Il Volo management every other week or so. It has been hard because there are some with in the management that do not think Il Volo will do well in Vegas. The manager of the local PBS television station and myself disagree. We shall keep going. My other connection is that I am lucky to have established a friendship with each of the guys and Barbara.

    25. P.S. Myron, the flowers not getting to them until after the funeral is just fine, as far as I’m concerned. It’s still the thought that counts, and now they have them at home to enjoy. Thanks.

    26. Thank you Myron for your review! From the very first time I watched this concert I knew it was special. The love and excitement shining on our boys faces was something beautiful to see. The way they embraced their audience, acknowledged those who gave them their start, their love for their families–everything about this concert was 5 star! After Ignazio sang Quando l’Amore Diventa Poesia I had to go back to the TLUC video of him singing it 5 years ago.
      The difference is WOW! They way their voices have developed is nothing short of amazing. I can’t begin to imagine what they will sound like in a few more years.
      I also would love to have this on a DVD, and I wish the second concert was also recorded in entirety. The few single videos that exist of individual songs from the second concert (by Maria Sergeeva) show that the seond performances were even better than the first ones. If you haven’t seen those, check them out. Just make sure the date is 21.07.14 instead of 20.07.14.

    27. Myron…I have enjoyed your review SO much, and also have had fun reading all the comments made by everyone. So many of the Crew have wonderful insight into The Boys’ personalities as well as their vocal talents, and I love the comments on all the little nuances of the concert.

      Each Il Volo member is so very, very special to all of us, and I do hope and pray that you can pull off a concert and M&G in Vegas. I think just the Flight Crew members would probably fill up the venue!!

      Please keep us informed and let us know if we can be of help to you.

      1. I think that would be exciting. I can see whole sections of seats or maybe even an entire performance filled by Flight Crew. We want them here for Christmas but, unfortunately, they seem to be thinking of staying home and doing nothing this year for Christmas. We are getting local members to email to Il Volo to ask that they come here. Don’t give up on Vegas. Nation-wide Fan Convention when that happens.

        1. Myron, I don’t see that Christmas has to be a make or break proposition. Yes, most people have some days off of work at that time. But if we knew that Il Volo was coming to Las Vegas 6 months ahead of time, I think we would all move heaven and earth to be there no matter what time of the year it was.

        2. What’s the weather like in Las Vegas in November / early December, Myron?
          Travel at that time can be expensive and a bit of a hassle with all the holiday travelers.

          Have you thought about “spring break”? I’ll bet the weather is nice there then, and folks are often looking for an excuse to go somewhere fun. (I guess flights can be more expensive then, too.)

          Best would be if they had a new album on time for Christmas gifts, but it doesn’t sound like that will be the case this year.

          I’d sure go to a concert in Seattle. Hint, hint! 😉

          Last year’s Christmas concert at Assisi was spectacular, and still carries it, by the way! Hoping for something as wonderful or more so this Christmas time.
          Hmmm… how about singing for PAPA FRANCESCO??! That will get attention no matter where folks live!

          Myron, I do not believe it is possible for IL VOLO fans to forget about IL VOLO. Did people forget about the 3 Tenors or about Elvis? Not possible!

          Oh… which reminds me, remember the Elvis tribute album they were recording (contributing to) at Abbey Road Studios? I bet I’ll have musical Christmas presents to give after all!
          Woo hoo! 😉

          And for the U.S. in person … time for Carnegie Hall?!
          With all the New York TV shows falling over themselves to get IL VOLO on for a solid interview and 3 delicious songs!

          Let’s dream some great dreams for Our Guys, which include lots of precious time with their families over the holidays. And perfect timing for a spectacular International Fan Club launched in Las Vegas with the best sold out concert IL VOLO has performed to date! (Makin’ sure it’s a yearly or bi-yearly event, Myron!)

          What are Your dreams for IL VOLO’s happiness and their fans’ delight?

          Trusting the best is yet to come!
          ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    28. Myron is their concert going to be another PBS concert? I was hoping that it was more for the Flight Crew members & surrounding fan clubs. We would fill up the concert venue & first priority to seats.
      Also a Meet & greet after???

      Also would like to see you be their promoter because you know what to look for in a venue & down time between concerts for them. Also with a more relaxed security that is not rushed & pushing people along or is this wishful thinking. I know you must be busy from what I just read what you do. Would their management hire you to be their promoter & know that the concerts would be top quality?

      1. When they finally do come to Vegas I can get first dibs on seats for the concert since my group would be a co-sponsor. That way Flight Crew would be able to get front center section or as many as they need. re: Meet and Greet – when they come to Vegas the meet and greet would be under the control of the local Il Volo Club as part of the national fan convention. It would not be handled by CAA or Live Nation. We control and it is our rules.

    29. Myron, thank you so much for this great review. Once again you called my attention to certain parts of a concert that I’m not aware of. I’ll watch Jeanine’s playlist and pay attention to the stuff you mentioned. THANK YOU for the music lessons when you write your reviews.
      The guys were great , so happy for them.
      Yes, management should release a DVD of this concert.
      Anema e core is my new favorite song. I listened to the versions you mentioned including the English version How Wonderful To Know by Andy Williams and Cliff Richard. These are great singers but Gianluca’s version is the best. I hope they release a CD of their solos., this is in addition to the new CD they are working on. We can’t get enough of these guys !
      Again, thanks a lot.

      Jeanine, thanks for the playlist, will watch it again and again.

      1. You’re welcome, Victoria!
        You know, I make them for myself to enjoy, and then why not share?!

        I was thinking today about a solos CD. I’ve preferred the idea of mixing their solos in between the songs of the 3, mostly so there’s little chance someone wouldn’t experience both solos and their 3-voices-1-soul harmonies. So… if solos are not sprinkled within the CD, which is still my first choice, then it would be nice to be a 2-album set. One of the 3 IL VOLO brothers, and one including their solos.

        My 2 cents! 😉
        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    30. I am so late to this party (behind on all my reading here). Thank you Myron for your review. We always enjoy them. 🙂 One couldn’t help but be thrilled for them to be performing in their home. It gave them such joy that it was a joy to see. I just wanted more of that for them. 🙂

    31. Jeanine that is such a splendid idea of you making a solo CD. Please use your talents to do that & maybe I can figure out a way to keep it permanently. I am sure I am not the only one who wants a solo CD. I just heard there is a CD I don’t have called Buon Natale Live solos & Italian carols with the songs Astro Del Ciel, Silent Night in Italian, Bianco Natale in Italian & White Christmas in Italian or maybe its English & also Maria sung by Gianluca. I have been looking for it on the internet & the only thing I have come across was Barnes Noble advertising. Even if they have it they don’t take sales from Canada. If you decide to do that I will try to help research the songs or anything else I can do help you.

      1. Oh, Loretta, I need to clarify!
        I was responding to Victoria’s post and talking about what I am *hoping* SONY will do as professional CDs for the guys!
        I’m not talking about making them myself.

        I will add, however, for anyone who buys their music through iTunes (or Amazon mp3 songs when offered), you can use your iTunes to make a “playlist” that organizes whichever songs you like into a single grouping. You could make your own playlist of solos only, if that’s what you would like. Now there’s an idea for those who can’t get enough of our guys’ solos!

        And, Loretta, that special bonus CD (which I also reference in the Taormina page I put together) called Buon Natale Live solos & Italian carols, has a solo from each of the guys recorded October 2, 2012 in Seattle’s Paramount Theatre. (The Meet & Greet was after they finished re-recording the 3 solos with the VIP audience.) The other solos are Ignazio’s Memory and Piero’s Where Do I Begin? / Love Story. I, too, pre-ordered from Interscope to get the bonus CD.

        One possibility for getting the bonus CD would be to check eBay?? or maybe closer to Christmas time.

        Good luck! Hope you find it!
        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

      2. Loretta, I have it also. I bought it from Interscope directly when the Buon Natale disc came out. It was advertised somewhere–and they did ship it to me. It was very frustrating because it took FOREVER to arrive. Everyone on the site already had their CD and I was waiting and waiting and waiting. It finally came. It was an additional $5 or so and I found it rather disappointing. It has three solos, from 2012 I think. Ignazio’s memory, Piero’s Love Story and Gianluca’s Maria. The rest are all carols that are on other CDs–Italian versions of White Christmas, etc. I am sure you can find these solos on youtube and save them somewhere on your computer.

        1. The three 2012 solos are linked on my Reflections Page, Loretta. When you’re on the page, you can search for
          incredible IL VOLO concert in Seattle October 2nd 2012!
          They’re right underneath that.

          I’d like to see the solos recorded in studio for the next album, so then Sony can promote them!

          Love your new avatar, Marie! Seen it somewhere before…
          😉 Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    32. Loretta, I have that CD. It came with the Buon Natale CD if you ordered it in advance. I think it was through the “official” website. I’m pretty sure it’s not for sale.

        1. Hey Marie, somehow I am getting cheated out of this avatar business–you still show up as a flower! Wonder why…

    33. Thanks Jeanine my mistake.

      Marie I bought my Buon Natale from the store. I understood the bonus CD they were offering was the Christmas CD with the 5 Christmas songs on it. & I had ordered it before hand also. Now if anyone knew how to burn a CD I would pay them for the Buon Natale Live solos & Italian Christmas songs. I have been on amazon & internet so will continue to scour the universe & see if anyone has a second one they will sell.

      1. No problem, Loretta. Maybe someone bought their own and received one as a gift and will be looking to pass it along.

        And you could email Interscope records. Maybe they’re wanting to unload remaining inventory, now that IL VOLO is going with Sony.

        Best wishes,
        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

        1. I see now what it is–I get the new avatar on the actual blog and I get the flower when the new post comes in my email.

    34. Penina, I agree with you also that the individual video’s shot by Maria Sergeeva in the 2nd concert at Taormina looked even better than the 1st. the 1st has the whole concert video, I have not seen a whole concert video of the 2nd, but somehow, with all the dignitaries in the first row, they seemed more reserved, whereas in the 2nd concert they seemed to let go and be more at ease, and it showed. I prefer to watch Ignazio’s Memory in the 2nd, and also Gianluca’s Anema e Core, both by Maria. I really hope they will put out a DVD of one of these concerts: the best one. there are still 3 to go, so let’s hope they will choose the best one and really give us the treat of having a DVD of this great concert in Italy. Barbara and Michelle I hope you are listening. we want a DVD of one of these concerts, please don’t disappoint us

      1. All of Maria Sargeeva’s videos of the second concert are better–the Caruso is better, Piero is better, etc. But I love the first concert partially because of the dignitaries in the first row! All of them acknowledge Antonella Clerici in one way or another, that I found very sweet and touching.

      2. And if there isn’t one concert that is optimal for every song, who knows? … Maybe they can create a 2014 Italia concerts DVD, choosing the best song from each venue! They could even have a little documentary about the venues where IL VOLO performed and anything special they want to share about IL VOLO’s participation in the various locations / events.

        Just as long as they choose Io Che Non Vivo Senza Te
        (You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me) as IL VOLO Only. I Much prefer the Taormina version over the song at L’Arena di Verona in June!

        I would buy such a DVD (from IL VOLO) in a heartbeat!

        Have a great Labor Day, everyone!
        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

        1. Ah yes, Marie! Too true!

          So here… singing the PBS phone number… 😉
          search YouTube for
          Il Volo at WTTW Chicago Public Media
          It’s at 5:33 minutes into this adorable PBS break! But you’ll really want to watch the whole thing!

          I just had a living room full of friends (including Connie!) having the most fun party watching the Taormina concert and some earlier videos! They all love IL Volo, and now some of them are saying they want to see them in concert, even knowing the prices. Yay! 2015 should be the year for a Portland show. I will definitely bring a wonderful contingent of IL VOLO friends!

          No getting in line to watch this adorable video!

          Love and joy!
          ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

        2. P.S. But tell me, Marie, that my idea for a 2014 IL VOLO in Italia DVD isn’t a great idea?!

          I can get in line for the phone book After the Italia DVD!

          ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    35. piratesorka, noticed you were inquiring about a “second concert” at Taormina. When the original concert was about to sell out, they did another one the next night for those who couldn’t get the first one.

    36. sorry, didn’t finish my thought. There are only a few close-up videos on ytube of select songs, not the entire concert. They are by Maria S.

    37. additional thought about Il Volo Christmas concert 2014 – It is probably getting too late for them to set one for this year. We will hopefully see various American cities on the already mentioned “World Tour” for next year. But I am trying to keep the pressure up because I don’t feel that Il Volo can afford to just ignore the American audience for months at a time. Those of us who are true fans are not the problem. We will always be there even if they did not come to the USA for three years (God forbid ! ) . But I want to see their popularity grow and grow and grow and the way to do that is through exposure either on TV or concerts.

      There may not be any concerts here for Christmas but I would like them to know that there should have been. That they missed an opportunity. I look at the music acts on the lists of promoters and they are all doing something in the next four months – especially around Christmas. A lot of those groups or singles are more famous than Il Volo and yet they still keep pushing. I see that Streisand’s album is coming out called “partners” I have not heard that Il Volo is on there with her even though that is what a number of us heard a long time ago.

      I just want to see Il Volo get the success in the USA that they deserve.

    38. You go Myron! I’m with ya!

      I think it’s amazing that they are as famous as they are considering the missed Public Relations opportunities by their management.

    39. Myron, you know how much we appreciate all your efforts. I wrote on All Things Il Volo some of my thoughts regarding another mini tour somewhere around Christmastime. Needless to say, we all want them to return, especially since we, in my opinion, got short changed this year! The thing that really got me is anyone’s opinion that we don’t offer the interest or support for them as elsewhere. No, maybe we won’t give them a 25,000 person audience every time (or yet), but maybe thats because of far less publicity done here on their behalf which we have no control over. Where were the TV shows that they didn’t do this year? Only last year. Where were the TV interviews ALWAYS seen in other countries? Someone really drops the ball in that area!! Believe it or not, they do have a very loyal, enthusiastic, loving following here. A following in a more mature nature, for now, but as such, the ability to impress is much more difficut to achieve. They are listening to vocal ability, (especially for their age), watching presence, character, delivery and ability to hold their attention for what is usually about 2hrs. Very different, and they do it very well. A true test of their remarkable talent. Earned credit to them! Yes they are handsome, sexy, charismatic, and ……oh yes ITALIAN, but can they sing? Oh, yes indeed!!

      Sorry, better stop here. Do we love and admire them, YES! Do we support them. ABSOLUTELY!

      1. Believe me, this is very much baffling to me. why, why Why ? They (management) seem to be missing the boat.

    40. I’ll put my two cents worth in here Kittykam & Myron.
      The first years Il Volo came to Canada there was no promotion on the radio or Tv that I saw especially from the one program I thought I would have advertised. 2014 I heard on AM 740 one morning a short announcement of Il Volo coming to Roy Thomson Hall about a month before they came. Then when they were actually here there was a short announcement & that was all.
      When I called the radio station because it is the station I listen to they were always on the air & couldn’t get through or the line was busy so no luck.

      I don’t understand , don’t they have promoters to make sure the radio & TV know that they are in a city? or are going to be in a city on a certain date?
      If Mr. Torpedine is travelling with them why doesn’t he make sure radio & TV know when & where they are going to be. It isn’t as if he doesn’t know the publicity that is needed from what I read of his past experience as a drummer.
      I think they are being short changed.

      That is a job I would love to have to be a promoter for Il Volo, but I’m not Italian & don’t speak the language so probably wouldn’t get hired.

      1. Loretta, you are listening to the wrong station! 96.3 Classical has promoted them for a while. They even had an informal meet and greet with them that was open to their “club” members only not this past tour but I think 2012 0r 2013. It was held downtown somewhere
        during the day and not connected to any concert. They played tracks from Buon Natale last Christmas and I am pretty sure I heard them mention the concert this year. They also have a show in the afternoon where you can call ahead of time and request whatever you want. We can request tracks from albums–unfortunately all the great songs from this year aren’t ON an album yet. Maybe those of us in the Toronto area should call in and request tracks–that will at least get them on the air for classical listeners.

    41. However, you still highlight a bigger problem: These boys are only going to be young for a little longer (it makes sad to say this) – a few more years – and then they will have to start using a different selling point. The fact that these TEENAGE BOYS were singing like men of 25 to 30 years of age has been a huge selling point. I cannot believe that when you put Piero or Gianluca or Ignazio (just one of them) on stage along side Justin Bieber who is about the same age that the public can’t see why the latter needs to disappear. Imagine if anyone of our guys were to sing Il Mondo next to Bieber singing the SAME SONG without the use of “autotune” and no orchestra – nothing – just a capella.

      Pardon me if you were eating lunch while reading this.

      1. Once upon a time it was about the dynamic duo of their ages and their incredible musical prowess.

        NOW it’s about their incredible musical prowess, their amazing sweet cute funny selves (OK, it was Always about that, too!), and their PURE MAGIC!

        Magic is Magic. It trumps age any day.

        With love and respect,
        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

        1. Jeanine, I have to agree with you! Our Guys exude magic! Just watch that Taormina concert and you can see it in the very air! Isn’t it marvellous?

    42. Oh you broke my heart! They will always be my “Boys”!

      Seriously though, I’ve always said their youth was a major selling point. Especially to lure new fans of all ages. It was that sound coming out of those angelic baby faces that first made me stop and stare in amazement. Once you’re hooked it doesn’t matter how old they are. I think that’s why I’ve been so anxious with their management for a couple of years! I’m not sure it really matters. They are finding fame. It’s just taking longer than it should and makes their fans crazy for more. More music. More merchandise. More appearances. More Il Volo. I will never get enough! Says the woman with the tattoo and the license plates!

      Myron, I realize you’re trying to express yourself, but please watch using the “B” word.

      1. sorry about that. I shall refrain from using that word. I really got off topic anyway: Last year they had to work really hard in terms of the number of performances and tv shows but this year is rather light in comparrison. It is always a tricky balance: too much work or too little work. I worry that they are doing the right thing for their future.

        1. Forgive me, Myron, for throwing in one more thought.

          If their management is doing the right thing for their Present, it will be the right thing for their future. If in the present the Guys really feel a need and desire to be in Italy and spend time with their families between concerts, their Joy will add the Sparkle, the Magic to each performance.

          When I had my IL VOLO Taormina Concert party this past weekend, my friends who know of IL VOLO and enjoy their music were suddenly enticed much further, to consider attending a concert (on slim budgets). It was getting to see the Guys’ personalities and joyous fun that drew my friends further in to the IL VOLO mystique.

          When the guys are extra tired or feeling driven or homesick, there is a little less sparkle in their performances. How could there not be?

          So, I pray that our beloved IL VOLO brothers’ management are always doing the right thing for the Guys in the present. And that will be perfect for each step of their career.

          That said, it’s fun to wonder just when they’re going to receive the next exciting phone call (Carnegie Hall, Madison Square Garden, performing with someone they’ve dreamed about, winning a prestigious award)…

          With Love and Possibilities,
          ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    43. Ahh Jeanine, you are always so full of light and cheer and love for our Boys. But, like Myron I worry about business decisions being made for them. Not just appearances but merchandising, etc. Now is the time to sell! I wonder how many posters, key chains and etc. those 45,000 in Mexico would have purchased. Maybe things will change now that they are connected to Sony. I hope so!

      1. I’m all for more graciously done merchandising, Marie! It doesn’t take any energy out of the guys or time from their families.

        Here’s hoping Sony will wow us with wise decisions and give us wear-able art that’s all about sharing the love of IL VOLO!

        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    44. Just one idea that pops out. In the Taormina concert I saw up in the back large life-sized posters of each boy. or a large poster of all three boys. Where did those come from ? I don’t see them for sale here ( have not check the official web site recently so maybe ? ) But there are other things that bother me like the older albums going away after a while. Why ? they should keep them available so that new fans can get them as well as the new ones. Also, like a number of you, I wish they would produce an album of solos – i.e. – each boy does 6 or 7 songs for a full album. It would be interesting to hear some of these songs that we only hear live done in the studio like “anema e core” ( hmmmmm ) and all the other solos they have done.

      1. I don’t know if an entire album of solos would be a smart move. After all, they are a trio which is their strength so I’d settle for a compromise of IL VOLO songs sung together interwoven with at least one solo from each of them. To tell you the truth I just want a new CD out NOWWWW!

        1. I like your compromise idea, Connie.

          Myron, do you suppose it’s because they’re switching gears to go with Sony? Their Sony announcement said a new album in the first few months of 2015 launched in 53 countries. Perhaps it just wasn’t possible with the change in record company to do so any sooner. 53 countries is no small accomplishment!

          Has anyone heard about the Elvis tribute album that IL VOLO was part of recording at Abbey Road Studios? Would love to see that out by November, if that’s possible.

          And on another subject… the *wonderful* video of the July 20th Taormina concert has been removed from the Internet. Ugh! Does anyone know anything more about this? I checked YouTube for Giuseppe Magali, who uploaded it, and I couldn’t find him.
          If only it could be because the record company is putting together a DVD of the Taormina or all Italia IL VOLO concerts! (My only consolation is that I already had my IL VOLO Taormina party, and it was fantastic!)

          I see there are wonderful articles here to peruse (Marie… can’t wait, and the most recent concert!) Life is keeping me busy, and I just can’t keep staying up to 3am to catch up with IL VOLO. Soon… I hope to have some relaxing moments to enjoy the blogs!

          ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

        2. Myron, while I am disappointed as everyone else about there not being a CD this year, but it makes sense to me if they were having trouble with Interscope. It must have taken them a while to work out a new deal with Sony. Plus I always felt that Interscope was taking them and the fans for a ride. All those different versions of basically the same disc with one song added to make them “different” and then calling them the same disc as per contract rules. I have 5 We are Love discs–2 Spanish and 3 English: We Are Love; We Are Love Live at Jackie Gleason Theater; We are Love special edition; Mas Que Amor; and Mas Que Amor Edicion Deluxe. All of these were counted as one disc! If they put all the extra songs on one disc and added the solos–which are no where to be found on the “Live” disc, they could have made another disc without any trouble at all.
          I am hoping for better things from Sony. And I am eagerly awaiting whichever disc comes out first–the Elvis one, which I think they are merely contributors to, or their own new disc.

        3. Totally agreed, Penina!

          It seems to me that the multiple versions (of We Are Love, for example) were both to make money for Interscope and also to drag out the contract, which was for 5 albums. (I don’t know if they count the 5 as IL VOLO, IL Volo Takes Flight, We Are Love, Mas Que Amor, Buon Natale.) If Mas Que Amor doesn’t count, then they must have found a way to work around the contract (considering there have been enough additional songs to make up for more than another album: Little Things, Can You Feel the Love Tonight, Maria, Surrender, Angel, El Triste, Constantemente Mia – which always feels different to me than I Bring You to My Senses, and the 5 songs on the bonus album: Ignazio’s Memory, Piero’s Where Do I Begin, Gianluca’s Maria, IL VOLO’s Italian versions of White Christmas and Silent Night). However things went, I am hopeful for Sony being good in all ways to Our Guys.

          And I hope Interscope is respectful of Our Guys in the aftermath of work with Interscope. (Questionable, considering someone pulled the fantastic Taormina concert video, which I might add was rapidly creating new concert-goers!)

          Well, like Piero said, If you’re going to do it for the business, stay home.

          Doing it for the love of what they do, the magnificence of the music, their IL VOLO Brothers, and the fans… that makes it worth it!

          We love you, Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca! And we wish you the very best of loving respect, professional attention and support, honoring of your personal and professional needs and dreams, and ever-growing recognition which you so richly deserve!

          Our beloved IL VOLO brothers… Always on my mind,
          ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

        4. One more thought…
          On the Elvis disc, in which they are contributors.
          It’s a great opportunity for cross-over fans to discover IL VOLO. They buy the disc to listen to some other artist(s) and Wham! They won’t know what hit them… star-crossed in love with IL VOLO! (; >)

          ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    45. I have been away from the blog for several weeks due to family commitments and I just finished reading everyone’s opinions regarding the lack of publicity that “Our Boys” are experiencing. I have to agree that 2014 lacked the emotional involvement that the previous years had brought them. I just feel that if they (marketing/management) don’t start promoting “Our Boys” as they so deserve then their chances of ever winning an American Grammy are in the toilet.
      I would also like to thank Myron for his wonderful rendition of the Taormina concerts. I myself was at the 7/20 concert and there is no way I could have done 1/10 the justice as you did Myron, maybe because it was my first IL VOLO concert and I just sat there in total awe of their angelic auroa.
      I was searching Youtube today looking for the Taormina concert by Guiseppe Magali and was so disappointed that it had been pulled due to a copyright claim by Rentor Productions. I was just watching it three days ago when I was getting my car worked on. I don’t understand as to why they would pull that video (as it was done by an amatuer) and not pull other IL Volo videos. Well that about wraps up my 2 cents worth for now. Hope everyone has a great upcoming week 🙂

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