18 thoughts on “THEY’RE COMING BACK!”

  1. I think “Sony Music Latin” is located in Miami and they mentioned someplace before that part of their recording would be in Miami. Would be nice if they ‘squeezed’ in a few concerts in the US. One can hope.

  2. I heard !! I heard !! They will be back in our country breathing our air again !! 2 hours from my house–so frustrating !! I want to see them !!

  3. Thank you for the info. I missed them in the USA as it’s harder to keep up with their career. They are so sweet and I really love their songs even if I don’t speak Italian. I can still feel the emotion and love coming through their music. And I love them for showing their families their love and appreciation. Little brother Erny is so cute too and you can tell he really worships Gianluca. I am a grandmother that enjoys following Il Volo’s career on my laptop, keep the information coming. Thanks so much. Gale

  4. I looked up SONY again and they have an “Entertainment Division” and “Sony Picture Studios”in Los Angeles so the boys probably will record there some of their songs. Would be great if they made a video of one of their songs.
    I have had SHINGLES on left side of my head and face since April and the pain is nothing to “sneeze” at so when I am not volunteering I am on the computer just looking to take my mind away from the misery. Their singing let me forget the discomfort. I do thank you boys.

  5. Exciting about Miami!

    And as for L.A…. I’m hoping they’ll still be working with Humberto Gatica, too, since he has done such fine work mixing / sound engineering, etc. for them.

    Would love to see the guys show up on a TV show / interview while there in Miami!

    The album… can’t wait (!!) …Sooo hoping for Io Che Non Vivo Senza Te and Cuando l’amore diventa poesia! So great to see clips of those songs from Russia. Stunning and sweeping my heart off my feet!

    Love and thanks for keeping us posted!
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  6. Thanks Terese, Wih their feet on U.S. soil we will all feel closer to them. While in L.A. I hope they make an appearance on P.B.S. that would be awesome. Joanie G

  7. Terese, you have my complete sympathy. I have had shingles twice and they are indeed no fun. Hang in there, and remember “this too shall pass”. Keep listening to Our Guys, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca sing their hearts out, and your misery will fade away.

  8. Myron, I have a question for you. Why are the guys recording in Bologna, Miami, and LA instead of doing it all in one place. Is the fact that they recorded two DVD’s in Miami relevant?

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